The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 7

Mulder finished breakfast round the dining table with the Odom family, all four of them naked by unspoken agreement, or by Greg’s Rules, in any case, nobody had bothered to put on clothes. 

Out of a sense of fairness more than anything else, Mulder decide he’d blow his final load into Lauren, and he did this on his knees behind her in doggy style, while Colleen supported Sherry, who was standing with one foot on Mulder’s shoulder, allowing him to slurp on her wide open pussy.  As he came, he delivered each one her final orgasm: Good girl Lauren, Good girl Sherry.  Then pulling out and standing up, unbidden the two sisters greedily cleaned up his cock with their tongues, while he embraced and deeply kissed their mother, holding her close and fondling her left breast as he whispered a final “Good girl” in her ear.



Back at the hotel, after a nap, he called Scully.  She was happy with the delivery, and now had seven full time Magic Potion producers to organize, including Marisa.  She told Mulder she had moved them all into the luxury mansion they’d recently ‘borrowed’ from a Business Tycoon, who was currently away indefinitely ‘on business’, (meaning he was detained in a Secure Facility helping the agency – willingly  or not – with their investigation into his mainly South American business partners.  The place was secluded, easily guarded, and had room for Greg and over a dozen Guests, plus servant’s quarters for essential agency personnel.  There was even a lab of a kind, now taken over for Magic Potion analysis and packaging.



But the Director was pushing for more Magic Potion with an urgency that suggested a clock was ticking somewhere.  So she needed to expand this pussy farm even further. “How about I round up that Japanese family – there’s four of them, plus Melanie and her mum Terry, she’s a solo mum so less complications, that’s six.  Send the plane and I’ll get them on it.”  

“OK Mulder, that sounds good. How about I get Greg to speak to the Yamamotos, invite them round to Terry’s?” she suggested.  “That sounds like a plan. I’ll meet them all there.” Mulder rang off.


When Terry opened her door to Mulder, she was wearing a thick white towelling bathrobe. To Mulder’s eye, it looked like she’d just this second pulled it on.  His notes told him that Terry and her daughter Melanie were among the first of Greg’s slaves, and that he’d long had them in the habit of domestic nudity. Terry was tall, big boned, voluptuous in Mulder’s book, with possibly C-cup breasts.  The knotted belt accentuated her broad hips and flat tummy.  Mulder estimated her age as around 40, and reckoned she’d still look great in a bikini. Or out of one.  A real MILF, in his book.  


“Good morning ma’am, I’m Agent Mulder, and I believe you’re expecting me”. 

“Certainly, come in Agent Mulder, make yourself at home”, she replied, ushering him in, closing the door, and dropping her robe all in one swift movement.  She was indeed statuesque, in the Venus-de-Milo sense, and her sudden and beautiful nudity snatched Mulder’s breath away.  He’d expected to have to go thru the code-word ritual before anything like this happened.  Clearly Greg was being extra helpful today.

“You can hang your clothes here” she said, indicating a closet. “Come on, lose the garments, Agent Mulder.  We got a No Clothes Rule in this house, at least among friends.  Greg said you were a friend. So, get nekkid while I fetch Melanie.”

No point in argument, not with this lady, thought Mulder, as he kicked off his shoes. Terry was back in a moment, and her 16 year old daughter Melanie was with her, also naked.  A slimmer version of her mom, in perfect proportion, B cup titties and a perfect ass, not too skinny. Black hair cut in a short, spiky, just out of the shower look.  Smile like her mom’s, and the same warm brown eyes.  A lovely pair, he thought, for a mother-and-daughter sandwich.

“How about I fetch you a nice cup of coffee, and you tell us what’s really happened with Greg?  I didn’t believe a word of that horsehit on TV about him being an armed and dangerous fugitive. Mind you I knew he couldn’t last for ever, cocky little shit that he was, he was heading for a fall.  Do you know, he had me running all over the place for him, picking up his zombies, bringing them here so he could fuck them. He had me suck him off and he popped Melanie’s cherry as soon as he thought I was too doped up to notice.”

“Yep, he sure popped it” commented Melanie, with a wistful look. “Pop goes the Virgin” she sang.

Ignoring her, Terry continued: “Worst of all, it took the young fucker ages before he actually got round to fucking me.” She paused, as if suddenly remembering something.  

“He’s got a huge dick, did you know? Long AND thick. All the energy of a 15 year old, and more experience than guys three times his age. Gave me the fuck of a lifetime.”

Terry concluded:  “He’s insufferable, but he’s irresistable.  I hope he’s ok.”

Over coffee around the kitchen table, Mulder assured them that yes, Greg was ok.  He was in a secret location, doing important work for the government, but it was all on a need-to-know basis, so let’s keep this between just we three, for now.  Mulder wasn’t sure the handover would be complete without the key phrases.  Melanie didn’t react, but Terry looked a little startled as the phrases connected, then she gave Mulder a really sweet smile, and said: “Is this when you tell us how good we are?”.  Oh my, Mulder was getting to like this lady. “Yes, good girl Terry.  Good girl Melanie.” 

Mother and daughter panted and gasped and shuddered and hugged each other as their orgasms ripped through them.  Nice.  After half a minute, Terry opened her eyes and met Mulders.  “Thanks.  Would you like yours now, or later?”

“Later, Terry.  Though it’s tempting.  But I think you’re expecting more visitors about now.”  “Well, lets cuddle up in the lounge and wait for them” said Terry.  So, they did.  Mulder sat in the middle, Terry snuggled close so he could wrap one arm round her and hold her breast in the other, while Melanie settled her head on his lap and made slow gentle love to his cock, kissing, licking and caressing, and holding it in her mouth without actually sucking.

Terry continued reminiscing about Greg.  “He even got me to fuck my boss.  That was kinda nice, I’d never have done it without him.” she gazed peacefully into space.  

Then: “Hey, Mel, remember that Saturday he got me to fetch those two girls from the mall? Karina, wasn’t it.  And the other one? The skinny little blonde one?”.  Melanie emptied her mouth to answer “Sierra”. “Yeah, Sierra. Total zombies, the pair of them. And Greg was mad keen to fuck them, and he’d run out of condoms, so he sent me out to buy more.  And then when I got back he didn’t use them anyway, just fucked Sierra’s mouth and came all over her face.  I don’t think he even noticed I was watching. I just loved seeing his cock, specially when he’d cum.”   

“Agent Mulder’s got a nice cock, momma” said Melanie, admiring it.

“Yes, dear, he has.  Maybe he’ll fuck you with it later, if you ask him nicely”, and Terry leaned in to Mulder’s face for a long lingering tongue kiss.  “Mmmm, yes” said Melanie. “I’d like that.  It’s been soooo long since Greg fucked me, I think my cunt’s closing up again.  I’m regrowing my maidenhead.  I’ll need to be deflowered all over again if I don’t get a dick inside me soon.”  “Don’t be silly dear” her mother replied. “Maidenheads don’t regrow.  But if you like you can use my vibrator, that’ll keep your passage open.  Fetch it now if you like, I’m sure Agent Mulder won’t mind”.

“Ooh, can I momma?” and to Mulder: “Back in a minute”, and she was gone, cute little butt wiggling as she scuttled up the stairs. “It’s in the top drawer” Terry called after her.

So when Terry got up to answer the door, Melanie was lying comfortably with her head in Mulder’s lap, slowly probing herself with Terry’s purple vibrator. Mulder could see it go all the way in, and as it came out it was streaked with white froth.