The Boys Next Door

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Chapter 1

Sixteen, that’s when I fell head over heels in love. With sex.

He was seventeen, a friend of my older brother. It was at my house, he’d come to see Al, my brother, and he wasn’t home, wouldn’t be for hours. And I was raging with hormones, so, I innocently asked him in and took him up to my room and very un-innocently took my clothes off. The rest, they say, is history.

Yes, I made sure I was protected. The first time was oral, the thrill of his cock entering my mouth and my lips closing down over it was stunning. I’ve never forgotten that rush of heat to my pussy when I gave him my first suck.

Oh, and when the first spurt of his warm, salty cum splattered in my mouth, knowing I had made it happen, oh, I almost came myself. But that was right after when he became the first person to savor my pussy. Oh, there have been many since.

Yes, that was my start. Since then, well, I’m not one to keep count but it’s lots. No, not everybody who comes along, I do have some standards, it’s just that I love sex.

I am married, my husband, Bob, was the first man I knew who could almost keep up with my own sexual hunger, almost. He, better than anyone, knows I am insatiable as far as sex goes. Well, at least I’ve never had enough where I was ready to stop.

I’m now forty-two, still looking pretty good and my sex drive has shifted, incredibly, into overdrive. I’m hornier now than when I was a teen.

I usually drag my husband upstairs to bed as soon as he comes home from work for a quick, fast fuck before I start supper, then we eat, watch some television, then a slow, leisurely screw after we retire to bed. Much the same on the weekends, usually two good fucks and some spirited oral sex in between. Yes, I’m horny, hornier than you can imagine.

Bob and I have talked about it, how, if anything, my sex drive is even getting higher and that his, well let’s be nice and call it level, staying the same. We had some some swapping in the past though never for very long. There was one couple who we both liked a lot and sex with them was just terrific. Sadly, they moved away and we’ve now heard that they’ve split up, so they’re no longer a possibility.

Bob had been a dear and often presented me with sex toys and the like that he bought off the internet but, while plastic cocks are okay, even the buzzing ones, a good hard, blood-filled, throbbing cock is my preferred insertable object followed closely by a tongue.

Then, on my way out the door to meet a client (I’m a real estate agent and work a lot from my home), I spied a rather handsome young man in the yard next door. Being the friendly type, I walked over and introduced myself to Mike, who, it seems had rented the place next to us with two buddies, the three of them attending a local university.

As I talked with him, I was also picking up pretty unmistakable vibes from him, sexual vibes.

I have crossed the forties mark in my longevity but, well, I still look pretty decent. In fact, I think I look pretty good and enjoy dressing to accentuate my looks.

Since you can’t see me, I’m five-four, blond hair to the shoulders, green eyes, spec-out at 36-26-36, they’re C-cup and, yes, they’re nice, some curvature underneath but no sag, really, with small pink nipples that get hard at the tiniest arousal. They were hard as I talked with Mike.

So, I told him I had an appointment and had to run but would be back around lunchtime if he wanted a bite to eat while we got to know each other better being neighbors and all.

Yes, I had sex on my mind, I always have sex on my mind and, yes, I wanted him. I left him with little doubt and went off on my business call with dampening panties.

I drove back into the driveway at 11:45 and there was Mike sitting outside on his porch steps. He gave me a wave as I drove in then he walked over.

“You’re right on time, Cheryl, I’ll be glad to help you make lunch, you’re very nice to ask me over,” he said as he leaned in to kiss my cheek. I had plans for those lips, big plans.

So, we were finishing our sandwiches as he said, “I really appreciate the lunch, Cheryl, and the chance to get to know my new neighbor a bit better. This has been nice.”

“Well, if you’re in no hurry, Mike, and can stay a while, you can get to know your new neighbor a whole lot better,” I said as I slid my hand along his thigh right up to his package.

I was never a shy girl and had no intention of starting now. I almost always had a way of getting what I wanted and my hand was feeling what I wanted.

“Well, Cheryl, if my calendar was full, I’d clear it immediately for you,” and with that I leaned forward to press my lips against his and direct my tongue into his eager mouth as I gently squeezed his thick cock in his pants.

“Come with me, my good man, let me show you my bedroom,” and we walked hand-in-hand down the hall to the master bedroom. As we entered, I turned to him, pulling him to me, kissing him as my hands pulled up his polo shirt and got it up over his head and off. He was fairly muscular and solid as I ran my hands over his chest, tweaking his nipples a bit, getting them hard like mine were.

He started on my blouse as I stood there letting him disrobe me, kissing my body as it was exposed to him. As my bra came off, his hands enveloped my breasts, fondling them, bending down to suck them, then looking up to tell me, “Cheryl, you have such nice breasts, they’re so pretty,” then he worked getting my skirt off and leaned forward to kiss the wet place on my panties as he pulled them to the floor where I stepped out of them and kicked off my heels.

I was just standing there, naked except for my thigh-high stockings, which is a pretty sexy look as he rid himself of his remaining clothes in rather a hurry.

I was looking down as he lowered his boxers and, yes, yes, a very nice, young, hard cock was brought into sight.

“You are so gorgeous, Cheryl, oh, I can’t believe I’ve got you right next door.”

“Mmm, and this nice big hard cock, how lovely,” I said as I lifted its heft.

We moved to the bed and I whisked the covers back and got down, spreading open for him while I watched his cock bob around as he got up between my legs, then crouch down low to kiss my stomach, abdomen, then, oh, sweet man, my pussy.

I gently held his face as he licked and sucked on me, oh, I love a man who knows how to make a pussy sing with his mouth and tongue. This was a promising liaison.

“Mmm, you make me feel so good, Mike. This is just what I wanted,” I groaned as I tried to spread more open to his tongue. I just love my pussy licked and tongued and Mike, for a young guy, knew what he was doing. He soon had me in the throes of a lovely orgasm after which I pulled him up over me whispering, “Mmm, fuck me, Mike, I really want your cock,” as he raised up, positioning his cock, then shoving it in, parting my happy labia, driving himself down inside me, then slowly, deliberately fucking me in and out.

I raised my legs up and put them on his shoulders so he could drive straight down into me, plunging deep where I wanted his cock.

“God, you’re tight, Cheryl, this is so good. Oh, am I glad we rented next door. I’ll bet my roomies would love you.”

Roomies? Yes, it was a three-bedroom house. I needed to know more.

“Your roommates, they’re guys like you, right?”

“Oh, don’t tell me, Cheryl. You’re not thinking of fucking them, too?”

Well, I wasn’t trying to pretend to be a saint, so I replied, “No, only if they’re not girls or gay.”

“I can tell you that they’d love you. And they’d love to be doing just this with you. That’s if I want to share you. I’m not sure about that,” he said as he took long, long strokes which I was loving.

“Oh, but, Michael, now you’ve got me dreaming about having all three of you, that’s a woman’s fondest dream, you know.”

“I’ll bet. The guys would love it I’m sure but right now I have you to myself. Why should I want to share you?”

“You know I could meet them any time I wanted,” I posed.

“True. Then, I know they’d want to fuck you as soon as they saw you.”

“They’re really horny, huh?”

“Well, they’re guys. What I really meant is when they get a look at how hot you look, they’d be in a frenzy to fuck you. I mean, I’ll bet they’ve never had a thirty-year old woman before, one with the experience and the hot looks you have.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Thirty? Why you sweet boy you. I’m keeping you for sure. I probably shouldn’t tell you but, well, I’m forty-two. I hope that doesn’t change anything.”

“God, Cheryl, it just makes me harder,” and he fucked me faster.

“Mmm, oooh, I like you younger guys. Maybe I do need to meet your roomies.”

Mike and I fucked the rest of the afternoon, it was wonderful.

Chapter 2

When Bob got home, I followed him upstairs so he could change and I took my clothes off as he did.

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“Looks like you’ve got ideas, hon, as usual,” he said as he took me in his arms and kissed me, pushing his hardening cock against me.

“Mmm, yeah, how ’bout a nice fuck before we fix supper?” I asked as I gripped his cock trying to lead it into me. He gave a good shove and went right in, up to the hilt.

“Oh, you’re juicy, babe. Been feeling horny?”

“Well, the truth is, and I’ve always told you the truth, you’re sliding in on another man’s cum. I had me some fun this afternoon.”

“Well you know I don’t mind as long as you tell me all about it, love.”

“His name is Mike and he’s now living next door in the Mallory’s old place. He’s in college and well, we got to know each other quite nicely.”

“Was he a good fuck? Must be a young guy, right?”

“Oh, twenty, can you believe it? And a really nice cock, not the biggest I’ve ever seen but he uses it nicely. And he loves to eat pussy.”

“We know how you love that, don’t we?”

“And, even better, he’s got two guys who live there, they all are college guys. I haven’t met the other two yet.”

“I’ll bet you will soon,” Bob said as he stroked in and out of me.

“Yeah, I bet I do, too,” I laughed.

“Well, you know, all I ask is that you tell me all about it and let me fuck you too.”

“That’s just what I’m doing, hon. And you’re really feeling hard, too.”

“You know that every time you tell me about some new guy, that it turns me on. That’s why I let you do it. It gets me hard as a rock and I want to fuck you over and over.”

“Yes, and I love it.”

So, Mike and I fucked just about every other day for the next week or so and I would always tell Bob every detail as he fucked me like a wild man.

Then, one afternoon as Mike was fucking me on their sofa, he asked me if my husband might suspect anything.

“Oh, he knows you’re fucking me.”

“Really? He knows?”

“Yeah, we have an open marriage, he fucks around and I fuck around, the thing is, we always tell each other about it and you wouldn’t believe how it spices up a couple’s sex life.”

“Well, yeah, I guess it would. So he knows. Has he ever been there when you’ve been with another guy?”

“Yes, several times and he’s even taken pictures of the other guy fucking me.”

“Has he videotaped you fucking another guy?”

“We don’t have a camera but if we did, I’ll bet he’d do it. He’s talked about buying one.”

“I’ve got one. Think your hubby’d want to film us?”

“Knowing Bob, yeah, I expect he would. Why do you want us videoed?”

“Well, several reasons. I want a remembrance for when I’m old and can look back at fucking you when I was in college. I also want to show how hot and sexy you are to my roommates.”

Well, the first reason was sweet, the second reason was hot, hot for me thinking that it might just get his roommates wanting to fuck me as well. And we know I love being fucked.

So, I talked with Bob about it and he was just as enthusiastic as I’d expected he would be and I told Mike that he should bring his camera over at seven on Saturday night, that would be the night.

Mike showed up right on time and showed Bob how to work the camera, how to do zoom-ins, fades, close-ups, all kinds of things. Then we all went back to our bedroom and Bob went ahead and got undressed as he wouldn’t be able to strip after he began filming.

He told us to begin and Mike took me in his arms and kissed me, our hands roaming over each other at first but, then, quickly we began taking each other’s clothes off. We were soon naked as Bob circled around us shooting what he saw as we both moved to the bed.

I scooted up to the headboard and as I opened my legs, Bob came in for a close-up of my freshly shaved pussy. He backed away just as Mike was crawling up between my legs to bend down and begin licking my pussy lips. Bob got in close again and filmed us for a few minutes as I stroked Mike’s cheek while he pleasured me with his tongue.

Bob had said that we should let Mike do oral on me until I came and we did just that. Then, he got up on his knees as Bob crouched down, getting a good sideways shot of his long, thick cock as he moved it right up to my wet slit and pushed the head in. Then his hips gave another push and he went in almost all the way,

I hooked my arms around my legs pulling them back against my chest, exposing my underneath so he could fuck straight down into me and he got up over me to stroke slowly in and out as Bob got it all on tape from in-between his legs.

Mike and I fucked for several hours with Bob taking a turn as Mike rested. I was a very happy woman. Well-fucked, just the way I like. It was so wonderful that we had Mike stay the night and he and I had some more fun early in the morning.

As he left after breakfast, he promised to make a DVD of the tape for us and show his copy to his two college buddies.

I saw him again on Monday and asked if he’d shown it to his college buddies and he told me no, they hadn’t seen it yet but if I wanted to, he had time for us to watch it together.

Well, I knew what that meant and I didn’t have any appointments for the afternoon so we went into his bedroom and he set the video up.

“Go ahead and get comfortable while I get this ready. I’ve seen it and it’s really hot,” he said as he fiddled with the television and DVD player. When he turned back, I was naked on his bed, legs open, welcoming whatever might happen.

Mike started the video and it showed us naked and on my bed at home, and as we watched, we were also naked and on his bed, groping each other as we both heard noises from the front of the house.

“Oh, they’re home. Should I invite them back to watch?”

Well, that was obvious, wasn’t it? Three young guys and me, naked on the bed? I did have the rest of the afternoon, hmm.

“Sure, is there any need for me to dress?” I asked.

“Not for these two,” he answered and went off to get them.

I pulled the sheet up to my waist and waited as I heard male voices coming up the stairs.

Then, in came Mike, followed by two guys. I was soon introduced to Dave and Tom, who were certainly interested in staring at my boobs, just what I wanted them staring at.

“We were just starting to watch the fuck session Cheryl and I had this last weekend. You guys want to watch?”

They both quickly agreed and Mike restarted it from the beginning, then slid under the sheet with me. I instantly took hold of what I most wanted at that moment and leaned back to watch as the sheet rose and sank over Mike’s middle.

As we all watched, Tom and Dave soon had their pants down on the floor, stroking themselves as I slowly jacked Mike. Then, Tom stripped the rest of his clothes off and slid in under the sheet next to me as I felt his hand clutch my boob. I already had my hand under the sheet, feeling around for him and soon had a hard cock in each hand.

Now the sheet was peaking as both my hands went up on two very hard cocks while we watched the DVD of Mike and I from last Saturday.

“Who’s filming this? There’s some one there taping it,” Tom asked and Mike looked at me, so I told them, “Well, it’s my husband, guys, we kind of have an open marriage kind of thing.”

“So you fuck other guys and he’s okay with that?” Dave asks.

“Yes, we both allow each other to have other sexual partners. And, in some cases, he’s there while I’m enjoying sex with another man. Like you’re watching right now.”

“Think he’d mind if we all three enjoyed sex with you, and I really mean enjoy?” Dave asked.

“Well, I can’t answer for him but I can answer for me,” and I sweep the sheet off me and spread my legs wide.

The two guys were in bed with me, Mike and Tom, as Dave jumped up between my legs and began licking and tonguing me. The two in bed began sucking my boobs as I gripped their cocks, jacking back and forth, then Dave moved up and asked me if I wanted him so I nodded and he shoved his cock right into me.

I whispered in Mike’s ear, “If you get your cock up here, I’ll suck it for you,” and he wasted little time getting up next to my face and leading his cock to my mouth.

Well, I was fucked by all three that afternoon and gave each blowjobs while each one ate me out. All this while the tape of Mike and I fucking was going on.

I had never had three guys in one session before and, well, I really think that’s how I get best satisfied. I sure was that afternoon, I was awash in cum, it drooled out of me for hours.

I told Bob about it and have since had all four of them together and we now have several videos of me being gang-banged by the four. So, now I’m slut to all four and have never been fucked so much in my life.

Would I ever give it up?

Are you crazy?