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I grew up with Ken going to the same schools together, we lost contact a few years back but I met up with him and his wife Jenny a few months ago. Being single Jenny often invites me round for dinner trying to hook me up with one of her girlfriends. Last week when Ken invited me to dinner I started to make an excuse to not attend but before I could finish he jumped in telling me it's not one of Jenny's date night, her sister Clare is visiting from out of town for a couple of nights and she thought it might be fun to get together,
I agreed to come.
I arrived for dinner, Jenny met me a the door, she's an attractive brunette with long hair down to her waist, she had a tight little short dress on tonight highlighting her well rounded breasts and long slender legs. I couldn't help but stare at her as she stood in the door way, this brought a smile to her face. She gave me a kiss on the cheek, "Hi Barry, nice that you could make it," with a giggle she turned around, "Follow me."
My eyes dropped to her pert little ass, I could feel myself getting hard as I watched her ass wiggle toward the lounge room. Taking a deep breath I reminded myself she's married to my mate, but I couldn't stop thinking that there was no harm in looking.
As I walked into the lounge room Jenny introduced me to her sister Clare. She was also very attractive, she had a backless dress on with two panels running down the front just wide enough to cover her breasts, it had splits up both sides to her waist. She had shoulder length blonde hair and as she came across the room to greet me I could see she had hard perky nipples and her dress allowed me to see her long slender legs.
I could feel my cock hardening again.
As she gave me a kiss on the cheek her hand brushed across the front of my trousers, I assumed it was an accident and I actually felt slightly embarrassed considering how aroused I was feeling. "Hi Barry, very nice to meet you."
I excused myself and went off to find Ken leaving the sisters whispering to each other.
I found Ken in the pool room, he handed me a beer, "Good to see you Barry." Handing me a cue stick, "Time for a game, dinner won't be ready for a while." Ken was a lot better at pool than I was and enjoyed showing off and rubbing it in. The first game didn't last long and the second wasn't going much better, the bright side was that the girls would pop in, giving us a smile as they watched, it also gave me some nice eye candy to admire. They were also distracting Ken and after they would leave Ken always commented on how dressed up they got especially for me tonight. With a laugh he would say. "You know Barry maybe Jenny did plan a date night after all, Clare is looking extra hot for you."
We were playing our fourth game, I was down 3 nil and heading for a fourth lost as Ken kept pointing out when Clare walked in by herself. I was watching Ken have a shot as she came up behind me, wrapping her arms around me, pulling my body against hers, she said, "Time to put your little sticks away boys." Squeezing me tighter, "We'll play with it later." Letting me go she said, "Dinner is ready, come and get it," with a giggle she was gone.
Walking into the dining room I found myself sitting beside Jenny and across from Clare, Ken was diagonally opposite me. Dinner started normally enough, we chatted about nothing in particular as we ate, to be honest it was hard for me not to stare at either Jenny or Clare, both were looking super sexy, when I looked at Jenny my eyes were drawn to her long legs and when I looked at Clare I couldn't take my eyes off her hard perky nipples pointing straight at me. Most of the time I either looked at my dinner or Ken in an effort not to embarrass myself.
Ken produced a bottle of wine, offering me a glass I declined saying I had to drive.
Jenny turned to me, placing a hand on my leg she said I should stay, that she'll make up a bed for me in the pool room, "Tell him Ken, tell him he must stay!"
Clare looked up at me smiling as she said, "Oh yes please stay, it's early." I could feel her foot rubbing my leg now, "You enjoyed dinner and we still have a special dessert for you later."
"Yeah spend the night Barry, it's Friday night, no work tomorrow and I might even let you win a game of pool later ".
I agreed, Jenny smiled, giving my leg a squeeze as her hand move slightly higher up my leg. Both girls smiled at each other as Ken handed me a glass.
As we sat talking Jenny's hand has moved to my crotch, she's squeezing my cock through my pants, I'm getting harder and fidgeted in my seat trying to get comfortable. All I could do was stare at Ken hoping he couldn't see what Jenny was doing, but Ken was too busy in conversation with Clare and looking at her tits to notice anything else and he wasn't hiding the fact either.
Looking at me Jenny asked. "Is there anything else you want?" I shake my head mumbling no, running her tongue around her lips she says, "Well you know where everything is, just help yourself."
As Clare chats with Ken she continues to run her foot up and down my leg.
Jenny slowly unzips my pants, pulling my cock out, running her fingers along the shaft. Adjusting herself on the seat her dress slides up, giving me a smile as she spreads her legs, I place my hand on her leg moving it up under her dress, I stop, looking at her she runs her tongue around her lips, she's not wearing any panties. She squeezes my cock harder, that all the encouragement I need. My finger slides over her pussy, she was already wet and I'm able to slide inside without any difficulty. I start working her pussy with one finger than two, wrigglingly them around inside her, finding her special spot.
Jenny manages to keep a straight face as I finger her pussy, her hand still on my cock squeezing it, she looks towards Ken saying. "Be a dear Ken and pop down to the cellar and grab another bottle."
Still staring at Clare, Ken reluctantly gets up and leaves the table. Jenny takes her hand away from my cock, adjusting herself she slides my fingers deeper inside herself, I realise Clare has stopped rubbing my leg, I glance over and she's gone. I return my attention to Jenny, her dress is pushed up showing her pussy, the sight of my fingers inside her and hearing her softly moans was making me extra hard, suddenly a hand grabs my cock, looking down I see Clare under the table looking up at me as she moves my cock to her mouth.
Jenny's getting more excited watching her sister suck my cock, I'm about to come, Jenny is using my fingers to fuck herself, all I can do is stare down at Clare's face as she works my cock with her mouth, I feel my balls tighten, my cock twitches as Clare sucks me harder, I cum in her mouth. Clare keeps sucking, my cum leaks out of the corner of her mouth, seeing this makes Jenny cum also.
As Ken returns to the room Clare climbs back into her chair, running her tongue around her lips as she looks at me. I try to compose myself, slowing my breathing and trying not to look guilty. Jenny puts my cock back into my pants, I place my hands on the table, as Ken sits down Jenny looks at them saying, "Looks like you dribbled some gravy on your fingers you should lick them clean!"
Lifting my hand up she places each of my fingers one at a time in my mouth, I suck each one, savouring the taste of her sweet pussy. Ken just looks at me and shakes his head, "Women."
Clare smiles rubbing my leg again, I can see some cum between her breasts, she sucks her finger before running it between her breasts scoping it up and sucking it off her finger, "Looks like I dribbled also."
The girls said that they'll save dessert for later clearing the table. Jenny announced it was hers and Clare's turn to play pool, Ken told me to come to the lounge room for a port.
As we sip on our drink the conversation turns to the girls, I tried to avoid discussing Jenny so as not to embarrass myself instead directing the focus on Clare, which Ken enjoyed. "Don't say anything but to be honest Barry after Clare visits while I'm fucking Jenny I imagine I'm fucking Clare, if I wasn't married I would go there in a sec."
Ken continued, "She runs around the house half dressed and it drives me crazy, I'm sure she does it on purpose teasing me," pulling out his phone "I snuck a couple of pictures of her and jerk off to them after she teases me."
That what happened when he went for the wine, sitting beside her at dinner every time he looked at her he saw her perfectly rounded breast, her perky little nipple pressing against the fabric, the split in her dress showed her whole leg running all the way up to her waist.
"I was so relieved when Jenny asked me to get another bottle, if I hadn't jerked off then I would have exploded in my pants," Ken said with a laugh.
Finishing our drink we headed to the pool room, as we entered the girls gave us a smile, Ken goes to the bar offering to make cocktails, Clare quickly said that he could give her a Slippery Nipple which both girls giggled at, not to be out done Jenny said she'll have a Creamy Pussy, as she turned back to the table she looked at me and gave me a smile.
They were like a pair of teenage girls giggly away as they thought of other dirty cocktails they'll have,
I just had a bourbon, settling down in a chair to watch the girls play.
As the girls walked around the table they were being extremely flirtatious, I wasn't sure if it was only for my benefit or if Ken was also getting the same treat. As they walked toward me they would run their hand up and down the cue stick, running their tongues around their lips.
Jenny loved playing shots in front of me, bending over the table, her skirt riding up showing her naked ass and pussy, Clare liked to stand beside her, leaning over as if helping her decide on the best shot, her hand would touch Jenny's ass, rubbing and squeezing it, she would run a finger along Jenny's pussy lips before slipping it into her pussy, then pulling it out she would turn towards me placing it in her mouth and running her tongue around it.
Clare would lean over the table facing me as she prepared for her shot, uncovering her tits, letting them hang just above the table, her nipples rubbing the surface.
The cocktail orders kept coming as well, "Oh Ken how about a Blow Job, oh Ken I have an Angel's Tit, oh Ken I want Sex on my Face, oh Ken I need a Suck, Bang & Blow." I could see Ken was getting turned on by the cocktail ordering but the girls were always facing me as they shouted out their order, making provocative gestures.
At one stage Ken said to Jenny that they still had to get my bed ready for me to sleep in, the girls wandered around the table as if they didn't hear him, then with Clare opposite and Jenny in front of me they both leant over the table, lifting a leg up to give a glorious view of her pussy she looked at Ken, "Yes dear, I'll sort out beds later, it'll be a while before we sleep."
At the other end Clare had her tits out and was just taking her finger from her mouth rubbing it over her nipple as she looked over her shoulder, "Yes Ken we have more games to play before we go to sleep, now be a sweetie and make me and your wife a pair of Red-Headed Sluts and then we'll have The Leg Spreader."
Ken was staring hard at Clare's ass and legs as she bent over the table, mentally undressing her. After he made the drinks he excused himself and left the room, I assume for another wank from the bulge in his trousers, the girls came up standing either side of me, placing their cues sticks between my legs they pressed them against my cock, rubbing it, the bulge in my trousers was obvious,
"Look Jenny he's brought his own cue stick." Clare said.
"Oh good Clare lets hope he can sink somethings in some holes later." Jenny replied.
As the night worn on the girls became more brazen with their actions, the drinks were catching up with Ken, I've been only sipping my drink too engrossed in watching the girls, while Ken has been knocking them back left, right and centre, he was now struggling to stay awake, no matter be aware of what was happening around him. He has collapsed into a chair in the corner of the room where he could only see my head due to the pool table.
Between shots the girls would stand beside or in front of me, letting my hand slide under their dresses to finger their pussy or ass. Jenny loved bending over in front of me, I would lean forward in my seat to lick her pussy. Clare has unzipped my pants, dropping their cue sticks at my feet they would squat down to pick them up rubbing and sucking my cock.
Jenny moves to the table to take a shot, Clare stays beside me her hand wrapped around my cock, Jenny calls me over asking for my advice, I move beside her. She's leaning over the table, her dress it around her waist, she wiggles her pert little ass as I stare at it. Dropping my hand I rub and squeeze her cheeks, then give them a slap making her jump and squeal.
Clare has followed me I can feel her hot breath on my neck as her hand slides inside my shirt rubbing my chest and stomach as she watches me play with Jenny's ass.
Jenny's hand has dropped to my cock stroking it, "I can't decide which hole, how about you choose for me."
Clare moved me behind Jenny, pushing me forward, my cock pressing against Jenny's ass. Jenny wriggles her ass against my cock, I look over towards Ken he appears to be asleep. Clare's hand moves to my cock, "Let me help you," she whispers in my ear.
Clare guides me to Jenny's pussy pressing my cock against it, rubbing me along it, covering me with her juices. Pressing my nob against her hole she moves me inside her, "She's nice and wet, all ready for you."
I start moving back and forward inside her, Jenny moans as I fuck her, I keep glancing at Ken in case Jenny moans wake him, he still appears to be asleep. I pull down the top of her dress, her tits feel firm in my hands, as I squeeze them I can feel her hard, perky nipples. While holding her tits I pull her towards me, pushing my cock deeper inside her with each thrust, her moaning is get louder..
I can hear Clare moaning also, glancing in her direction I see her on the floor beside us, she's playing with her nipples and fingering her pussy as she watches us fuck. "Save some of that for me."
I hear Ken stirring, mumbling about wanting another drink, I jumped away from Jenny trying to be a discreet as possible, hoping that Ken is too drunk to see Jenny bent over the table with her tits hanging out and me standing behind her, with a massive erection. I turn so my back is facing him. Clare stares at me or my cock at least, with a smile on her face licking her lips, fingers still buried in her pussy.
Jenny stood up, turning around looking disappointed as she tucks her tits back into her dress and straightens it up, sighing she says, "Let me go and tuck him into bed."
As Jenny moved to Ken helping him up, Clare stood up, her dress falling to the floor showing her perfect naked body, her firm round breasts with rock hard perky nipples, a slim waist and firm stomach, her hips where narrow and she had a nicely trimmed heart shape of hair above her pussy.
Stepping out of her dress she moved toward me, stopping in front of me she unbuttoned my shirt, leaning forward nibbling my nipples as she took it off, her mouth continued to kiss my chest as her hands moved to my trousers unbuttoning them, I kicked off my shoes as she hooks her thumbs inside the waistband of my pants and briefs, squatting down she pull my pants down, licking my cock, "Ah, don't you agree my sister does taste nice, now it's your turn to taste me."
Moving to the pool table she climbed on top of it, spreading her legs she licks her fingers and started rubbing her pussy, stepping out of my pants my eyes were fixed on Clare's pussy, her lips swollen, glistening with juice, her clit looking firm and hard, her hole tightly squeezing her finger as she slides it in and out, my cock twitched as I moved toward her.
My hands rested on the inside of her knees pushing them further apart, her pussy glistening as it stares up at me, my mouth moving to her clit, my tongue flicks it giving me my first taste of her sweet juices. As I take it in my mouth, sucking it, I press my chin against her wet lips rubbing them, I feel her wetness covering on my face. As I nibble and pull on her clit I slide one finger than two inside her pussy, my fingers moving slowly back and forward, her pussy squishing with wetness, as I massage her.
Moving my mouth down, my tongue pushes between her lips, her taste and smell is divine , I work my tongue around her hole as my fingers continue to massage her inside. Pulling my fingers from her pussy my tongue slides in, I suck on her, drawing her juices into my mouth, she's moaning one hand moving to the back of my head pushing me tighter against her pussy, forcing my tongue deeper inside, with her other hand she rubs her clit. I slide a finger into her ass, she lets out a small squeal as I finger her, "Fuck me, I want your cock in my ass!" Clare moans.
Standing up I roll her over and pull her to the edge of the table, spitting on my hand I rub the head of my cock I then press against her ass slowly pushing inside her, Clare screams "Fuck me, yes, fuck it feels so good, fuck, fuck don't stop!"
I know I won't last long, after being in Jenny's pussy and now Clare's ass my cock is ready to explode. Her tight ass is squeezing my cock as I move back and forward inside her, I pull my cock out until only the tip was inside her before I push it back, "Oh fuck yes, it feels so good, harder, fuck me harder, fill me with cum!" Clare begs.
It isn't long until my cock starts twitching in her, with a grunt I cum, I grab her hips pulling her towards me, pushing myself deep into her ass, my cock throbbing as it pumps cum into her, "Oh fuck that is so good, let me taste it." Clare said.
Just as I pull my cock from Clare's ass Jenny walks in, she stands in the doorway watching cum dribble from my cock, Clare gets off the table squatting in front of me taking my cock in her mouth, my cum dripping from her ass on to the floor.
'Well you could have waited for me." Jenny said.
Jenny let her dress fall to the ground, just seeing her standing there naked was enough to make my cock hard again, not to mention the attention it was getting from Clare's mouth. Her breasts were slightly larger than Clare's but more perky, sticking out begging to be suck, with her long hair cascading down over them she looked super seductive, she has gorgeous long legs, her pussy was completely shaven and as she stood there with her legs apart I could see her pussy lips dangling down.
Walking over to us, Jenny said "I see your being wasteful Clare, I suppose I'll need to clean up after you again," dropping to her knees Jenny licks the cum of the floor, "You were right he does taste nice."
Taking my cock out of her mouth Clare says. "Well when your finished there you'll find some still inside me."
"Sounds delicious." Jenny replied.
Clare stood up, reaching behind herself she grabs a butt check with each hand pulling them apart, looking up Jenny stretches up running her tongue along Clare's pussy to her butt hole. I sat back in the chair, cock in my hand watching the two naked sisters in front of me, Jenny's tongue rimming Clare's ass before sliding inside, her face buried in Clare's ass as she probed away inside her.
Clare asked Jenny, "Did you bring me back a little treat also?"
Stopping Jenny looked up saying, '"No sorry, Ken couldn't get it up if he tried, I sat on his face for a while but even his tongue was limp."
Glancing at me Clare said, "It won't be a problem for someone else."
Turning to me they take a hand each pulling me up off the chair, Jenny grabs my cock and we walk out of the room. As we walk down the hallway I heard Ken snoring, walking pass an open door I see him lying naked on the bed, we go to the far end of the hall, Clare opens the door, I guess this is the guest room where Clare is sleeping at the moment.

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