The Birthday Surprise Ch. 03

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tagIncest/TabooThe Birthday Surprise Ch. 03

It had been one hell of a birthday so far and I was played out and needed a bit of time to recoup. I also wanted to know more about my mom and Trina's relationship, so we all went to the kitchen for some breakfast.
Mom, still sporting her leash and belt, worked at fixing some eggs and toast, now that her arms were no longer restrained, and seemed to be right at home in her high heels, even though I had not seen her wear them that high, ever.
Trina sat across the table fingering her empty coffee cup. Her hair was mostly still in place, her makeup needed a little touch up, so she looked less severe, still, stunningly beautiful.
The coffee pot beeped announcing a fresh, hot pot was ready and, out of habit, I pushed up to fill the three empty cups on the table. Trina put a restraining hand on my arm. "She will get it."
Mom hurried over to the table, and poured, her huge full breasts prominent and exposed. As she filled Trina's cup Trina caressed her ass and thigh, and as the cup got too full and Mavis stopped pouring, and before she stood upright, Trina caught one of her nipples, not blood engorged anymore, but still a lovely target for attention and with it securely pinched between her fingers, Trina pulled her down, cheek to cheek with herself, turned and kissed her lightly on the side of her mouth, then nuzzling her, side of face to side of face, opened her eyes and looked at me. "It is her job, and her joy, to serve me. Isn't that right pet?" Mavis opened her eyes, having closed them to block out the distraction of her son watching and to more fully focus on and enjoy the twisting pressure that Trina had on her very sensitive nipple, and looking directly at me said, "Yes Mistress."
Trina tugged on the tit she held and Mavis turned her full lips to her lover/owner and kissed her as their lips met.
Mavis was breathing hard and her nipples were both swollen with blood again as she quickly stepped next to me and reached out to fill my cup.
I just looked at her, still confused, but admiring her real beauty and poise.
Mom paused before filling her own cup, but a nod from Trina let her know that it was not an oversight to have put down a third cup.
A moment and a few sips of coffee later she placed a plate of eggs and buttered toast in front of each of us, and Trina said, "Please get yours and join us."
I washed down a bite of toast and set down my cup, looking between the two most important women in my life, sitting nearly naked together at the table with me. I noticed the caring, loving, glances they exchanged as they ate in silence.
"You two certainly have your act down pat."
Trina and Mom turned to each other with confusion then together they looked at me.
"Act?" Trina asked.
"Well yes… this master/slave thing you have going on. Cute and, don't get me wrong, a great birthday surprise, to say the least, but…"
I was just trying to be cautious, tactful and choose my words carefully, but i stepped in it anyway and did not get to finish.
"Jesus Marty! You are such a stupid ass sometimes!"
"Mavis!" Trina did not shout, but her command voice made mom quickly drop her fork, bow her head and fold her hands in her lap. "What did we talk about in handling Marty when I am here?"
In a very subdued voice, with me as a witness, my mom submitted to Trina's correction like a… servant.
"I am always his mother, and when you are not here with us I can act and function like a mother should… But when you are present, or if you leave other orders, I am your property first and foremost and will do what you say."
"That's right, and there will be punishment for this outburst, but later. Right now it is important that you remain here, other wise you would already be in a corner."
"Yes Mistress, I am sorry."
"I know," Trina reached out and lifted her sub's head by tilting her chin. "We are all still figuring out this arrangement."
I sat dumbfounded as Trina tenderly kissed my mother and wipe away a tear from her face.
"There is no act here Marty." Trina said still gazing into Mavis' eyes. "This birthday gift is no joke. Your mother is mine, and always will be, no matter what becomes of you and me." Trina kissed her again lightly on the eyes, then turned to face me. Both women then picked up their fork and began eating again.
Trina looked at me sitting stupidly, looking like a moron that could not understand simple things. She reached over without looking and grabbed the leash still dangling between moms beautiful breasts and pulled her sideways, then leaned over and whispered in her ear, one word. The change was instant and dramatic: mom became her own person again.
"I love her Marty. I would do anything, be anything she wants."
"But that's crazy! What if she wanted you to do something that you don't want to do? I don't understand."
"No Marty you don't." Trina said. "I love her and care about her too. We aren't stupid. We have talked. We each have a word that stops everything. You just saw it work. I know what her boundaries are, I know what she wants, how far we can go. I trust her, she trusts me.
You are here and part of this because it is, and has always been her desire to be your lover. You have her for 24hrs. and she will do anything you want. I really don't know why she is not between your legs sucking your magnificent cock right now. If she were my birthday gift and I only had her for a limited time, that's were she would be."
I looked sideways and saw mom lick her lips. My tired cock jumped in spite of its used up condition. In my head I saw a movie clip play, one that I had used to masturbate to since I was first pulling on my cock, mom, her arms draped on my thighs, bobbing her head on my inflated cock. (The only real difference now was that in the fantasy this time, she was only wearing a collar and a leash.)
"But I do understand your shock and confusion. Your mom is a new woman, no longer afraid of herself and her desires. She has found out who she is as a woman and has embraced that. Hopefully you can accept that, enjoy that with her and reap the benefits of it. And believe me, there WILL be benefits for you too."
I looked over at mom , she cocked her head, ready to listen, "But she is only half your age? No offense Trina…"
Trina shot me a dirty look, but a smile was hinted at in her eyes.
Mavis took Trina's hand in hers and squeezed it. "Yep, and she has taught me so much about myself I can never thank her enough."
"And she teaches me new things every day too. Marty, what we both want you to understand is that we love you, and because we love you and each other, we are willing to share you with each other and each other with you." Trina continued. "It will take some getting used to, no doubt, but if you can hang in there and wrap your head around it, I think you will really like where this goes.
In the mean time, let's finish this meal up and let me tell you about your mom's "coming out party."
We ate, mom cleared while Trina And I went to the living room to wait. Trina straddled my lap, rubbing her constantly wet pussy against my stiffening cock. My hands went and grasped her firm, tight ass and I dug my fingers in, kneading the flesh. One index finger found her puckered little hole and wormed in up to a knuckle.
"Hopefully you will let me play with you and your toy today, or I may end up a frustrated and cranky little slut."
The devil take the hindmost, I could not stop my mouth even though I knew what the result would be… "So… a regular Tuesday?"
Trina loved nipples, hers, mine… apparently my mom's…
She was quick and accurate , moving before I finished speaking. Both of my small nipples were trapped in a pinch before I finished my flinch. I yelped, grabbed harder on her ass and dug my finger another knuckle deeper into her butt hole and pulled her up and towards my chest. She gasped then giggled and thought I was about to slam my cock in her. I felt her shift her weight an anticipation, wanting to add her own impetus… but she is small and I am strong so she went up slightly rather than down. She set her feet on the cushions, let go of my nipples and grabbed my head for balance, entwining fingers in my hair and then let out a short grunt of disappointment and disapproval when I popped my finger out of her clutching asshole and let go of her tight, very grab-able ass. She was only disappointed long enough for me to adjust my arms to the inside of her thighs. She is as quick with her imagination as she is with her hands, (well, maybe a touch slower), but she caught on quick where we were going.
I stuck my middle finger in my mouth, quickly coating it with as much spit as a could, then slipped it into her ass as I shoved my thumb in her puss. Trina used my head as an anchor point and hunched her hips at my face, bringing my lips to her clit and burying both digits to their depths.
Fully seated, like the proverbial bowling ball, I pushed her back, against her best effort, until I could look up at her, looking down at me… "Slow down there cranky… or I may have to just turn you over my knees and have my new toy give you a good ass warming."
"Empty promises you fucking tease!"
"I am the birthday boy! And I want to enjoy eating my cake. I don't want to be force fed… not this time anyway."
Trina was smiling through her pout… and relaxed as I pulled her back onto my mouth.
She is a taste treat to be sure. Her cunt juice flows freely and has a flavor that I have enjoyed from my first taste. She squirmed and wiggled on my finger and thumb, I smacked her playfully on the ass with my free hand. My tongue, lips and teeth played in turn with her sensitive lips and clit. She was getting lost in her building climax, so she was perturbed when I pulled her away from my mouth again…
"How long do I have to wait for my birthday gift to clean up the kitchen?"
"You had better get your worthless self out here you big titted cow! I am a heart heartbeat away from skinning you alive… I'll cut off your tits and let the poor kids use them as soccer balls if you continue to embarrass me… I'll loan you out to a local farm as a "fluffer" for their stud bull!"
Her heels clicked loudly on the kitchen floor and then the sound disappeared for a moment while she ran across the carpet.
"I'm here Mistr…"
"Too late cunt… Your ass is grass… and I have the mower!"
"Suck my cock mom."
I was hard a rock again and waving in the breeze… I wanted her mouth now.
Mom was on her knees between my legs and was bobbing her head, sliding meat between her lips, filling her mouth and hitting her throat a moment after I finished, before I had my own mouth full of pussy.
"Try to make it enjoyable for him… see if you can at least earn your "Junior Cock Sucker" badge!"
Trina had been close… oh so close, and a little distraction was not enough to quench her fire. After just a few minutes she was quaking like an epileptic in full seizure mode. I held on, pressing my mouth to her cunt while she came, lapping up the wetness as it flowed freely. Mom was doing a marvelous job, but I have some good staying power even when it has been awhile since I shot a load… so, while I was enjoying her, I was not ready to fill her mouth yet.
Trina stood up, pulling herself off of both fingers once her knees stopped trembling. She bent down and kissed me deep, finishing by licking my face… "Damn it but I taste good!"
She slid to the side and slumped down next to me, resting against me, watching as my mom worked on shining my cock…
I was enthralled to say the least. My face was covered, my hand, down to my wrist, bathed in my girlfriends pussy juice, and my mom was cradling my balls while alternately trying to sheath my cock in her throat and licking it like an all day Popsicle. I mean, I don't know how many adolescent boys fantasize about their moms, god knows some are ugly as sin, though that might not make the difference… but I had always harbored super human lusty thoughts about mine, with never an inkling that she had similar thoughts of her own… oh the wasted years… but here she was now, intently focused on giving me the best blowjob ever given…
I reached out and stroked her hair.
Mom looked up, came off my cock and nuzzled it with her whole face, smiling like is was absolutely the best sensation ever.
Trina quipped, "Isn't she cute?"
Mom's eyes went quickly to Trina and then back to me.
"Ummmmmm,…" was all that came out as mom trailed her tongue up my cock, from ball sac to tip, then settled her mouth around the head, slowly sinking down, engulfing 6, then 8 inches…
"She is almost there Marty! Only a couple more inches to go… "
Trina slipped off the couch and on to the floor next to mom with hardly any effort. Her hands started caressing shoulders, back, sides, ass… she drug her finger nails over curve's convex and concave… leaving red marks to track her exploration. Mom began to hum… or moan… hard to tell.
I entwined my hands in her hair… and applied pressure up. Mom resisted at first, unsure, expecting, I think, to be forced further down on my shaft… her eyes opened and tilted up, looking at me, even while rolling back for a minute as Trina played at mom's pussy. A slight nod from me and she raised up and continued as I pulled her to me, face to face. Her heavy, full breasts settling around my cock to keep it warm. By the hair I pulled her to me whispering, just before our lips touched, "I love you Mom."
The kiss was one I had dreamed of. She was passionate, willing, giving, receiving …everything a lusty, loving kiss should communicate. My hands cupped her face, hers rested on my chest. Mine trailed down, hers came up, then around my neck. One hand stayed in the small of her back, the other went back to a grip in her hair. I pulled back and down, tilting her face up and I nuzzled her exposed neck.
I nibbled her chin and then said, "I want to fuck you now… turn around and sit on my cock.
She pushed up and stood, Trina pulled a couple of fingers out of mom's cunt. She obediently straddled my lap and then had her hand swatted away by Trina, who reached between mom's legs and held my cock while mom lowered herself all the way down, settling my whole length in her tight but wet and ready pussy.
Mom began to grind against me, rotating her hips in slow revolutions. My hands went to her hips, and then I sat up, raising my hands like a crunch until I could cup her heavy tits. I squeezed then pulled her back against me, pulling her back as I lay back to where I had been. She had to arch her back to keep as much cock inside as possible… Trina… well she took every advantage and mom was spread wide and helpless. Mom put her hands on mine and together we squeezed his tits and played at pinching nipples. Trina alternated between licking us both, and tormenting mom with teeth and fingers, nails and the light touch of a slap expertly applied to thigh and clit… mom alternated between moans and yelps. (Probably, to hear them tell it, just Tuesday night when they were alone together, but mom's wriggling was quickly bringing me to the edge, not to mention the mad mental turn on I was dealing with fucking my mom while my girl friend licked us both…
All of a sudden mom went stiff, her muscles straining and lifting her off my cock. My thumbs and forefingers had a lock on each nipple, her thumbs and fingers pressing hard against mine… Trina had her mouth locked on to mom's clit and did not let go though mom bucked three times, returning to board stiff each time…
As soon as "it" was subsiding, Trina almost shouted, "Get your lazy ass down here and help me finish your son off." Trina had acquired a death grip on my cock, knowing the noises I make when I am about to blow, she knew I was very close. Mom hurried as fast as her recovering self could, trying to please us both, and knelt on my side. Trina started with her mouth on my cock, so mom put hers on the side of the shaft slick with her own juice, then they expertly traded places, as if they had rehearsed, or just done it so often that they knew just what the other would do. I did not care, it was wonderful… and if I cared enough later to know, I would ask them about it then… but for now all I knew was pleasure and a build up of epic proportions.
It happened when mom was sucking halfway down… the first stream was hard and gagged her, hitting the back of her throat like a fire hose. She pulled off just in time for the second one to blast off her upper lip and into her nose, slashing on the side of Trina's face. Trina got her mouth over the head in time to catch all of the last two blasts, then she came off and pumped me cock with both hands, draining, squeezing out the last drops on her fingers and hands.
Mom recovered and started licking cum as it spilled over.
"You had better not waste any! It is obvious you weren't ready for this."
Mom mewled like a scared kitten, flinching at Trina's harsh words.
"Get busy you waste of womanhood… see if you can at least be a good clean up slut."
Mom threw herself into her new instructions, trying hard to redeem herself.
By the time I could breath regularly enough to talk, they were lip locked over my slowly deflating cock, swapping globs of cum and caressing with the passion of teen aged lovers.
"Jesus that was good… Fuck!"
Both of them turned to look at me with wide smiles and still sticky faces.
Flopping my cock against mom's lips, Trina said, "Finish cleaning him off then join us… It better be fucking clean."
A quick, "Yes Mistress" and then I felt her suck me into her mouth again. Trina nestled into the crook of my arm and flicked my nipple with her tongue… "So… how do you like your birthday so far?"

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