The Deal

Steve had been the leader of a well feared street gang like the rest of the gang Steve was homophobic, racist and very violent, the residents of the tower block where Steve and most of the gang lived all lived in fear of Steve and the gang none would go out after dark for fear of being robbed or beaten up, the residents did all their shopping before and other business before dark and made sure they were in their flats by dark or stayed at a friends house, the police had tried a few times to convict Steve and other gang members but had failed, then one day they got lucky and were able to convict Steve and have him sent away for five years. Nobody knew how the police got the evidence and nobody really cared except for other gang members. Steve’s sixteen year old girlfriend was alone in the flat when there was a knock on the door, Dawn opened the door and let Mark into the flat, Mark was a well known local flasher who was two years younger than Dawn and hated but was left alone because his uncle was a member of the mafia and helped Steve’s gang. Mark went into the lounge followed by Dawn, Mark looked at Dawn said ” I kept by part of the deal now keep yours” Dawn said I will do not worry” and as she kicked her shoes off said ” you know I fucking hate you but this will be worth it just to get rid of Steve,” Dawn then pulled her jumper up over her head and off and stood topless, Mark looked at her ample bare boobs and said ” very nice” Dawn then slid her joggers down and off and stood naked, Mark looked at Dawn’s love tube and said ” I have wanked off thinking about you many times” Dawn lay on the floor and parted her legs and said ” do not take long” Mark stripped letting his seven inch erection spring into view, Mark knelt between Dawn’s legs and started to rub her love tube and suck her nipples then after a couple of minutes bent forward and slid his throbbing dick into Dawn’s love tube then started to thrust in and out slowly and after a few minutes started to push in deeper and get faster and after five minutes saw that Dawn’s nipples were very erect he continued to thrust in and out of her love tube and after five minutes Dawn groaned loudly as she climaxed, Mark continued to thrust in and out of Dawn’s love tube and felt her cum a second time, Mark saw that Dawn’s nipples were very very erect and as he thrust in and out of her love tube started to gentle squeeze Dawn’s nipples which made her groan even more and after twenty more minutes she climaxed and not long after Mark pulled his dick from Dawn’s love tube and squirted his cum over her body before laying down on the floor beside her, after a few minutes Dawn got up and went and cleaned up then dressed and after checking it was all clear outside the flat let Mark out, Mark walked away thinking these pills that I got from the Chinese herbal shop sure are good and makes you last a long time, Dawn was sitting on the sofa in the flat thinking, getting Mark to give those video’s of Steve to the police have kept it safe from the gang finding out that it was me who made the videos and letting Mark screw me as payment was better than I thought it would be in fact it was good. will try him again.

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