The Contract’s Fine Print

I had the perfect life—an adoring, beautiful wife, a dream job, the best of everything—lifestyle, house, luxury car. It was as good as it gets with very few exceptions. As the managing partner of one of the best hedge funds, I loved my career and all that it had provided.
From the moment I first laid eyes on my wife, I was both in love and in lust. As a grad student who was already working at the investment firm, I attended one of our college’s volleyball matches. When I saw her—the long legs, the blond pony tail swinging, those big blue eyes, that smile, and yes, that ass in those tight, little yellow spandex shorts—oh my god—that ass! It was like the shorts were a couple of sizes too small. With every movement, I literally started trying to hide my erection. Alexis was the All-American girl next door with the body of a goddess.
It took several attempts, but in less than 2 years after finally meeting her, she was my bride. Perfection? With the exception of her “full A, small B” cups, she was everything that a man could want. Her sexual appetite was as massive as mine less a little bit of the flavoring. Perhaps she quickly figured out that my success and climbing up the corporate ladder equaled a very easy life for her, but she totally rocked my world. She wasn’t a fan of anal—didn’t even appreciate my attempt at fingering her asshole, but she would spread those long legs almost every night and every morning, she offered up those full, luscious lips to take care of my morning hard on.
That is, until she officially got the ring. I should have seen the changes coming. Sex quickly diminished to a twice a week, morning bj’s went to once a week, and after we officially wed, it went downhill even more. Sex? Saturday nights maybe—if she had enough to drink. Blowjobs? “Only single sluts have to do that.” Wow. But I truly loved her and deep down inside, I was pretty sure she loved me.
Fast forward a decade. After an incredible Quarterly Report was released—which translated into a 7 digit bonus for me—I went out for a night of celebration and drinking with my best friend. During our conversation, he began telling me how jealous he was that I had everything—my stars had truly aligned. I opened up and shared about Alexis’s shortcomings after we got married and how if that part of my life could get better, I really would have it all. He dropped a bombshell on me—asked why I didn’t “fix” that. I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. He shared that he had read about a company who could “train” and “reprogram” wives to be better sexual partners. I really didn’t pay attention to the rest of his rambling as my mind began running through the possibilities. I snapped back when he shared the website, JOXENTERPRISEZ.COM.
The next day I searched JOXENTERPRISEZ.COM. The services did include “reprogramming”,” hypnosis if needed” and a variety of specialized services. Did I desire oral on demand? Anal on demand? BSDM? Fetishes? Out of intrigue, I called the 800 number and got a recording where I left my number. Within a few hours, I got a call from an UNKOWN number and a very deep voice began asking questions about me and my situation.
After about a month of fantasizing what my life would look like if Alexis really was my sex toy on demand as well as a couple of rounds of negotiations, we agreed to an official plan. Training would take at least two weeks—sometimes it might last three to four weeks—she would be sent under the guise of a specialized spa vacation in an exotic location (this guy was good, he had even created the fictional website). The cost was pricey—coming in at $200K—but it carried a guarantee. The part of the contract that was really intriguing was that her daily training would be live broadcast to a laptop that they would provide to me. It was to be programmed to an I.P address where I could see her training sessions and progress. This would be active from the very beginning, all training sessions would be live streamed and then archived so I could re-watch anytime I desired. The laptop was equipped with a two way radio so if I had suggestions, I could verbalize and propose “minor tweaks”. For instance, if I preferred her being on her knees while blowing me, or if I preferred her laying down with her head hanging off the side of the bed—there were things I could control in her training.
Anyway, Alexis was all over the vacay away and after signing the contract and then transferring the initial 50%, a few weeks later, the black stretch limo showed up, the driver took her and her bags, came back with the laptop and away they went. I booted up the laptop and the live streaming had begun—Alexis was in the limo drinking her favorite—cranberry and vodka. In the back with her was her Concierge—an extremely attractive, black man who appeared to be in his late 20;s–serving her the drinks, answering all of the “resort” questions. Alexis was laughing, dancing in her seat, and consuming the drinks….2, 3, 4….then, right before the 5th, she blacked out. The Concierge—“Blake” turned to the camera and began asking questions: “If I was in the limo, what would I do with this gorgeous lady?” Without thinking, I replied, “ I would lift that skirt, pull her panties to the side, and finger her until she was soaked. With her own juices, I would lube her asshole and finally, I would fuck that gorgeous virgin ass that I have worshipped for so long.”
Blake told me that was a fantastic fantasy and began to act out my fantasy. I tried to protest—it was my fantasy for me—not him—but he simply muted the sound. His dark skinned hands lifted her skirt and he pulled that little V-string to the side as he began to finger her. He helped her along by spreading her legs and letting his tongue expedite her getting wet. When her juices began to flow, he flipper her over, whipped out what must have been an 8 in dick, and began playing with her asshole. Spitting, fingering, he kept working it. One finger, two fingers, more spit, more Alexis juice, and then three fingers. I was in shock, but found myself incredibly hard.
I unbuttoned my pants, whipped out my much smaller, 5 incher, but couldn’t help but stroke it as he finally removed his three fingers and thrust his cock into her ass. Despite her being out, the sight of that awesome ass with a big, black cock in it was more than I could take. Before he could finish, I was long done and had a handful of cum. I just kept staring at the screen as he pumped and pumped. He would thrust with force, then slowly withdraw. Over and over and over. I was mesmerized.
When he finally came, he withdrew his cock as it was still releasing his cum and covered her ass with cum. What a sight! He spread her ass cheeks so I could see his jizz oozing out of her asshole, and then scooped up some of the cum on her ass with his finger, turned her back over, and fed it to her mouth. Looking at the camera, he asked if I liked what I saw. I was speechless. He had just lived out my fantasy and while I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t me fucking her ass, the truth was that I was still hard ten minutes after exploding into my own hand.
Blake said they had a day of travel so there wouldn’t be any additional live feed for 24 hours, but that this would go to the archives if I wanted to watch again. Then the screen went blank and I just sat there letting my imagination run wild. It was like Alexis was a new porn star and I was the director of my personal movie. Could life get any better—especially since soon she would be my very own porn star performing anything and everything with me.

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