The costume party

Beep Stories
Mandy knew she was inviting trouble when she wanted to go the big fraternity Halloween party as the Big Bad Wolf and had gotten her boyfriend Greg and two of his fraternity brothers, Matt and Jay to dress at the Three Little Pigs.
At the party, she was dressed as a slutty version of the Big Bad Wolf, wearing a short, black-fur colored mini-skirt that barely covered her ass with a tail sticking out from it just over her ass, black stockings and a push-up bustier and a wolf mask that just covered her eyes and nose and brown hair. The guys were dressed in pig costumes, except there were “huts” covering their flys – Matt’s was a straw-colored hut, Jay’s was a stick-colored hut while Greg’s had a brick-colored pattern on it.
After everyone at the party had been drinking for several hours the fraternity president announced it was time for costume judging and performances if anyone in costume wanted to act out a scene involving their “character”. Mandy volunteered to go first and brought the guys out with her. Her costume drew lots of hoots and whistles when she strutted out to the center of the floor with the guys close behind.
She went up to Matt first and rubbed herself against him, whispered something dirty in his ear and reached down to coax his cock to full hardness. Then she said “little pig I’m going to huff and puff and blow your cock down” and with that she got on her knees and puffed once to knock the hut off and then proceeded to suck Matt’s 5-inch cock fast and furious and he was shooting into her mouth in a matter of minutes. She went to Jay and repeated the same actions, rubbing herself against him, whispering something dirty in his ear, rubbing him hard, and added a quick flash of her 34C breasts. Then she repeated her line “I’m going to huff and puff and blow your cock down”. Again she got to her knees and proceeded to furiously suck Jay’s 7-inch dick. Jay lasted a little longer and than Matt and needed some deep-throating, but eventually shot his load down her throat as well.
Then it was Greg’s turn. Again she rubbed herself against his body whispering dirty things in his ear while stroking his cock rapidly. She again got on her knees and said “I’m going to huff and puff and blow your cock down”. She flashed him her breasts before bobbing her head wildly up and down on her boyfriend’s 10-inch cock She was licking it all over, teasing his nuts, deep-throating him, but he was holding out and laughed “don’t you know it’s hard to blow down a brick cock”. With that she removed her top, wrapped her tits around his cock and rubbed them up and down the cock teasing the tip with her tongue. Then she went back to deep-throating him slowly at first and then fast and furious. Finaly while she was deep-throating him and teasing his nuts he shot his load down her throat.
At this point, nearly all of the male guests had lined up in front of her waiting for a turn. As the next one was starting to unzip his fly, a sexy redhead dressed as a slutty Little Red Riding Hood cut to the front of the line. Red said “you’re going to have to act out my story too and the first thing you’re going to have to do is eat me.”
As she was already turned on by the cocksucking, Mandy didn’t hesitate and pushed Red back to the edge of a nearby table and had her sit on it. Mandy then bent down in front of Red and proceeded to lick her pussy with quick flicks of her tongue, followed by long, slow licks up and down the length of Red’s slit. Mandy had her face buried between Red’s thighs with her tongue on Red’s clitoris when she felt a pair of hands on her ass. The pair of hands lifted the skirt up to reveal the fact she was nude underneath. She looked back and smiled, seeing the hands belonged to a member of the football team. The football player pushed his cock into Mandy’s pussy and began pumping into her hard and fast. Mandy’s shrieks of pleasure were buried in Red’s now wet pussy. Red had laid back with her eyes closed with pleasure and suddenly felt a pair of hands freeing her 36DD breasts from the push-up bra and a hard cock pushing at her lips. She opened her mouth to take in the stranger’s cock and began sucking greedily.
With her hands she motioned two other guys over and began to give them handjobs. Looking up from Red’s pussy Mandy saw what was happening and not to be outdone, motioned three guys to come over. She started to give handjobs to two of them while proceeding to blow the third while the football player showed he was Mr. Stamina and continued to pound her pussy to perfection. Another guy came over and took advantage of Red’s now free pussy and put her legs on his shoulders before slamming his cock into her hard and fast.
The other girls at the party quickly stripped naked and began to suck or fuck their boyfriends to keep them away from Red and Mandy. The sounds of sex were echoing throughout the frat house.
Red took the cock she had been deep-throating out of her mouth, aimed it at her tits and started jerking it furiously and the guy shot his load onto her tits. The sight of this caused the guy that had been pumping into her pussy to lose control. He pulled out and shot his load onto her belly. With the two guys she had been beating off, she told the one with the longer, thinner cock to fuck her in the ass while she blew the other one.
While that was going on the football player shot his load into Mandy’s pussy while the other guy pulled out of her mouth and shot his load all over her tits. Copying Red, Mandy told one of the guys to fuck her in the ass while she blew the other one.
It was quite a sight with Red and Mandy on their knees next to eachother being fucked from behind. The guy fucking Red said “this is the tightest ass I’ve ever fucked” to which the guy fucking Mandy said “that’s hard to believe because this is definitely the tightest ass I’ve ever fucked” Then they decided to switch to see whose ass was tighter. The guy who was now in Red said “you’re right, this ass is tight, but her’s was tighter” to which the guy now fucking Mandy said “you’re right, this is without a doubt the tightest ass I’ve ever fucked” Several minutes later they each pulled out and shot their loads all over the ass they had been fucking.
Red then said to Mandy, “your ass might be tighter, but I’m the better cocksucker, I bet I can make this guy cum faster than you can” and Mandy said “you’re on”. With that they started to pull out every cocksucking trick in the book. Each one sucked the guy in front of her fast and furious, the lips sliding up and down the cocks at a dizzying pace. Red reached up to her guy and started to pump his cock with one hand while sucking on his balls. Mandy started to lick up and down her guy’s shaft like a Popsicle while teasing his nuts with her fingernails. Red started to swirl her tongue around her guy’s shaft while caressing his nuts with her whole hand. Mandy responded by deep-throating her guy while teasing his nuts. Red started to suck on just the tip of her guy’s cock while running her tongue across it, pumping the shaft with one hand and teasing the guy’s nuts with the other. After a minute the guy Red had been sucking on pulled his cock out from her mouth, aimed the first shot of  his cum onto her face and then aimed the rest onto her tits. Seconds later Mandy’s guy pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot his entire load onto her face and hair.
With that Mandy’s boyfriend Greg and Red’s boyfriend Rick grabbed the girls and took them to the master bedroom upstairs, which had an attached bathroom with shower. Red said to Mandy “Hi, I’m Rhonda” to which Mandy replied “i’m Mandy” and the two girls proceeded to fall to the bed, licking the cum off eachother’s breasts before settling into a 69. Greg and Rick got hard again watching this display and got behind their respective girlfriends and started fucking them from behind. Rick was horny as hell and powered into Rhonda with fast, hard thrusts, his balls slapping against her. Mandy tried to lean up to lick Rick’s large balls but they were bouncing too quick for her. His pace had Rhonda taking her mouth off Mandy’s pussy so she could scream with pleasure. Greg on the other hand drove into Mandy with slow, steady, hard strokes that had her moaning into Rhonda’s pussy, but also allowed Rhonda to lick his balls and every few strokes takes his cock, quickly suck it clean and put it back into Mandy’s pussy.
Rhonda was the first to cum, shreaking with pleasure. Rick was next, telling Mandy to open wide and shot his load into her mouth and she greedily sucked all 10 inches clean. Mandy quickly followed as Greg had quickened the pace and he came last, emptying his load into Rhonda’s mouth and she licked and sucked him clean, stroking him to make sure she got every drop.
While the guys sat on opposite sides of the bed recovering the girls got into the shower together. They were all over eachother in the shower, with tongues and fingers everywhere. Their moans got the guys hard again and curious. When they went into the bathroom to see what was going on, Mandy was leaning against a wall with Rhonda bent over in front of her with her face buried in her pussy. Greg asked Rick “do you mind?” and when Rick said “no” Greg moved behind Rhonda and started fucking her wet pussy with a slow, steady stroke as he moved his hands up to her breasts to caress them as he powered into her. This was too much for Rhonda as she moved her head away from Mandy’s wet pussy and leaned back to start meeting his thrusts. She kept moaning how amazing it felt.
Rick took advantage of this opening to stand Mandy up, suck on her tits and then lift one of her legs and slide into her slowly. Once he was all the way in, he wrapped her leg around his waist and she instinctively wrapped her arms around his shoulders and they started fucking standing up. Rick was attempting to go slower, but the warmth and tightness of Mandy’s pussy was just too much for him and he pinned her against the wall and starting fucking her hard and fast. In turn she started bucking against him to match his pace, shouting how much she loved it.
Rhonda had the first of her two orgasms rather quickly and it was the second one that sent Greg over the edge as he followed seconds later, shooting his load deep inside her. Rick and Mandy followed suit with a simultaneous orgasm as Mandy wrapped both legs around Rick to keep him buried deep inside her when he shot his load.
All four collapsed in a happy pile on the bed saying they had to start getting together often for double-dates.