The Dream that Ended with Three

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It was 3 a.m. when Holly was abruptly shaken awake with an overwhelming pleasure coursing through her body, her eyes struggling to take focus of the tranquil moonlit bedroom. Lying flat on her back with her head comfortably pressed against a pillow, and her legs tense with a slight spread exposing what felt like the throbbing swell of her womanhood, she could detect the sheets were torn from the edges of the bed, the blanket bunched in a ball of chaos. Her arms were positioned tight by her sides, and her hands clenched the silk fabric sheets as though she were trying to rip them apart in her sleep. Sweat wrapped her warm shaking caramel skin, her breath deep and profound as her heart raced energetically. The pierced swell of her nipples chiseled the bosom shapes of her white slinky tank top, no bra to impede their growth, and could recognize the breathtaking sensation of her hip-hugging black-laced panties unbelievably drenched from the gush of a mind-blowing fantasy dream orgasm!
"What did I just dream?!" she questioned in her head, somewhat embarrassed.
She laid perfectly motionless, attempting to slow her heartrate and gain control of her breathing, recalling every delightful dreamy detail that brought her to her current state of this spectacular breathtaking horniness. She could vividly recall the apparitions that woke her from a deep blissful rest and triggered the expulsion of intoxicating vaginal nectar. As awkward as it were replaying the deeds she mentally performed, she identified her dream as the sinful act of a mesmerizing threesome involving her, her husband, and a gorgeously attractive mystery man that stirred this overpowering titillating appetite! An act she had never performed or even considered before! A romantically delightful ménage à trois cerebral fantasy of erotic power, unhinged lovemaking, deep liberating penetration, and the astonishing euphoria of sexually embracing two men at the same time. Her dreamy electrifying union of three crowded her mind, speechless how turned-on she was pondering her stargazed cognitive actions, her body still shivering from the most realistic sleep induced vision she had every had! She unclenched the grasp of the sheets and reached toward her husband, only to find emptiness next to her.
"He is still out of town on business," she remembered disappointedly.
The desire to satisfy her urge of sexual naughtiness streamed through her body, and her husband was absent to satisfy her immediate craving of lust and passionate fucking. Sexually hindered, she rolled to her side and curled securely beneath the sheets, pulling them tight against her still heated body and raced to fall back asleep, eager to leap into another dream of the trinity mystery man and the sexual harmony that accompanied him.
Two days had passed and Holly's husband, Devon, finally returned home. For those two long days, Holly's mind was continuously mystified by the fantastic fantasy images of her erotic trio dream and the uncharted enjoyments it revealed, and unsuccessfully strived every night since to have the same "damp" thrilling outcome, desperate to indulge in those astonishingly delightful naughty sensations for a second time. She frequently pondered if the never-ending passions and immense amorous energy she felt within the confines of her mind would furnish the same sexually charged dominate response if the mystery man was flesh! Although, she was not a sexually dissatisfied woman, and her and her husband's sensual chemistry was mesmerizing and mind-altering on a level like no other, she was driven by the promiscuous fascination of the possibility that the sexually intense familiarity she shared with her husband, along with the remarkably pleasurable visions of a conjoined third, would shatter her understanding of a true orgasmic euphoria, and yearned to discover the nitty-gritties in attaining that fiery, passionate, shameless trifecta paradise.
Upon Devon's return, questions crowded her subconscious without pause! Should this marvelous lustful and carnal experimentation of adding a third be something she should broach to Devon, or should it remain a wild fantasy dream hidden deep within her psyche? Would Devon be enthusiastic to venture with her into this curious sleazy journey of immoral sexual pleasure, or be turned off by the idea of sharing with another man? Could she even follow-through with making love to two men simultaneously, if the opportunity presented itself? What would it do to their marriage if they did succeed at a ménage à trois, or what if she loved it so much, she wanted more, how would Devon respond? She was terrified in bringing it up, unsure how he would react, or if he would even understand her depiction of the ecstasy packed eternal bliss she experienced when she was startled awake by a dream of him and another man ravishing every inch of her heated body, engulfing her entire essence, or why she would even want to pursue an actual threesome to achieve those sensations again.
That evening, with their bedroom filled with darkness and the glow of the television illuminating the walls, she struggled with her thoughts, stressed over the questions that eluded her. Devon was nestled under the covers, wearing nothing but his black cotton boxer-briefs, his head propped slightly on a pillow to view the broadcasted screen. He was an incredibly gorgeous man; around 5'11", short dirty blonde hair, exquisite sea blue eyes, a trimmed and neatly groomed reddish goatee, and a dominant well-built form that would make any woman wet. He worked out frequently, and it showed by his outlined arms, his solid six-pack abs, and a chest that was firm and stout.
Holly, wearing her typical nightly attire, a similar tank-top as the night of her sultry sex trance, but blue in color, and a pair of white lace panties, was sitting upright with her back against the headboard, her long and wavy blackish brown hair wrapped tightly in a bun on top of her head. She had one arm positioned across her rigid washboard abdomen, while the other was bent upward toward her face, her hand balled in a fist making the definition in her arm evident, with her index finger repeatedly rocking back-and-forth across her voluptuous full-formed lips, nervous and speechless, mentally replaying the various outcomes of disclosing her dream to Devon. Her knees were bent and tightly pulled against her flawless perky double-D breasts, with the tops of her feet nestled comfortably under the warm thick comforter, her penetrating Hershey eyes gazed down at Devon with love and hesitation, meditating on if she was ready to bring the sultry dream of triple lust to life.
"It was time!" she thought, taking a deep breath, she spoke, "Honey, I need to talk to you about a dream I had while you were out of town," her reluctant voice muttering echoes of unease.
With his eyes still locked on the television, "What dream was that?" not thinking much of a simple night vision.
"Could you mute the TV so I can try and explain what it was about, and why I need to tell you? It's important." her voice giving signs of worry and embarrassment.
Devon could tell she was serious and promptly muted the show, the glow of the program still glistening the room. He raised himself from the comfort of his back and sat against the headboard next to her, his legs straight in the bed and his face tilted in the direction of hers, peering intently into her eyes with anticipation and slight concern.
"What dream has you looking like you've seen a ghost? Did something happen while I was gone?" his voice of anxiousness expelling as his mind drifted toward images of uncertainty.
"Don't worry baby, it's nothing bad, just intense," comforting Devon and his face of alarm, gripping his hand into hers to show a connection of honesty and love, "but before I begin, I want you to understand what I experienced in this dream, and how I woke up… let's just say, different. I don't know if you'll fathom the emotional connection I entered into because of this illusion, but I'll try and explain the best I can. Hopefully by telling you this, it will give me the courage to go deeper with you and express my curiosities about what my mind, body and soul experienced that night."
Confused, Devon replied, "Mind, body, and soul? Okay… I'm listening."
"Oh yes… my entire essence!" She took a short pause, gathering her thoughts, "I woke up with a feeling that I've never experienced before. A feeling of total satisfaction… a feeling of absolute sexual fulfilment…," observing Devon's eyes widening with intrigue and puzzlement. "You see, when I woke up the night of my dream, the sheets were pulled… more like, ripped from the edges of the bed, my hands were bracing the silk bedding with a force I can't explain, my body was covered in sweat, drenched to be exact, and my… my panties… well, they were utterly soak through! Devon, I was so wet down there I had to wash the sheets the next morning. It was undeniably crazy!"
"What kind of dream did you have!?" Devon's perverse excitement roaring from his vocal cords.
"I dreamed…," hesitating for a brief moment, then with a soft voice, "…that we had a threesome," scrunching her eyes shut from humiliation.
"A THREESOME!?" Devon shouted. "Really!?" unable to cease the astonishment from escaping his lips. "You and another chick, with a dude? Was that dude me?" winking at Holly with the typical male expectations of a threesome.
"No!" smiling with exasperation and rolling her eyes playfully, "baby, it was me and you… and another guy. I'm not sure who it was, but I know it was a man, because the things I did with BOTH your dicks… and what both your dicks did to me… just wow!!!" blushing with a flirtatious grin.
"No way! Really? Another dude? And you liked it?" surprised and somewhat bewildered.
"Yes! Very, very much so… at least I did in my dream."
"I am speechless… I mean, it's is pretty hot if you want my honest opinion," his face cracking with a horn-dog like smile.
"It is?" she sputtered, surprised by his reaction.
"Yes! It is VERY hot to think about you, your slim sexy little body, smooth brown sugar skin, eyes of lustful intent, grasping two hard cocks in your delicate petite hands, sucking and jerking them off one at a time, alternating between them while on your knees… just DAMN!!!"
"Well… that's reassuring, because…," pausing once more, searching for courage before crying out the words, "I want to do it!"
Devon's eyes amplified significantly, a look of bafflement and enthusiasm perplexing his face, "Seriously!?" he hollered.
"Yes! I honestly think I want to try it. You have no idea how I felt when I woke up at 3 a.m.! My body was shuttering… shaking uncontrollably, my skin was on fire like electric currents that had nowhere to go, my nipples were rockets, permanently fixed and piercing my top, my pussy was dripping… DRIPPING DEVON! Sopping wet with so much cum! Baby, it was so real! At one point I was sitting on top of the bed, and you were between my legs… you know… going down on me. I could literally feel your tongue gently gliding across my clit, then sliding into my hole as you grazed back toward to my clit again! It was remarkable! This mystery man was on his knees next to my head, his dick rock solid and suspended in my face. I grabbed it… and let me tell you, it was thick… mmm… so nice and substantially grand…" licking her lips slowly, reminiscing about the mystery man and his hung stature, "sorry my love… I needed a moment…," flustered still by the recollections of her mischievous yearnings for another man.
Continuing… "I remember taking his glorious manhood and engulfing my lips around it, my tongue slithering around the spherical head of his dick, and sucking him up and down over and over again, the saliva trickling down my chin as I devoured as much of his remarkable largeness as I could. You reached up and placed your hand on my breast, groping it gently before pinching and rubbing my nipple, you know, how I like you to do… oh Devon, it felt so good! Our suitor was unmoved from his knees as he extended his arm toward my chest, my mouth still working his dick feverishly, and grabbed my other breast, squeezing and massaging it, then started to flick and gently twist my nipple…"
Once more silence overcame her as she wondered off into vivid memories of her spiritual awakening, "Holy shit! I'm getting wet just thinking about it! Baby, every inch of my body had the attention and focus of two men who wanted me bad… every piece of me aimed to shatter with a euphoric explosion… I desperately craved both your bodies against mine! Devon, there was so much more that happened, but I can't even begin to explain just how real it was! When I was jolted awake, dazed and confused on what I just envisioned, I was hornier than I had ever been! I reached for you, but I forgot you were out of town. I wanted you to ravish me… fuck me hard and deep like I've never been fucked before! After I realized you weren't there, I tried to hurry back asleep to see if I could restart the scenario. I was so into this threesome! I thought, could it be that good in real life?"
Holly froze, worried that she may have revealed too much, staring at Devon with anticipation on his reaction of her body's physical effects from a dream and the story of what caused it. His face was blank, but she could tell he was visualizing the narrative of him and this other man penetrating, groping, and satisfying his wife repeatedly. She glanced down in the direction of his crotch and could see the steady growth of his penis through his underwear. Was her story turning him on?
"Well?" she asked, her heart racing, questioning if she should have said anything at all. "I can see some things about you liked the dream," placing focus on his mounting erection.
"Yeah… you did give him some life… but, give me a minute… I'm trying to think about this," his head tilted downward, staring intently at the designs of the comforter. After a few moments in thought, he looked up at Holly with seriousness and honesty behind his eyes, "Do you genuinely want to do this? Do you really think you could handle two men? How would we even begin to find someone to join us, or do you already have someone in mind?"
"First, yes! I believe I want to pursue this endeavor with YOU and see how far it takes us. Second, I honestly don't know if I could do it, but I want the opportunity to try. Third, I have no idea how we would even begin finding the right fit for us. Maybe an internet search?" a fascinated look on her face if it was even possible to find someone that way. "Lastly babe, I have no one particular in mind… but I don't think I want any of our friends if that's what you're asking. I'm more concerned on how it could affect us and our marriage."
"Right… well, you might want to rethink the possibility of someone we know. Our comfort level could be improved greatly if we know who the guy is, but then again… could we ever look at him the same again?" smirking about the type of friends they had, and those that would even be willing to experiment with them, with the exception of maybe one man, "and as far as our marriage, I'm not worried at all! We are exceptionally comfortable with our sexuality and have a solid foundation in our covenant. No matter what, we will be totally terrific. I love you with all my heart, and I know you love me the same. This is OUR journey, and we will do it together…"
Devon again paused and lingered in thought, sorting out the conceivable handicaps of moving forward. Holly sat waiting, respecting how seriously he seemed to be taking this massive trusting proposition of madness, and felt grateful for the kind of man she had married. A man who took her feelings, ideas, and fantasies into consideration, especially when this fantasy involves a stranger giving his wife pleasure that only he should provide!
Then, without hesitation, Devon loudly exclaimed, "Okay! I'm in! Let's do this!"
"Seriously?!" stunned and shocked by his response.
"Yep! I've always wanted to have a threesome, well… to be honest, I envisioned two women, but hey, I'll do it! Whatever you're comfortable with, I'm comfortable with, but rules need to be in place."
"Rules?" she retorted confused.
"Yes, rules. For example, how would you feel about my dick buried in your snug little bald pussy while his dick was deep in your tight little ass? Just think about it for a second, our throbbing cocks sliding in unison, experiencing every inch of our manhood's, unrestricted inside you? I mean, I've heard that it feels absolutely amazing for all of us, our dicks rubbing together inside you, separated by only a thin film of internal tissue, pressing relentlessly against your G-Spot like a never-ending orgasm, but… it's something to think about. You need limits and layout the 'rules of engagement,' so to speak. What you'd be willing… more so, NOT willing to do."
"Oh… yeah… very true! I'm not against capturing some new experiences… but, let's keep things out of my butt for now. I'm still a newb to this," smiling with a coy look. "Okay, let me do some thinking. You're right! Rules are important so everyone is comfortable and knows what to expect. Maybe I'll ask Megan for some guidance… perhaps she will know where to start, and maybe where we could begin looking for our mystery man," her entire body glowing with excitement and enthusiasm.
"Megan is VERY knowledgeable on all things sexual," uttering mockingly. "Damn baby! I never in my wildest dreams… come here! I want to hold you. In all honesty, I want to fuck your brains out right now, as you've already noticed by my hard ample dick protruding through my undies, but I know it's getting late and we have work in the morning, so… unless you want to… we could just cuddle?" being subtle on his true desires of sex, but understanding the time constraints involved.
Holly's face gleamed with a loving smile; a look of relief shrouded her expression. She knew that Devon wanted sex, and felt bad that her illustration of detailed cock play was the cause, but she was already exhausted and would be worthless in the morning if she did. She apologized to Devon for her climax rejection then shut off the TV, crawling under the covers next to him.
Devon understood her denial, somewhat drained as well, and laid on his side spooning Holly, his now throbbing hard stiffness pressed against her firm apple-bottom ass with his arms draped around her body, cupping a handful of tit with a smirk of disbelief and elation.
"Let me know if I can do anything to help," Devon expressing his support. "If we do this, I want it to be perfect for you. I want you to have every magical moment you experienced in your dream. Just remember, once it's done, there's no going back. After the sun rises the next morning, good or bad, it's ours."
"I know baby, I'm willing to take that chance. I will let you know if there's anything you can do. Right now, I'm just delighted I didn't freak you out. I can't even explain the emotionally erotic electricity that was surging through my body that night Devon. I just hope if we do get the chance to share this magical moment, it's just as gratifying and exhilarating as my dream."
"I do too my love… I do too," pulling her closer.
She could feel his fueled phallus being pushed vigorously against her rear, aware that the load in his loins were begging to be released as she quickly succumbed! She couldn't leave her man in a state of blue-balls after their extreme conversation of having a threesome, "Okay… get over here and stick that massive dick inside me!" giving in to his devilish ways of compelling her to have sex.
The next morning, on her way to work, Holly decided to call an old friend of hers to try and gain some insight toward her and her husband's wicked expedition of indecent three-way exploration. Megan was a childhood friend, still single, and was known as the "wilder" one of the two ladies growing up, always adventurous and willing to try anything! Over the decades they've known each other, she shared endless tales of her intense sexual practices; stories describing assorted sex toys, outrageous fuck positions, the various men and women she'd been with, whips, chains, and bizarre fucking machines she endured during her S&M phase, massive orgies, and a few occurrences involving threesomes of her and two other women, including an occasion with her and a married couple. She had been a girlfriend to some, a sex object to others, and a mistress on one occasion. Holly was unsure how Megan would react to her interest of a triple sex union, but she knew if anyone could help navigate her desires of erotic treachery, it was her most promiscuously dominate friend, Megan.

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