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I worked with a woman named Dana. Gorgeous! Close to six feet tall. Long blonde hair that ran down to the middle of her back and wrapped around a thin, friendly face. Piercing blue eyes and ruby red lips. Her curves would make a great road course. 36-24-34. Long, long legs. And every inch tanned to perfection. Her smile and laugh lit up any room when you were lucky enough to be there. She was also painfully shy. She was a wallflower. You could usually find her standing next to a wall unless she was in a very small group of very good friends. Once you cracked through that wall, you found the true Dana. She was also, for lack of a better term, a people pleaser. Not so much because she wanted to do whatever was asked of her, but because she didn't like conflict of any kind. I never saw her say no to anyone.
And dumber than a bag of hammers.
I was one of the few males that had managed to break through that wall and get to know her. At least a little. I was easily 15 years her senior. She'd never been married as far as I knew. Heck, for all I knew, she'd never had a boyfriend. She'd traveled the world with her parents as a child. We would chat and small talk. Occasionally we would come as close to playfully flirting with each other without flirting. I think she felt safe with me because of our age difference.
One day during our chat she mentioned she had just bought a house and it was a bit of a fixer-upper. I mentioned that my son and I were fairly handy and, if she needed any help, I'm sure I could talk him into helping me do whatever it was, fully expecting her not to take advantage of the offer.
A couple of days later she caught me in the hallway.
"Hey, Mark, were you serious about helping me with the house?" she asked meekly.
I was shocked. "Of course I was! What do you need?"
"Well, I'd like to replace the floors. Maybe a nice but cheap laminate wood floor. Would you be interested in helping me with that?"
"Absolutely! Easy peasy."
She smiled. "What would you charge me?"
I waved a dismissive hand and smiled. "A couple of Dr. Peppers and Coke Zeroes and we'll call it even."
She giggled. "I can afford that!" She paused. "Okay. I'll let you know. Thanks!"
Two weeks later, my son and I were loading my truck up with all the necessary tools needed to installed vinyl flooring. Matt was none too pleased that his old man had volunteered him for manual labor on his day off. I told him he would be pleasantly rewarded with the scenery.
Our jaws dropped when Dana answered the door. I had only seen Dana in dress clothes at the office. She answered the door wearing an overly tight white t-shirt with a waving Mickey Mouse tha looked like it was painted onto her torso, and tight black polyester yoga pants. Every curve was on display. Her long, blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail and under a worn gray ball cap. Matt was stunned by the vision of beauty standing before him.
"Oh! Hi Mark!" Then she realized there was a stranger in her midst. "Oh, uh, hello. This must be Matt. Hello, Matt." Mickey's ears jiggled when she shook his hand. "Please, come in. I'll show you around."
She gave us the nickel of the small house. It was older but I could see why she bought it. It had tons of charm and plenty of potential. It definitely needed some TLC, though. We finally stopped in the empty bedroom.
"Well, um, I thought you guys could start in here, if that's okay. I moved everything into the living room. Then you can move into the hallway and down that way. I hope that's okay. If not, we can move things around."
I waved a dismissive hand at her and smiled. "No no, that's good. Makes perfect sense. C'mon, Matt, let's go grab some stuff and get started."
We moved our tools into the garage and started to bring in a few boxes of the flooring, then went to work. We could hear Dana scuffing around throughout the house while we worked. An hour in we were about three-quarters of the way done with the bedroom when she walked in.
"Wow! You guys are making great progress! That's awesome! And it looks great!" Then she gave us our payment — a Dr. Pepper and a Coke Zero.
Matt and I both nodded. "Yeah, thanks. It really does look good. Good job on the color. I like it," I said.
She beamed at my approval. "Gee, thanks!" She paused and looked down at herself. "I'm all gross." I'd still fuck her! I thought to myself. "Would you guys mind if I took a quick shower?"
Matt and I both answered "Noooooo, not at all!" in unison.
"Great! Thanks!" and scurried into the master bedroom. The door creaked shut and banged into place and Matt and I went back to work.
At least she thought she closed the door behind her. Being an old house, there wasn't a straight corner in the house, including the door jams. We heard the water turn on in the shower and the curtain rings slide across the rod. Then we saw movement out the corner of our eyes. The door creaked open ever so slightly. Matt and I stopped what we were doing. We looked at each other, then back at the crack in the doorway.
We went back to work but it was difficult to concentrate on the task at hand when we knew there was a potential prize on the other side of that creaky door. When the water finally shut off, we both froze and watched the mirror through the crack. The curtain opened. Our mouths dropped. Out stepped a blonde goddess, naked and soaked from head to toe. Her long blonde hair had curls when it was wet. Her dark pink areolas sat on tan mounds of flesh way up firm and high. Shaved with a landing strip. Interesting. I wonder who she's trying to impress? Now we know the drapes match the carpet I observed.
"Holy fuck!" Matt moaned.
I twisted my head and shot him a stern look. "Shhhhhhhh! Jesus Christ!" I whispered.
"I know, I know. But damn!" he whispered back.
I laughed. "I know! Fuck!"
We watched her towel off, run a brush through her hair, and other machinations through the crack. Then we saw the expression on her face change. Almost into a panicked look. Her head twisted side to side. We heard a gasp. Fuck! We're busted! we both thought. Immediately, we went back to working furiously on the floor.
A moment later the door opened slowly. Dana's head popped out. She was red faced. "Oh geez," she said softly. "Umm, sorry guys, but, uh, my, uh clothes are in the, uh, living room. So, um, I need to, uh, come through here. Is that okay?"
We both shrugged our shrugged our shoulders. "Yeah, of course!"
"Okay," she sighed. The door swung open. She was wrapped in a white towel that barely covered her large breasts and didn't quite cover her sweet ass. "Shoot! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" she squeaked as she scampered along the wall on her tip toes. She rushed out the door into the hallway, slamming the door behind her. Matt and I looked at each other wide eyed and jaws open. "Don't come out here! Okay!" came the request from the other side of the door.
"Yeah yeah! Sure! Okay!" I replied.
We could hear drawers opening and the shuffling of feet. A few moments later the door opened. Once again, our jaws dropped. She was standing there with the towel in her hand wearing a cropped football jersey from her alma mater and a pair of short short, tight tight black jogging shorts. The ensemble showed off every curve. Her blonde hair stood out against her toned, tan body. Her face was still red.
"I'm so sorry you had to see that, guys. (You should be! Because it was such burden to watch your incredible body run in front of us half naked!) I'm so used to living by myself, I totally forgot to take a change of clothes in there. And I certainly didn't want to put those yucky clothes I had on. I mean, I just took a shower, right?"
"Oh! Yeah, yeah. I totally get it," I said.
"Yeah, you don't want to put those nasty things back on," Matt chimed in.
"Exactly!" she said, happy that we understood. "Well, I'll get out of your way and let you get back to it, I guess."
Matt turned to me with a smile. "She's fucking clueless, isn't she?"
"You have no idea," I chuckled.
20 minutes later we nearly had the room done with only a couple more rows of planks to put down when Dana came into the room.
"Sorry to interrupt but, Mark, how are you with plumbing?" she asked.
I shrugged my shoulders. "I know enough to be dangerous," which brought a laugh. "Why? What's up?"
"I've got a leak under my kitchen sink. Do you think you could take a look at it, please?"
"Absolutely! Matt, you got it from here?"
"Oh yeah, I can finish the room. I'll probably go faster without you here, old man." We all laughed.
I climbed under her sink. "Oh yeah, you've got a loose trap here. Looks might everything might need to be resealed and tightened up."
She gasped. "Oh no! Do you think you can fix it?"
I climbed out from under and waved at her. "Oh yeah, easy fix. Let me go out to my truck and grab a couple of things."
"Oh yay! Thank you! You're the best!" she squealed. She gave me a big hug when I stood up. Damn, she feels good!
I came back in and climbed under the sink again under her watchful eye. After a couple of minutes of clinking and clanging, she broke the silence.
"Mark, can I ask you a question?"
"Sure! Shoot."
"Do you…do you think I'm, uh, I'm pretty?" I could hear the doubt in her voice. "Be honest!"
I stopped working for a second. I looked out. All I could see were her tan, toned calves. "Of course I do! Where'd that come from?"
"Well…" she paused. "I feel like you're the only guy in the office who's not undressing me with their eyes." Whew! She didn't notice that every time I see her I imagine her naked with her legs wrapped around my waist and her cunt wrapped around my cock! "And I know you're not gay! So, I thought, you know…"
"Oh my gosh! No, I think you're beautiful!"
"Well then, how come you've never…you know…"
Where's she going with this? "No, I don't know. How come I've never what?"
"You know. Never tried to…you know. I mean, I know you've, you know, um, slept with a lot of the girls in the office," she said meekly.
Busted! "Well, um, uh, I, uh, I dunno about a lot of the girls…" Okay, it was true. I'd nailed just about every female down there worth nailing. And maybe a couple that weren't in moments of weakness.
"Whatever, Mark. Katherine, Jenny, Bushra, Loren, Amanda…"
"Okay, okay, I get it."
"So…why not me?" she said sounding like I'd hurt her feelings. I could see her pouting in her voice.
Think! Think! "Well, uh…" How do I make it sound like the other girls aren't easy so she doesn't go blabbing to them that I thought they were easy? "I, uh, I respect you too much, Dana."
"So you don't respect those other girls?"
Shit! "No, no, that's not it at all. It's just…"
"It's just what? You don't think I'm pretty enough. I knew it," she said with hurt feelings.
"No! No, that's not it at all!" Okay, time to be honest. "Dana, look, you've never shown any interest in, you know, that kind of, uh, thing with me or any other man that I know of. And I didn't want to offend you. So, you know…" Please just let me go back to work!
"So you think I'm a virgin?"
"Well, honestly, I…I…"
"Oh my gosh! You do!"
"I didn't say that! It's just…you know…"
"I have needs, too, ya know?" she said defiantly. "I just don't go bragging about it like the other girls. I don't take every man I meet to bed like some of those girls. God! Ohmagawd! Katherine and Jenny…are such…sluts!"
Actually, Katherine and Jenny were two of the best fucks I've ever had! And when you get them in bed together?! It was fucking mind numbing! "Well, 'sluts' might be a little strong…" So she's not a virgin. Interesting. "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, Dana. I just didn't…" I saw her drop to her knees and peer into the dimly lit cavern I was working in.
"You know, the girls talk about how…how big you are," she said shyly.
"How big I am?"
"You know. How big you are. How big your…you know…your thingy is," she said, embarrassed that she had even asked.
"My 'thingy'?" Is she talking about what she's talking about? I felt a bulge growing in my pants just at the thought of it. I'd given up on trying to concentrate on the leaky pipes.
"Yeah, you know. Your thingy. Can…can I see it?"
"Can you see my 'thingy'? I have no idea what…oh!" Her sudden rubbing of my quickly growing thingy caught me by surprise.
"Oh my! It sure feels big! So, can I see it?"
This was definitely a discussion I thought I'd be having when I woke up this morning. "Uh, well, uh, yeah, sure."
She grabbed the waistband of my underwear and loose fitting gym shorts and started to tug. I felt a rush of cold air flow across the purple tip. I felt the waistband drag along the thick vein along the bottom of my tool. I lifted my ass off the floor. The waistband slid across it. One final tug and my shorts were past my ball sack. My 'thingy' jumped out at her like a spring loaded Jack-in-the-box.
Her eyes grew wide. "Oh wow! It really is big!" I grunted when she poked at it with her finger. "I didn't know they could get that big!" I gasped when her soft, warm hard touched it. I closed my eyes when her long, thin fingers wrapped themselves around the shaft. "I can barely get my hand around it!" She began to slowly stroke it up and down while she began to get moist between her legs, much to her surprise. "Gee, it's really throbbing. Does it always throb like that?"
"Uh, only when a beautiful woman is stroking it," I moaned.
"Awwwww, that's sweet!" she said as if I'd just her that her hair looks nice today. She studied it. "You know, Katherine and Jenny both said they, uh, you know, um, swallowed, you know, swallowed the whole thing. I don't believe it. No way. Those fibbers."
These girls really talk about this shit?! Damn, I might be screwed! "Uh, yeah, uh, yeah they did, actually."
"No way! That thing!"
I chuckled. "Cheyenne, too."
"Cheyenne?! That little, bitty thing?! No way!"
"Yup. The whole thing."
"No way," she said quietly while she stroked it. "Would you mind if I tried?"
Absolutely I mind! Don't you dare wrap those beautiful, sexy lips around my cock! "No, go right ahead. Give it a shot." Then I'll give you a shot right down the back of your throat! "Gaaa!" I groaned when the tip slipped past her lips, with the shaft right behind.
Her lips felt like warm velvet gliding up and down my pole. Each dive in, the head would bang against the entrance to her throat, barely taking half of it in. After several tries, she pulled her face out of my lap and peered back at me.
"No way they swallowed this whole thing!" she said just before she swiped her forearm across her chin.
"They really did," I nodded.
She stared at it, then looked back at me. "No way." She paused. "No way."
I'd never wanted someone to deep throat me as badly as I did right now. "I guess the trick is to relax your throat muscles. Don't try so hard. Just relax."
"And that feels good? You like that?"
She's even more ignorant about sex than I thought she was. "Omagawd, yes!"
"Well, if you like it, then I'll try." That's it! Give it the old college try!
She went back to work. I could feel her taking a different approach, her mouth felt different. Her body language was different.
My head backed onto the base of the cabinet. "Oh! Gaaaafuck!" I barked when her face landed in my lap.
After three more dives into my lap, she released me. She turned to face me. She was beaming. "I did it! Did you see that?! I did it!"
I nodded my head. "(ahem) Yeah, I, uh (ahem), I sure did. Uh, good job!"
"Thanks! I'm gonna try it again!"
"Yeah, okay, you do th…fuck!" Her face landed in my lap again.
I lifted my head up and watched her throat take on the shape of my prod. She squealed when I reached under her cropped top and palmed one of her fleshy globes. It was firm and heavy and fabulous. She gave another squeal when I pinched and twisted an erect, gumdrop-sized erect nipple.
After only a couple of minutes, she regrettably released me from her face again.
"Whew! It's warm in here! Don't you think it's warm in here?" she asked.
"Uh, yeah, it's pretty hot in here."
"Here, let's get these off of you." She yanked at my shorts and pulled them down my legs and across my tennis shoes, then stood up. I could only see her from the thighs down. Suddenly, I watched her yank her black shorts down her legs and kick them to the side. Then I saw her top land at my feet. Please let me see your tits! Please let me see your tits! "Whew! That's better!" There was a pause. "Do you think it would hurt if, you know, I, uh, I, um, sat on it?"
"Sat on it?"
"Yeah, you know? If I sat on it."
"Hurt you or me?"
"Me, silly! It's so big, it might, you know, split me in half."
I chuckled. "Oh! Ha! No, I think you'll be fine. I think you'll actually like it. I've never had any complaints." That wasn't exactly true. I'd had women tell me it hurt…at first. I sure as hell wasn't going to tell her that.
"Well, the girls seem to like it when they talk about it. Would it be alright if I, you know, sat on it?"
I tried not to laugh. "Uh, yeah, sure, go right ahead."
She straddled me and dropped to her knees. We both shivered when my purple tip touched her puffy lips. I felt her heat. She grabbed the shaft and held it steady while she lowered herself more. The swollen head penetrated her velvety folds. She bit her lip. The tip disappeared. She moaned during the slide down until she landed in my lap.
"Ohmagawd! It's so big!" she exclaimed after she caught her breath.
"Christ almighty, you're fucking tight!"
"That…that…ohmagawd! It's because your thingy is so big!"
"My thingy? You mean my cock? Say it. Tell me how it feels," I said as I reach down and grabbed her hips.
The words and tone caught her by surprise. "Your…your…your cock! It…it's huge!"
"That's it! Now fuck that cock! Squeeze it with that tight little pussy!" I commanded.
She grabbed the edge of the cabinet and began to bounce, slowly at first. She quietly moaned "Oh God" as she picked up the pace.
"That's it! Fuck me with that tight little pussy of yours! How does it feel? Tell me how it feels to have a fat cock buried in your tight little pussy!"
"Ohmagawd! It…it…it feels so good!" she panted.
"What feels so good?" I growled.
"Your…your…ohmagawd! Your huge, fat cock feels so good! It feels so good!"
"Where does it feel good? Tell me!"
"It…it…it feels so good in my…my…my tight little pussy! Ohmagawd! You're stretching it out!"
"That's right! I'm gonna make you fuckin' cum like never before! Mine'll be the only cock you ever want again!"
"Yes! Yes!"
"Hey, old man, you need some help with that leak…what the fuck?!" Matt came around the corner thinking it was taking entirely too long to fix a leaky pipe.
Dana froze. Her hands flew to her face. Her cunt clamped down on my pole so hard I thought she might snap it off inside her. She gasped. "Oh dear!"
"What the fuck?!" Matt asked again.
"It…it…it's not what it looks like," she said pathetically.
"It looks like you and my dad are fucking on the kitchen floor!"
"Damn skippy!" I said from inside the cabinet.
"Yes…well…it was an accident!"
"What? You stripped naked and fell on him?"
"Fuck this," Matt said as he stepped towards Dana lowering his pants.
"What…what…what're you doing?!"
"We're gonna find out if you suck dick as good as you fuck it," Matt said as he waved his half flaccid prod in her face.

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