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Multi-colored jeans, blouses, slacks and the few dresses she owned lay in a kaleidoscope across Marcy's bed. She swirled in front of her full-length mirror in a yellow sundress with lace detailing on the bust and a ruffle lining on the hem. The fabric draped over her hips and she wished once again her hips weren't so big. At least they were somewhat balanced by her breasts into an hourglass figure. She tugged down on the V-shaped dress top. She wanted some cleavage to show, but she didn't want to look like a slut. I guess that's okay, she thought, then paused uncertainly.
Still unhappy, she texted her friend, Lanie Walker. Don't know what to wear.How about my yellow sundress?
The reply arrived several minutes later. Great.Red A-line with U-shaped chain design for me.
Several weeks ago, she and Lanie had swapped husbands during a builders' convention. While she had long lusted after Cade, it was Lanie, Cade's husband, who first suggested that they exchange spouses one time to see if the itch both couples had felt over the years was worth scratching. It was a surprise the women sprung on the guys when she and Cade were at the convention and Fred, her husband, was at home with Lanie. Despite great potential for backfiring, but it hadn't. At least not yet. One direct result was a huge change in her husband, Fred. He was now more attentive, more loving and gave her what she desired. At least most of the time. She had understood from the beginning that the weekend was a one-time event. She now wished every day that she had never agreed to those terms. Despite Fred's improved behavior.
A long sigh escaped her. She was more confused now than any time since she and Cade got back. Today was the first time she and Lanie would have a chance to talk without their spouses. Maybe they'd get everything sorted out. Or maybe not. She was tired of all the talking and no action. Other attractions were developing, that she'd never thought of, that complicated her thinking.
She blushed, imagining the last time she and Lanie stood in her kitchen together. Several days later, the memory of Lanie's hug and their kiss still felt fresh. For the first time, both of them admitted through their actions that their simple friendship might be developing into something more.
Despite her earlier desires, she still felt uncertain. How was she supposed to react to Lanie's allure? Trying to decide between Cade and Fred was tough enough. Throwing a sexual attraction to her best friend into the mix made her mind spin every time the subject came up. The whole idea of making love to another woman was far outside her realm of possibility.
She panicked a bit when her phone beeped. Lanie was on her way. Was the yellow sundress really appropriate for today? It barely reached the top of her knees and had a disarming habit of pulling up her legs when she least wanted it.
Her friend was the one who always looked classy with her tall frame with no extra pounds on her hips. Sometimes Marcy thought of herself as a bag of flour tied in the middle. Right now, she felt like she had when Fred bought her that purple teddy several years ago.
No time for more thought now. She heard Lanie's horn, so she grabbed a light sweater just in case and headed out the door.
As she got into the SUV, she decided she didn't care if Lanie saw most of her legs. They'd seen each other in swimsuits and even sometimes changed clothes in each other's presence. When Lanie smiled lovingly and bit her lower lip as she climbed in, Marcy blushed. Now she cared and she loved it. She left her sundress halfway up her legs as she fastened her seatbelt.
When she turned to examine her friend, she noticed that Lanie also had the hemline of her red A-line dress resting halfway up her legs and the top of her reddish A line dress unbuttoned to her breasts. As she moved, Marcy could tell Lanie wasn't wearing a bra.
Marcy kept glancing at her friend as she drove. Normally, that red dress extended further down the leg; she'd seen Lanie wear it in her SUV before. At a traffic stop, Lanie caught Marcy's eye and winked. That caused her to blush again and this time the pink extended from her forehead to her exposed chest. She felt her nipples harden and knew her panty liner would be saturated before long.
"So," Lanie said. "This is the first time we've had the opportunity to talk privately since you and Cade got back. Any thoughts? I already apologized for not giving you enough information about the some things. If I asked for one thought, what would it be?"
"Confused! And for free, I'd throw in that I'm tired of talking about all this stuff. That's all Fred and I have done for the past two weeks."
"All you've done? Really."
"No, of course not. But we've certainly talked more in the past two weeks than any previous two weeks since we've known each other.
"And before I forget, thank you for getting Fred interesting in reciprocal oral pleasure. I don't know how you did it. But my vagina thanks you too. It really helps.
"But seriously, for now, I'm done talking."
"Okay," Lanie responded. "We're at the first shops we like so much anyway."
When Marcy checked out Lanie one last time, she noticed the dress hem was now at her knees and that she'd buttoned her dress to the top.
Lanie and Marcy spent several hours at the three gift shops that were their destination. This was where they often shopped for Christmas and birthday gifts and they filled their baskets with cute and wonderful items.
The Christmas store was having a half-price Christmas in Summer sale.
Inside, an entire wall was hung with ornaments crowded together on hooks. One section was nothing but bells and miniature angels ranging from a half-inch to six inches height. Styles included every imaginable design. Red and green seemed to be the predominate color, but purple, yellow, pink and amber were well represented too.
Another section contained figures of people and animals. Small, brightly colored birds seemed to be a forte. In the transportation section, models of train cars and locomotives rested side by side with small trucks, cars, sleighs and horse-drawn carriages. Several fully decorated Christmas trees were scattered around the floor along with circular racks containing teddy bears, miniature buildings mimicking early America and European castles and villages. On another wall, shelves stood holding dolls, more miniature buildings and just about everything one could want for the holiday season.
In some spots, shoppers had to carefully squeeze themselves along the aisles. Lanie seemed to take every opportunity to press herself close to her friend. Or she reached across Marcy to point to an item, brushing her breasts or hips suggestively. At first, her actions bothered Marcy, then she reminded herself Lanie wasn't doing anything more than she had dozens of times before. She was just more sensitive.
"That angel ornament is the perfect gift for your sister. I know she makes Christmas a big event and she doesn't have anything like that," Lanie said.
"I know. And that blanket you got for your mom was gorgeous. I know she'll love it," Marcy added. "Just going out today and shopping for others makes me feel a lot better. Retail shopping therapy strikes again."
Once they were back in the car, Lanie headed in the opposite direction from what Marcy expected, her dress extending to her knees.
In defiance, Marcy pulled the hem of her yellow polka-dotted dress almost to her crotch. Two could play at this game. As they pulled into a parking lot behind a store, Lanie glanced at her legs and winked again.
When she saw where they were parked, Marcy exclaimed. "Hell, no I won't go into Lacie Things! Don't you remember how upset I was when Fred made me take that thing back. Plus, their prices are way too high."
Lanie sat silently before she shook her head, pulled her shoulders back and turned to Marcy, her mind made up.
"We're best friends, right?"
Marcy nodded in agreement.
"Sometimes best friends need be blunt and say things that their friends don't like. I'm going to do that soon. But first, I'll tell you a short story so you don't think I'm infallible.
"As you know, I was a virgin in every way when Cade and I got together. At first, I didn't understand what he saw in me. But he showed me many things that eventually helped me grow as a person, not just sexually. The point is, partly because of my inexperience and partly because of my love for him, I grew to depend totally on him for just about everything, especially sexual matters.
"One time we were going through a dry spell. Nothing as dramatic as what you and Fred have gone through. But Cade was super busy and I kept waiting for him to start something. One night I whined at him about our inactivity. He simply stopped, looked at me for a few seconds, and calmly said that a relationship needs to be equal in the sense that I had as much responsibility as he did to initiate activities. That hurt. But he was right. It was then I started taking responsibility for many areas in my life and in our relationship.
"When I spent those hours talking with Fred in such intimate circumstances, I understood better the depth of miscommunication between you and Fred, especially in your sex life. No blame aimed at either of you. It's more common than you know in couples that have been married for years. It's happened to Cade and me several times.
"I'll ask you the same thing I asked Fred. Have you two sat down and shared expectations? Have you talked honestly about specific things, both sexual and non-sexual, to the point where you're in agreement, even if you agree to disagree? Not once or twice, but periodically until there's nothing left to talk about. And believe me, that never seems to happen. And have you kept track of things and gone back to revisit issues periodically? Be honest with yourself.
"Trust me, Fred didn't just dream up all the things he's done with you since you got back. And Cade, as creative as he is, didn't do things to you randomly. He did certain things because I told him we'd talked about them. My biggest mistake was not giving you more information about anal sex, and honestly, I didn't expect him to go as far as he did. That was revealing to me.
"Don't answer me right now. Think about it honestly until we get back in the car."
Marcy sat rigidly in her seat, her hands clenching into fists, her face stony and her veins pulsing in her neck. Expressionless, Lanie watched her for a few seconds, then got out. She started to shut the car door, then stopped and poked her head inside.
"Come on girlfriend. If want to find something sexy for Cade, this is the place. I know what he likes and you need to know too."
Marcy hesitated like she hadn't heard properly.
"No, I'm not kidding. Come on. You can help me find something Fred will like on me and I'll help you find something that turns Cade on even more."
Marcy slowly got out of the car and circled around to Lanie's side. As she began to speak, Lanie cut her off. "Now you want to talk. We're almost late so we'll need to hold off on that conversation."
As soon as the saleswoman saw who was entering the store, she came over and enveloped Lanie in a huge hug. "Right on time as always. It's so good to see you, Lanie." Jill turned to Marcy. "I'm Jill Anderson. I know you've been here in the past, but I can't remember your name…Could you refresh my memory?"
Marcy introduced herself as Marcy Carruthers and Jill said to the women, "She's cleared time. Go ahead to her office."
Again, they went through hugs and introductions with Lacie Monroe, the co-owner with Jill. "Do you want anything to drink? I've got water, sodas, and even some wine in the cooler over there," Lacie said. As she spoke, she held Lanie's arm softly.
"We will take water," Lanie said. "We spent a long-time gift shopping this morning and we thought we need to find some lingerie for our husbands."
Marcy's face turned pink and soon deepened into crimson as it spread from her face to her chest. Lacie got bottles of water from the cooler and gave them to her guests before she gestured them to sit and went behind her desk.
"Marcy, I remember when you returned that teddy a couple of years ago. I'm sorry the clerk was rude to you. That is not the way we do business. I fired her for that and several other things she'd done a short time later.
"Now, Lanie probably hasn't told you this. But several years ago, she saved our asses. By 'our' I mean this business, and several others like my boy friend's construction company. She did nothing improper or unethical. Let's just say she managed the flow of treatment and information involving one of my best customers so nothing embarrassing got out about what he was wearing when he got in an accident. We owe her a lot. In appreciation, we mark down everything she buys here. We're willing to extend that same savings to you as her friend and because that return didn't go well. Choose anything you want, bring the items to Jill or me, and you'll be astonished at how little you'll pay.
"The first thing we need to do though is measure you. You'd be surprised how many women wear the wrong sizes."
By now Marcy's face was flaming. She shook her head in protest.
"I understand your reluctance. Lanie worked for us for a short time. We taught her how to accurately measure someone. It's been a long time, but do you remember?"
"Sure do. Come on friend, let's go." She turned her attention to Lacie. "Which room do you want us to use?"
"Room 3. That's the best."
Once in the room, Lanie surveyed its contents and smiled. She opened a drawer and pulled out a thick robe that was inside a plastic bag and laid the bag on the counter.
"That's for wearing if you feel too threatened. It's been freshly laundered and no one else has worn it. Now, let me undress you. Do you want to go up or down with your dress?" she said as she began undoing the three buttons on the back. Marcy pulled away and turned to face her friend, her face and chest still blazing, her eyes wide in surprise.
"What are you doing?"
Lanie stepped near her friend. "Let's sit down and chat for a few minutes. There's a chair right behind you." She scooted her chair next to Marcy's and held her hand.
"I planned on saying some of these things while we were in the car…. Now we need to. No one is going to push anyone else into something they don't want. Cade and I can guarantee that. But my husband and I have been talking. He's going to discuss some things with Fred soon too. We both like both of you. I'm not sure there's a term I can use yet, but it's more than friendship like we've had for years. Both Cade and I are surprised by how strongly we feel.
"To be honest, between the time of our luncheon and the weekend we actually did swap, I was feeling like I maybe got the short end of the stick, so to speak. And I won't lie. There were times during that weekend when I was deep in despair. But by the time the weekend was over, I wanted more. With a little more work, he'll be the kind of husband you thought you'd never have. Plus he'll be a good lover for me.
"I'm pretty sure I know how you feel about Cade. He's easy to fall in lust with, maybe even in love with, isn't he?"
Marcy nodded yes.
"We'd like to swap again, only this time together, in the same house, even in the same room. I love my husband deeply and he loves me. We both feel like our marriage is strong enough that we can share with you guys, if you're willing. Any thoughts?" Lanie concluded.
"You don't need to ask about me being with Cade. You used the term lust. What I feel is all that and more. From the moment we got on the plane to come home, I've regretted saying I'd only do it one time. But I've felt disloyal to you too. I don't want to say something or do something that damages your marriage."
Marcy paused and thought for a few seconds.
"I'd need to talk with Fred too. You're right. Our communication hasn't been all that great over the years. The therapist Fred and I went to said we shouldn't blame anyone at this point, but I can't help but think if I had said more, demanded more, been more specific, he might not have slept around on me when I was pregnant."
Lanie sat still for a minute before talking. "At this point, Cade and I agree that our marriage is strong enough that nothing we four do will damage it. We think this will make it stronger as long as we all maintain open and strong communication. We both enjoy helping other people experience the type of pleasure we feel together.
"If we sense danger, we'll call a halt to the whole thing and re-evaluate. What with our friendship and the fact that all you guys work together, we're dealing with some fragile things here. We all have a lot at stake.
"I didn't know you went with Fred to the therapist. I thought only he had gone. But the therapist is right. At this point, blame isn't anywhere as important as talking things over thoroughly. Been there, done that. You can't change the past. You can only make better decisions so the future is healthier. Good communication leads to strong trust and couples need strong trust to have true love. And at that level of love, the sex blows your mind."
Unable to resist any more, Marcy leaned toward her friend and kissed her softly along the jaw until she nibbled on her ear lobe before moving back to her lips where she pressed strongly. Soon, she felt Lanie press her tongue between her lips and she opened them and returned the favor. As they kissed, both women clasped each other's head softly, hands on cheeks.
"Can we do lots of this?" Marcy asked as they separated.
"Certainly," she gasped still short of breath. "I had a dream the other night after Cade and I had our long discussion," she continued when her breath leveled. "We'd made love passionately and wildly, hotter than anytime in recent memory. Maybe that was why. I don't know and honestly, I don't care.
"Anyway, all four of us were in this mountain cabin. Big old thing with huge wooden beams, a natural wood floor, and a honking big rock fireplace that warmed the entire room.
"You were bent over a huge chair and Cade was making love to you. When I came into the room, you both turned to look at me and smiled and kept on going. I didn't see Fred at first, but then I felt him circle my hips with his arms and I realized he was fucking me in the ass. I loved it.
"You kept pleading for Cade to do the same thing to you, but for some reason, he refused. Finally, Fred pulled out of me, stripped his condom off, put on a new one, shoved Cade aside, lubed your hole and fucked your ass.
"I crawled underneath you and we ate out each other's pussies until the three of us had screaming orgasms. I crawled out from under you two and the two of us laid there kissing and hugging and rubbing each other all over for hours like we were the only ones in existence. The whole time I felt like what we were doing was meant to be. I didn't feel jealous at all when you and Cade were together. The only emotion I felt except for contentment was irritation at Cade when he refused to fuck you the way you wanted."
By now, Marcy sat glassy eyed, breathing rapidly as she rubbed her thighs. She eventually leaned backed and sighed.
"I think I just had an orgasm pretty much untouched," she said. "Me, who usually takes a lot of stimulation. Untouched. I'm only rubbing my legs to calm the tremors. Give me a few minutes to come down and then let's get this show on the road. I'm in 100 percent, no 1,000 percent."
They took a bathroom break, Marcy going first. Sure enough her panty liner was soaked and her panties sopped. She didn't want to put them back on, but decided to bear with the wetness due to her modesty.

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