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The next day, Lanie and Marcy touched base via phone.
"Ready or not, here we came," Marcy giggled.
Lanie groaned.
"Or, I could say, 'We Came, We Saw, We Conquered." After another groan from her friend, Marcy piped in. "Oh, quit acting so serious. The question is, did you enjoy yourself? I sure did. Of course, I wanted more. I hope we're aiming to still do that soon, aren't we?"
"Yes, I enjoyed myself. I want to do everything again and more. Cade suggested we plan something this weekend. Your house or ours."
"Probably needs to be your place again. My sister enjoys taking care of them especially if, like last time, we get home early enough to give her a date night later in the day. She lives close enough that sometimes the kids sneak home, especially if they know we're gone."
"Let's set it for 11 a.m. Saturday to give us a little more time together. I'm pretty sure Cade is okay with that. He said he's keeping Saturday open. He said things are surprisingly slow right now so there's little danger of the guys having to work that day to catch up."
Marcy harumphed. "Yea, where's Cade been the past week. He can't be avoiding me, can he? I've hardly seen him recently except at your house yesterday and I didn't want to talk business then."
"That's why we need to talk this weekend. I feel confident it won't take long to make sure we're on the same page when it comes to being together like we were yesterday. But there are some other things Cade wants to share, things I don't know enough about to even drop hints."
It was early Thursday evening as Fred and Marcy gathered at the table to go over their issues one last time before the two couples were to meet before the weekend. Both children were on sleepovers at their friends' houses since there was no school on Friday and Fred and Marcy wanted to make sure the kids didn't overhear something they shouldn't. They'd barely sat down before Fred's phone rang.
His face got hard and angry as he listened. After a few questions, he hung up.
"Ain't that the shits. That was Kenny, my aunt's boyfriend. Aunt Grace is dying, has only a short time left, and wants us to come to talk to her right away."
"I don't know, dear, our budget's pretty tight right now."
"No, all expenses paid. If we have to purchase something, they'll reimburse us so we can pay the card off. We need to go now. I want you along for the trip. Shit, we get this close to figuring out what we want and we're delayed again."
"I better call Lanie and Cade and explain," Marcy said.
Lanie listened to Marcy, then told her to wait. Cade wanted to talk to Fred.
"Hey, buddy, sorry to hear about your aunt. Same as you guys, Lanie and I have been talking a lot this week. Last night she told me I needed to tell you about this idea I have. Give me a few minutes to make some phone calls. We may be able to get a private plane for the trip. I got some ideas we need to discuss concerning the business. Be back to you inside of 10 minutes."
After Fred told Marcy about Cade's information, she questioned what the idea was and how he was going to find a private plane. He shrugged because he had no idea.
Fred's phone rang.
"Hey, I got the use of Ian Blanchard's plane for the trip. We can leave any time tomorrow afternoon. Flight time is 6 to 10 hours, depending on weather conditions and which plane we get. Ian's company has access to several planes, sort of a timeshare arrangement, so we won't know until we get to the airport which plane we'll be able to use. I'll need to know the destination airport as soon as possible so the pilot can file the proper paperwork.
"The private flight will be shorter and less stressful. That way we can talk about my idea and the issues that we face personally too with little chance of anyone eavesdropping. There are no stewardesses and the pilots stay upfront with the door locked."
After everyone found their places on the plane and fastened their seat belts, Fred explained more about what he anticipated at their destination. "Kenny, that's my aunt's boyfriend who called, said he'd have someone meet us with a large SUV at the airport. It's about a half-hour drive to the ranch from there. He finally explained why he was calling and not Luke, my aunt's husband. Luke died in a four-wheeler accident on the ranch last year. That's too bad because I liked him. He explained a lot of things my aunt was unwilling to tell me."
Now Cade took the lead.
"This doesn't mean my business idea is more important than anything we discuss regarding our future together, or apart if that's the way it goes. But Walker Construction is my business. It's the core of everything we do. I have a responsibility to make sure it doesn't fail.
"Fred, what is the biggest issue we face relative to staffing?"
"We seem to run hot and cold," he responded. "One month we can't find enough skilled people to stay on schedule. Three months later, we're laying people off because we don't have sufficient work. The business suffers either way."
"Yes," Cade said. "I'm going to add one thing. I know you, Fred, have missed commercial work since you've been my foreman. Blanchard frequently calls me trying to get my permission to hire you again. I worry that one of these times he'll bypass me and offer you so much money you'll have to go. We've also talked about giving you more responsibility in the company but we're so small that's proving difficult without opening up ownership and I'm not ready to do that with Walker Construction, per se.
"Blanchard often tells me he's got too much work for his crews. Last week when he was bitching to me, I came up with this idea. He thought it interesting when I first mentioned it. Yesterday, he told me he was in.
"What if we formed a new company that concentrated on commercial remodeling and construction and put you in charge? Blanchard, you and I would be equal partners. Blanchard would provide most of the startup money. You would provide the expertise. It would be your company with you as president and Marcy as vice-president and secretary-treasurer. We could move employees back and forth as needed and moderate the workflow.
"One of my concerns as a business owner always has been that something goes bad in our relationships and blows up Walker Construction. We all know from our construction and hospital management experiences that shit happens even in the best circumstances. This way in case something happens, we all have businesses to fall back on."
"On the face of what you've said, I think that makes a lot of sense," Fred said. "There are many details and logistical issues to work out, but as a starting point, I like it. Marcy and I will need to talk privately before we make a final decision yea or nay."
That point decided based on their current knowledge, they moved to discuss their personal issues. This time Marcy took the lead.
"We talked and talked, sometimes going in circles with the what-ifs. You know me and my lists. We wrote everything down. The thing was, almost everything important to us in this area involves you guys."
Lanie laughed and added, "We didn't get to the point of making a list, but yes, everything that's important to us involves you guys."
At this point, Marcy had to use the bathroom. When she returned Lanie was sitting by herself on a wide chair. She patted the chair to indicate she wanted her friend to sit by her. Once seated, Lanie grasped Marcy's hand, interweaving their fingers. Lanie looked at Fred who nodded, then at Cade who nodded. Lanie turned slightly and put her free hand on Marcy's check.
"May I," she asked.
Marcy glanced at Cade and then at Fred. Both of them smiled wider, if that were possible, and nodded consent. She turned back to her friend.
"Please. Please kiss me."
Lanie placed her other hand on Marcy's other cheek and their mouths met sweetly and tenderly. After a bit, one of Lanie's hands moved to Marcy's breast and she moaned in anticipation and pleasure.
"Girls," Cade called. "It looks like we know our forward direction. Sorry to interrupt what we're all enjoying, but we need to reach a few agreements before we start playing in earnest."
They finally agreed on a few basics concerning their personal time together. Details of the business arrangements would come later.
1.Fred and Marcy would remain as primary partners with the same thing true for Cade and Lanie.
2.All persons engaging in an activity had to consent. If one person dissented, they would all stop.
3.Everything would happen in the same building at the same time.
4.Nothing involving less than four people would occur unless the primary partner(s) gave advance consent. One on ones were discouraged in general.
"I think that's the way we should agree on this point," Cade said. "If my commercial building plans develop the way I think they will, either Fred or myself or both of us may be gone for days at a time. We don't want to penalize you, girls, when that happens."
5.No overnights unless everyone agreed in advance.
6.No pain. While it was understood spanking was to be part of the arousal process, rule 2 always prevailed.
7.Nothing would be done if there was any possibility of children overhearing or seeing.
8.They would meet whenever necessary, even if other activities were on tap, to assess the relationships and review their agreements.
9.No secrets. If something affects the group, they all would share.
By this time, the plane was on a final approach to the airport. Kenny met them at the airport. During the trip to the ranch, he gave them a status update.
"The reason she wants to talk to you, Fred, is about something that happened when you were young."
At the ranch, a nurse met them at the front door.
"She's sleeping. She kind of goes in and out so I want her to sleep while she can. Kenny, maybe you can show them their rooms and make sure they have something to eat. I'll come to get you guys when she's strong enough to talk again."
An hour later, the nurse retrieved them from the kitchen and led them into his aunt's room. Kenny stood by the bed tenderly holding his girlfriend's hand. She motioned them to move close.
"Ah, four of you. I only expected you, Freddie. The rest of you can leave, please." She said it like a command.
"No, Aunt Grace," Fred responded. "We reached an agreement on the plane coming here that we won't have secrets from each other if they impact the group. I went to a therapist and he helped me understand some issues I've faced for years including whatever happened with my uncle. I don't know what it was, just that it caused a lot of problems for me over the years. The four of us are building a relationship where we all love one another and that issue was one we had to work through."
She looked at each of them, a smile growing until it covered her face and her eyes beamed.
"Good. You're learning. I was worried you'd turn out like your parents, frigid monogamous bastards who hated me and my lifestyle. I remember that when you came here the summer you were 19, you had to wait until you'd left home before you called me. That's why I wanted to make love to you. I hoped you'd move beyond their restrictions. And now you have.
"Welcome to the polyamorous lifestyle. May you grow and prosper. Despite that, Freddie, come closer. I'm going to address everything to you because it most directly affects you."
She paused for a bit, closing her eyes and gasping for breath. Marcy looked around for the nurse.
"Make that damn nurse stay out of here," Grace gritted through her partially closed lips. "I know I need her, but that doesn't mean I like her or need her right now. What I'm about to say is too sensitive for anyone else. Luke knew and Kenny knows and now you will know.
"Freddie, I owe you an apology."
"That's okay auntie. I've been working with the therapist on many issues. He says I shouldn't get mired in the past and I should concentrate on the future."
Auntie nodded. "I still don't know for sure what he did, but your imagination can fill in whatever you want. I didn't know how terrible your Uncle Roger could be until after I found you. He never admitted anything.
"But there wasn't much I could do to punish him because one of his fellow participants worked for the sheriff's department and your uncle had so much influence in the community. At least I was able to stop him from doing that to anyone else.
"I racked my brain for weeks. Finally, I decided he had to die for his sins. One night I doubled and tripled the amount of alcohol I put in each drink. He was so complacent and arrogant he never knew. Then I had one of our friends, a woman who he had been trying to add to his list of scores, invite him over. He was so excited he tore out of there and took that hairpin turn just outside our drive much too fast. When they tested him after he died, he had .30 of alcohol, nearly four times the legal limit. I knew what had happened and I think the sheriff's department strongly suspected I had overdone the alcohol, but they weren't able to prove anything. Six months later I left town and came here. I never regretted what I did. That bastard couldn't be allowed to live and maybe do again what he'd done to you."
Aunt Grace sagged back against her pillow and closed her eyes.
"I think you can leave now," Kenny said. "I'm pretty sure that's it except for the will. I have a copy I can give you."
She reopened her eyes. "Thanks for coming. Kenny can tell you the rest. Goodbye and good luck. I'm ready to sleep forever now."
In the library, he handed a copy of the will to Fred. "I only had one copy made because I thought Fred would be the only person here. Fred, you can share it with whomever you want, but no one outside of this group before the reading.
"I'm not trying to push you out the door, but I saw you have a private plane. Unless you want to hang around to the bitter end, you can leave anytime. There's probably not much you can do around here that would be of interest."
Cade responded. "First, let me offer our condolences about Luke. We never met him, but from what Fred has told us, he was a cool guy.
"Our pilots need to take their mandated rest time, which means we can't leave until after lunch tomorrow at the earliest. I've never been this far west and I'd like to tour the ranch. I own a high-end construction company and Fred is my foreman. We'd like to explore some of these buildings too. Say we plan to leave Monday morning. Three of us are in the same construction company so we can't be gone too long. My wife has many responsibilities at the local hospital too."
Fred held onto the will, telling the others he didn't want to share until his aunt was dead, which he estimated will be soon.
The next day, Kenny took them on a motorized tour of the ranch, pointing out the multiple pastures, the animals they were raising, and the various structures. He provided the history of the main house and several other structures that featured large high beam open main rooms and log and natural wood construction.
"This set of stairs was hand-carved from two logs. Each log was carried here on an individual log truck." He showed them a picture of the loaded trucks on the wall and everyone was impressed. He told them that the main beams had also been carved from single trees.
Kenny went to bed early. "We get up at 5 around here to make the best use of the morning coolness. You guys set your sleep patterns. The cook can make your meals anytime you're hungry. I won't be available until after 10 tomorrow. I want to take you to the sub-ranch where we raise our organic, grass-fed steers. We make as more money off that limited herd than we do any other of our ventures."
The two couples looked at each other, then the primary partners headed for their bedrooms. Without discussion, they all grasped that tonight was not a time for play.
On Sunday, Kenny came and picked them up and drove them to the sub-ranch. A mostly self-contained operation, the cows there ate natural grass almost exclusively. He explained all the rules they were required to follow to certify that the beef was raised organically.
After saying their goodbyes to Aunt Grace, everyone turned in early Sunday night, prime partners together once again. They rose at 6 Monday morning and one of the ranch hands drove them to the airport.
Three hours into the flight, the co-pilot came into the main cabin.
"We just got a radio message. Your Aunt Grace died 30 minutes ago, and her death has been confirmed by a doctor. My condolences. I'm sure she was a great lady."
Fred retrieved the will from his luggage and handed it to Marcy. She read it through and handed it to Lanie and Cade who read it together.
"This changes just about the whole lot, doesn't it," Fred asked when everyone finished. "If the money comes through as the will says, Marcy and I will have enough I think we can start the new business as full and equal partners, maybe even as a majority partner. I like that.
Later the co-pilot came back again and announced it was 15 minutes until descent started. "Please gather all your belongings. Make sure everything loose is put away. Move to your seats and secure your seat belts. The weather forecast is saying the wind will give us a choppy descent."
As they prepared to sit, Fred asked them to gather in a group. They stood, arms around each other. Marcy left the group and walked over to Lanie and kissed her soundly. "I love you girlfriend." She walked over to Cade, kissing him, and said, "I love you boyfriend." She returned to her husband, kissed him, and said. "I love you husband and I always will."
Lanie followed the same process starting with Marcy, moving to Fred, and ending with Cade.
Fred looked at Cade for several seconds then walked to him, wrapping his arms around his friend. He looked at Cade eye to eye then moved in and give him a quick kiss. "Never again, you understand. But I need you to understand how much I love you all and appreciate the love and patience you've shown as I worked through my issues including the death of my favorite aunt."
The new businesses captured most of Cade and Fred's time for the next three weeks, including a week-long trip to another state. Wednesday morning, both wives received texts that the boys planned on being home Thursday afternoon, a day earlier than expected. Both men had included in their texts that they had some new ideas they were excited about presenting to their wives.
When Cade got home, Lanie pressed him about the new ideas. He refused to tell her.
"I can tell you one thing. Fred and I both want the four of us together as much and as soon as possible, like tonight. We should be getting an invitation text once Fred and Marcy have talked.
"Oh, by the way, can you take a week off soon?"
"I'll have to see. Why?"
Cade shrugged. "More, later."
Soon the text hit both of their phones. 7 p.m. Our hot tub. No business talk is allowed. Clothing required (drat). See you then.
When they got to Fred and Marcy's house, both Cade and Lanie understood why clothing was required. Fred and Marcy's children and their three cousins were all there.
Marcy explained the five children would soon concentrate on their activities and leave the adults alone to talk. She handed beers to the guys and poured small glasses of wine for the girls. None of the four were heavy drinkers, but the night seemed to require enough booze to take any edge off.
Cade opened the discussion.
"First, Fred and I want to apologize for being gone and for delaying this gathering as long as we did. There were reasons why and reasons why we came back early, but now isn't the time and place to talk about them.
"Yea," Marcy said. "Lanie and I talked several times about invoking rule 4. I think if you hadn't texted us Wednesday morning, we might have set something up when we had lunch yesterday."

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