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Part 11
A few minutes later, everyone was asleep and stayed that way, except for a few trips to the bathroom, until early morning. The women crawling over the men woke them up. The women donned aprons to prepare pancakes which they kept warm in the oven, and the men went to take their morning showers separately, returning in robes. While the men made omelets and bacon, the women showered together, returning nude. Seeing their wives, the men shucked their robes and everyone ate breakfast wearing no clothing at all.
After the dishes were done and the kitchen cleaned, the group decided to hike on a less demanding trail. They took a light lunch, returning in the late afternoon to shower again and rest. After they ate on paper plates using plastic utensils, Lanie told everyone she wanted to talk.
"Marcy and I had a long discussion yesterday morning before you guys got up. We reviewed what had happened and compared those things to our want list that we developed last Saturday when we went shopping. We both understood we wouldn't be able to accomplish everything. There isn't time and we need to save some things for later.
"I'm glad yesterday was a relaxing one. I'm happy with how our relationships are developing. If anyone is unhappy, now is the time to state your case."
Everyone said they agreed with what was happening.
"Last night, especially, showed we've come a long way. Now we're ready to take the next step.
"What we're proposing is that for the next 24 hours we swap spouses, not for short periods but for the entire time. For 24 hours, Fred won't touch Marcy, and Cade and I won't touch. I'll be Fred's wife and Marcy will be Cade's wife. No exceptions. If someone addresses you, Fred, and says your wife, they mean me, not Marcy. Any objections?"
Silence reigned. Several minutes elapsed before Cade said, "I'm in. Lanie and I have talked about where we are. We're elated about how we've all progressed, but at the same time, it's so good we find ourselves waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. I'm not sure what's going to happen over the next 24, but this will either break us or make us."
Everyone turned to Fred again. "What?" he said, clearly annoyed. "Why does everyone look at me all the time. Yea, I'll go along."
"Good," Lanie said. "Cade, may I chat with you for a bit while Marcy fetches the toys."
Lanie and Cade went into the kitchen and whispered for several minutes while Marcy returned to the main room with a plastic sack. Marcy placed the sack on a couch near the far end of the room and withdrew numerous red and black ribbons, the black ones short and the red ones much longer. She also took out two bottles of lube, two bottles of lotion, and two tubes of an unspecified cream and placed them on the floor next to the couch.
Marcy spoke to her husband. "Fred, do you love me?" He nodded yes, his eyes somewhat questioning. "Fred, do you love me and trust me?" He again nodded yes his face clearing. "Good, because I'm going to test your trust and love now."
Without speaking, the women positioned pillows under their hips as they laid on their bellies. Their rear ends stuck in the air. She motioned Fred to put his face next to hers and she gave him a quick kiss.
"What I especially want, and Lanie agrees, is something that Cade has done to both of us and you haven't. That's why I suggested this swap and that's why I chose Cade to be with me and you to be with Lanie. You'll understand why as we proceed." Then she turned and laid on her belly again.
The two women grabbed hands and Cade went into action. He motioned for Fred to watch as he tied a red ribbon around Marcy's outside leg and fastened it to a hook on the side of the couch. "I'm tying this in a slip knot so she can pull free anytime she wants. Marcy, yank on the ribbon." She did and the slip knot came undone. "I want you, Fred, to understand that she is free to escape any time. That's important for everyone's peace of mind. Now do the same thing to Lanie."
Cade watched and applauded Fred's actions. They proceeded to put red ribbons on their wives' other leg and outside arms. When they started to fasten ribbons on the arm between the two women, they switched to a black one.
"Why are we doing this?" Fred finally asked.
"Now we're at a really important part," Cade said ignoring Fred's question.
He raised his hand and brought it down on Marcy's rear with a resounding smack that echoed through the large room. Fred blanched.
"Go ahead. Spank your wife. Lanie will help you decide how hard to smack. Don't hit the same place until you've covered her entire butt. Since this is your first experience, do not stray anywhere else."
Looking like he thought everyone else was crazy, Fred lightly patted Lanie on the rear.
"Not hard enough."
Cade smacked his temporary wife again in a different location, both spots slowly turning a light pink.
Lanie kept urging Fred to slap her harder until she grunted and said, "Too much. Make it right between the last one and the one before."
Soon the only sounds in the room were the noises of hands striking flesh and of groans by the women.
Lanie groaned in a plaintive voice, "That's it, daddy, I've been a bad, bad girl by playing with someone who isn't my husband. Spank my ass. Make it all RED and pretty. I want to please my daddy."
Fred stopped his downward motion, almost falling as he pulled back his arm, stepping backward in the process. "What the fuck?" he said as he looked at Cade.
"Don't stop. When she addresses you like that, she doesn't mean it in an incestuous, punishing way. She means she's giving you all of her heart, her body, her soul, and her mind. She's telling you that you are her protector, her lover, yes, her husband, and that you now have a responsibility to love her, keep her safe and happy and pleasured. You now own a part of her. It means she's no longer only your lover, that she's as much your wife as Marcy is."
Cade continued spanking his temporary wife as he spoke, moving now to the fleshy parts of her thighs. Since he knew Fred was following everything he did, he reminded him to stick to her rear end, that he knew Marcy's limits and her tolerance and she could take hits to other parts of her body while Lanie could not. Fred resumed.
Marcy was writhing so hard she pulled one of her legs loose. Cade stopped and tied her again, warning her to not move as much. "Yes, daddy," she groaned in response. "Please, daddy, don't stop. Make my ass bright and red. I've been a bad, bad girl. Spank me more."
By this time, Lani had told Fred she'd had enough. Cade keep slapping Marcy while she continued pleading for more and harder spanks. Finally, he stopped. "That's enough for tonight." Instantly she begged him to fuck her and Lanie made the pleas into a duet.
Fred stood shell shocked. Cade grabbed his arm and shoved him forward so his turgid cock rested against Lanie's bottom. "Dammit, man, fuck your wife." Fred pulled away from Lanie and moved toward Marcy where he bumped into Cade. "No, man, your wife, that one who just yielded everything to you, the woman who now is your responsibility. And don't fuck her pussy, she wants you to fuck her ass.
"Here," Cade said as he handed Fred a bottle of lubricant he pulled from the floor. "Eat her ass first though. Warm her up, make her nice and wet before you put on the lube."
When Fred touched the rim of her rosebud, she moaned and jerked as much as she had when he spanked her. He soon began to cherish the texture, even the taste of her tight little hole, and his cock hardened more because of the taboo act. He had been so excited when he licked Marcy's ass that night in the hot tub that he'd never taken the time to enjoy her. As he continued rimming her, listening to her pleas, he heard her plead for him to stick his tongue inside her.
He responded to her request, feeling a sense of power, of control, of an overwhelming desire to please her, fill his senses. And yes, a growing sense of responsibility for this woman who he now could call his wife. He drove his tongue deep and she screeched in pleasure, continually pleading for him to continue. He was in control. He had the power. She was his because she had given her power to him. As he pulled away, he saw her tiny hole flower and wink at him.
He understood now what he needed to do and the responsibilities this all entailed. He pulled away from her rear, grabbed the lube, and poured some between her cheeks, spreading it around her rim and pushing his dripping finger inside her. He kept working on her as she groaned in pleasure while he poured lube on his cock, spreading it with his other hand. He was close. If he kept working his cock, he would spill his seed on the couch and he didn't want that. He wanted to leave it inside her.
Now Lanie was pleading again for her husband to fuck her ass. He held his cock and used the tip to rim her again. She jerked one leg free of the ribbon. At this point, he couldn't care less. All he wanted was to fuck her in that taboo spot until she screamed.
When he moved inside her slowly, he felt no resistance, the exact opposite of what he'd experienced with Marcy.
Lanie began muttering "Yes, Yes, Yes," as Fred slid his full length into her. She pleaded for him to fuck her ass hard and so he did, banging his hips against her ass cheeks, every impact causing her to wince from the lingering effect of being spanked. The sound was as loud as when he spanked her.
Cade had already started moving in and out of Marcy as she moaned and pleaded for more. She was in perpetual motion, pulling against the ribbons until she was free of everything except the bond that held her to Lanie. That would have loosed except for the strong grip of their hands.
Lanie felt the tension and sting inside her fade away, replaced by an urgency that began in her belly and spread throughout her body, first in her pussy and hips, then down her legs, into her chest to the tips of her nipples and into her face which was growing redder every second. The urgency congealed into one location, her little hole, and she tensed and screamed, every action controlled by the pleasure in her ass. That put Fred over the edge and Lanie felt her lover's seed pour into her. This was the part she enjoyed the most when Cade and she had anal sex, the full feeling of his come in her rear. Now her other husband had left his mark there too and she knew he was her husband as much as Cade was. They might not live together, they might not sleep together every night, they might not make love together as much, but she was his forever as much as she was Cade's.
Fred collapsed on her back. She pulled her legs and one arm free and silently moved her body to urge him off. He slid and rolled to one side, falling on his back as he caught her free hand in his and held it tightly.
Lanie turned her head and looked at Cade's other wife, for that's how she thought of Marcy now. She fought Lanie as she loosened her grip on their hands bound together. Once she was free she jerked on the ribbon until it separated and moved her hand to Marcy's face, cupping her jaw. She closed the distance between and they kissed tenderly, or as tenderly as Marcy since could Cade was still pounding her ass. Lanie freed her hand from Fred, bringing that arm under her body until both hands were playing with Marcy. She slowly moved one hand down the side of her body until she was next to her hip and burrowed under until she reached her friend's teeming wetness.
From her experience and Cade's descriptions, she felt Marcy sometimes needed an extra shock to finish her, that even the spanking and anal fucking might not be enough because she got to a certain level and hung there. She finally found her sensitive spot and pushed hard. Marcy screamed, her entire body rigid as she climaxed, fluid flooding from her as she squirted. Cade filled her with his seed and shortly thereafter, he pulled away.
Spurred into action by her scream, Fred stood and watched her shatter into motionless repose. He watched her intently, getting a worried look on his face. Cade handed Fred a bottle of lotion and a tube of hemorrhoidal cream, telling him how to apply both to his new wife. He did so and when he checked Marcy, she still hadn't moved.
"She's probably in subspace now, that's where she soars so high she is semi-conscious. Aftercare is extremely important. In a minute, I'll cuddle and hold her and cover us with a blanket so she stays toasty warm. You need to do the same thing, although I don't expect your wife will take as long to recover."
Lanie had rolled back towards Fred and he enclosed her in a full embrace, pulling a blanket over them. Eventually, she urged him to get up and they went into her bedroom. Fred cast a worried look at Marcy as they passed. "She'll be okay," Lacie whispered in his ear. "Her husband will take good care of her." They showered together and exhausted, went to sleep almost immediately.
Fred woke with a start several hours later. At first, he didn't recognize where he was, especially when he saw Lanie in bed with him. He heard the soft sounds of someone walking and knew Cade and Marcy were headed to the other bedroom. He felt the urge to pee, so he got up, using the bathroom. On the way back, ideas crowded his mind until he knew he couldn't crawl into bed. He thought best when he was active. He put on pants, shirt, and boots, grabbed a jacket, and headed into the kitchen.
He picked up a flashlight and silently let himself outside. Using the flashlight, he walked by their SUV and down the driveway and lane between the cabin and the highway. The trees were dark and felt dangerous. Once he reached the highway, he walked back, then made another round trip. Once inside, he ran hot water over his hands until they weren't cold. He shed his clothes and crawled back into bed with Lanie.
She was awake and immediately grabbed his cock, rubbing it tenderly.
"Ooo. My baby is all cold. I need to warm him up."
She moved her head under the covers until her mouth was full of him. He was ready and a short time later, he pumped her mouth full of come. She licked him clean and moving up to where they were face to face, she kissed him. He tasted his come on her lips and in her mouth. Instead of pulling away, he drove his tongue into her and mined her mouth for the remnants of his seed. When they separated, she smiled and kissed him on his nose. They held each other as they went back to sleep.
In the morning, they were the first couple outside the bedrooms. They wrapped themselves in robes since the lodge was still chilly. Even though it was summer, they weren't wearing anything and the air was cool because of the altitude. Fred started a new fire in the fireplace and Lanie began preparing breakfast. A short time later, Cade and Marcy came out of the other bedroom. Marcy was walking slowly and somewhat gingerly. Cade was by her side making sure she could move. Fred, who was now in the kitchen, moved toward her, only to be held back by Lanie. He immediately understood. Marcy was now Cade's wife, his responsibility to make sure everything was okay with her.
"Husband, may I have a time out?" Marcy asked Cade. "Sure, take all the time you need."
She shuffled over to Fred, pulled his arms around her, and kissed him before laying her head on his chest.
"Fred, my dearest primary husband. I love you more now than I ever have before. I appreciate the changes you've made and how far you've come. I need to apologize for all the times I doubted you or expected too much. Working with the therapist and experiencing the things I have since we've shared with Cade and Lanie, has made me aware that I need to be more understanding, that I haven't explained my needs and helped you fulfill them. And I didn't help you fulfill your needs either.
"What Cade and I did last night is what I need at times. Not all the time, but occasionally. You are intense and that's good. But I think at times you've been scared to do things because of that intensity. I respect that, but we need to channel that intensity into something that benefits both of us at the same time.
"Baby, I do love you more than you'll ever know. No matter what happens among the four of us, I'm yours and I want you to be mine. I don't want anyone else as my primary husband. Forever."
Marcy gave Fred a quick kiss and shuffled back to Cade.
"I'm back, new husband."
As breakfast proceeded, they talked about the hikes they'd taken, about their experiences in the meadow, about them sleeping together on the couches the night before last, about the lodge, and whether or not they wanted to purchase it. They talked about everything except their present status and how they planned to proceed in the future. Finally, Fred cleared his throat.
"I've got something to say. I woke up during the night and had a hard time sleeping because a bunch of stuff started falling in place."
Lanie interrupted him. "Where did you go last night? I missed you."
"Oh, you just missed my warm body and my cock," he said with a wry smile.
"No, I missed you, my husband, my lover, my protector."
"That's what I wanted to talk about," Fred said as the table grew silent, fear moving across everyone else's faces.
"Oh, don't worry. I'm not mad about anything. In fact, I'm the opposite."
The fear disappeared, replaced by small smiles. Despite his assurances, recent history had taught them not to feel secure.
"I went for a walk out to the main road and back twice. As I said things just seemed to fall into place. I finally understand, I'm up to speed, I get it. I feel like this is where we all need to be, together, all four of us, loving each other. It feels so right, so natural like it was meant to be, that anything we've done separately or together, in the past was just a prelude to what's happening now. I know so-called normal people frown on partner swapping, but I don't care. I think we're on the verge of something wonderful and I can't wait to find out what happens. I want this to be our new normal.
"The first thing I need to do is apologize to you all.
"From the time, you, Lanie, handed me the letter from Marcy during that convention, I've dragged my feet, fought most of the things people proposed, and gotten pissed at others that happened. Even this week, I got upset at your post-sex ritual of sharing. I struggled last night again, not only at the 24-hour partner exchange but the spanking and the anal sex. After the fact, I realized I enjoyed everything and kicked myself for resisting so much. I'm sorry for that. When we were in bed after our showers, I felt as if Lanie and I belonged together last night and in the future. Not all the time, but when we all choose to be that way."
Lanie placed her hand on his arm.
"To be honest, Fred, you've had the longest journey. I think your progress is amazing."
"Thank you for your kind words. My journey has been helped by all of you and I appreciate your efforts.
"In the future, I promise to do better."
Turning to Lanie, he kissed her. "You, I love, my present wife. I accept your gift and I'll take care of you for always to the best of my ability whenever you want me to."
Turning to Cade, he said: "I don't quite know what to say to you. I love you doesn't seem right although it's the closest to what I feel. I believe we're as close as any two men can be who aren't having sex with each other."
Finally, Fred turned to Marcy. "And to you, my primary wife, I love you most of all. I've got more to say, but it will come later."
Her eyes filled with tears of happiness.
Fred continued.
"Dear one. You know that since this started, I've feared losing you to Cade. I know the therapist said that it's in your nature to love many people at the same time. But I've been jealous.

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