The day I heard the family truth

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By Susie Today was the day where I’d see all my family secrets revealed in their flesh. I was excited, to say the least, so after my morning routine I called my friend Britney. Hey girl, I said to her over the phone. Remember what we’ve talked about? Yes sweetie, she responded. Well it’s going down today if you want to come watch and maybe join in. She responding saying she’ll be there around 1 o’clock. Okay the party won’t get started till 2 so we can chat.

Around 1 o’clock I heard a knock at the door and upon answering I saw Britney and her Josh standing there with some baked goods. We brought some food for the party, she said, while pulling me in for a hug. Great, let’s go to the backyard as I grab both their hands and lead them. My mother passed us by and told us, “I’m going to go get your grandad with your sister Katie. Okay have fun mom as we reached the backyard.

I turned to Britney saying, let’s get Josh naked as my Daddy is naked around here somewhere naked as well. I started to pull his shorts down as she kissed him removing his shirt. Josh wasn’t wearing any boxers so his dick sprung out and I inserted into my mouth. I controlled his thrusts with my hands on his tight ass bringing him in and out. I looked up and saw Britney grab my hair and give it a slight tug.

Britney, my dad said, that’s not how you do it. Like this little girl, he stood naked behind Josh, grabbed half of my hair in his hands and pulled my mouth further on Josh’s cock. Sir, not to offend, but your cock is rock hard and rubbing against my ass, Josh explained. You’re on the football team son, you’ve not messed around with guys yet? Britney has pegged my ass asking for a MMF threesome but I keep denying her that pleasure. Well Son today is the day you’ll get to feel real cock in your ass and your girlfriend will love it! He keeps pulling me deeper on Josh’s cock as he takes a step back while Britney begins to suck on my Daddy’s cock. This teen can deepthroat let me tell you. She must never swallow her spit because as she gags more and more of her spit rolls down her body. She turns from my Daddy and spits into Josh’s ass sliding a finger than 2 and 3 into his ass. Once she has his ass loose enough she grabs my Daddy’s cock and positions it at Josh’s ass. Take it Mr. Anderson, make my boyfriend a bisexual slut like me! My Daddy didn’t need any more encouragement as he thrusts his cock into Josh’s ass while pulling my hair so hard I began to gag on Josh’s cock. I can feel his cum being deposited straight into my throat as my Daddy pumps away. Once Josh finished seeding my throat I came off his dick and Britney came laying next to me watching my Daddy fuck her boyfriend.

While Britney and I caress each other bodies and kiss we see my Daddy take Josh to the ground and begin to fuck him face down the grass. My Daddy is fucking as if a dog in heat as I can hear by his breathing my Daddy is about to cum. I grab Britney and we lay our heads right next to Josh as my Daddy pulls his cock out and shores our faces with a thick load of cum. As Britney and I kiss my Daddy goes to the pool to cool down and wash his body. Josh gets up his cock stiff again and he grabs Britney telling her to roll onto her stomach so he can fuck her. She responded by saying no and grabbed me taking my to the pool. Once Josh cooled down he came over to the pool and joined us swimming.

I heard some noises from the house and saw my grandad, mom, and sister walk out greeting us. My mother was the first to shed her clothes as she came to the pool. She motioned for my Daddy to come kiss her and fondle her breast. As he did, Josh took up a position behind her and started to grope her ass. You’re a young jock, my mother says, you want more than to feel up a naughty mother don’t you? Josh shakes his head in agreement as she grabs his cock and tells him to fuck her as she makes out with her husband. Josh needing no further words begins to fuck her as we all watch.

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Katie strips down and grandad asks her to help remove his clothing due to his age. Of course as she strips him naked his cock springs up. I took a viagra pill before you two picked me up he chuckles. “Do you need any help with this, Dad”, Katie asks in the most seductive voice. Yes, babygirl he responds. Katie begins to suck our grandfaters cock as she keeps telling him fuck your daughters face Daddy. Soon they where in cowgirl as she rode him on top with her beauty on display. He pumped his cum into her pussy as she turns to him saying “I hope you get me pregnant and I can give you a daughter like me as my mother did”. I wish for the same he tells Katie.

Seeing them done, I walk over to them and ask granddaddy for a turn in my bed. Okay sweetie, he says to me as Katie gets up and kisses me with the hottest French kiss I’ve experienced in my life. She grabs my pussy and tells me to let him bred me because she wants another sister from her Daddy. I walk up the stairs with grandpa’s hand in mine and asked him a question that been on my mind. ‘Why does Katie call you Daddy, grandpa? Because I am sweetie, while your Dad was away I came over one day and your mother and I fucked like rabbits as we were how on coke. Does my Dad know this, I asked. Of course he knows sweetie that’s why he doesn’t fuck Katie. I had to teach her about her place in this world at 12 because I was her Daddy. Am I yours as well or no, I asked in response. No sweetie you our your Daddy’s girl which is why I couldn’t teach you. Your Daddy taught you late in life but no worries, you’re a family toy now.

With that he puts me on the bed face down and begins to pump his still rock hard cock, wet from my sister…his daughters pussy, into my pussy. Katie wants a sister I tell him, so when you cum, cum deep in me okay grandpa. With my legs spread wide and my hands on the bed rail he fucks my teenage cunt. I’m moaning in pure ecstasy feeling his man seed leave his cock and fill my pussy. Deeper grandpa deeper I demand. Due to the viagra, his cock stays hard as he fucks my teen pussy.

Are you breeding my daughter, I hear my Daddy’s voice from the doorway. Your not, so as your father, I’ll lead this family. My Daddy pulls me up into doggy and puts his cock in my mouth. Well at least suck my cock while he fills your teen pussy with the family seed. “Oh daddy! Grandpa’s dick is thicker, but your is definitely longer”! I moan as a whore as I feel another batch of baby matter enterting my womb. Grandpa’s cock was pulled from my pussy making a sloppy sound.

My Daddy spins me around and inserts his cock deep into my pussy with his longer shaft. He collapsed onto of me pumping his cock into me while I felt the warmth of his breath and body. “Here let me help, grandpa says, as he inserts in soaking wet cock into my Daddy’s ass as he fucks me. It didn’t take long but Daddy came deep in my pussy thanks to his father forcing him deep inside of me. Grandpa came for a third time a clear liquid onto my Daddy’s back. We three walked back downstairs to see Karie, Britney, my mother, and Josh entangled on the couch fucking like whores. We sat back and watched waiting to see who was next. That day all 3 men filled me with their sperm and I played with every woman as well.

As time went on my mother and I became pregnant and asked Josh to take a pertinity test. His test with both negative for us so we know we are carrying family in our wombs and can’t wait for them to grow up.

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By Susie #Bisexual #Group #Incest #Teen