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I’m a widower and have a young son 6, my wife died in a mass shooting. When man just started shooting with an AR15 and that was several years ago now. I attend our local Church and take my son the Church picnics. Last year we were there at one as was usual for us, and I met a woman a year younger than me, and she had a small daughter 4. As mother of the people attending were married and in family groups, we hung out together. We became friends and started seeing each other at Church and at the picnics held during the summer holidays. The last picnic of the year is a fairly big affair, our 2 children were off in a play group, and we had time alone together surrounded by other parents, we walked away from the picnic area and found a spot out of sight of anyone. I just kissed her, and she kissed me back and it was like we were on a desert island, we just went for it and had sex right there in the middle the afternoon and could’ve been found at any time by any of the other people. But we weren’t discovered and returned after having fucked. She came to my place after the picnic and stayed the night also. She was renting and I owned my home, I asked her to move in with me and she said it wouldn’t look right and the Church would disapprove. So, I changed it from move in with me to marry me and that she accepted. After Church the next I approached the minster about marrying us and we married the following Sunday. I was quite happy with that; my now wife was a little stunned it was so quick. But the minister thought it better to act in haste as he had seen us leave the picnic and return later. Not knowing we had fucked, but I think he thought wise to marry quickly. It didn’t matter all the family we had were locals and attended the same Church. I’ve since adopted her daughter, and she adopted my son. Her car being in my driveway doesn’t draw the attention of the minister as it had before our wedding either. My wife was pregnant shortly after our wedding.

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