The Family, The Shower

tagIncest/TabooThe Family, The Shower

The shower curtain was pulled open, and I stepped into the shower. My Mother was already there. The spray of the shower hit her naked body.
"Do you want to lather me up?" she spoke in a soft tone, that she knew I would love.
She bent over, her ass jutting out. It was so big and fat. I kissed her neck as the water hit our faces and bodies, Mom melted in my arms as I rubbed the shower gel over her thick body, covering her tits and ass with a thick covering of Apple shower gel. She was pressed against the shower screen, her huge tits flattening against, and I kissed her neck. I couldn't keep my hands off her, every inch of her was perfect, built and sculpted to be worshipped. I ran my hand over her ass, making sure every inch was touched, then out of nowhere, I spanked. She let out a moan like a strangled cat and softly played with her clit. She made cute little moans that thrilled me to hear. I loved hearing the noises of fingers being drilled deep into a wet pussy. Mom was still bent over, her huge tits dangling, blocking her face.
"Is this payback!" she asked, still bent over, wriggling her huge ass at me.
"Maybe," I said, the huge ass jiggling with every loud smack. "I want you to get against the
"Fuck!" she spat out as I thrust into her dripping wet pussy.
She twisted her head around, looking over her shoulder and we kissed. Our lips pressed together, and my Mother moaned loudly in my mouth, my cock just resting in her pussy. We stood in the shower, the water spraying against us, and I held her tightly. I couldn't describe how I felt about this, at the moment, I loved every moment, and I slowly rocked back inside of her. She trembled under my thrust and continued to kiss me; our bodies slapped together as I picked the speed up.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she moaned loudly, pulling her mouth away from mine and held her fingers against my face, cradling my cheek. "I'm fucking love your cock! God! Keep fucking me like that! You're hitting my cervix."
"You've never been fucked like this," I said, breathing heavily against her neck, kissing her skin softly. Her hands were on the shower screen, pressed against it to support herself. Her legs were trembling, her pussy stuffed to the max and her son was pounding, my balls had hit her pussy with a steady pace. "Have you?"
She couldn't answer; words did not seem to want to come out of her mouth, apart from moans. The question made her pussy clench around my cock, and she mewed like a cat. She looked at me, her eyes wide open, mouth twisted loose, and I gazed into her eyes, matching every thrust. My Mother had never looked so beautiful, the water hit her face, making her skin soaked and soft. I took the strands of wet, golden hair holding it tightly. She yelped when I nipped her skin. I grabbed her arms, pinning them to her back, lifting her away from the shower screen. My ass and cock were a blur as I worked my cock into her pussy. It hit her cervix; it felt incredible as I had never gotten so deep with a woman. Nobody could take my cock, they would complain that it was too big, thick, fat, massive, and now my Mother did not seem to mind. This thrust, seemed to bring a scream out of her mouth, that she didn't know she could do.It was music to my ears, and I kept pounding her in that way, one hand pinning her arms to her back, the other reaching out and playing with her clit. Her pussy was on fire as if someone had doused it with petrol then set it light. Her pussy, so wet, soft, beautiful, inviting. The lips were speared around my cock, pried open by the thickness.
"Oh, fuck me!" my Mother hissed at me, kissing me. Our faces were pressed together, lips tightly pressed against each other, and my cock was slipping in and out of her pussy, making her pussy so wet and soppy.
"You didn't think your son's cock would be making you cum this, did you?" I asked, kissing her neck, still pinching her nipples, leaving them begging for more attention.
"Holy fuck, baby," she gasped out, just grunting as my cock slithered in and out of her. I could tell she loved every moment of this; her ass bounced with my thrusts, her tits wobbled, slapping together.
I saw her reflection in the glass and with her wet, soaking blonde hair, pulled behind her head, and she had never looked so beautiful. Water trickled down her huge tits, making them look softer. Her face, scrunched up, eyes closed, mouth twisted, then as a thrust rocked her world, she opened her mouth, then a moan rattled out of her with a wailing cry of pleasure. Her ass still bounced back, matching my thrusts, I leaned back, and stopped thrusting, resting against the wall with my eyes closed. I couldn't see what my Mother was doing, but I could feel it, she was bouncing so hard back against me. The noises of our skin slapped together, and I was trying my best not to cum. Jesus, it felt unreal, to be standing in the shower and having your Mother fuck you with all of her strength. I held onto her hips.
"Do you like how Mommy is fucking you!" she gasped out. She stopped thrusting, obviously composing herself. I spanked her ass; then she began bouncing again, swallowing me from knob to root. She chuckled.
"Your girlfriends have got nothing on me, have they?"
I grunted in response and just shook my head. I couldn't speak.
They don't look like this, do they? They haven't got my curves or my ass," she moaned. "Look at you. All you needed was your Momma's pussy, didn't you?"
My eyes flashed open, and my Mother was looking straight back at me, her mouth hanging open in a twisted expression, her back arched, tits swinging back and forth. I retook control, holding her hips again, smashing into with so much force that she lurched forwards. She was pressed against the shower screen, the glass bounced and rattled. I pushed her head against the screen, listening to every whimper and grunt.
The skin slapped together, drawing out moans from
"I've been watching your big tits for years!" I said, reaching out, pinching and pulling the nipple.
"The other one is feeling a little lonely," she whispered, the other did feel lonely, as the left breast was touched, stroked, pinched, nipped, this one was left untouched. "That's a good cock!"
"You love it, don't you?" I asked her, sinking my hand into the breasts. The pain in my balls had grown to a painful, tight pain, which pounded, threatening to burst into my cock. Mom could feel it, as she let out a grunt as my cock spasmed in her pussy.
I picked up the speed, pounding into her, trying to coax the cum out of
"Cum in me!" she spat through her clenched teeth.
I kept tight hold of her bouncing ass.
"Uh-huh!" she said, bouncing back and wriggled her ass.
The sight of her bouncing ass was what made it happen. The cum didn't trickle out of my knob; it shot out in thick, globs of warm cum, which splattered the walls of my Mother's clenching pussy. I couldn't speak, I just rode my orgasm out, making sure every bit of dripping cum ended in her pussy and not down the plughole. I still pumped into my Mother, bringing her ever close to her second orgasm of the week. It was coming, I could tell, and it was going to be a big one.
"Are you close?" I asked, cupping her huge, dangling breast.
It felt right to be holding my Mother's huge breasts as I fucked her. Made her my woman, made sure she could cum. I could see her fingers, working quickly, twisting the nub of her clit, bringing herself to her next orgasm. I wondered when the last time she came like this or even had an orgasm where her whole body shoo.
"Yes, I am!" she gasped, clearly loving how I squeezed her tits.
"Cum on your son's cock!"
"I'm gonna cum!"
"I love your pussy," I said, pounding into her.
I pounded into her very slowly, teasing, she bounced back, but I was too strong for her, and her ass stopped, only going so far down my shaft.
"Fuck, make me cum!" she grunted out, and moaned against the glass screen. Her face was twisted against and had my hand against the back of her neck, pinning her there. She could only look back at me, watching my face drip with water as I pounded into her.
"You want to cum?" I asked, drilling into her, never stopping or being soft with my thrusts.
"FUCK YES!" she gasped out; it was getting closer.
"You're going to pop, aren't you?" I asked, my mouth against her neck,
"I am!" she wailed.
I spanked her arse, it jiggled.
"Then, do it, you Mommy slut!"
She gasped.
"I'm going to cum, you fucking dirty bastard," she grunted out, flickering her clit, her fingers danced, the cock and fingers working towards orgasm. She looked at me, her eyes glaring, a hand on my shoulder, pulling me closer.
I pounded into her, never missing a beat.
"UH! Fuck! Yes! OH God! Jesus Christ, I'm fucking CUMMING!"
Her pussy clenched around my cock.
"Holy shit!" she gasped out, a stream of girl juice streamed out of her pussy.
I stabbed into her. Mom's cunt kept clenching me, tighter and tighter, wrapped around my cock like a squeezing hand, trying to pull a second burst of cum from my throbbing balls. Her pussy, kept seemingly pulling me in, and I was deep as I could, letting her juices wet my throbbing shaft, trying to make me cum, trying to me explode. She knew what I needed, my cum was ready to spurt from my cock again, this time,
the load wouldn't be as powerful or big, but it would be enough to put a baby in her stomach. I took my cock out of her pussy, it was still long, jutting out and very thick with pleasure.
"You know what you need to do," I told her.
"Give me that cock!" she asked, and I forced it into her mouth. She gives it the biggest, wettest kiss I had ever had on my cock, the tongue worked up, and down the shaft, she took every inch of it in her mouth and swallowed it to the tip. It still made me stand there in shock; no woman had ever taken my cock all way to the back of her throat. I just stood there, my dick in my Mother's mouth, I picked up the speed, she coughed and spat my cock out.
"It's too big for a throat fucking, Jesus," she said slobbering all over my cock.
"Dad might finish work early, and he did last night," I told her, groaning.
She looked at me, her eyes fluttering.
"Can we not have a few more minutes?" she asked, kissing my cock, looking up at me, spit trailing her mouth and then slithered her tongue across it.
She took my cock in her hand and began jacking me off. I was not going to refuse this chance, my gorgeous lover, resting against the shower screen, jacking me off.
The door creaked open.
"I hope Jack didn't kick your ass today, playing those video games," said my Father, who had kicked his work boots at his door, threw his faded Hi-Vis jacket down onto the sofa. Mom didn't even flinch or raise her head at the head; her face was buried into the magazine.
My Mother looked from her magazine, smiling.
"Oh, I've never been beaten so bad today, honey," she said, smiling at me.
"Wow! You must be really bad," he said, bending down and kissing his wife on the neck, the same place where my cock had been hours ago. "What's for dinner? I'm starving.
"I'm thinking about making mac and cheese with jacket potatoes, some salad," she said, patting his large stomach. You wouldn't think Father and I were Dad and son, he was overweight, ugly, were myself, I had the body of an athlete, good looks, a huge cock, yet Father possessed none of this. "How was work, honey?"
"I've got overtime for the next month," he said
"That's good," she said, nodding her head. "I'm thinking just thinking about what shoes I can buy with your overtime money?"
She waved the magazine that she was reading.
"You'll bleed me dry," he said, laughing loudly.
As my Father went into the kitchen, my Mother came over to me, leaning, her huge tits were dangling in my face, and she whispered.
"You hear that," she spoke softly, her breath scratchy, two buttons were unbuttoned the top of her blouse, and I could see right down, her nipples were hard as she stroked my hardening cock. "Next month, we can fuck in the morning and at night. I'm going to rock your world."
She kissed me on the cheek.
"I'll come into your room tonight. Dad'll be passed out with the drink."
She kissed me again, this time on the lips and pulled away at the moment she heard footsteps coming from the kitchen into the living room. Father went into the kitchen, holding two bottles of beer, the cold still hissing from the bottle.
"Here, there's a bottle of for you," My Father said, and I took it gratefully.
"Are you watching the game with me?" he asked, smiling as my Mother wrapped her arms around my Father. A wave of jealous surged through me, but my Mother couldn't see it on my face as I made a joke.
"Mom, stop fawning over Dad, it's making me sick."
"Hey, son! When you get a wife of your own, you'll be like this," Father teased me. "Hey, what happened to Jessica, girl? She was pretty cute."
I drank my beer and choked.
"She was seeing someone else," I told him.
I couldn't remember what actually happened.
"My two handsome men and Jack's all grown up now.
"Sure," he took the beer, and we clinked bottles together.

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