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This was meant to be for the holiday competition, but I was unable to finish in time.
As always, all characters engaged in sexual activity are over 18.
Comments are always welcome.
As I watched the unfolding family orgy, I knew it was all my fault. I had caused this.
Three generations all fucking and sucking together in the isolated chalet in the mountains.
All because of me. And none of them knew it.
"Well Andy?" my Uncle Jacob called out to me as my mum slowly sucked his dick. "Are you going to join in or what?"
Part One – The beginning.
Let me rewind here.
I'm Andy. And yes, I wanted (kinda) incestuous sex four years ago. I got it too. But I never wanted or imagined this.
Let's start at the very beginning. Pretty standard situation. Man meets woman. Get married. Fuck without a condom. Create me. Andrew, A.K.A. Andy.
A couple of years later, Mum and Dad split up unexpectedly. Super unexpectedly. As in one day, Dad is suddenly gone. I never see him again.
Mum remarried a guy called David. An old friend of my father. Alright guy it seemed. I can't complain about him as a stepdad. I hate him for other reasons, but we will get to that.
He brought with him Olya, his daughter. My new step-sis. (Her mum was Romanian, died giving birth. Unusual these days, but it happens.)
Mum and David did what adults do in the dark, and 9 months later, we welcomed baby Catherine into the world. My half-sister.
I'm 5 at the time. Olya is 4. Catherine is 0. The three of us grow up together.
Skip ahead about 15 years. I'm a horny 20 year old guy living at home with a sexy 19 year old who isn't my blood relative.
Olya is short, with long straight blonde hair and large, firm breasts. A pretty face too. For everything God gave her with looks, he didn't give her with brains. She had dropped out of school and was now working at a local nursery with little kids.
Her friendly, naive nature meant she'd given head and more to most of my college friends. And it worked both ways. I think I had all of her close friends in my bed at one point or another.
But never her. Never Olya. And I wanted to change that. We weren't blood relatives after all. What was so wrong with wanting to fuck her?
I made a plan.
Olya was mega into astrology and spirituality. She could guess your star-sign just by looking at you. Sometimes she'd even get it right. She spent her time on websites about different Tibetan/Indian/random-island-in-the-Pacific spiritual beliefs and her bedroom always smelt of candles and herbs. (Much to the annoyance of Catherine, who had to share the room with her!)
I finally got my idea after she gave up eating everything but dairy for a week because some guru on a random website told her it would connect her more with 'the great mother goddess'.
(This diet lasted only until the next guru told her to focus on only eating root vegetables and fresh seaweed.)
I would create a guru to tell her sex with her step-brother would be OK. More than that – that it was a good idea! She'd read the website and think it was her idea to fuck me!
I found the website '' and paid the ten pounds to get a professional looking website made. I quickly wrote ten vaguely spiritual posts and backdated them on the website, so it looked much older than it was.
Then I sneakily put a link to the guru's website on Olya's computer, in the bookmark folder marked 'spiritual – to look at'.
I googled 2 holy men and put their names together to create one new name.
Guru Ole Karmapa was born.
"Love between family is the most pure. Though many believe it is polluted by adding a sexual aspect to the dynamic, that couldn't be further from the truth. Sexual union, especially between those who have grown up together, releases a spiritual energy unlike any other."
I finished the blog post and relaxed on my bed. It was the third such post I'd added about incest to the website.
I closed my laptop and walked to the next bedroom in the house. The one shared by Olya and Catherine (who now went by the name 'Cat' unless she was in trouble at school).The door was open, and Olya was relaxing on the bed, reading something on her phone. Cat was being her typical 15 year old self – out the house, probably shopping with friends at the nearby shopping centre.
"Hey!" I said to Olya. "What you up to?"
She looked a bit embarrassed when she saw me. "OH, Andy! Hi! I was just…um…reading."
"Cool" I replied, sitting next to her on the bed. "What about?"
"Umm" she said, twiddling her hair. "I found a new website by a guru I'd never heard of before. He's really enlightened. And he's got some, um, interesting ideas I've never heard before."
"Oh yeah? Such as?"
"Um, you know" she said elusively. "Spiritual stuff. You're not usually very interested in it."
"Don't forget, I studied Religion at college." I told her. "Anyway, I want to learn more. If it's interesting for you, maybe it's interesting for me. Can you send me the website?"
A few seconds later and my phone blinked with the link to a website. Guru Ole Karmapa's website.
"I'll have a read and talk to you about it after" I told her with a smile.
About three days later, after both mum, David and Cat had gone to bed, my bedroom door creaked open.
"Andy?" a voice whispered in the darkness. "Are you still awake?"
"Yeah, but everyone else isn't. Come closer and speak quietly. What's up?"
She silently walked into my room and softly closed the door behind her. There was only illumination from the window, but even in this light she was gorgeous. She crept closer and sat on my bed.
"Um, I wondered if you had read that guru website I sent you? What you thought about it."
I decided to play it cool.
"Yeah, I read it. Some kinda interesting ideas. Very unusual."
"Did you read the new one from today?"
"No" I lied. "What's it about?"
"Um, it say women can have really spiritual dreams if they, um, eat something special before bed."
"So you want me to drive you to a supermarket at midnight so you can buy the special food?"
She shook her head. "No, um…maybe you can just read the blog for me now?"
I pulled out my phone and pretended to read my own website, looking at the newest page where I explain how drinking semen from a family member will lead to spiritual dreams.
I finished 'reading' and turned off my phone, looking at her in the dark light of my bedroom. I said nothing, letting her fill in the silence.
"Oh please let me try Andy. I promise you'll enjoy it. And I know you really like me. You are always looking at me."
"This is stepping over a boundary" I told her. "Once we start this, we can't go back. Only forward. It can't be undone or easily forgotten. Now, are you sure this is what you want?"
She nodded, and I pulled out my cock. It was already hard from the idea of finally getting head from Olya. She lowered her head down in the darkness and began to suck. Her mouth felt so warm and inviting for my cock. I imagined her naked in the darkness and soon I shot my cum into her waiting mouth. She took it all in without hesitation, and finished with a lick of her lips to make sure she'd got all the cum she could. She got up from my bed and quietly left the room without another word.
The next morning she told me quietly that she'd had the most amazing, enlightening dreams. And I began to imagine in my head the next blog post from Guru Ole Karmapa. "The importance of using birth control so the spiritual experience of cumming is not hindered by plastic or latex."
Exactly one week later, and Olya was back in my bedroom after midnight, her naked body climbed on top of me as we fucked for the first of many times. Her small body, countered with her large boobs bouncing up and down on me as I laid on my back. Her pussy squeezing my cock as she whispered to herself about nirvana and sacred star alignments and the will of mother Gaia.
I just whispered how hot she was until I shot my cum inside her wet pussy.
My only incestuous goal was complete. I'd fucked my step-sister.
I might have been happy if the story ended there. But it didn't.
Part 2 – The tragic separation.
We continued secretly fucking like this for about three months. Sometimes she would visit me quickly at night. Our intercourse carefully positioned to make as little noise as possible. Other times we would wait for Mum, David and Cat to leave before getting naked and really enjoying each other's bodies. I lost track of how many times I had cum inside her cute pussy and even her virgin asshole. She told me after I was the first to fuck her there, but the guru recommended it, and he hadn't been wrong yet.
Speaking of the guru, the small website began to gather more followers. I began to get comments or spiritual questions posted. I answered all of them as the guru would answer.
One woman asked about lesbian sex, because all my posts so far had been about cock in mouth/pussy/arse, for very obvious reasons. I replied with a long post about the spirituality of the 69 position, especially for lesbian couples. The sacred circle of both giving and receiving pleasure.
I gave sex and relationship advice, explaining that my dream of the perfect family would be one where sex is no longer a taboo, and adult bodies could be shared with each other any time or place. Where no adult was ashamed to give or receive pleasure, and where family was the most important word in the home.
By the end of the third month, I'd written over 40 posts.
And practically every time Guru Ole Karmapa wrote a blog-post, Olya opened her legs to me.
It was bliss. It was heaven. It was almost perfect.
My world collapsed one Thursday evening in October.
My father, a man who I hadn't seen for over 17 years, turned up at our door. David opened the door.
My biological father shot my step-father in the head, then killed himself.
I was the first to find the bodies.
A pre-recorded video message (and later the police examination) discovered a terrible story.
Evidence from David's laptop revealed he had actually framed my father for a crime he didn't do. My biological father had been in prison for 17 years, just so David could screw my mother.
While in prison, Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The type you don't get better from.
The day my father was released from prison, he came and got his revenge.
My world, and our family, were torn apart.
I was the only one of the family who went to my father's funeral. I was the only one who didn't go to David's.
(At the time, Dad's allegations about David were unproven. It was 6 weeks after the funeral that the police finally confirmed Dad's innocence.)
I took the money my father left me in his will (and the large settlement from the government because of the false imprisonment) and moved out the family home, into a small apartment in a nearby city. Took up a job as a writer for a trendy local blog.
I spoke to the others in the family rarely. Mum was the hardest. For a long time I feared she knew something about the lies. Only later did I truly realise she was an innocent in this, as much as me or my sisters.
Cat was a still growing teenage girl caught in the emotional explosion. I video chatted to her the most, helping with school stuff whenever she asked. She focused herself into punk music and women's soccer. A good combo, given the situation.
Mum's family (her mum, brother and sister) sent birthday and Christmas cards, but gave me space otherwise.
Olya needed her own space too. We never fucked after that day. I don't remember if it was me or her who stopped it. Maybe it was mutual. We spoke occasionally, but it wasn't how it used to be. We never discussed the guru again.
I kept the guru's website going, more for my own therapy at this point. Trying to provide guidance to others helped me, because nobody could give guidance to me.
Slowly, wounds heal, and we all put our lives back together again.
Part 3 – reunion and revelation.
Before the chaos, we used to have a family tradition. My mum's side of the family were originally from Italy, from up north near the mountains. Each winter we would go together and spend Christmas as one big extended family. We would rent a chalet in the middle of nowhere and stay there for a week or so.
It always used to be my favourite time of the year. It was the only time I saw my Aunt Madison, her husband (my uncle) Jacob and their son (my cousin) Eli. Uncle Edward would also be there too, and of course our grandmother, "Nonna".
It had been over four years since the tragedy.
The year of the tragedy, the holiday was cancelled.
For the next three years after that, the rest of the family had gone to the mountains. Mum, my sisters and my extended family.
Each year, I had been invited.
Each year, I had refused, and spent Christmas alone, or with whichever girl I was sleeping with at the time.
This year, I agreed to go. With one ground rule. David's name was never to be mentioned. Everyone had agreed.
It was strange for me. For the past three years, the family had left me alone, pretty much. But this year, everyone was calling or messaging me, asking me to come. Even my dear Nonna, celebrating her 65th birthday last May, was calling me, asking me to be there. She said it didn't feel like a family gathering without me there.
How can anyone refuse that?
I was looking forward to seeing everyone again. The self-isolation had been difficult, even though it was chosen by me.
I think I was most looking forward to seeing Cat again. She came out to me in a Skype call last year, just after her 18th birthday. Of course, I fully supported her. In fact, everyone did, even our Nonna. Cat told me after that she was a little annoyed by that. How can you be a rebellious lesbian if everyone supports you?!
She'd be 19 now (just!). On our last online chat, she told me excitedly that she was planning to bring her girlfriend to the chalet to meet everyone.
So on a cold December evening, I took a flight to Italy, then rented a car and drove for about five hours to reach the tiny, isolated cabin in the snowy mountains. It was after midnight when I finally arrived. Everyone else had arrived much earlier in the day.
"Your room is on the 2nd floor, the furthest from the end." Mum told me after we'd hugged and I'd dragged my luggage in through the snow. "Your usual room, after Cat's."
We always hired this big chalet, so everyone got their own rooms, albeit spread across three floors. Young people on the top floor, 'adults' on the middle floor and Nonna on the ground floor. (She struggled with stairs a little these days).
I decided to leave my luggage on the bottom floor and collect it tomorrow, rather than wake everyone by carrying the large suitcase up two flights of stairs.
I slowly crept up the stairs. Olya's room had the door closed, as did cousin Eli's. I could hear Eli's snoring through the door.
But Cat's door wasn't closed. It was open a crack, maybe two or three centimetres. She had the light on in the room.
And through that gap, I could clearly see her on the bed eating pussy in a 69. I could see her head as it went down between two feminine legs. Cat's very short hair bobbing up and down. I could hear moans of two women, though both were muffled by the pussy in their mouths. I couldn't see the other woman's head or body, just her legs. But I guessed it was Cat's girlfriend Rachael. I mean, who else could it be?
I lingered at the doorway a little too long, and felt an erection stirring in my trousers. And I must have made a noise, because I heard Cat say something like "Did you hear that?".
I moved like a ninja to my own bedroom and found the door in the darkness.
I'll admit, I was turned on by seeing the lesbian sex in front of me. What straight man wouldn't be? I had an erection and I knew I wasn't getting much sleep while it was there. Quietly, I masturbated at the memory of the lesbian lovers until I came into a nearby tissue. Yes, I guess I masturbated to thoughts of my half-sister, but it's not that bad, is it?
I know the guru would approve.
The next morning, I woke up pretty early. Early at least for the chalet. We usually got up quite late during our holidays.
I crept quietly down to the bottom floor again to get my suitcase and find some clean underwear for the day. Other things could be sorted later.
"Yes Edward, right there!"
The voice cried out, the only noise in the silence. It was my Nonna's voice. And she was clearly having an orgasm.
Wait…Edward is the name of my uncle. The unmarried one. Surely she's not…No, of course not. That would be her own son. That would be wrong on so many levels.
Ah! Uncle Edward was named after his father, my late grandfather.
So Nonna must just be playing with herself and remembering her dead husband. It's the most logical explanation.
The sounds of a man, or maybe men's low voices must be my imagination. Yes, that's it. My imagination. She's alone, playing with a dildo.
I crept away very quickly before I heard her say anything else.
A few hours later and I sat down with the family for breakfast. All our meals were communal, and we took turns to prepare dinner and lunch. Breakfast was easier. We just put out cereal boxes and let everyone get what they wanted for themselves.
I'd been one of the first at the breakfast table, and I enjoyed catching up with Eli, Uncle Jacob and Aunt Maddie. I'd missed them. Then Olya came for breakfast. She sat next to me, and it was almost as if the past few years never happened. We were back to joking with each-other like we used to, making up stories for the characters on the cereal boxes and laughing about old times.
Mum and Uncle Edward joined us too, though Nonna told us she was feeling tired, so Uncle Jacob brought her breakfast in bed.
As he left her room, I watched him carry some bedsheets and put them in the washing basket.
Finally, Cat came down from her room. Alone.
As she poured herself some chocolatey cereal, I asked her where Rachael was.
"She isn't coming" she told me as she shovelled a spoon of breakfast in her mouth. "We kinda broke up last week."
"Oh. I'm sorry." I replied honestly. "But then who were…"
I stopped myself. I couldn't ask "Then whose pussy were you eating last night?" at the breakfast table. Or really anywhere for that matter!
"…nevermind" I finished the sentence, and quickly moved away from the communal dining area.
I finally took my luggage upstairs, and tried not to think about too much. Everything was a little bit…weird. And I couldn't put my finger on exactly why.
The morning was spent in our normal way. Skiing on the mountainside. We had the whole area to ourselves, complete with a small little ski-lift. It was slow, and it could only take two people at a time, but it meant that we could enjoy the slope without worries.
I was out of practice compared to everyone else. They were all skiing much faster and better than me. Nonna didn't ski any more, but she was outside with us, watching and commenting. Sometimes giving encouragement or advice. In her youth she'd competed in the winter Olympics, though she didn't win any medals.
Uncle Jacob, Aunt Maddie and Eli weren't outside yet. They were tidying away after breakfast, and also preparing the sandwiches for lunch.
I got too close to a tree, and ended up with a small cut across my cheek. I returned to the chalet to get a plaster or something to stop the bleeding.

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