The Family: Sunday Service.

tagIncest/TabooThe Family: Sunday Service.

I bent down, capturing my Mother's lips very roughly as I rubbed my huge, aching, throbbing cock that dripped with my Mother's spit. Today, on a Sunday, straight after church, where they were talking about God, she was sucking my cock, swallowing it from knob to root in the middle of the bedroom. She had never sucked my cock like it; she was fast, rough, wet, choking, slurping, making my cock hit the back of her throat until she gagged.
I, however, could only stand there, gripping my Mother's long, soft golden hair, gazing down at the sight of his beautiful, who would only look up at him a few times, her blue eyes trying to make me cum so quickly. I was not going to cum, not this early, not in her mouth or across the face, and it would be in her pussy. I was a man now, not some little boy. I had a big cock, and I knew how to use it. Over the last couple of months, my Mother and I had spoken about having a baby, it thrilled me to the point where we fucked at least three times in one day, it left her pussy red, sore and her ass throbbing.
Saturday and Sunday were the most fucks that we had gone in one weekend. Father was clueless, Saturday, he spent time fishing with his friends and on Sunday, he was too drunk and hungover to realise that we were fucking. I had counted six times, a dozen orgasms and a shit load of loads into her pussy, before they fell asleep in each other's arm, snuggled up in the bedcovers.
Now, after the blowjob, licking and fingering, Mother was pinned to the bed, legs spread and I was on top of her, my great, enormous cock, inches away from her waiting for her pussy. I could tell that her pussy craved my cock and there was not a day in the last couple of months, where she didn't find a way to taste my cock or have it in her pussy.
Breakfast, before we went to work, usually after a quick meal of scrambled eggs on toast, she was giving me a blowjob as Father was at work and my Sister showered, then she was drilled over the kitchen sink, leaving the dirty dishes unwashed, untouched. After we had finished work, we would end at the same time, and my Mother would pick me up, drive at a speed that I'm sure she had broken every speed law ever made. Then, she would either fuck me in the woods or an abandoned parking lot. Then, after we were done, she would be driving back home to fix dinner for the four of us. We settled for the night, we would be fucking again, sometimes in the kitchen, garage, shower, bedroom, and one time we couldn't even get as far as the stairs.
"Fuck me, Jack!" she said softly, opening her slit with her shaking and trembling hand.
"Mmmmmmmmmmm," Mother hissed out, quickly building up a good rhythm, her huge, motherly fat tits began to dance on her chest, rocking up and down, it made my cock throb hotly when he saw it.
Today, my cock had felt as if someone had poured wax onto my cock, smearing it across every inch of my cock. Seconds later, he had buried his cock into his mother's pussy, hitting the cervix as if his cock was trying to get back to where I was raised for nine months. Never in this world, not even the most trustworthy person telling me, that would be fucking my mother's pussy, mouth, stroking her ass and I wouldn't have believed them.
"I've been waiting for this all day," I chuckled, my thrusts matching her bounces. Her tits shook, she let out little quiet whimpers, which soon turned into loud, moans as I overpowered her with my stabbing shorts.
I bent down again, kissing her on the lips, my tongue lashing against hers, and her cries rattled his mouth. I took her hard nipple in my fingers, smoothed his fingers across her nipples, an electric surge shot and blasted through my fingers as he wrapped my arm around her neck, bringing our body upwards. We pulled away from each other, our mouths aching and craving for more.
"I nearly bent you over in church, when you dropped your purse? Little slut, your skirt nearly came up and exposed your lack of knickers."
"I wish you did, baby, fuck me in front of the whole of the church!" she said, grinning at me. "God, that cock!"
I chuckled again, bending down, taking her nipples in his mouth, my tongue and lips capturing her nipples and it brought a big moan from her.
Mother, grinned, smiling as she brought her hand to the back of my head, I nursed her breasts, quickly going to her other breast, not leaving it untouched, but dripping wet with spit and turning red. Each hard nipple was chewed, nibbled, sucked, bitten, bringing more moans out of her twisted mouth.
I drank in the sight of her gaping, wet, huge slit, glistening beautifully as my cock slid into her.
"Keep sucking my tits!" Mother whispered, kissing me on the top of his head, running her finger through the strands, loving the comfort that I was giving to her breasts while pounding her pussy.
"You don't have to tell me twice," I said after pulling my mouth from a long suck, where strands of spit dangled from my mouth, and I spat on her tits.
"Don't ever stop fucking me!" Mother spat out, her eyes swimming with lust, barely able to contain her soft moans now. The neighbours who were mowing their lawns could probably hear the sound of skin slapping together, balls crashing against her pussy, the sound of pleading moans, begging her son to fuck her even harder. I complied with every thrust, stabbing into her pussy, making her bounce off the bed.
"I don't think I would ever stop, you're mine now, this body belongs to me!"
She nearly came at the thought of it but fought against every feeling. I slowed my thrust down until it was teasing, slow, gentle, soft thrust that made her whimper. She brushed the strands away from my face, exposing my flushed, red, sweaty face.
She took his cheeks in her fingers, cupping them. This time, a moan bellowed out of her, bursting free. I grunted and panted, kissed my mother's fingers, taking time with each one, each suck was longer than the last one, each nibble of her finger got a loud moan out of her. She took her other hand, slowly, softly teasingly and brushing her finger across her nipples.
She watched my expression, and it changed, my mouth hung open, my tongue aching for her breasts again, it wanted her tits back in his mouth again. Quickly, I flung his mother's long and slender arms above her head, pinning to the pillow and lunged at her tits, capturing the hard nipple in my mouth. Again, I sucked her nipple with so much force, that spit coated her nipple, leaving strands dribbling down her nipple.
Like a nursing child, I sucked, refusing to let go, this is where I belonged, not with the girls from work, or the ones in nightclubs or ones I could find in shopping malls, but with my mother.
My mother had always been there for him. How many times did she kiss my knee better when I had fallen over? Rubbed his back when I lost my favourite toy? Watched me play for my school football team and now the football team ran me back and forth to practice? She would pick me up from school without fail, always making sure to make him food or leave him leftovers if she was working late. Now, he had his dick deep inside of her warm, clutching pussy that he came out of.
Her thrusts made me moan; she pleaded with me to go faster as I slowed down. I teased her with every chance I got. My mother, the most beautiful woman in all of the world, with his sister and grandmother coming a close second, was unable to match any of his hard, powerful thrusts. Apart from Anna Belle, she was the only woman that could take his cock to the hilt. My mother, like me, never thought that the child that came out of her pussy, would soon become her lover.
"I'm so fucking wet," Mother gasped, my huge cock never stopped thrusting inside of her wet, sucking pussy.
"You think I can't feel you?" I asked, pulling my cock out of her pussy, it was covered in my mother's dripping juices. "It's the wettest you've ever been."
"Can you blame me?" she asked, flashing a huge grin, laughing, her pussy still throbbed and ached as her body jerked. "My little clit is on fire."
I looked down, my huge cock jutting out in front of him, like a steel rod, he bent down, kissing his mother.
It exploded out of me, bursting free after being built up for hours, it was a massive rope of warm cum which erupted from my aching cock. The huge rope of cum splashed onto her tits, the seed warm, and thick, with the load covering both tits, her neck, hitting her chin and then the last drop hitting her mouth, which she tasted, hungrily like a starving child.
"Let me get a towel," she said.
"No need!" I asked suddenly, dipping his head down and hungrily sucked her nipples, tasting his cum, which was sweet, as he remembered. My mother watched in amazement as I sucked her tits, even tasting my cum. He left no skin untouched, and the traces of cum were being slurped and kissed up.
They kissed, some of the cum passing from one mouth to the other, then my mother swallowed it gratefully. They broke apart.
"I never thought I'd see the day, and you'll be eating your cum," she said, drooling a kiss all over my neck.
She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly, inches away from her orgasm. That nearly tipped her over the edge, but she remained firm. Her head was buried into my shoulder, his aftershave still lingering, powerful, making her pussy tingle. Her big tits were pressed against my chest, and her hands draped around my shoulder.
"I want to ride your cock. I need to come, baby, fuck me with your cook, and I'd cook your favourite meal."
"Pizza and chips?" I asked grinning.
"Homemade, natural, it's all the best being natural," Laura said, laughing loudly and bringing her face to myself. I kissed.
She gave her tits a little wobble.
"Don't you agree, honey?" she asked, kissing me again as I pawed at her tits. "Fuck me! Let me ride you. Make me cum."
Softly and slowly, she sunk onto my fat, throbbing cock, and was surprised that I was still as hard as fucking stick of wood. Quickly, her pussy had swallowed my shaft, leaving the base of the shaft overstuffing her pussy to the point where my balls met her slit. She grunted out, leaning backwards, her huge tits bouncing up and down her chest as she shook with my matching thrusts.
She looked down her chest, and the huge tits were massive and bouncing, unable to be controlled as they were bouncing for faster and more frantic. She was so stuffed with that cock, and her pussy couldn't breathe, it was full of thick, delicious cock meat that speared her lips wide open.
"You're fucking me so good," she muttered, wrapping her arms around my neck, and kissing me
"Keep bouncing," I said, breaking away from her mouth.
She did. The orgasm was inching ever closer as my nipping mouth, which attacked her skin. His hand found her clit, rubbing it furiously, the other hand stroking her nipples, bringing her to the orgasm that I wanted her to have. This was going to be a big open, and she opened her mouth, moans erupted from the pleasure, and it destroyed her body.
"You want to cum on your son's big cock, don't you?" I asked her, spanking her ass, which bounced roughly on his cock.
"You're going to make me cum so bad," Mother said, bouncing, the orgasm coming ever close.
I knew it was going to be a big one, and she could tell, the way her body was shaking. I kissed her neck again, bringing my mouth to her tits and sucked again. My mouth was on one nipple, and the other hand stroked, pinched, pulled the other, I chuckled against his mother's bouncing tit, I could feel my mother's pussy clenching around my cock ever so tightly. She was close, he could feel her, her bounces more frantic, desperate as she gasped.
"Cum for me," I mumbled in a mouthful of soft, titty flesh bouncing in front of my face, "Cum on your son's dick. I want to give you a baby."
She grunted.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she said, kissing me as soon as I lifted my mouth from her tits. "Fuck me, Jack!"
"I'm going to breed you," I said, smoothing a hand across her nipples. She trembled underneath every touch.
"Do it!" she said, begging me. "I'd love to carry your child, and my belly has swollen up, my tits bigger and full of milk,"
"The baby and I are going to be sharing that milk," I told her sharply.
That was it, all it took was a powerful stab of his cock and a few words, and she was cumming the biggest she had ever come. It ripped through her body. She leaned backwards, yanking away from his mouth, she watched her tits bounce as I fucked my cock deep into her, riding through her orgasm. My cock was thick, throbbing, ready to burst and my mother's pussy was gripping him tightly and trying to draw the cum out
"I'm coming, baby," she said, crying out in pleasure as she continued to bounce on my cock..
"Jesus," I said, the bubbling in my balls had returned to an extreme overwhelming sense of pain. "I'm going to cum."
I let out a moan, then quickly reached up to my Mother's mouth and lunged at her lips. Their lips silenced each other's muffled cry. She was bouncing even harder, her tits pressed against my chest, arm draped over his neck, encouraging me to cum. It came with a loud grunt, and she felt it, so much warm cum was flooding into her pussy, that she gasped out, The cum was still flooding into her, then it stopped, and my cock had stopped twitching inside her pussy. She pulled away from my mouth, her chest beating so fast she could feel it in her throat and looked into my eyes.
"That was perfect," she said, kissing him again and cradling my cheeks.
"I'm going into the shower, fancy joining me?" she asked, leaning over the bed, as her son laid upon the pillow. My naked body was in the glow of after sex, her tits dangled in front of me, and she kissed me.
"I need to get something to eat," he said, looking down at her glistening wet pussy and pulled away from her lips. "Not your pussy, as good as it does taste."
She giggled, then looked down at my cock, which was still hard. She turned away; she knew if my Mother looked at the cock in a second, she would be sucking my cock. As she went into the bathroom, as I walked into the landing, my sister was standing there, inches away from the door of her bedroom. She looked at his body, drinking in the sight of the muscles, the huge cock.
"You could put an eye without that cock, Bro" Sister said, gazing down at his cock, which remained hard, pressed against his bare thigh. "Mom in there?"
"She's in the shower," Ryan said proudly, grinning.
"You make her cum again?" Sister asked, crossing her arms over her chest.
"I'm going to have to try that cock of yours," she told me, and it twitched even more.
"How about tomorrow night?" I suggested. "If you're not busy, we could watch a movie, grab a bite to eat, through a takeout.
"Sure," she said, kissing me on the lips and then going into her room.
I walked down the stairs; my cock was going to have the best weekend I had ever had.

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