The Dyke and the Bridesmaid

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As T.J. is sitting at the bar alone and drinking her beer, she is hoping to find a hot femme to come by so she can sweep her off her feet.
As the night goes on, this group of women come in, as it seems there is a bachelorette party. TJ looks at those women as if a kid in a candy store. She is hoping one of them is interested in a little surprise fun with a hot dyke. One of the ladies goes up to the counter and asks for a pitcher of beer while asking if the bartender would like to buy a rose. The bartender, an older butch, kindly said sure and gave her $5. The woman gave her a rose and thanked her. The bartender looks at TJ and says "Find some hot femme to give this to". TJ looks at the rose, then looks at the bartender, smiles and says "Thanks!"
Now all TJ needs is a fine looking femme to give the rose to in hopes of having a nice evening. As TJ looks around, she spots a shy and uncomfortable looking blonde about 5'5" and tiny waist. As a dominant dyke, she feels this is a good time to show this cute femme how a dyke can treat her well and wrap her in her arms. TJ takes a big sip of her beer and gets up and moves in on her prey.
TJ walks over and introduces herself. "Hey there, are you ok?"
The woman says, "I guess. It is kind of weird for me."
TJ asks what is weird. The woman responds "I have never been in a lesbian bar before."
TJ (now is sure this is a straight femme who has never experienced TJ's expertise)
"Don't worry, ma'am. No one here will hurt you. I'll make sure no one hurt you." TJ says. By the way, my name is TJ. (As she holds out her hand)
The woman says, "I am Leah."
TJ grabs her hand and kisses it. "What a beautiful name for a beautiful woman."
Leah blushes, "awww you are so sweet"
"Just telling you the truth, ma'am" TJ replies.
Leah, now pretty invested in the conversation motions for TJ to come sit next to her.
TJ moves over and sits next to her.
"Here, I wanted to give this to you" as she hands Leah the rose.
"Awww, is this for me?"
TJ says, "yes!"
Leah is now really excited someone is paying attention to her. She smiles and says thank you.
You are certainly welcome. So I am guessing you are with this bachelorette party?
'I am, yes. My best friend, Diane is getting married"
That's cool. Are you a bridesmaid then? TJ asks
I am! Leah exclaims. Would you like to see a picture of the dress I'm wearing?
TJ smiles. 'Yes I would"
Leah takes her phone out and scrolls through photos until she finds one that has her in the dress. She shows the phone to TJ. 'Here, this is me in the dress"
The photo shows Leah in a floor length light pink dress.
'WOW! That is a beautiful dress and you look so gorgeous in that dress. You are beautiful. TJ says in awe.
Leah, now blushing more than before, is shocked that someone finds her so beautiful she doesn't know how to respond.
Are you ok, miss? TJ asks.
Leah finally opens her mouth and says, "I am fine. It's just no one has said I look gorgeous in that dress. My ex would tell me that I should lose weight and work out more."
TJ seemed angry at this ex replies, "Well your ex is a bitch, pardon my language.
You look like a model. Have you ever thought of modeling?"
Leah said "no, but I do enjoy fashion."
TJ: You should totally model. You have the body and beauty for it.
Leah: thanks! You are sweet to say that.
TJ: Just telling you the truth ma'am. And your ex doesn't deserve you either."
Leah: yeah, he was not supportive of me having a career outside of having kids and staying home.
TJ that's fucked up, excuse my language. You can do anything you want. You deserve it.
Leah is now feeling very comfortable and is enjoying her conversation with TJ.
The music in the club starts playing a slow ballad. TJ hears the music and jumps at the chance to dance with this sexy woman.
TJ: Would you like to dance?
Leah, being very excited to dance, realizes that another woman wants to slow dance with her. She feels a little nervous.
TJ: don't worry, you'll enjoy it.
TJ gently grabs Leah's hand and they make their way to the dance floor. Leah is still nervous, but also seems to want to dance.
TJ takes Leah's hand and puts it on her shoulders while she grabs her tiny waist. They start to dance slowly moving rhythmically to the best.
Leah: You take the lead really well, TJ.
TJ: Thanks! Are you alright dancing with me?
Leah: Yeah, I was nervous, but you seem to be a sweetheart, so I am fine with it.
TJ: OK, GOOD. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable.
They dance through the whole song, while TJ takes the lead. After the song ends, TJ asks, would you like to go back to the table?
Leah quickly responds as if to cut off her comment, NO. Let's do another song.
Alrighty then as TJ smiles at Leah. Leah is now smiling bigger than before.
TJ; have your ever slow danced with a dyke before
Leah, unsure what she meant, looked puzzled.
Oh. Sorry you probably don't know the lesbian lingo. I am a dyke, I look and act like a guy, but I'm still a woman.
Leah now looks less confused, and says, no I have never danced with a lesbian.
TJ: So I am your first?
Leah responds: I guess so, yeah.
TJ: Do you enjoy it?
Leah, feeling confused but also enjoying it replies, yes I am.
TJ: good I am glad. You are a great dancer too. The way you move your body to the music is lit.
Leah: thanks (as she starts blushing again, the music stops).
TJ gently grabs her hand and says follow me. They walk back to the table where TJ pulls out the chair for Leah to sit in. What would you like to drink? I want to buy you something.
Leah who has never had a lesbian ask her for a drink says, you don't have to
TJ' but I want to. What do you drink?
Leah: I'll have a sex on a beach.
TJ (starts to think dirty, but then refrains herself) ok. Coming up.
TJ walks to the bar and orders 2 drinks, one sex on a beach and a bud light. She pays the bartender and thanks her for the rose and hurries back to her girl crush.
Here you go Leah, TJ says and she puts the drink in front of her. She pulls the chair next to her and puts her bud light on the table.
Leah who is still unsure how she feels starts to open up more to how sweet TJ has been to her so far.
Just as they start talking again, one of leahs friends in the bachelorette party comes over and says, we want to go to another bar. This one is dead.
Now Leah is confused because she is there with her friends, but now TJ has caught her eye and she doesn't want to leave.
Leah says: ok, give me a few minutes.
Leah looks at TJ, I am sorry, but…
Before she could say anything else, TJ interrupts her and says, it's alright. I am just glad we got a chance to meet.
Leah: thanks for understanding. I would love to keep talking, but you know…
TJ: I totally get it. Your friends are waiting for you. I hope you have a great night ma'am.
Thanks, Leah replies. As Leah gets up, TJ stands up and gives Leah a nice kiss on the hand.
Leah is now smitten. TJ, you are such a sweetheart. Thanks!
Before Leah leaves, she turns to TJ and says, do you have Snapchat?
TJ says, of course who doesn't
Leah says, give me your phone, I'll add myself.
So she grabs her phone, opens the app and starts searching for her name. She finds it and adds herself.
I will send you a message so you have mine too.
TJ smiles and says thanks ma'am. I'll message you back!
With that Leah says goodbye and walks out with her friends.
TJ now has a huge smile on her face and looks like a proud dog who just made his mark
to be continued…

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