The Family, The Kitchen Sink

tagIncest/TabooThe Family, The Kitchen Sink

"We shouldn't be doing this," Mom whispered under her shuddering breath as I dragged her skirt down with a firm tug. Mom didn't protest again as the dress puddled around her long, beautiful, slender legs and splayed across the sparkling kitchen floor. "Your father!"
"Won't be home for hours," I said, placing a firm kiss on her big ass, and my other hand, laid on her other arse cheek, smoothing it across her cheek and gaining a mouth moan from her twisted mouth. "My sister has gone out for a meal, Mother. It's you and I tonight, nobody else. I don't want anyone else, then you."
She bit her lip top as I kissed her arse cheek, tracing my tongue across her skin, chuckling as a moan found a way to break past her tightly pressed lips.
"Fuck me!" those words shouted past her clenched teeth. She spun around, and her trembling fingers began unbuttoning her blouse, the buttons plucked away, popping free, exposing every bit of her flat stomach, and then it got to her huge breasts. Apart from porn, they were the pair huge, biggest fat tits I had seen in my life, and my past girlfriends did come close to his mother in the breast department and look. I stood there, my huge cock bulging in a pair of shirts that clung to my thighs.
Mom was beautiful, always had been. Now, being forty-five, there were still no signs of her ageing. Her face didn't look her age, not a hint of wrinkles, but soft youth. Her blonde hair was full and lustrous as it fell to her lower back. Her cheekbones were sharp, and her nose was small, a cute little button, which complimented her large striking emerald eyes and overly full pink lips. She was a goddess. He had always found her attractive, every inch of her was perfect, from the where her strands of hair grew from her scalp to her bare, cute, little painted toes. I took my shorts off, my huge cock freeing itself and my mother could only gasp. I remember the first time my mother saw my cock. She gasped first, shocked that her son could be packing a huge tool, then admired it. When she asked if she could touch, I said yes immediately, who would refuse your mother feeling your cock? Not me? Never! I could tell she loved, and she couldn't take her eyes off me. She shimmed out of her knickers, her wet, glistening slit with a few tufts of blonde hair surrounding it came into view.
She kissed me, and I quickly responded. I kissed her, our tongues danced together, fighting as I brought my throbbing cock to her warm, tight, welcoming pussy. A stabbing thrust slipped past the wetness and thrust into her pussy, taking a few jabs and stabs to make sure my huge, fat, thick cock was buried to the hilt. It didn't take long. I was back where I belonged, in my mother's pussy, the same hole that gives birth to me twenty-one years ago. Her pussy was terrific; I didn't know if it was the thrill of fucking my mother, or how her pussy felt. I knew Father was the only man to ever put his cock inside of her, and I was second, her son, her first born-child going back to the place where every son should at least try once. Her pussy gripped at my cock, the tight, warm sheathe, making my cock feel welcomed. I let out a moan, so did my mother, her cries were cute, quiet, very low as if she didn't want to be heard.
"I remember when you used to nurse my tits," she said softly, cooing as my tongue slithered around her hardening nipple. It felt hard in my mouth and sucked it, my cheeks hollowing. She kissed the top of my head, and some of her fingers, ran through my hair, tugging at the strands. We shouldn't be doing; this doesn't seem right. We're mother and son, not lovers."
She looked down; my mouth was still wrapped around her fat tits, sucking her nipples as if it were my last meal and my throbbing meat was buried so far into her pussy, it had stuffed her entirely, touched her no place. My cock, the invader, battered against her, never showing a sign of surrendering. She was the only woman that could take my cock without complaining or telling me to take it out of her.
I took hold of her curvy hips and pounded into her. Her eyes fluttered to a close, and her protests became muffled. Her chest rose, the big fat tits seemed to rise quicker than I had ever seen, not even the time I had caught I mother jogging down the street. I was gathering speed with my thrusts, drawing moans out. I could tell she didn't want to stop, why would she? She had her legs around wrapped around my waist, bringing me into her pussy and matched every thrust.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned, her eyes still fluttered a close, and her pussy squelched around my cock. "You're so big. Jesus, that cock of yours, it's thick."
"I want to fuck you every day," I grunted, pounding my cock into her pussy, it brought moans out of her body that she had never felt before.
"I'll let you," she said quietly as if I had defeated her. I had conquered my Mother, the woman that made my packed lunches, drove me to doctor appointments, made sure if I had enough change for the bus, and was always there to comfort when a girl broke up with me. I didn't care about any other girl, not when I could fuck my Mother's pussy every fucking day. Who would you rather fuck? Your insanely attractive Mother, or a skanky girl, that you may pick up in a nightclub. I would pick the same option every fucking time.
At the sound of my grunt, her eyes fluttered open, gleaming green met mine. Her tits were dancing, bouncing with every thrust, and Mom made some great hip movements. I guess all those times at the gym, had made her body look fantastic for her age. One hand, clawed at my chest, her fingernails dragging across my skin, the other hand, cradling my cheek. We stayed silent, just panting heavily and moaning, never breathing a word to each other as we fucked. I had never fucked with such passion, I had only fucked my Mother once, but today, my cock had never throbbed or felt fatter than it did in her pussy. I couldn't explain. Mom looked so beautiful with my cock inside of her; for years, I always imagined what a cock would look inside her, fucking her to the point orgasm. Making her feel loved, and now I knew, it was my cock that could make her moan like this. I had heard my Father fucking my Mother a few times, and she did not make any sounds like she did with me. It was more of a whimper than a few pumps and a squirt, and she was asking was he done. I was not like this, I had the stamina, and the power, each one of my girlfriends, including my Mother, could tell you. My cock belonged here. She trembled under every thrust.
"Is Dad bigger than me?" I asked in her ear, my mouth so close to her ear, softly nipping her skin.
This time, she did not care about controlling her moan, it came out of her mouth and gust of wind, and she screamed.
"You're so much bigger and thicker than your Father! Your cock is perfect."
"Yes, very much so," she added and grunted. "Fuck! If you keep fucking me like this, I'll replace him with you."
"Make him sleep in my bed as I sleep with my woman," I said, wrapping my hands around her neck, one hand on the neck, the other on her bouncing tits.
"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM," the loudest moan came out of my Mother as she bucked her hips against me. "Fuck, you're so good."
Sweat trailed from my face.
"Best pussy I've had," I told her, and it was. No pussy had made my cock throb like this.
She grinned at me, her moans matching the speed of my thrusts as I worked my cock into her pussy. I kissed her again, moaning into her mouth as she bucked her hips against me. I had never seen somebody move their hips like this. She was a sweaty mess, but still looked graceful and elegant. The respectful, conservative Mother, the one who complained about violence or if a model showed too much was getting drilled by her big dick son. One arm was draped around my neck, she brought her lips to me, and we kissed again. Our lips were sealed tightly together and acted as if they could never be pried away. I kissed her, not like a son should do to his Mother. It had all changed now; she wasn't just my Mother, she was my lover, my soulmate, the woman who could complete me. I pulled away from her lips, cradling her cheeks, she looked back at me, we didn't say anything, we just looked into each others eye, taken by the moment. Her pussy clenched around me as I roughly pounded into her, making sure she could feel every inch of my cock. Her loud rippling screams proved I was fucking the way she needed it.
"You're going to make me cum," she said, and those simple words, which every girl had said to me, but coming from my Mother made it all the more worthy. I didn't make her cum the first time, Dad, the fool, had decided to came home from work early as I was balls deep in his wife. This time, nobody could stop us; she was going to cum. I could tell by the way her pussy clenched around my cock, the way her breasts shook with every thrust and the way her face was slightly screwed up. Strands of blonde stuck to her sweaty forehead. "Make Momma cum.
"Your pussy feels good," I said, smoothing a hand over her big tit, cupping it. It was so heavy to touch, soft, and not a hint of sag on it. Mother was a natural beauty from head to toe. I was telling her what she wanted to hear because the grip around my cock got tighter. "I'm gonna make you cum!"
"Yes, you are," she said, trailing a finger over my cheek and encouraging him. It excited me, that I was in my Mother's pussy without a condom, and was about to shoot a load into her unprotected pussy. "Are you going to cum as well, right in Momma's pussy."
This pussy belongs to me now!" I told her firmly, stabbing my cock into her pussy with so much force, it popped out of her pussy, and she had to grasp the kitchen counter to support herself. Her head was titled back, and she fell onto the kitchen sink, knocking plates and glasses. I took my cock, forced it back into her pussy and again, I was back inside her pussy. My balls smashed against her pussy in a steady beat, a few times, I stroked her clit, teasing her, kissing her neck and bare tits. "I'm not done with you."
"I don't think you are," she said, lifting herself from the kitchen sink, her hair down her face, his reddened, tits shaking so quick I could not see them. "Gonna cum."
"Look at you, what kind of Mother would cum from her son's cock?" I asked her.
"A fucking good Mother," she spat at me, her face now inches away from mine, but never kissing.
I looked into her eyes, pumping into her. Moans got louder from her.
"I'm cumming!" those words erupted from her.
"Yessssssssssssssssss," I grunted, kissing her neck and then bringing his mouth to her lips. She kissed me, our lips capturing together. She rode her orgasm, bucking against me. "Jesus."
"Cum for me!" she cooed softly in his ear, encouraging me as my balls bubbled. "Make me a Mommy!"
"Fuck, yes!" I grunted, driving my cock into her pussy. My balls hit her; her pussy was gripping so tightly, desperately trying to free the cum from my throbbing shaft.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Mother said, wrapping her arms around my body and burying her head into my shoulder. Her hands were pressed firmly against my ass, keeping me inside of her pussy. "I can feel it."
"I've come so much," I said, my mother, had taken her head out of my shoulder and looked into my eyes. She gave me a sweet, loving kiss, then hopped off my cock. "I am going in the shower. Fancy joining me?
I kissed her. I followed her, my huge cock slashing in front of me as I followed her up the stairs and into the shower.

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