The Expedition Pt. 01

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tagGroup SexThe Expedition Pt. 01

Note: All characters in this story are above the age of 18. This is based on a high school camping experience.
The group had finally reached the campsite. They consisted of Alby, a shorter but muscular black boxer with a massive cock according to all the (many) girls he had been with at school. Then there was Jacob, a thin sprinter who was mad as a hatter and liked to fuck fast and hard. Finally there was Josh, a built rugby player who had fucked almost every girl in the year, the leader of the group. The campsite was merely a field with the other groups' tents and a couple of portaloos in the foothills of the Mourne mountains.
As they set down their bags Jacob couldn't stop himself from admiring his friends' muscular physiques. Because of the hot sun, Alby had taken his shirt off revealing his six pack and bulging arms. While Josh still had his shirt on, his chiselled upper body was showing straight through his t – shirt. He was also getting some attention as the other boys, although neither were gay, couldn't help themselves from fantasizing over Jacob in his abnormally tight sweatpants, showing off his lean, tight ass. Through much struggle and difficulty they managed to assemble their tent before dark, allowing them to meet their friends from their high school.
The trio met with the only girls on the expedition, Amy, Anna, Faith and Tori. Last expedition they had been fucked hard, especially by the rugby team. They knew what was going to happen when the sun went down behind the treacherous mountains. Although Anna had recently become Alby's girlfriend, every girl was getting fucked by every boy – it was tradition. The old saying goes, "What happens in the Mournes stays in the Mournes." They all briefly chatted together until Faith wanted to tend to her blistered feet and left to put plasters on them in her tent. Barely a minute later Josh got up, said he needed to go to the bathroom and discretely entered the tent with unsuspecting Faith. Barely two minutes later, Jacob noticed cum leaking out from underneath the shoddy tent.
When Jacob entered the tent he was surprised (not) to see Faith on her knees, slurping at Josh's massive, veiny cock, cum dripping from her face onto the lumpy but comfortable mound of sleeping bags underneath them, slowly coming into a puddle towards the edge of the tent. The pleasure was visible on Josh's normally serious face and his eyes eventually met Jacob's. He suddenly froze. Knowing something had happened, Jacob watched as Faith spat out his foot long, girthy cock, releasing a delude of Josh's salty cum from the inside of her mouth. "Damn now I have to share her!" cursed Josh as Faith twisted to give Jacob a cheeky grin.
After Jacob had received a sloppy of his own, the pair ripped Faith's leggings, already soaked, from her cute, toned bubble butt. Although Josh didn't want to take Faith as Jacob's sloppy seconds it was agreed that Jacob could fuck her first by the sole merit of him having a slightly smaller cock at around ten inches, to break her in. He didn't waste any time in putting her soft, shaven pussy onto his rock hard boner. As she slowly wiggled herself further and further down his shaft it was obvious Josh was about to cum watching that absolute goddess getting fucked by one of his best mates. Secretly, it was turning him on even more that it was Jacob and Faith rather than the other, more muscular members of the Academy's rugby team.
Josh wasn't about to stand about doing nothing with one of the hottest girls in front of him. He ended up lying on his back, pushing his cock up into her vagina as Jacob stuck his cock into her beautiful ass, no doubt ruining the view for the other boys for the rest of the expedition, tearing her a new asshole. Although bigger, Josh couldn't compete with Jacob's quick and ever increasing thrusts into her pelvis. This was making the two mates cum with his rhythm, in synchrony, in tandem, as Faith squirted all over them both. Jacob and Josh were both secretly enjoying the feeling of the other's cock inside of her, rubbing against each other making them increasingly horny, even more than the girl. Suddenly Josh tore off Faith's hoodie and then her bra, fondling and squeezing her shapely breasts. Waves of pleasure exploded over her causing her body to convulse, allowing the boys to go deeper into her natural features. Eventually they finished, allowing Faith to hurriedly tidy up the tent before the other girls got back, sweeping her hoodie across the floor in an attempt to clean up the layer of hot sticky cum dripping from every inch of the tent. As the boys were getting changed back into their clothes neither could prevent themself from glancing, and admiring the other's body and, more importantly, cock.
Meanwhile in the boys' tent Alby was snogging Anna, running his hands down her slender, tan figure. Anna's hand eventually slipped down and, noticing his giant erection, starting stroking it, up and down. Seconds later both were stripping off each other's clothes, revealing Alby's humungous manhood at roughly a foot and a half long. Anna was already getting wet, having not even touched his dick against her bare skin. Alby forced her to her knees as he inserted himself into her mouth, only half a foot at first as Anna had sucked many cocks over the past few years but his was certainly the biggest by at least half a foot. But with a quick thrust from Alby she had the whole cock in her mouth. No cum was seeping through but neither was any air, due to his unnatural girth, as she deepthroated his dick. As her head bobbed up and down Alby couldn't help himself from moaning, loudly with the pleasure of the athletic hockey player sucking and swallowing his hot semen. When she was no longer able to hold her breath, his cock, slick with spittle, slid out of her mouth along with an explosion of cum as she coughed to rid Alby's sperm from the bottom of her throat.
Anna was ready to be fucked. This had been coming for months and ,unlike the other girls, Anna had prepared herself for her new big black cock. She had practised with similar sized dildos and even a rolling pin at one stage, in her vagina. So to Alby's surprise she got up and pushed her soaking pussy onto his cock, managing to push the full thing inside herself within a few seconds, bouncing on his dick. Alby adjusted to her rhythm and started to cum, causing her abdomen to swell up with the large amount of sperm that couldn't escape as her pussy was tight around Alby's dick.
When Alby eventually removed his cock from Anna's pussy out came a torrent of her juices as they had been plugged up by his gigantic dick. Now it was time for anal with Anna's lean, tight ass. Thinking it would be as easy as her pussy, Alby plunged his entire mass into her, resulting in screams from Anna as this was her first time doing anal and she was taking the biggest cock of her life. Taking her screams for pleasure rather than pain, he attacked her with brutal thrusts, causing her to pass out. He fucked her like this for a few minutes, not realising this had happened. He dropped her to the floor, leaving her gaping, cum filled hole pointing towards the sky. She had lost her anal virginity to Alby. When she eventually came to Alby was gone, so she cleaned up the tent quickly and, after struggling to get up, walked haphazardly back to her friends, angry yet, strangely, still horny.

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