The Dicksucker Pt. 02

tagGroup SexThe Dicksucker Pt. 02

Day 2:
I wake up with the Dick I sucked the night before on my mind. Having flashbacks of my face being covered in spit and precum, dick juice on my lips and my throat stretched out from his huge Cock. I was so dick drunk, I didn't even realize that I tested him only 2 hours after I was came home,
"Baby, I want it back in my mouth!, can I have it tomorrow?"
I didn't realize I texted him that, but I did. I'm a little ashamed of what I was last night. I was a complete DICKSUCKING SISSY FAGGOT WHORE!! OMG!!! I can't believe I did that, (I what I'm thinking) but at the same time….I stop and say softly out my mouth,
"Oh…my….GghOD, I really sucked…a Dick last night"
And little did I realized, I would be balls deepthroating that same dick again tonight.
So I'm just chillin where I live in the lobby area upstairs, and I take a nap. Wake up, and notice that he was trying to text me, to see if I was still coming…he says,
"Hey Fag, you still bringing that Throat??
and I freaked out alittle…. not because he texted me lol, because I don't want to Keep BIG DICK DADDY waiting….
He owns my Sissy Throat, and I shouldn't dare deprive him of my throat when he wants to FUCK IT. So I quickly respond,
"Yes Daddy, your DICKSUCKING Faggot is bringing your Throat for you to fuck."
So I hurry and take a shower, washing everything, including… boipussy, just in case he BIG DICK DADDY wants to fuck it. But I know my duty as a DICKSUCKING FAGGOT, so I make sure my face is clean so he can dirty it up with his dick fluids.
I head over to his place with no underwear on because I want to just walk in and get started.
When I get there, I walk in. And he ask me,
"how was your day?"
(while holding my hands)
and I say,
"better now that I'm here to serve you Daddy"
so we kiss….
I missed his lips, and I missed how he breathed deeply when he kissed me. I just wanted him to turn me over right then and there and fuck me doggystyle. But anyway….
We're kissing so passionately, no music this time, so I hear all the kissing noises and I'm turned on, I'm super horny, and I can't wait to suck his dick. I say to him,
"can I worship your dick now?"
and he smirks,
I get on my knees and he sits down in front of me
and right before my lips wrap around his already hard dick, he says,
"You're such a DICKSUCKING SLUT"
and that set me on a FAGGOT fire
I started to slurp and slob his dick with my dick sucking lips. I'm kissing both sides of his shaft, rubbing my lips everywhere on his dick. Getting it wet, like Pornstar! And he's loving it, I'm sliding up one side, sucking a little of the head and sliding my lips down the other side. Then I just love it so much, I bring one of my hands of the stroke while I suck, and I'm just doing stuff I've seen in movies. And my hands getting wet, soaked in spit. That's making me feel slutty, I'm sucking and sucking and sucking…………
then I bring my other hand up, and I start twist my hands gently up and down his long black dick, while slurping loudly. He groans,
"Good Bitch"
Ooooo I loved that. He views me as a DICKSUCKING Slut, and that's what I liked. I was useful to someone, I was making someone happy. All I ever wanted. And I was doing that for him well. I'm sloppily sucking his beautiful dick, moaning like a faggot bitch, and I'm bobbing up and down, and slobbing and slurping and sucking and just worshipping his dick.
I deep throat once. He says,
"Do that again Slut"
I do it again, alittle deeper but not quite all of it. He says,
(very commanding but subtle)
and he gets impatient
so he puts his huge hand on the back of my head, and he starts pushing my throat back and forth up and down his shaft, not too rough but swift enough to show he's control the sucks I'm giving him. And he can do that because my throat belongs to him. He owned my mouth. It was his to pleasure his dick with. And believe me, as HUGE as his dick was, he deserved all the worship I was giving. I felt so honored to be lucky enough to have such an amazing dick in my mouth.
I'm still sucking, at this point for about 20mins straight now. Just enjoying myself. I completely submitted to him as I sucked his dick. I know what I am at this point, no question. I am a;
and in that moment I was proud of that. I was confident that I was in the right place at the right time. Sucking the Dick of a King!
{1 Hour of DickSucking Later}
*SUuucCK Gawk Gawk Gawk SUCK*
BBC KING: "Yea, Ooooo, Suck me,….
Me: *Gawk Gawk, Slluuuurrrrrpp!!!!*
BBC KING: "Yea you slutty fag, you bitch"
"You want some of this Dick Juice don't you, Ooooo, Sucking me so Good, you…you DICKSUCKING FAGGOT!"
"Suck this BIG BLACK DICK"
I'm just sucking away like the DICKSUCKER I am, enjoying sucking his dick as much as he enjoyed getting sucked. Everything's wet but not too nasty, just very beautiful wet, my throat was grateful for his dick to run through it. I'm going deep and deeper, and making all the sexiest DICKSUCKER noises, and moaning like a Faggot.
BBC KING: "Oooo, YES, bitch, Yes!!!!"
"Here you go Hoe, take this!!!!"
He cums all over my face, something I never experienced. I was grateful, surprised but grateful.
Me: "Thank You, Daddy for the Cum."
BBC KING: "Alright Bitch, next time you come, imma Fuck you like a Girl until you're a Complete FAGGOT!"

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