The Day I Become Sex Slave | Lesbian

Hi everybody I am Lisa my age is 18 years old and I am a good looking girl with a good figure my friends joke that I am very cute and sometimes they feel like having sex with me but I never thought of any lesbian sex even I had never had a friend who thought so. I finished my plus2 and was planning of joining a prestigious college since I was good in studies and had almost 95{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} marks it was easy to get admission.
This was the first time I was going to stay in a hostel since i had always studied near my home town so I was excited as well as a little afraid. The day came when I was to go to the college that is the first day of the college. It was a good college with plenty of facilities and good surroundings. I and my class mates had little bit of ragging experience in the college but I was happy with the experience as nothing bad happened all was well and the senior girls as well as boys were rather good with us.
Little did I know what was in store for me after the first day in the college was over me and some of my friends who were in the hostel went to our hostel. Our hostel was big with plenty of rooms and I had heard that the girls were given freedom here so it was very common for the senior girls to come to our rooms and sometimes even share our rooms during studies in each room there were four beds for junior students where as the senior.
PG students were rather well off with single rooms with only two beds. Here at the hostel I met a senior girl called Nina and her roommate was Richa. Nina was extremely beautiful with a figure like goddess i must say even some girls admired her Richa was also good had a terrific figure but not as good as Nina here I came to know that there was more ragging only for students of hostel and more over it was Nina who ordered things around here it was her rule that every new girl should spend one day in their seniors room.
And make them enjoy like singing, dancing sometimes washing their clothes and finishing their assignments this went on for a full year and nobody complained ad they treated there juniors with care. The first day Nina announced that the next day she would tell which senior pair owned which junior. This all procedure happens after our warden falls asleep so the meeting was fixed for the next day 11’o clock.
The next day all the girls were asked to come to seniors floor as this year the number of junior students were exactly correct for the seniors there was no tension of any junior being left out. We all assembled in the senior floor. Richa came and asked us to stand in a line then Nina came she started closely watching each and every one of us and started distributing us among the seniors my heart began to pound vigorously thinking of whom I was going to be allotted when my turn came.
She watched me very intensely I could not keep looking into her eyes and looked down Nina went to Richa and said something in her ears and they both laughed and then she announced that I was hers to keep. I looked up and saw a smile spread across her face after the distribution was over every senior pair started talking to their juniors and telling them what to do i was astonished to see Nina taking no interest in me I was rather relived the night faded away without any excitement further.
Days passed and i began to hear of the encounters of juniors with their seniors what all they had to do each junior was called to sleep one day with their seniors and at night the seniors kept them awake making them do things like massaging their feet or writing their assignments like that I was happy as none of them were afraid of the seniors but I was never called on I was rather relived and as well as tensed about this and then one day after nearly two months in college on the way back to hostel
I saw Richa waiting for me she told me that today after 10’o clock I should come to their rooms and I should change into my night wear as I was to sleep in their room tonight after dinner I began preparing to go to my seniors room I changed into a t- shirt and short I usually wear a night gown at night but today I did not wear that at sharp 10 I knocked in my seniors room Richa opened the door she was wearing t-shirt too and Nina was wearing a pink gown reading something on the bed.
Nina asked me to enter the room and bolt the door. I did as she told me. Nina asked why I was wearing a t-shirt and not a gown I said I felt comfortable in this she with a hard tone said it was she who decided what I should wear I was taken back a little I had not foreseen this kind of response from her and I could only muster enough courage to say an yes.
Nina asked Richa to tell me the regulations. Richa began telling me the rules.
1. I should always obey them whatever they say me to do.
2. I should not tell anyone what happens in this room.
3. From now on even during college i should always seek their permission for anything I do.
4. I should never have sex with anyone for one year not even excites myself.
5. I should show them all my clothes including my private clothes to both of them and for one year they would do my shopping.
I could not believe what I was hearing I was practically being made their slave i objected and at that same instant Richa flung her hands and I felt a sharp pain in my cheeks. I fell back when she hit me and without any warning Nina began to punch my boobs I felt pain everywhere I started crying they both left me their lying on the ground and began to hear music after sometime.
I stopped crying Nina saw this and she asked if know whether I was ready to obey. I asked her why she was doing this to me at this they said they liked me on first sight and wanted me badly so I had no choice with saying this they both jumped upon me I wanted to scream but in a split second Richa had my mouth shut with her palms and Nina was lying upon me then Richa with one hand removed her panties and stuffed in my mouth she Nina took her shawl and tied it securely around my mouth.
I was feeling the taste of Richas pussy in my mouth it was revoking for me. Nina then tore open my t-shirt and bra also they undid my panties and shorts in a split second I was stark naked before them Richa was a strong girl she had me under her control I even could not move far from cry then Nina took her mobile and took pictures of my naked body I struggled in vain. After taking pictures to their content they let me go when I tried to escape Nina told me that unless 
I cum to their needs these picture will go in internet. I was shell shocked I had tears flowing in my eyes and if nodded my head telling them I will do what they need. I began to open the gag but Nina told me to keep it like that with that she undid her panties too and had it around my nose I smelled her pussy smell it was my first pussy smell in my entire life although I was disturbed and afraid I liked her smell. I was still born naked in front of these girls they began to devour on my body.
I could see the hunger in their eyes. Now Nina went to the bed and removed all her clothes I eyes poured out she had a body which any males would like to have sex with even I must say females would she had a shaved pussy baby smooth fair skin round ass round twin globes of boobs. Richa too began to undress she was whitish in complexion had shaved pussy like Nina, had huge boobs and ass.
After undressing they both joined their respective beds and asked me to lie between them I like a good girl went and lay between them.
Nina and Richa began to run hands all over my body pressing my boobs and running fingers in my pussy after sometime Nina asked Richa to go sit in a chair while she taught me how to please them. Richa like a obedient student went and sat in a chair and Nina removed the panties from around my nose and mouth I relaxed my jaws.
Nina asked me was I ready to start learning I said yes. Nina then asked then took her panty and dipped it inside her pussy it instantly became wet with her pre cum juice she asked me to please her I should first learn to do enjoy all the taste of her body and then she asked me to suck on her juice from panties. I did not want to do but I was in no state to disobey them so I started licking her juice from the panties it taste as peach and somehow I like her taste.
Now she took the panties from my hand and started kissing my lips she inserted her tongue inside my mouth she asked me to open my mouth wide and she spit inside my mouth now she ordered me to taste her spit. I felt like I should die rather than doing this. Nina said Lisa you are like my dog so do not object to anything I say or do. So I tasted her spit with tears in my eyes at this time Richa said she wanted to pee Nina told me to open my mouth I knew I could not do it so I told them. 
Nina took hold of my hair and rotated it in her hand and yanked hard in pain i open my mouth lying there in the bed Richa jumped into the bed and took her position in front of my mouth I lay there still afraid of them both Richa flexed her muscle and I could see the golden liquid pour out of her pussy into my mouth I could smell her pee and my mouth was full in an instant. I was asked to drink it without wasting and like a good slave I drank full without even wasting a drop the instant I drank I again got a mouth full of pee again I drank the full liquid.
Nina told me whenever I was in their room I had to drink there pee regularly. My mind was developing into a slave like attitude now I was asked to clean Richas pussy I cleaned her pussy using my tongue I made sure I did my job well. Now Richa return to her chair and Nina now took over she turned and showed me her ass like a good slave I understood what she wanted i began enjoying the events occurring to me.
I started licking her ass hole well I split open her ass cheeks with my fingers and took long strokes of her ass I tasted her ass hole it was sweaty with her juice I could feel them in my mouth and then I spit some saliva inside he ass hole and slide my tongue inside her ass she was enjoying it I probed her hole with the tip of my tongue when I was finished Nina had a happy grin on her face she was very happy with my behaviour and she asked me to lick her underarms.
I could see sweat drops in her underarms I bend down Nina open her arms her clean shave underarms were in my full view I smelled her first and then with my tongue extended as far as possible I began licking her underarms the pungent taste of her sweat was in my mouth and which each strokes of my tongue I liked it more and more I felt like I was born for doing this. First I cleaned her left underarm and then her right underarm.
Nina was very happy with my performance she rained kisses on my face and body I also began kissing her caught my hair firmly in both her hand and began controlling my kisses she ordered me not to stop until she told so. She made me kiss her lips throat cheeks her boobs she asked me to nibble her nipples I sucked on them like a baby I flicked them using my tongue.
I could feel her nipples harden in my mouth Nina was moaning which each lick I could sense her holding my hair tight. Nina began pushing my head downwards till I reached her belly I licked her belly and belly button I dipped my tongue inside her belly button and rotated my tongue inside it Nina yanked my hair till it hurt but I did not let her belly button go she was in heat I could sense it.
I wanted her to enjoy and hurt me in the process she again guided my mouth till I reached her pussy. Nina still had not let my hair go it felt like my hair would end up in her hands I smelled her pussy it has the sweet scent of a rose and it was beautiful as a red cherry. I split open her legs with my hands and lay down between her legs she put both her legs on my shoulder and her feet rested on my ass.
I began to lick the inside of her thighs I took special care to lick the side of her thighs it was strong with her smell then she asked me to lick her outer lips i took great care to lick her outer lips she asked me to take her outer lips inside my mouth and suck it like a candy and I did exactly as she told. Nina asked me to find her clitoris I with Greta difficulty found it and took it between my lips and sucked it hard it was as big as a small bud I flicked it using my tongue.
I was doing all the things as Nina wanted me to do I could feel her love juice flowing into my mouth I drank each and every drop of it. Nina’s back arched she told me to fuck her pussy vigorously using my two fingers while my mouth sucked her clitoris and I did exactly as Nina told me with each insertion of finger Nina arched more and more she screamed and held my mouth tight between her legs.
I was having a hard time keeping up with the pace and Nina pulling my hair made it more difficult I fucked her hard several time at last she had a orgasm which was all over my face and inside my mouth I drank what landed in my mouth and when I Nina was finished she released my hair and I lay there between her legs.
I was exhausted Nina sat up and she asked me to drink the juice which was on my face I cleaned up that also. I asked Nina if I could sleep but Nina had other plans in her mind she asked me to Help Richa finish her orgasm but that is a different story for next time.