The Family: Football and Car Rides

tagIncest/TabooThe Family: Football and Car Rides

"How good is it?" a voice asked in the kitchen.
I turned my head away from the fridge, and there she was, my gorgeous Sister, standing there in a tank top, a pair of small tiny shorts, that if any smaller, would have shown her pussy lit and arse crack. Her long, blonde hair, framed around her face, like a curtain, she had a pair of long, thick, creamy white legs, and in the summer would be brown. I knew she wasn't a virgin, Mike, her longtime boyfriend, the nerd of the school, had taken her virginity the night after Prom. My Prom, I took the head of the Sarah McGill, and that was a fantastic night, we rented a hotel room for the weekend, and spent every moment, if not eating, drinking, fucking.
"The drink?" I asked
Sister snorted.
"I was talking about Mom's pussy," she said, giggling as she whispered those words in the quietness of the kitchen. "It was so hot, seeing her kneeling in front of you, and your cock, it's big. The girls were right about you."
"The girls?"
"Sarah McGill, the weekend after Prom. Every girl in the Spirit Squad knew about your big cock and amazing tongue. How many times did you make her cum? She must have been a mess after you fucked her.
"I lost count of how many times I made her cum!"
"Such a stud," she cooed.
She broke the distance between us and stood right in front of me, her face inches away from mine, then suddenly, taking me by surprise, my Sister kissed me. Her lips were wet and rough and beautiful. I couldn't compare the two, between Mom and Sister, Mom had the sweetest gentle lips, but could be rough, Sister was different, she only knew rough and her lips always felt as if it was attacking something. I kissed her back, and Sister moaned into my mouth, encouraging me to kiss her deeper. I could only comply, then pushed against the kitchen counter, my hands roaming across her body.
She pushed me away. She lifted the tank top with a massive grin on her face and the pair of enormous tits, and puffy, round hard nipples popped free. Sister stood there, her tits dancing against her chest.
"Your tits are amazing!"
"They're not as big as Mom's," she said, giggling as the cold air of the kitchen pressed firmly against her nipples.
It was a cold, wet, October morning as the rain had lashed from early yesterday afternoon into the morning, leaving the ground with puddles of rain. I was surprised that Coach Wilson had called to cancel the football match. Heavily, rain lashed against the window, streaks of rain fell down the window, distorting the view of the garden outside and pool.
"Let me see!" she gasped.
"See what?" I asked the bugle in my shorts was already forming, pressing tightly against the thin material. "The drink!"
She looked down at my shorts and licked her lips.
"Your cock!" she said, tugging at the hem of my shorts.
"Get off! Mother and Father are upstairs, what if they come down?" I asked, looking worried, but the feeling of her hands against my shorts was too much to care about anything. I remember the last time that I had seen my Sister naked; it was before my Mother, it was two years ago, when she was swimming at the lake near the family cabin, and she was like a mermaid or some sea goddess as she came out of the water, hair wet, body arched. I rushed into the lake cabin, went into my room, and I pounded my cock until I blew.
"Dad might care, but I don't think Mom will do you?" she flashed a very naughty look.
Her fingers, softly, and slowly as if she was scared to see what was underneath the shorts, began tugging. The shorts slowly moved past his huge cock, then popped it free, my huge cock being exposed, bobbing in front of her. Sister drank the sight of the cock and grinned.
"I haven't seen this cock in years, and it's grown so much. How did you get so big?" my Sister asked, lifting the cock up and inspecting it. "How does Mom take this or any girl? Mike's not this big, not even close. You're so big and fit."
"How big is Mike?"
She snorted.
"About five fucking inches," she said with a scowl on her face.
"Erect?" I asked, and that moment, my Sister's lips were pressed to my cock, teasing me with every kiss.
"Yes!" she said, looking up at me with my throbbing cock inches away.
"And you're what, eight, nine inches."
"Eight and a half," I said proudly, and my Sister nodded.
"How does Mom take it?"
"She stretches," I said.
"I bet she does," Sister said.
"Somebody is coming!" she hissed, removing my cock from her hand, rolling her tank top down, as I stuffed my cock into my shorts, turned around and began pouring my orange drink into the large glass.
"Now, what are my two wonderful children doing in the kitchen?" Mom said, bouncing into the kitchen with the biggest smile she had on her face in weeks.
"We were talking about the game."
"I'm coming," Mom said firmly and she was wearing a white blouse, which clung to her figure, showed the world how big and soft her big tits were and a pair of black, tight yoga pants that stretched across her arse, jutting it out.
"No, buts! I want to be there when you win the match and lift that trophy," she said, grinning at me." Then, we could go for a bite to eat to celebrate."
"Does widdle Jackie wuv his Mommy!" my Sister mocked me.
"Shut it, you," Mom said, slapping her face with a dishcloth and her huge tits wobbled. "What are you doing today?
"I am going shoe shopping with Amelia and Grandmother."
"Is your Grandmother paying?" Mother asked.
My Sister grinned and then nodded.
"Good, then I don't have to worry about my bank account being depleted."
"Oh, but you're okay with spending money on food for Jack, as long as keeps pounding that pussy of yours," Sister said, her eyes were flashing brightly, then Mother and my Sister were laughing loudly.
"I think you need to get a good cock in you, and not Mike's one incher," Mother said, and my Sister scowled at her.
"Now, stop fighting you two," I thundered, then realised how much I sounded like my Mother.
"Sounding like Mom, aren't you," my Sister teased me again, gave me a long kiss on the cheek then hurried out of the kitchen.
The rain had gotten worse after I had put my football boots on and stepped onto the waterlogged pitch. It streamed down my face, running into my eyes, making sure I couldn't see anyone in front of me. All I saw were flashes of white and red shirts running back and forth as the clap of thunder boomed. The ball was passed to my feet, and I ran down the pitch, pounding into the puddles, and I was coming onto the goal. Over the roaring wind, I could hear Mother's voice shouting for me, her cute Mommy voice trembling in the sound of the gathering wind. I took my shot, kicked the ball, and it left my foot, like a rocket, and rattled the crossbar. I kicked the ground in frustration and ran back down the pitch, chasing the ball.
"Come on, Jack!" Mother shouted, and I turned to look, she was on the touchline, jumping up and down, her tits bouncing freely.
"Get your head in the game, Jack, and stop eyeing the cheerleaders!" someone said to me, and due to the rain and heavy wind, I couldn't tell who it was.
I got the ball back within seconds, and then two seconds later, a man collided with me, sending my twisted body roughly to the ground. Clumps of wet mud fell from my face as my Mother shouted again."
"Foul! Send him off! Red card!!" she shouted, looking frustrated.
My legs were aching, and I couldn't move, I could see the man who had tackled me, bearing down on our goal, and then shooting, the ball soaring through the air and smashing into the back of the goal, the net swinging back and forth.
The final whistle blew.
I approached Mom on the side of the pitch, and she hugged me straightaway. This is what I needed after a long 90 minutes of playing football, a hug from my Mother, feeling those big fat tits against my chest.
"I guess we're not going to get something to eat, are we?" I asked, and I was feeling excited about getting a bite to eat with just my Mother and me.
"You played well," she said, tracing a loving finger across my cheeks. "You soared two goals and nearly a third. I didn't know what was going on, but I'm sure it was a good match.
I chuckled.
"Mom, you might not know anything about football, you make one hell of a cheerleader."
She looked at me with those big, wide beautiful blue eyes and her cheeks were blushing.
"Better than those?" Mother asked, and I knew that she had pointed to the group of cheerleaders were all running into the changing rooms, screaming, holding coats over their faces. Mom and I were stood underneath an umbrella; the rain was pattering loudly against it.
"Jack!" Coach Wilson shouted; he approached me and slapped me hard on the shoulder. "Two goals, nearly a third, and you hit the crossbar a few times. You're going to be the central striker for the next match, I've dropped Smith after that terrible miss.
Coach Wilson had stopped entirely speaking; his gaze had shifted onto my Mother. The first thing I noticed, how he was looking at her, the massive grin on his face, the lusty eyes, how his eyes were scanning every bit of her attractive face. Mother looked gorgeous today, her hair was neat and tidy, brushed to perfection as if she had been spending hours in the mirror, studying her reflection. She wore a white blouse, which complimented her pale skin and enormous tits. I think it was to tease me why she had chosen this outfit for today.
"I never knew you were dating an older woman, Jack!" he laughed loudly. "I've got to say, and you do have amazing tastes in women."
I snorted and looked at my Mother with the biggest smile.
"Coach, she's my Mother, not my lover!! I said, making quite the disgusted expression I could muster without offending my Mother.
"Your mother?" he croaked, tugging at his long strands of unshaven beard. "That can't be true. Because your Mother does not look a day over twenty!"
When Mom laughed, her huge tits shook.
"If I knew better, I'd say you were flirting with me," Mother asked, leaning backwards, so her huge tits jutted out. Coach Wilson couldn't take his eyes off them.
"Maybe, I am," Coach Wilson said. "You fancy coming to the Castle with a few drinks?"
Mother lifted her hand, showing her wedding ring.
"You're married?" Coach Wilson snorted, shaking his head. "All the best women are taken."
"What about those cheerleaders, Coach Wilson?" I suggested.
"Already had a few of them," Coach Wilson said, laughing and slapping his hand on my shoulder again. "And, I do remember hearing about you taking Sarah Mcgill to Prom. She wouldn't stop going on about your big…."
"Enough about my son's sex life, please," she asked, throwing a hand up and looking shocked. "You ready to come and get your bite to eat? I'm thinking about McDonald's or how about we go back home, I cook you some bacon, sausages, waffles, eggs, would you like that?
"I'd love it!" I told her as we walked to the parking lot, underneath the umbrella and just listening to the stream of rain pounding against the umbrella. We were safe from the rain, our bodies warming next to each and in desperate need of the car.
We walked to the parking lot, underneath the umbrella and our car was one of the only vehicles left. I turned to face Mother.
"Coach Wilson likes you!" I said, closing the door behind me.
"Yeah, I saw his eyes on my tits. He's lucky that I'm already in love with someone," Mother said as she pulled out of the parking lot and joined the traffic.
"Do I know him?" I asked with a smile.
"I think you know. He's wonderful, very handsome, can fuck like a champ with his big dick and he's sitting right next. Oh, and he has touched me, no man has gone before. I'm falling for you."
You are?" I asked.
"What about you?"
"Oh, Mother, of course. I've always loved you, ever since I used to put my arms around you when it thundered."
She chuckled.
"I remember that," she said and chuckled lowly in her throat the distant memory.
"Do you still love Father?" he asked.
"I still love your father," she said with a softening look on her face, and I turned to look out of the rain-slicked window. The rain had gotten heavier, lashing against the window as the wipers fought their hardest. "Do I feel guilty? No. It's not cheating, because it's my son. It's not like
"Mother," I said, breaking the silence that had fallen between us. The only noise that could be heard was the rain lashing against the window and the wipers.
"Yeah?" Mother asked.
"I can't wait until you get pregnant. We have our little child, Dad raising as its own," I told her.
"I can't wait. I get freaky when I get pregnant."
"You do?" I said, my heart pounding
She looked down at my growing cock.
"I think we need to make a detour," she said, swallowing hard.
"What do you have in mind?" I asked as we went down an abandoned street, she steered with one hand and leaned over, taking my cock in the other.
"I think you know," she said and was winking at me.
I stood in the shower, feeling the hot water splash against my face, making my skin burn, then I scrubbed it redraw. I was pissed off that I didn't lift the trophy today, my frustration was apparent in the way that I was rubbing my skin with the sponge soaked with Lynx. The door of the bathroom creaked open, and my Sister hurried into the room.
"Nice cock, Bro," she said, grinning as she bunched her skirt up and sat on the toilet. A trickle of piss splashed quietly against the toilet. "It's even bigger than Mike's hard. You're soft."
She finished, standing up, smoothing her skirt, washing her hands and quickly leaving the room.
"See you!" she giggled.
I sat at the kitchen table, stabbing my sausage as my Mother, wearing a white Apron, with big red letters and a pair of red lips. The apron said: "KISS THE COOK!"
"You lost?" Father grunted, bacon dangling from his mouth. "I thought I said if you lose a match, I will kick you out of the home."
"Harold!" Mom frowned, crossing her arms over her breasts which shook in anger. "He is joking; he didn't mean it."
Father met the glare in my Mother's eyes, swallowed his bacon, nodded and said something under his breath that neither my Mother nor myself could understand.
"He played good," Mom said. Mother praising me was like the sound of me soaring a goal or her blissful moans. She knew how to make me feel good about myself. Father, on the other hand, didn't.
"Did you score?" Father asked, peering over his newspaper, his great big eyes surveying the table and my face.
"I scored," I said proudly. "I was voted the best player in the game."
"How many?" he asked, sipping his steaming cup of coffee and then going back behind his newspaper.
"Two, I would have scored three, but I was offside.
"Would you like some more bacon?" Mother said from the kitchen; thick grease stains had been splashed down the apron, smearing some of the red letters.
"Can I have some more waffles?" I asked her.
"Of, course, you can, honey," Mother said and went back over the oven.
"You need a girlfriend," Dad suddenly said.
Mother looked from the oven with a scowl on his face.
"You're embarrassing him!" she said, shaking her head and clenching her hands on her hip.
"Am I? When was the last time he got laid? Months ago," Dad said.
"I got laid last week!" I said.
"With who? "When was the last time you had a girlfriend?" Dad asked.
"I've had plenty," I told him, and it was true, I had more girlfriends than Father ever had. I mean, Father, had three girlfriends before he met my Mother at College and only had sex with one of his girlfriends. I've had dozens of girlfriends, one-night stands, threesomes, yet Father was trying to lecture me on sex. He had never fucked his wife like I do, or made her cum, seen her toes curl.
"All ugly," Dad said, chuckling. "Apart from one."
"As you may know," I said, raising my voice slightly. Father looked at me over the newspaper, glaring at me, his lips curling into a sneer." I'm currently seeing a girl at the moment. I met her a couple of weeks ago, and she's fantastic, kind, beautiful, funny, and she said that I am the best thing she's ever had.
From the kitchen, I could see that Mother had turned around to hide the blushing. She came back to the table, her face hot and flustered.
"Why are you so flustered?" Dad asked, scowling as he stabbed into his waffles.
"It's the heat from the kitchen," Mother said, sitting down at the table, taking a large gulp from her orange drink. "I love cold drinks."
"What's her name?"
"Sorry?" I asked.
"Your girl?" Dad asked, slurping loudly on his coffee, grinning. "That's if she's real."
"Her name is Charlotte," I said, I knew that there was a waitress in the other town called that.
"Charlotte? You fucked her, yet?"
"Harold!" Mother said and slammed her first down onto the table. The glasses and plates trembled. "Less of the sex talk, please. I do not want to know if my son is getting laid or not, as long as he is using protection. Please, can we talk about something else?"
She chewed on her sausage.
"I'm going on a business trip in December.," he said, loudly chewing his food.
"How long are you going to be away for?" Mother asked, and I knew what she was exactly thinking.
"A couple of days, it might be a week," I said. "You're going to be lonely.
"I have my blankets to keep me warm," she said.
As I was walking to my room, the bathroom door creaked open and out stepped my Mother, who was smiling at me.
"Hey, honey, looking for me?" Mother asked, and she didn't even wait until I answered, her mouth lunged at me, capturing my lips.
We were against the wall, her arms on either side of my head and kissing me. It was only a cough from downstairs that pulled our lips away from each other. I could taste the bubblegum mouthwash.
"Bubblegum," I said and laughed.
Mother smiled at me.
"It's a brand new flavour, I think it tastes wonderful," Mom said, kissing me.
I placed an arm around her waist, pulling her closer to me.
"I love you," I told her, my cock getting hard against her stomach.
A gleam of something that I could not describe flashed through her eyes.
"Do you want to go for a ride in the car?" Mother suggested.
"Where do you want to go?"
"Lover's Lane," she said,
A thrill of excitement shot through my cock, and I let out a grunt.
"We could be caught," I said, looking worried.
"That's the excitement, isn't it? Getting caught naked, being fucked to the point where you can't even see straight. It'll be fun; we could get some bottles of beer for you, some snacks from the fridge, blankets and just look at the stars and moon. I never got to do things like when I was younger. Make me relive my youth."
"You're still young, Mother," I said, grinning.
"What are you after?"
"Tonight, you're pussy and tits, and that sweet ass of yours bouncing on me. I'll get the beer and snacks, and you get the car started."
"What are you going to tell, Father?"
That you and I are going to have some mom and son time, which we haven't, your Dad takes Francesca in the car almost once a week, why can't we?
She kissed me, and we just stood there, wrapped in each other's arms.
"Honey, I want a bottle of beer from the fridge, can you get me one?" his booming voice came from the living room.
The noise of the television soon reached up to them, blaring.
She pulled away from my mouth, giggling.

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