The Culo’s Pt. 02: Janet’s Rules

tagGroup SexThe Culo's Pt. 02: Janet’s Rules

Reading part 1 of The Culo's will help better understand this part but it is not needed. The sex will be shorter for story reasons. Enjoy.
Janet's Rules Part 1
Woodcreek High after hours.
Janet Culo walked through the empty school for volleyball practice. She was making her way to her volleyball coach, Mr. Roth's office.
She saw three giant football players walking out of coach Thomas Roth's office. They were each 4 to 5 inches taller than her, and Janet stood at six foot one inch tall. The tallest of the group, Devin was 6'6 and damned near 250 pounds of muscle; he had clear tanned skin and a full head of light blond hair.
Franklin was 6'4 and a bit skinnier, possibly 210 pounds. He had a dark chocolate complexion and a handsome face.
Brian was 6'5, 300 pounds, he was burly, but you could tell he was probably stronger than Devin. He looked older than his friends because of his full beard, thick glasses, and olive skin. "Sup, tall girl," Devin said jokingly, although Janet stood up to his chin.
Tall girl was a nickname the guys gave her since freshman year. "Going to talk to coach Roth about-"
"About being captain of the team?" Answered Franklin. "Didn't you try last year?"
"And the year before that," Brian added.
"Yeah, Jan, what makes you think coach is going to promote you this time?" Devin asked.
"I'm sure he'll give me the spot this time. Just trust me."
Janet explained.
"Good luck Jan.," Devin said while walking off, followed by Franklin and Brian. Janet took a deep breath before opening the door to Roth's office.
"Hey, Janet, what's up?" Thomas said, turning around in his chair.
"Hey, coach. Um, so can I show you something?" She shifted awkwardly in silence, sifting through her bag for her phone.
"You can sit down, y'know." Janet pulled out a chair and sat, not taking her eyes off her phone.
"So coach, last night, I saw my father sneaking out of the house dressed in drag." She showed a picture of Carla sneaking down the steps. Thomas's heart sank as he lowered into his chair.
"Um, I think you should speak with the guidance counselor during the school day or-" Janet interrupted him.
"This morning, I went to get something from my parent's room, and I saw a text notification on my father's phone." She then showed him the picture. The text read that Thomas had a great night last night.
"From you." Thomas's face was bright red, and sweat built upon his forehead.
"Mr. Roth, I doubt your wife and daughter would be happy if I told them about this. Would they?" Janet said coldly.
"But I think we can come to an agreement." She said. Thomas stood up and readjusted his jacket.
"Okay, what is it? You want me to stop seeing your dad?" Thomas's voice cracked while he checked his phone.
"No, I don't care what you or my father gets up to. That's your business, but I am not going to sit here and watch you keep setting that bitch, Lana Sumpter as the captain even though you know I'm better than her in every way."
Janet stood up to try and make her point. Thomas opened his desk drawer and took out a clipboard. Grabbing the pen on his desk and writing down Janet's name on the chart.
"It will take me a while to get everything done, but you will be team captain by Friday." Thomas sounded like he was on the verge of tears.
"I'm sorry I had to do this, coach, but you've been holding out on me since 9th grade. You have my word, I will delete the photos, and we can forget this whole thing happened. I'll be practicing." Janet explained.
"Understood," Thomas said, staring down at the desk.
Janet stepped out of the office and was headed to the locker room. She stepped into the empty locker room and slipped off her light blue tee-shirt, black bra, grey school sweats, panties, and shoes. She put her padded bra over the top of her breasts, and her tight white athletic outfit hugged her skin tightly. The small grey bottoms were a little snug around her hips.
Her dark brown hair was tied up into a messy bun, a white headband wrapped around her head. Janet walked towards the exit and noticed the door was locked. 'What the hell?'
She went the other way, but that was locked as well. "Hey, tall girl." She turned around and saw Devin standing next to her locker, his phone in his hand.
"What are you doing in here?" She asked.
"Why are you using Coach's family for blackmail?" He responded.
"Don't answer my question with another question," Janet said sternly. Devin stared at her blank-faced.
"Is it because I called your sister a bitch?" She asked.
"No. She is a bitch, but that's not why I'm here." Devin walked towards her and pressed a button on his phone.
"Mr. Roth, I doubt your wife and daughter would be happy if I told them about this. Would they?" Roth recorded it.
'That's why he pulled out his phone.' Janet just then got it. Franklin and Brian stepped into her view.
"Look, guys, it's personal. It's between him and me." She explained before backing up.
"So let's say we showed this to the principal, and then you'd get expelled, putting this on your personal record, and possibly getting arrested. You and I both don't want that to happen, right, Jan?" Devin smiled at her. Janet's heart was pounding in her chest. She was trapped.
"Okay, what do you want?" She asked simply.
Devin walked right in front of her, put his hands on her shoulders, and kissed her on the lips. Janet's eyes were wide open in shock. Devin pulled away, grabbing her chin.
"I've always liked you, tall girl, but I'm – no, we are going to help you out. Tell you what, Jan. We won't tell the principal if you give us a piece."
Franklin and Brian stood next to Devin, all three of them towering over her hungrily. "A piece of what?" Janet questioned.
"Don't play dumb, Jan; you know what we mean," Brian said, grabbing her asscheek with his giant hand. Janet smacked his hand away and scoffed.
"Fuck that. I'll give you guys hand-jobs, but we are not fucking. Especially not in this dirty locker room." The three looked at each other and back and her.
Devin dropped his pants. Janet grabbed his hardening cock and stroked it fast, rolling her thumb over the head. Franklin walked next to her and pulled out his cock, Janet doing the same thing to his. Brian was standing behind her waiting for his turn.
"This isn't going to work. If you want to get this over with, all three of us need to come." Devin said, pushing her down.
Janet took the hint and dropped to her knees after letting go of the football players, hitting the cold floor. Brian sat down behind her and grabbed the back of Janet's head and pushed her onto Franklin's dick, her lips forced open.
She tried to push off him, but Brian held both her arms behind her back. Devin bent down and used his long arms to stop her from kicking. Franklin using his hands to grab Janet's chin and neck, thrusting into her mouth.
Brian slipped his hands under her shirt and bra then squeezed her breasts. "Sorry tall girl," Devin said as he slid her volleyball bottoms to the side and slipped his index and middle finger in her pussy, making small circles.
The drool falling down her mouth from Franklin fucking her throat lubricated her pussy, motivating Devin to finger fuck her faster. Janet's squeals of panic and squirming sent Franklin over the edge.
Pulling out of her tight throat, lines of spit falling down her chin as she coughed. Brian laughed behind her, his hands latching tightly onto her tits hard enough that she wondered if he was trying to pop them.
"Ooh, shit," Franklin groaned as he unloaded five wide shots of cum, one that landed on her forehead, two landing across her mouth and leaking down her chin, and the last two in her mouth. The fluids stained the school logo on her shirt; Janet coughed and gagged on Franks cum.
Brian stopped his assault on her breasts and stood up. He grabbed her bun and pulled it back. Brian sprang his hard cock from his pants and came immediately across her face firing long ropes that leaped from her hairline to her chin, some even falling down her neck.
Devin used four of his long, strong fingers and wracked her dripping pussy, forcing her to let out a low guttural moan that cracked her voice. Her toned legs shook as she squirted all over herself and Devin's arm. He pulled his fingers out of her and tasted her snatch, slipping his middle finger into her mouth. She sucked on her own cum greedily, moaning around his finger.
Devin pulled his finger out of her warm mouth and wiped it over her lips. He pushed about half of his solid eight inches into her mouth and thrust back and forth slowly.
"You love sucking dick, don't you, tall girl?" He asked while unraveling her brown hair. Nasty sloshing noises came from Janet's mouth as she mumbled around his cock.
"What was that?" He grabbed the sides of her head with both hands and pulled her off his dick.
"Speak up."
"I love sucking cock!" Janet groaned. Devin shoved her six inches back down his eight inch shaft and fucked her throat fast and hard. Grabbing her neck, he pushed her as far as she could handle. Tears fell down her face. She gagged and coughed for only a few seconds until Devin pulled her off quickly and patted the back of her head with his right hand, jerking himself off with his left.
"What happened to all that talk about us not fucking in this locker room shit tall girl?" Devin said mockingly, jerking himself off in front of her face. Before she could say anything, he heard something in the corner of the room.
"Guys, stop."
"Holy shit." It was Janet's best friend, Angelia, in her volleyball outfit. All four of them stood up and got dressed, Angelia still watching wide-eyed, frozen in place.
Later, Devin was walking Janet home. "So, does this mean you'll delete the recording?" Janet asked.
"Nope. I didn't finish." Devin said right before they stopped at her house. "Are you seri -"
"He cut her off. "But, if you become my girlfriend, I'll delete it." Janet jumped into the blonde's arms and kissed him. "So is that a yes?" He asked.
"Of course, it is." Devin pulled out his phone and deleted the audio. Janet pulled him into another hug.
"What am I gonna say to Angelia?"
"I'm sure you'll figure it out. If you need my help, just ask. See you around, tall girl." Devin turned around and walked back up the hill. Janet walked back in at about 6 pm.
"Hey, kiddo! We got Chinese!" Her father, Carl, shouted from the dinner table. Her younger brother, James, and her mother, Sally, were getting ready to eat.
"Hey, guys." Janet placed her bag down and walked into the dining room.
"Why're you walking like that?" James questioned, noticing her shifty side by side walking.
"Oh-um, the practice was really rough," Janet said.
"Roth worked you hard, did he?" Carl joked.
"It seems you forgot your shower, Jan.," Her mother said.
"I'll be back." Janet rushed upstairs, forgetting her bag.
"James, could you bring your sister her bag." James got up, grabbed the bag, and went upstairs. He noticed it had a weird smell coming from the inside.
He went into his room to check it.
'She probably left food in it.' He thought before opening the bag. James saw her sweaty headband bunched up in between her ruffled up volleyball clothes.
The top and bra both smelled like sex and had cum stains on it; the grey bottoms were raggedy with splotches on them. James unzipped the side pocket and saw a note with a phone number on it. He heard Janet walk out of her room and into the shower.
He slipped out of his room and into hers with her bag. James saw her regular clothes sprawled out along the bed; examining the blue panties, he saw that they had dried cum stains in the ass and pussy area. 'That's why she was walking weird.' James took a picture of the bag and the panties and went back downstairs.

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