The Family: Bedtime Bounces

tagIncest/TabooThe Family: Bedtime Bounces

I sat on the edge of my bed, my hard cock pressed against my pyjama shorts, making a huge tent. It felt as if I had been waiting for ages. I had heard my Mother and father softly creep upstairs, then vanish into the room. About an hour later, the door creaked open.
"You still awake, handsome?" my Mother asked, poking her beautiful, angelic face through the gap of the door. Her eyes were glimmering with excitement.
"I was waiting for you," I said. "I thought you had gone to sleep," I said, slowly taking my shorts off as my huge cock bounced free.
"I'm sorry, I'm so late, it took your father ages to get sleep," she said, kissing me. "I hope you're not too mad."
I trailed my hands up her stomach, and she slapped my hands away.
She looked at me with an adorable, innocent look, a pout, those firm full pink lips. Her nightgown shaped her curves perfectly, it clung to her body tightly, and when she bent down, teasing me, I got a massive glimpse of those huge tits, just waiting to be freed. Mother grabbed her nightgown by the hem, slowly, teasingly tugging it up her stomach, the small, cute belly button came into view as my Mother danced in front of me. Further and further, the nightgown moved up her body; the huge tits flopped down her chest. The nightgown was pulled over her head, tossed to the side, where my gaming chair had been propped up against the desk.
"I'm going to let you off, Mister, for the messy room as long as you can make me cum again!"
She undid the shorts and wriggled out of them.
"I want you to eat my pussy and make sure I'm wet for that huge cock of yours. I know you're in love with my pussy, and I'm not surprised, it gave birth to you, so you should only worship it!" she said to me, grinning. "This wonderful thing, you came out of here twenty years ago, and you're going straight back up there. You belong here, right there, nowhere else."
She grabbed my head, resting my face just inches away from her warm pussy. The heat was against my face like sitting in front of a fireplace. I licked her slit, and she trembled. The smell of her scent was overwhelming to the nose; a man with loss of smell would be able to smell it. How could I describe it? Sweet, flowery, like a meadow, and as she ground her pussy in my face, I could taste her juices. It tasted sweet as I licked her slit. In one grasp of my arms, I held her hips, twisted her around and flung her onto the bed. She gasped, as my tongue met her slit and dove into her pussy.
"Eat me," she told me after I pulled my mouth away from her clit and wiped it on her thighs.
"You're so wet."
"Get back in my pussy," she told me, tracing a finger across her breast.
A stream of warm, hot juices was on my tongue. I knew from the first moment I touched the lips of my Mother, that tasted incredible. Her juices were so hot, warm, and the taste sent a jolt through my cock as it pressed firmly against the bed. Mother's expression was firm, basking in the glorious feeling of having her pussy sucked by her son, and her long nails were teasing my scalp, letting me know that she was in the control of the situation, and she could be firm if she had to. But again, this is what I wanted, why would I complain? Mother tasted so good.
I pushed my face into Mother's cunt, my tongue lapping at her streaming juices, giving her a few long, kisses, which arced her back from the bed.
"Goddddddddddddddddddddd!" Mom shouted out, throwing a hand over her mouth, one hand scratched at my scalp firmly. "Eat like it's your supper! Eat your Mother's cunt!"
Never before, her juices were dripping out of her pissy at a steady rate. My tongue was there to collect every drop. Wet and moist, my tongue was coated with her juice, and I licked the length of her glistening slit, my tongue sliding against her plump, mature lips, the same one that I split open, trying to escape from her womb.
"You know how to lick a cunt, don't you, my fucking stud of a son!" Mother whispered to me, her breath very shaky." It would be best if you dug that tongue in there, get it in deep."
"A couple of fucking years," I guessed, mumbling into her pussy as she rode my face.
I did not refuse her instruction; I followed it to every word, jabbing my tongue into my Mother's sweet, tasty cunt. With my tongue getting deeper and digging into the place that I belonged, I wondered if my sister had the same tasting pussy. Mother and sister looked like identical at some times, and both of them sported huge, fat tits, a big ass, blonde hair, the only difference I could see, my sister had blue eyes instead of green. I jammed the rest of my tongue into her cunt, licking her juices, making sure I drank them. I had my mouth crammed so firm against her cunt that her throbbing clit was brushing and tickly my nose. It made me moan, and my Mother grunted out as I softly traced my tongue around her clit, teasing her, making the clit tremble with every bounce.
"FUCK!" Mom spat against her arm, the word muffled, but clear to hear." You shouldn't tease your Mother, Jack! I've been a good mommy to you, never nasty, until now. Suck your mom' s clit!"
I reached up to her tit, Mother' shand met mine and pressed it against her trembling tit.
I had to tease her; she had been teasing me for months. Every day, she would be wearing clothes that she would normally never wear before, tight clothes, sunbathing naked it was until I caught her fingering herself while lying on the sofa. What a sight to see that was.
I took my mouth away from her clit, swallowing every bit of juice that I could taste. She had soaked my bedsheets.
"You cum so much, "I mumbled against her thigh.
She dropped the pillow, shaking, her mouth twisted and a quiet moan came out of her mouth as I entered her pussy with my dancing fingers.
"Jesus!" she gasped out.
I took my fingers out of her pussy, then offered them, to my Mother. With no hesitation, she took my fingers and sucked them. Tasting her juices, swallowing each one of my fingers.
"Do you want me to ride you?" she asked, sucking my fingers so loud. "Lay down on the bed."
I did what she said, lying down on the bed. I looked, catching my Mother swinging her legs, sinking onto my cock and in once bounce, I had my shaft buried into her, leaving no room for anymore cock.
"I love it when you ride me," I told her, whispering against a mountain of soft tit flesh. She slowly, rode up and down, bouncing gently and grinding against me. "Oh, Mommy."
"Suck my tits!" she told me, and I did, it didn't take much encouragement for me to latch my hungry mouth around her hard nipples. Her lips, pressed against my hair, and she was moaning into my head, her sounds muffled against the softness of my hair. She bounced, the bed softly rattled, springs creaked as my Mother picked up the pace, but then slowed down when she heard a cough and grunt from coming from the room. She slowed, wriggling her ass on my cock and then maintained a steady bounce that was not slow or fast, just enough to get a moan out of me.
I loved it. I loved everything about this moment, the way she rode my cock, up and down, her tits trembling in my mouth, the nipples tight in my mouth. I took my mouth away from her tits, brought it to her lips and kissed her. We rode against each other, riding out the intense rippling pleasure. Mother looked at me, her hands cupping my cheek as the springs bounced. We looked into each other's eyes and could never break our gaze; the bouncing springs continued to rattle. I thrust so hard up into my Mother's pussy, it lurched her upwards, and she pressed a hand on my chest, pushing me to the bed.
"Let me ride, please, you can fuck me as hard as you want."
She ground her pussy against me, rocking back and forth, and keeping me pinned to the bed. The bounce was frantic, we both bounced off the ground, the headboard slightly banging but inches away from the wall.
I kept a hand on her ass, not even matching her thrusts, letting her bounce on my cock with all her might. She had her eyes closed; her tits were heaving, then she dropped her head, crushing her lips against my mouth. Mother moaned into my mouth, riding me so much force that I was sure going to wake up Father. Mother didn't care; she bounced as hard as she could, the springs making sweet music. I was still kissing her; her lips were wet, warm, pressed against my mouth, and loud moans muffled in our mouths. Our tongues fought and slashed together as if they were trying to outdo each other.
I pulled my mouth away from her, looking at my Mother with pain bubbling in my balls. She bounced so much that I couldn't even meet any of her trusts. I was still pinned to the bed, her huge tits bouncing.
"Do you like that?" Mother grunted out. "You feel that? Do you feel your Mother's cunt wrapped around your shaft? You feel it squeezing, clenching your thick, fat, big cock. I'm going to smother your dick with my pussy, giving you what you need. Yeah, I know what you need. My cunt! I want this every night and day, and you're going to give it to me. I want your seed in me, I want your baby, I want to walk around with a swollen stomach, my huge tits filled with milk, and nobody has a clue that you're the Father. Do it, Jack! Make me a mommy!"
"FUCK!" I shouted into a mouthful of tits, muffling myself. "I'll make you a mommy!"
At those words fluttering past my clenched teeth, her pussy squeezed around my cock, the grip tight and refusing to lessen; it was as if her pussy knew I was close, trying to coax the cum from my cock. Mother continued
"Do you like this cock?" I grunted out.
Mom's eyes flashed open, she stared down at me, catching my gaze. She leaned back, seeing the huge cock pounding stuffing her motherly pussy. Her cunt was brimmed to the hilt with my cock. I could feel the cervix against the spongy tip of my cock. For the last five minutes, she rode my cock, my balls smashing against her ass.
"Just stay right there," Mother moaned out, and I caught her mouth with me, capturing her lips with a couple of sweet kisses. "I'm so close!"
If someone told me a couple of days ago, that I would have my Mother bouncing on my thick, pulsing weapon, I thought they would have been joking or high on drugs. Mother was fucking herself on my big, thick cock. Sometimes, I would have to blink to see if this wasn't some crazy dream. I had a dream about this moment for years, to have my Mother bouncing on my cock. My Mother was above me, using my shoulder as support as she drove herself into me firmly, her body slamming into mine as she fucked me. Her huge tits were bouncing and jiggling with each motion, nipples dancing in the air and I took the nipple in my mouth, grunting into her tits.
I still couldn't get over how tight my Mother's cunt was. My cock, the biggest and thickest cock, she had ever felt inside of her. I was drilling into her pussy.
"I'm going to replace him!"
She gasped as my cock drove into her with so much speed. She was past caring; she couldn't care how rough I was, how loud she moaned, or the way the springs were bouncing.
"Father, I don't care if he walks in, I'll show him how you fuck a real woman. How to make you cum, make your clit throb. You're mine. I belonged to you the moment came out of your pussy. A son should never be away from his Mother.
I kissed her lips and pounded so hard into that her fingers dug into my shoulder, scratching my skin. I wanted to make her cum, give the baby that she was craving for, that she needed.
"Mom, you're so fucking sexy," I said, grunting, kissing her on the lips. "I'm going to give you the baby you want. I think you'll look so sexy, walking around, pregnant, big, fat tits that could feed a family of four. Mmmmmm. I'll be waiting for you at home, with my cock, and nobody will know. I want nobody else, only you. Nobody comes close to you. Mmmmmm."
"Oh, God," she said, leaning back and I grabbed her hips, pounding into her.
At that moment with the pounding, Mother's cunt squeezed my cock in rapid spasms, and I was pretty sure a very light, small orgasm passed through her.
"Do you like the sound of that? A forty-five-year-old woman, becoming a mother to her twenty-one-year-old son!"
"I fucking love it!" she gasped out.
"I can feel your cunt, about to cum!" I told her, pistoning my slick cock into her smooth fanny.
"FUCK!" Mother called out, her soaked twat squeezed every bit of my cock, her juices boiling, splashing against the bed. I could feel her pussy quivering around me as a small, orgasm passed through her for the second time. A nasty thought crept into my mind as I gazed into the bouncing tits and I pulled the cock out, leaving the just the throbbing tip inside of her and not thrusting. Mother bounced, but my hands stopped it, pushing against her tits and leaving her so far away from my cock.
She glared at me, and a very cross look came onto her face.
"I thought I told you never to be rude and always have manners. Now, be a good dear, make your sweet Mom cum!"
"I want you to ask for it?" I said, leaning so far back, that the tip would have shot out of her pussy, if I just moved an inch.
"Please, fuck me!" Mother screamed out, her eyes opened wide, and she growled at me. "I want you to fuck with me that big cock of yours and give me a baby."
I began to drive my cock back into, sinking so far into her, jamming in and out of her quivering, pussy, which made my cock feel like a sword going into a sheath.
"I want you to tell me!" I grunted out.
She moaned, but no words came out of her twisted mouth. My Mother was lost for words.
"I want you to tell me how much you love my cock!"
"I fucking love it!" she shouted, and my head snapped toward the door of my room.
Mother roughly grabbed by head and she pressed her face against mine, chuckling against my lips.
"I slipped that fool some sleeping pills!"
I scowled at her, grabbing at her waist spinning around and landed hard on the bed with my cock still in her. I thrust so hard and fast, my cock pistoned into her with so much force that it nearly split her lips in two. She grunted loudly, her arms above her head, her legs in the air, toes curling with every thrust. It was coming, I could feel her pussy clenching, and there was now no escaping this orgasm. I had control, she couldn't move, one hand pinned her arms above her head, and the other cupped her huge, dangling swaying breasts. I looked into Mother's eyes; she was panting, bucking her hips against me, trying to make sure that I came before she did. It was not going to work, and I took my hands off her arms and breasts, holding her hips tightly, smashing into her. My balls were ready to burst, but I was going to let my mother cum first. She took my cock like a champ, moaning loudly, not scared of being heard. I could not believe she had lied to me. It was coming, her back arched, her tits shook, and the next time she opened her mouth, a wail came out of her mouth, shaking her body from the tips of her toes to the scalp of her head.
"I'm coming!" she announced
It took me a couple of stabs and thrusts; then I was cumming too, thick warm globs of my cum were spewing into her pussy, coating the walls, cum spilling into her and desperately trying to find the comfort of the womb. Ropes and ropes shot into her, leaving her pussy brimming with the cum that was going to give her child. She looked down, backing away.
"If I don't get pregnant, you're either infertile, or my clock is up!"
My cock was still rock hard and jutting out.
"You're still hard," she said, rolling her eyes and chuckling.
"Fancy giving it a kiss, it might soften," I said.
She giggled.
"Sit on the bed, honey," she said, I followed her instructions and swung my legs around, my cock bobbing freely." Can we talk, baby, for a bit and then I promise I will give you the best blowjob."
"Sure, sit with me," I said, sitting on the edge of the bed.
"Did you mean what you said?" I asked, and I was still unsure.
"What did you mean?" she asked, we held hands on the edge of the bed and my Mother, would kiss my neck a few times, holding me tightly. I had never seen her like this, the way she spoke, acted, how she looked. Her skin was glowing with the afterglow of sex.
"About becoming a mother with my baby," I said.
She paused for a moment, carefully thinking, then after a moment of silence between us, she firmly nodded.
"I'm going to be fifty soon," she said, looking down at her body. "Your Father, he can't even dribble, let alone shoot like you. You're a cum machine."
"How is that possible?" I asked, running my hands through her hair and cradling her cheek with the other. "He has you, who is the most amazing;y beautiful woman. You're perfect.
She giggled at my mouth against her neck.
"You're so fucking hot!" I told her.
"I'm glad that I've got a stud in the house to take care of my needs," Mother told me.
"A one who has a big fat cock," she said, squeezing my cock, which was still sticking out, dripping with her juices. "It's what a girl needs to be satisfied.
"Not a limp, lifeless cock," I said, reminding her of my Father's cock.
"Not a chance," she said, giggling, and picked up my thick and heavy cock. "Do you want Mommy to suck you?"
"I'd fucking love it," I told her, kissing her. "Get on your knees."
I gave her a sharp spank on the ass and my Mother, as ordered, fell to her knees.
"Suck it," I waved my cock in front of her face, she kissed the shaft, then swallowed the cock with one dip of her head. It hit the back of her throat, and I leaned backwards, lying on the bed as she worked the cock into my mouth. She spat my cock out, kissed my shaft, then played with my balls. "Oh, fuck! God!"
"You like it, don't you?" she asked, tracing her tongue up and down my shaft.
Her mouth, captured by balls, sucking on them hungrily, making sure they were wet with her spit. Her teeth softly caught the skin and slightly stretched them a little bit. I sat up, catching the sight of my beautiful Mother with my balls in her mouth. I grabbed her by the hair and drove my cock into her mouth. She gasped, but it didn't pull away, the balls crashed against her chin, and I got into a steady pace.
"You look so good on the floor!" I told her, and she moaned on my cock.Her eyes were watering as the cock hit her back of her throat, but she kept on, fighting against the pounding cock. "Finger your pussy."
The cock still pounded into her mouth as her finger went to her clit, it flicked it a few times, then her fingers pried her lips open, entered her pussy. I could see how wet she was when she pulled her fingers out of her pussy, they glistened. The force of my thrusts was rattling her head.
I heard the footsteps outside my door, but I was too close to my orgasm to alert my Mother. I came in her mouth as the door cracked open and light from the landing flooding into my room.
"Jesus Fucking Christ!" my gorgeous sister, three years younger than me, stood in the doorway of my bedroom, the can of pop, she was drinking spraying all over the carpet. She was wearing a very tight red dress, that clung to her body tightly, exposing her huge, fat, braless tits.
Gasping, my Mother took the cock out of her mouth, looking over shoulder, a trail of spit and cum dangled from her mouth, splashing onto her breasts and her eyes widened in shock. Her pussy throbbed at the thought of being caught by her only daughter. My Mother swallowed, she kept a steady grip on my cock, refusing to let it drop out of her hands.
"You…" she couldn't get her words out of her mouth.
"Just wait here," she hissed, chasing my sister into her room.
I lay on the bed, listening to the sound of my sister's door closing, slamming, then being opened again and shut quietly.

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