The Canyons of Our Minds

tagGroup SexThe Canyons of Our Minds

My wife is the most wonderful woman I have ever known in my life. And the most beautiful. Her body is magical in its delights and wonders! She is little, just barely 5' tall and a round firm 118 lbs, with perfect up turned C cup breasts that should be enjoyed by all men because they are so beautiful it should be a crime to cover them.
Her body has not changed much with the birth of our four children. And nowhere in my mind does it seem possible her body could have birthed 4 kids! Her little hips have spread wide four times and resettled back to the normal width again.
Sara is 38 and looks ten years younger! She has been married seven times before us! I am number 8! And yes that does mean she has seven lovers who fucked her MANY times over! Sara married the first time at 18 and her husband Jerome got her PG, but she doesn't think it was him! Jerome was an inner city black punk who got the little white girl friend they all want! And Jerome did the thing! He shared Sara with his brothers! My wife's beautiful breasts have been enjoyed by lots of guys from a short distance and as her nipples were being sucked on!
Sara has told me she has no idea how many black gang bangers have seen her naked? Now I will admit my wife does openly say she has a thing for black cocks! And she has been PG by several of them!
Our daughter Mindy is 22 and as beautiful as her mother! Now no I am not her biological father but she is mine I raised her! I have seen her naked and her body is as fantastic as her mothers! No I mean I have seen her naked, like last week she was in our house nude talking to me. Showing off and trying to make me blush! No I have never touched my daughter as a Little girl other than to wipe her places clean and dry or as an adult. And never would I. Mindy's father is one of many black lovers her mom had from the days past.
I know Sara is 38 and Mindy is 22 and she got married at 18, well young is stupid! Jerome barely lasted more than 3 years and Sara married Doug. Yes Doug was black too! And she was PG by Doug she thinks? While she was still married to Jerome.
And we were blessed with our second daughter, Rachel who is 20. And yes I have seen her nude to! The girls were both trying to make my face redden! Rachel is a different animal, sexually, she tries to fuck me! She wants to! Her body is better than her mother and older sister's! And she really does want to fuck me! She is a pervert! And it will never happen but she can make my cock hard.
Anyone who has ever fucked her mother is on her list! Including all her mothers husbands! I know for a fact she has fucked all of her mothers other husbands! Even the one her mom thinks is her Dad! And she has fucked him lots! Doug lasted just a tad over a year. And I guess his cock just never found home, it loves different holes! He even brought them home and fucked them and Sara! Sara has told me if he had brought other guys home and they fucked her, she'd still be married to him! He is equipped! And uses it nicely! Yes that is why Rachel fucks him lots! A few months ago Rachel begged her mother to go over to Dougs' apt with her to see her Dad. She snuggled up to me and whispered she wanted to watch him fuck her mom! If I can get her to is it okay? She actually grabbed my crotch and held me.
"Show me it is okay"!
Several seconds went by and she released her hold on me!
"That's what I thought!"
She and her mom left and were gone several hours. My wife didn't say anything and went to fixing a meal. Blabber mouth Rachel couldn't keep her mouth shut! She had to tell all!
"I told mom it was okay! But I still had to make her watch me fuck him and then I about had to rip her clothes off! But wow once he got it in her! That lady can really fuck and Dad, she loves his cock! She let him fuck her three times!"
Over the years my wife has fucked lots of guys some I've encouraged her to do and some I didn't approve of but she wanted to anyway! Some of the men I encouraged her to fuck led to others fucking her! And I knew it would but wanted it to happen anyway! And some I didn't like led to many more adventures! Sara had not fucked Doug in several years and I wanted her to! I have watched her fuck Doug and he does things to her body only he can do! She loves his cock! Rachel loves his cock too! And she knew I wanted her mom to fuck her dad!
I guess this is where I came into Sara's life. In between Doug and Harold! And how I became Dad to the girls. I raised them! No Sara and I didn't get married we just lived together!
Harold was number three husband! Black and huge! Has the biggest dick on him I have ever seen on a man! I have watched Sara slide her vagina down over his HUGE dick as far as she can and settle til, she expands, til it fits and then work down over it more and more til she just can't get more in and then they begin to fuck!
Harold lasted less than six months. And they lived with me in my house. That is why I have seen them fuck so many times. And I got to fuck Harold's wife!
Monty was number four. Monty was African and BLACK! Ain't no brown to African! I forget what little podunk county in Africa he was from. And again they lived with me in my house. Monty is where Sherina came from! I think I watched Sara get her out of Monty's loins! The second time he fucked her in my bed she screamed to high heaven! I've never seen her cum harder. And I am sure he bred her!
Sherina is not nearly as black as her Dad. but far darker than either of her sisters! And she may be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! As with her sisters she seems as comfortable naked around me as they are. In fact when at home Sherina never wears any thing! Her breasts are larger than either Mothers' or sisters'! Her hips slightly wider. She is a dark chocolate brown nearly black. And she has the others fine features! She turned 18 several months ago. Sherina is intent on becoming my lover!
I love my little brown girl and she has the most beautiful vagina I have ever seen on a woman, but I have whipped it and her little buttocks since she was born! She is one of my little girls. I am not blood related to any of them and all three have black Dads. So I could fuck any or all of them with no problems except in my head!
Monty lasted over a year. And Dallas was number five! We all have one we fall for in every way! Dallas was Sara's! And Dallas wanted Sara just as badly as she wanted him! Big difference was Dallas wanted a white wife for fun and profit! Dallas wanted Sara's pussy for fun first and then profit! I tried to caution Sara but she loved him! He moved in with us. She married him and he fucked her lots in front of me! He had a very nice cock and used it well. But he wanted me to see she was completely his! I watched Dallas fuck Sara several hundred times. He knew I loved her with every breath!
Then they moved out to an Apt. They began to have his friends over and Sara danced for them . And she got naked when he ask her to. And she began to fuck his friends when he ask her to! And then they began to film it! And he began to sell them online!
And they went to several men's clubs and Sara began to entertain and she began to fuck for the crowd! And he began to tape it! And he began to sell them!
I found her on a semi dark street in the very bad part of town. I watched her sell her body to a variety of bad black men! I followed her several nights They all took her to the same place. An old building where they took what they paid her for and she gave it freely.
Dallas hired some very bad men to do very bad things to Sara and I had followed them.
I moved slowly! I was dead away with the perfect view of what they were about to do to Sara. This was Sara! Dallas had given her to this guy! He owned her! She was his whore! By the CODE he could do anything he wanted with her! He was behind her! He told Sara to push her hips back and spread for him! He guided his cock to her and slid up inside her. He began to fuck her! He and his buddies all disappeared. They were never found. But Dallas was.
He was naked and the cock Sara had loved so much hung limply from his groin. He would never pimp another young woman or have her killed!
It took time for Sara to heal. But, she did and moved on. She never said a word about Dallas ever again! She knew I had killed him.
Clyde was number six, and Brieona's father. Bree is 17 soon to be 18. She is a wonderful young lady with enough love for us all. I watch her like a hawk and this one is still a virgin and will be til I let her not be. Clyde might have had a chance to be her good husband, but he was maybe too free with her too soon after her damage from Dallas.
Ambrous was seven and her was a nice guy. But still had the black guy mentality. And I believe by his time Sara knew she loved me as she had none of the others. So I became her eighth and final husband. Her protector, her lover, and her final husband and the father of her girls who loves them with every breath I take. And the guy who will kill any SOB who ever tries to hurt any of my girls.

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