The Bridesmaid and Bride’s Parents

tagGroup SexThe Bridesmaid and Bride's Parents

As expected, it has been a perfect Wedding Day and the ceremony and Reception had gone wonderfully. It was my first time as a Bridesmaid and It had been so wonderful to see one of my College friends so happy on her special day. The setting, her family's country house, had also been serene and the marquee in the garden had proved a wonderful backdrop for the festivities. As afternoon turned into evening, I had found myself enjoying a few drinks and talking with the guests, including the father of the bride, who was clearly in his element having seen his only daughter go through this rite of passage.
We had talked a bit about his company and how he had taken it from start up to medium sized business and his hopes for the future. Two years out of College, I was enjoying a career in Advertising, which was fun to experience but still did not pay well, especially given rents in London. Our chat was enjoyable and then we parted as he continued to mingle with his wife and friends, and I returned to our group.
A little later, needing the toilet, I went to the "temporary" ones but the queue was huge so, having been party to the inside of their fine house as the Bridal party readied, I knew where the bathrooms were and headed in as the sun was starting to set. Seeing the downstairs one also occupied I decided to use the one in the Bride's bedroom. Fortunately that was free and I was quickly able to perform my ablutions and then set about returning to the party as I left the room that was still covered in clothes, bags and make up from the preparation this morning!
As I left the room, I heard giggling and moaning. Looking across the landing, I could hear the noise was coming from the master bedroom. Somehow inquisitiveness drew me over and I saw the door was slightly ajar. I continued to follow the noise until I could see through the narrow gap and almost gasped with what I saw. The Bride's father was clearly enjoying himself. He was stood next to the end of the bed with his Morning Suit trousers around his ankles while his wife was sat on the bed hungrily sucking his dick. They were both probably late 40s and clearly both enjoying themselves and I had to confess to a slight pang of eroticism in my own panties as I watched.
After about a bit I decided I needed to go. Somehow, however, my weight in my heels was not right – I rarely wear them – and I fell slightly forward as I turned and banged into the door, pushing it slightly further open. Immediately, two heads turned towards me. I froze, paralyzed with embarrassment, and expected the same to be true of them. Instead, however, my friend's mother simply smiled and resumed her work while her father beckoned me in. Some magnetic force seemed to draw me in as I walked across the wooden floor. He mentioned to his wife that this was the nice young girl he had been talking to in the marquee. She stopped her sucking and stood up from the bed.
Without any attention, and while be began to wank himself off, she kissed me on the lips. I was stunned as I had never even thought of kissing a girl before, let alone doing it but she was so soft and tender and, within seconds, she pushed her tongue into my mouth and we began to kiss passionately. I could taste the saltiness of his cock from her efforts and then I heard more footsteps as he went over to the door, shut it and locked it while she whispered in my ear that they would very much like to extend their offer of hospitality further towards me.
I felt a further tingle in my panties as her hands moved lower and inside the top of my strapless dress. I was wearing a similar bra and soon she had one of my breasts out and was sucking and nibbling in an exquisite way. I was so turned on and had almost forgotten where I was. Soon, I felt another hand at my back and the zip of my dress was being pulled down. With both of them helping me, it was soon around my ankles and I stepped out to reveal my bra, panties and flesh colored tights that I was wearing. He joked to her that he was sad they had found a fan of tights and she then pulled away from me and began to pull down the zip on her own knee length, plain black dress. As she did, it also fell to the ground and I was astonished to see how ravishing she looked in her black lingerie. I had never really been a fan of fancy underwear but couldn't help admire her stood there in a matching black lace bra, panties and suspender set that beautifully pulled her sheer black stockings against her legs.
She said the tights must come off and soon my heels were discarded and they both pulled my tights, that looked so ugly in comparison, over my panties and off my legs and feet. Then, without complaint from me, her father pulled my hands behind my back and gently tied them together using my tights. Even I laughed as they commented that they had found something useful to do with this "hideous garment".
With help from her I was lowered to my knees and he stood in front of me, presenting his still hard and ample cock. She guided my head towards it and, within seconds, I was sucking passionately. Without my hands to control his shaft I felt vulnerable but he was not aggressive and soon was sliding his dick on and and out of my mouth while his wife resumed her role by hungrily sucking and licking his balls, just inches from my face. The feeling just made me feel so dirty and I knew I wanted more from this experience.
Soon, I felt a hand around my back and my bra was unhooked and fell to the ground. A soft hand removed the tights from my wrists and then guided my hands around her back and I was able to return the compliment and she gently eased her still very firm tits from her underwear. While we swopped between me sucking and licking on his cock, he also undid his tie and took off his shirt and soon the whole oral sex was being conducted with just me wearing my panties and her in hers and stockings, suspenders and heels.
Although he remained gentle, his shafting of our mouths grew more forceful and he was clearly becoming more aroused. Sensing this, his wife asked me to lie back on the bed and she removed her panties before I felt both of them pull mine over my ass, legs and feet and on to the floor. Completely naked, I awaited their next move and, while he climbed on to the bed, she kneeled on the floor and pulled my now sensitive pussy towards her mouth. The next few minutes were bliss as he sucked, tweaked and rubbed my tits while she licked the opening to my pussy and then spent time expertly stimulating my clit. I had had boyfriends go down on me before but somehow this was different.
To my surprise I soon felt two fingers pushing against the opening of my hole and then they entered me, stretching me as they did but somehow probing enough to be pleasurable. The combination of the fingering and licking was intense and she also knew just when to wax and wane in her intensity and seemingly catch every wave of excitement as it washed over me. I knew I was helpless to resist and soon an unstoppable force of orgasm gripped me and I came deep into her mouth as I ground my cunt against her soft lips.
Almost breathless, I knew that was just the starters. She was definitely in control and indicated to him to lie on his back while he reached over and pulled a condom from the bedside table which she quickly and expertly rolled down on him. Moving around she clambered on the bed and, with her ass towards the headboard, began to lower herself on to his face. She commanded me to on the bed and told me to ride his cock facing her. My pussy was still sensitive from the oral attention and I whinced as he entered me but this was soon forgotten as I felt the pressure of his stair rod erect cock inside me. By now, she was working his tongue all over my neatly trimmed pussy and the sexual tension was rising. As I pushed my pussy up and down on his shaft, she pulled me towards her and continued the kissing while playing with my tits. I returned the favour, realizing quite what a good teacher she was.
As we kissed, I grew lazy in riding him and his fucking of me accelerated to compensate. He clearly had amazing stamina for his age and, while he continued to shaft me, his oral work intensified to a point where she was clearly on the edge. Having the maturity and discipline to pause, she then asked me to climb off him and kneel on all fours on the bed while she sat under the headboard, her stockinged (and still heeled) legs apart and my face guided towards her sopping cunt. I was told it was my job to complete the orgasm and soon my face was buried deep in her pussy, licking and sucking with all the energy I could muster.
Meanwhile, my butt was vulnerably stuck in the air and I knew what was coming and braced myself as he positioned himself on the bed, grabbed one of my hips with one hand and guided his dick towards my open cunt with the other. I was already turned on but, instinctively, I reached under my body to rub my clit just in time as then I felt the pressure of his helmet against my labia and he entered me again, this time feeling much deeper due to the nature of our position.
The feeling was incredible as I backed into his cock and he pounded me hard, all the time rubbing and playing with my clit while making sure I remained attentive to the increasingly aroused pussy in my face. Somehow we synchronized our efforts and with another incredible feeling I came hard over his cock while she exploded literally on my face. I had never felt a woman come on my face before but the taste of her was so sweet as I wondered what would be next.
The answer was soon apparent. While he may have stamina, it has limits and he indicated to his wife that time was near. Having finished her off, she politely told me that they were a generous couple but his come was very much hers. So, she leaned to one side on the bed and removed his condom, placing his cock next to her sodden labia, ready for the final act. I was worried I would be left out but she indicated she wanted her tits attending to and, having come twice, I was not going to refuse so I began to suck and fondle her tits in the same way they had done for me.
I felt her shudder as he penetrated her from behind and rhythmically began to fuck her very hard. I was amazed at her calmness in the face of his seemingly rough movements as he lifted her leg and placed her hand on her clit, continuing to rub, all the time seeming to know when he would be close to finished. That was the advantage of getting to know each others' bodies, I guess. As his fucking seemed it could get no harder and faster, she pushed my head down on to her pussy and asked me to suck her clit. I obliged and was amazed as with my cheek on her inner thigh, I licked and licked, all the time watching him slide in and out of her, his balls slapping on her ass as he grew more and more agitated. Behind me, I could hear her tits bouncing on her chest from the force of his fucking.
As she came once more, she shouted out, 'It's OK", and, before I knew it, my face had been lifted off her cunt and was staring at his cock. He aimed it towards my mouth and I opened it obligingly as he unloaded a huge spurt of semen into my mouth, followed my another and another. He moaned and groaned as he did so and I felt her hand stroking my forehead caringly. On the fifth go, I closed my mouth and the last remnants landed on my lips. Unable to speak, literally, she pulled my head up towards hers and opened her mouth. For a minute, we kissed, slowly passing his salty come between our mouths until, with mine full again, she said I was a guest in their house and it was mine. For the first time in my life, but feeling so turned on after both my orgasms, I swallowed his come with a whorish gulp.
We unentwined our bodies and I was amazed by how composed she still looked after the hard fucking she had taken. She quickly changed back into her bra and pulled her panties over her legs before slipping back into her dress. He did the same and, with a quick brush and comb, they thanked me for being such a great wedding guest and left me saying I could use the shower in their room to clean up. I did so despite the trembling in my body and slipped back on underwear and dress (without tights) and headed back down to the party, my hair more ruffled than I would have liked.
Bizarrely there was no awkwardness in the air and the party continued until early morning before the bride and groom went upstairs, presumably to consummate their marriage. I wondered whether my friend had any idea of the sexual adventurousness of her parents and if she would be upset knowing the likely gratification she would get tonight would be no match for what I, and possible they, had already had that day.
They left for their honeymoon the next morning and we had one final breakfast together as family, friends and happy couple. The atmosphere was great, despite a few sore heads and it was sad that soon it was time for me to take my taxi to the railway station and head to London. I said good bye to everyone and found a small, boutique bbq on the top of my case that I had left by the door. I declined to open in the house but, once in the taxi, my inquisitiveness won, and I carefully opened the bag. Inside was a black lace suspender belt and two pairs of stockings. I peeled open an accompanying note that read,
"Thank you so much for attending our daughter's Wedding and being a fabulous guest. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you so intimately and knowing that she has such good, enthusiastic and passionate friends. We hope you enjoyed your stay and would only like to leave with you one piece of advice: A classy, empowered girl always sucks and fucks wearing stockings and not tights".
I giggled and smiled and remembered the whole experience as the taxi pulled up at the station and waited for my train to take me back to London. As the countryside passed by, I felt like I had grown 10 years in sexual maturity based on an experience that had lasted maybe 15 minutes. And I like to think I am a fast learner. I had long been wanting to ask out one of the hottest guys in the office and the next morning I admired myself in the mirror as I slipped my smart, black dress over a very sexy pair of donated suspenders and neatly brushed it down over the top of a pair of very sheer and perfect stockings. I clicked me heels together as I headed for the front door and to use my new found confidence.

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