The Boss’s Son | straight story from Thomas……

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I’m the boss’s son and now work for my father’s company and I’m not a girl magnet as I wish I was. I’m quite awkward around younger women and get tongue tied, not so much mature women. But I’m lucky as my father’s office manager Hazel 55 likes sex and as my father travels a great deal for company business. I was still a virgin at 26 joining the company and Hazel must have realized I was a virgin as she took me under her wing so to speak. Not straight away but she got more and more personal with me. I knew more about her than any other employee in the company. She was a widow and had grown son who was in the navy, and they didn’t get on and she lived alone. I think she was hinting I should visit her in hindsight, but it didn’t register at the time. So, she started dropping by when my father 64 was away on business or playing golf. I don’t have any siblings and my mother divorced my father when I was 12 and remarried and I’m not on her radar so to speak. Anyway, she would drop by, and she seduced me after several visits, and she always wore revealing outfits. After she had seduced me, I became her sex toy and a willing one at that. She is still the only woman I’ve fucked, but I’m far from a virgin now. Anytime she wants sex I’m willing and I have one fear. It that she’ll find someone else, but until then I’m in heaven.

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