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I owe a small company that employs 23 staff, all except one workday time shifts Monay to Friday. The exception is the cleaner who 4-hour shifts Monday to Friday 5pm to 9pm and Saturday 9am to 3pm. Total of 26 hours a week for me, she did have other jobs and that’s how she got by. I’m (46) widower of 4 years and my 2 children are out on their own. The cleaner is 54 5′ slender fairly large breasts lives alone in a one room apartment in a seedy area of the city. She had a couple of jobs besides mine that gave 25 to 30 hours extra a week. Working some Sundays gave the extra 5 hours, anyway she lost both the extra jobs and couldn’t find another job quick enough. I work Saturdays catching up on my work and that’s when she asked me about extra hours telling of her loss of work. I hadn’t any work at my company, but I lived alone in a 3bedroom apartment and decided I could employ her an extra 5 hours once a week. She accepted but wasn’t going to help her make up the other lost hours. She was paying off her late husband’s medical and hospital bills and she had an agreed arrangement written and she would end up on the street without extra hours. I couldn’t give her anymore hours. But it dawned on me that the cost of her travelling to and from work was about the same as she made working those extra hours. I had spares rooms that were locked up and my apartment was outback of my company at the back of the building not directly connect to company building. If she was to move in with me, she would save on her travel time and costs. I made the offer as the best I could do and after she was finished the company work that Saturday afternoon, I showed her my apartment. Neither she nor me thought about sex and she accepted the room as she said it would a great help to her. She moved in that Sunday, she is so quiet, you don’t know she there unless you see her. A couple weeks later there was a bad storm that knocked out power for a couple of days down wire from trees falling bringing down wires and substation badly damaged. The company closed due no power for 2 days, as homes were given priority over businesses. So, me and the cleaner were in a dark apartment with battery powered lanterns for light we played cards and board games to pass the time. I decided to have a hot soaking bath and using my gas stove I boiled up water using every large pot I had. I got enough water for soaking bath; I hadn’t thought about the cleaner in my quest to soak myself. She asked me would mind her doing the same thing and I said I wouldn’t mind and added without thinking or you could me and we could wash each other’s backs. She accepted the offer without showing any shock at all, I don’t whether she thought I was teasing and was putting it back on me to back out first. So, I said OKAY, and we both headed into the bathroom. She got undressed straight away and so I did as well. I was enjoying her washing my bask then I done her, we were having together in the bath. Which led to us sleeping together that night and every night since, I paid off her bills and she is still my cleaner/lover. I can’t say it love more like mutual lust, which we regularly indulge in. All thanks to a power cut and a storm.

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