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I’m divorced and with my children grown and rarely visiting me, I usually alone. My ex had remarried, and we were on good terms. Anyway, I had started getting sensual massages and I 50 was trying to find the perfect one. There were four advertising in my area, and I had tried three and they were almost as good as each other. So, the day came to try fourth, I made an appointment and turned up and got a shock, it was my neighbor 38 divorced was the lady to do my massage and hand relief. She was also shocked, but we both got over it fairly quickly. While massaged me she told me it was the only that gave her flexibility to work during school hours to take them to and pick her children up after school. Anyway, she knew I wouldn’t anyone. That weekend she saw me working in my yard, she started to talk to me. I had put her massage at the top of my list, not that it was much better than the others, but I knew the masseuse. I asked her the next time she was working, and she told me Wednesday. Anyway, she didn’t work that day as her bosses were raided and were closed up, for selling drugs. But she needed the extra cash, even those I was her only client she knew. Every bit helped, she told me if I still wanted, I could come over and get my massage. I wanted and went over and paid her what it cost me last time. So, she got double what they paid her, it became a regular thing for her to massage me once every week. During the school holidays, we had to wait until her children were visiting their friends. I was taking a trip and as it was still school holidays, asked my neighbor if she and her children would like to come along. A free holiday is hard to pass up and they came along. All staying in the same room, I shared my bed with her fucked for the first time. On our return we were in a relationship and would marry 2 months later. I was very lucky that day I got my first massage of her, as she wasn’t supposed to work that day. She got pregnant fairly quickly after our marriage and is due soon, she sold her cottage and all live together in my/our home.

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