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This is the continuation of my previous sex story “Target Achieved – Deepthi”. This happened before 3 years and I wrote this sex story at that time. However, I did not publish the sex story as I only publish stories post getting approval from the involved girl/lady. I had lost contact with her but recently came in contact with her again and told her that I want to publish our sex story.

She has given her approval and also requested the readers to be patient as it will be a descriptive real-life story and hence long. It’s a sex story of how I got the chance to have sex with one of the hottest MILFs of our company.

Her name is Swapna. She was 31 and a mother of a child but still maintains her figure. She is very fair and has a figure of 34-28-34. She is a lady who can carry of any type of dress with grace whether it’s a Sari, Salwar Kameez, T-Shirts & Jeans, Skirt anything. She has thick pink lips and dark hair. She’s very frank and supportive as well, mingles with everyone very easily. She was one of the tenured members of my team.

Coming to the sex story, after having sex with Deepthi, we went for a movie(Hasi toh Phasee) where we already had a corner seat booked. I was determined to enjoy her body during the movie as well. However, she was getting tensed to do romance in public. I explained to her that the theatre was less crowded and in the dark nobody will be able to know anything. After few minutes of the movie, I started fondling her boobs by putting my hands inside her T-shirt.

She was a little scared to do all these things in public but when I started playing with her boobs and nipples, she started enjoying. She also started playing with my cock over my pants. It was rock hard. We continued playing with each other for some time. I had already seen the movie and knew when the interval would be. We stopped just before the interval and adjusted our clothes. She wanted to have some popcorn and cold drinks and also wanted to go to the washroom to masturbate.

Even I wanted to jerk off, so we went to the respective washrooms. I was waiting outside the ladies washroom when Deepthi came hurriedly and asked me to get back to the seats immediately. I understood there might be some reason for this and went inside with her immediately. After coming in, I asked her why is she so panicked? She told me that she met Swapna inside the washroom and she did not want to disclose about our affair in front of her so told that she came with her brother and sister-in-law.

She was very scared that we should not be visible to them. She was watching everyone who was coming into the theatre. Suddenly, she pinched me and showed Swapna, she was looking sexy as usual. She was wearing a yellow spaghetti top with a white netted jacket on top as an accessory. She was looking very hot and fuckable. Then we observed who was with her. She did not come with her husband it was Vishal, one of our teammates.

They were looking very comfortable with each other and Vishal was holding her waist and she was feeding him popcorn. Deepthi and I both knew that Swapna and Vishal are very friendly people but their actions were suggesting something much more than friendship. Deepthi was close to Swapna but she does not like to discuss personal matters. However, Vishal and I shared a good bond and I knew that I can get the information from him.

The movie resumed shortly and I marked the place where they were sitting. It was also corner seats which were 6-7 rows before our seats. As the hall had less public, there were a lot of vacant places. If someone focused properly, they could make out what’s happening where. Once the lights were off, I told Deepthi that I will go out now and bring popcorn.

However, I went to a seat which was 2 rows distant and at a diagonal position from their seats to find out if my guess was correct or not. As I guessed, they started locking their lips. I could also make out that Vishal’s hand were inside Swapna’s top. I understood the complete matter and now was turned on to the core. I bought the popcorn and went to Deepthi and started fondling her boobs again.

I was a little rough this time in squeezing her boobs as I was totally turned on and was imagining them to be Swapna’s breasts. Deepthi also was enjoying this. We continued the same until the end of the movie. We got out of there quickly and then I dropped Deepthi at her place and returned to mine. That night I was very happy as I fucked one of my dream ladies and also there was a new fantasy for me – To sleep with Swapna.

Next day I went to the office and sat next to Vishal. We shared a good rapport and discussed sex freely with each other. I knew that he won’t mind discussing his relationship with Swapna. I invited him to go for a “sutta break” together. He was more than happy. During the break, we discussed how we spent the weekend. Then as we both went to the same movie we discussed a little about the movie.

I asked him with whom he went to which he answered that he went with his girlfriend. I ask him immediately, “from when is Swapna ma’am your girlfriend?”. He was shocked to hear this. He asked me how do I know about it. I told him that I saw them together as I was also there and also saw what they were doing. He pleaded not to tell anyone as he wanted to keep a secret and I assured that I won’t.

He told me that once when we had a team dinner, he went to drop Swapna to her house as her husband was out of town and she didn’t bring her bike. She invited him in and started seducing him. He was like who will leave such a chance. From that day he regularly had sex with her whenever her husband is out of the station. I was growing in confidence. I wanted to have sex with her madly and was waiting for an opportunity now.

Next week was the starting of the new month and our shifts were to be changed. Deepthi had a morning shift and as Swapna, Vishal and I were part of the same team, we got the same shift (evening). 15th of that month was Swapna’s birthday. I already had a good rapport with her but I decided to improve it further. As Swapna was much senior to us, she handled the high-value customers and sat in a different bay. There were only 2 persons handling the clients and had special systems.

We 3 started chatting with each other frequently in Messenger and always went on breaks together. Within a week, we became very close to each other. We created a separate Whatsapp group and used to share jokes/memes and also used to discuss hotties on the floor. However, I never had a one-on-one sex chat with her and was always in the group.

Her birthday arrived and as she wanted to spend time with her family, she was on leave for 2 days. However, she invited all the team members for a party at B & C. As we were doing night shifts and all team members could not take a leave together, there was a situation where one among Vishal and I could attend her party. I wanted to go desperately but as Vishal had become a very good friend of mine, I decided to sacrifice.

On her birthday, I was in the office doing night shifts and they were sharing pics in our team’s Whatsapp group. She had her hair shortened and was looking hot in a black dress with transparent arms and red flowers on it. She had her makeup well done with red lipstick and was looking tempting. There were pics where all of them were having drinks. I understood that all got talli and that is the reason they were being sentimental in the group. I wished her happy birthday and complimented her beauty. Then I got busy with my work and didn’t pay notice on Whatsapp.

When I had an hour left for my log out I went for a break and checked my phone. There were 6 messages from Swapna, not in the group, she directly messaged me  She said that she considered me very close friend and shares everything with me. She was expecting me to be a part of the party and missed me a lot. When I checked the messages, she was still online. I messaged

Me: Sorry dear, had no choice.
She: Keep your sorry with you. I don’t need your sorry.
Me: Don’t tell like that dear. Either I or Vishal could have attended the party.
She: So you could have come, Vishal anyways keeps meeting me now and then.
Me: I know you are closer to Vishal and hence didn’t want to disturb.
She: Nothing like that. You both are equal to me.
Me: Thank you very much, but I know you both.
She: What do you know?
Me: Leave it, I do not want to discuss it now.

I went offline. I immediately got a call from her. I picked up the call. She asked me again, what do you know about us? I could sense that she was drunk. I told her that this is a late night and her husband might feel bad if she’s talking to me now and we will talk next day. She told that her husband is already asleep. She again repeated the same question and I tried to dodge the question. Then she used her Brahmastra – “Tumhe meri kasam. If you don’t answer me do not talk to me from tomorrow”. I told her that I can’t tell it on call, I will text you. She was Ok with it.

Me: I saw you both during the movie, I was sitting behind you people. I saw how Vishal was kissing you and was playing with your boobs.
She: Oh shit! Please do not tell this to anyone. I will lose my respect. My marriage will be shattered. I beg you. Pleasssseeee
ME: If I had to defame you, I would have done it earlier itself. Don’t worry your secret will be a secret.
She: Thank you, dear. You are a sweetheart. Good night. See you tomorrow in office.

The next day, Vishal was on off and Swapna and I had an office. I thought it would be a good gesture to talk face to face with her. I had already ordered a small cake for her. I planned to do something special for her. Late in the night, when we had less work, I asked her to come on a break with me.

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We went to the cafeteria, where I kept the cake. I had brought candles and tiara for her too. I took her to a corner and we were sitting outside as we cannot light candles inside the main cafeteria. There were very few members in the cafeteria at that time. I lit the candles for her and placed the tiara on her head. She was wearing a blue sleeveless top and white bottom. She was looking stunning, much younger than her actual age. She blew the candles, cut the cake and fed me a piece.

I also returned the favor. Then I held her face tightly and smudged the cake on her beautiful face. She repeated the same to me. Then she gave me a tight hug. It was a pleasant shock for me. I also wrapped my hands around her. I was able to feel her breath on my neck. I could feel her soft breasts crushing on my chest. We were like that for about 2 minutes. When we broke the hug, I saw her face. The dark chocolate of the cake on her white face was looking so lickable.

We were looking into each other’s eyes. It was an intense moment. Then she took the choco cream from her cheeks and lips on her finger and licked it seductively. I understood that she was getting horny. However, both of us quickly realized that we were in office. We went to wash off the cake. She was looking so sexy with her wet hair.

We clicked few selfies together and went back to the floor. From that day we started one on one chats regularly and started knowing about each other. We used to share each other’s pics and did some naughty chats as well discussing each other’s body measures. We were becoming very close. However, our trio – Swapna, Vishal and I continued our friendship as usual without discussing each other.

It was the last week of our night shifts and it was the same day when Vishal was on a week off and Swapna and I were in office. I was focused that I need to do something today as I might not get this kind of opportunity in future. During the month end, the work pressure was too high as both of us had to complete our targets. Normally, we were good performers and used to finish off our targets well in advance but maybe because of the night shifts and our focus on each other, we were among the last few whose targets were pending.

We went on a coffee break together and were discussing the strategies to reach target when my eyes fell on her loosely hanging top. She was wearing a black top with short hands which had 3 golden buttons towards the right side to open it. The sight of her cleavage was so mesmerizing that I lost all my concentration and was focusing on her cleavage only. We finished our coffee and came back to our systems.

I was unable to concentrate on my work. I was only imagining the sight of that beautiful valley between her milky white breasts. I wanted to have a view of her cleavage once again. So, I waited until the other team members log out. I knew that as she has not completed her work she will extend her shift. Moreover, she brought her car as well so it was not difficult for her to go home. I went to her once everyone logged out and saw her stretching her arms.

She seemed too stressed. When I asked she admitted that she was tired and her back was paining. I immediately offered her a back massage. She looked into my eyes and after a pause said that she would love a back massage. We were only 2 members on that part of the floor and the other working team was logged in at quite a distance. The time was 3:30 a.m. and there was no other team logging in before 6 a.m.

Moreover, Swapna’s seat was on the extreme corner, where the coverage of CCTV camera also won’t be that great I guessed. I had the perfect opportunity to enjoy this MILF now. I asked her to lean back in her chair and I started massaging her shoulders slowly. Gradually, I massaged her back and her arms as well. She was feeling relaxed and closed her eyes. Her dress was loose and was made of a very thin material.

As I was in a standing position, I was able to see her milky white cleavage clearly. As her dress was loose I started to adjust it a little more so that more of her cleavage is visible. Now I could see her black floral bra as well. My cock was damn hard. I moved my face near to her neck. Her eyes were still closed and my hands were going through her shoulders and arms.

She was enjoying the message and started to give slow moaning sounds. I was able to see her black beauty spots which were present beautifully on her cheeks, neck, chest, and breasts. I was unable to control anymore and slid my hands inside her dress, inside her bra. She immediately opened her eyes.

She: Have you gone mad. What are you doing?
Me: Don’t stop me now. I have resisted a lot.
She: Shut up!

She pulled out my hands from her clothes.

She: I never expected this from you.

I felt a little scared as I misbehaved with her in office and she can complain about me. However, I was so horny that I didn’t give a fuck about it.

Me: Hey, I am really sorry, but you are so tempting that I could not control. I thought I would tell you on your birthday itself but I controlled myself. The truth is I really like you the way you are. I always think about you and want to hold you close to myself and kiss you. I know you are married and a mother too but I can’t help it. I need you badly.

We both looked into each other’s eyes for sometime.

She: You are a good person Sam, I do not want you to complicate your love life as well. If your GF knows about us then what will she think?
Me: I don’t care. I want you. I can leave her for you.(I felt bad saying it, but I was so desperate at that moment that I could not help)
She: U like me so much?
Me: Yes I do.

She locked her system and asked me to come for a coffee break. Our coffee vending machines are near to the washroom. We have CCTV cameras covering the Coffee vending machine but no cameras were there beyond that where there were the washrooms. I went to the coffee machine and was about to get a cup of coffee when she stopped me.

She: Are you really interested in having coffee?
Me: Not really, I just wanted to spend time with you.
She: Just spend time? Nothing else?
Me: Actually, there is a lot more I want to do.
She: What you want to do?
I got the green signal
Me: I want to see your beauty completely from head to toe.
She: You can see my beauty completely now as well.
Me: No, I want to see your complete body, without anything covering it.
She: Are you mad? How can I do this?
Me: I know you can do it, at least for me.

She didn’t say anything but went to the washroom. I was waiting for her to come back. She immediately came back and signaled me to come in. I didn’t think anything else and followed her into the ladies washroom. She had already checked that there was no one inside.

She took me inside one of the cabins over there, closed the lid and made me sit on the pot. Then she stood in front of me and asked what would I like to see first. I was excited and asked to start with her navel. I had seen her navel for a short time when she wore saree once. She had a deep navel. She started moving her dress up to show her navel. Despite pregnancy, she had maintained her figure nicely without any stress marks.

She had beauty spots just above her belly button and a couple towards the side of her tummy. I was getting turned on more and more. I started licking her navel and her tummy. She was coming into mood too. She completely removed her top and was in front of me in her black floral bra. I made her sit on my thighs and started kissing her cleavage. My hands were going through her bareback. I put my hands inside her pants and her panties and started squeezing that sexy ass. She was enjoying a lot. Then I started kissing her lips.

She has a thick lower lip, I started licking and sucking it. Our tongues were inside each other’s mouth and we were going wild. I broke the kiss and moved towards her shoulders kissing her neck. I removed the bra straps from both her shoulders and unhooked her bra. Her milky white jugs were dangling in front of me. She had light brown areolas and perky nipples. I took her left nipple into my mouth and started sucking it.

One of my hands was squeezing her other boob and other was squeezing her butt cheeks. I moved my hand from her ass towards her pussy. I felt her trimmed bush and was searching for her vagina. I finally got her pussy lips which were already dripping wet. I put my middle finger inside her pussy and she was jumping with joy. She pulled down her pants and panties and now was completely nude standing in front me. I also dropped my pants and inner.

My cock was wet with pre-cum and it wanted to go inside her pussy. She lifted her ass a little and positioned her pussy just above my cock head. Then she sat on my cock and it went inside her wet pussy walls. She let out a loud moan coz of the pain. Then she started riding my cock like a whore and was moving her ass to guide it through her pussy. I kept looking at her bouncing boobs.

I held both her bouncing boobs in my hands and started kneading them as if they were big balls of dough. The feeling was awesome. Her boobs were so soft and her nipples so hard that I wanted to hold on to them for eternity. It continued for about 15 minutes with short pauses and we decided that we will cum together. She started increasing her speed and I started squeezing her boobs and pinching the nipples.

I was nearing my orgasm and she could feel that too. She also increased her speed and was nearing her orgasm as well. Suddenly, we could feel the rush of energy and she stood up on my cock as she didn’t want to get pregnant. Her pussy juices started flowing from her pussy and my cum shot went to her complete pussy and tummy region. We cleaned the semen with toilet paper, dressed up and came out to the floor.

“That’s it for today. Bring a condom next time” she sighed with a slutty smile on her face. So that’s it for today will be back with more experiences. Please drop a mail to [email protected] with your feedback about the sex story because your encouragement and comments turn us on and help to have nice sex. Thank you for your patience.

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