The first enema story. | Sex Stories Post

Here goes my first story!

One morning, Janine was off to her proctologist to prepare for a colonoscopy. She was nervous, but she knew she would be fine, once under sedation. Janine got checked into by the nurse, and was asked to strip into a paper patient gown. She was weight at 105lbs, and measured 5’8″.

The nurse sent her into her waiting room. Janine fumbled with her long blond hair in anticipation.

The nurse returned with a needle.

“This is just a relaxant, to make you calm before we sedate you.” she said.

Shortly after the nurse injected her, Janine was out cold.

Janine woke up in a dark room. She was on her knees on something cold and metal. When she went to move, she realized her hands were bound, stretched out in front of her. Her ankles we bound as well.

“Hello?” Janine called.

No answer, and Janine began to get chills, realizing she was entirely naked.

“Why, hello indeed.” a smooth male voice responded.

A single blinding light turned on over Janine. She found she was indeed naked and bound to what appeared to be a metal table by leather cuffs.

“Wha-what’s going on?” Janine was terrified.

“This is your exam, is it not?” the male voice cooed, coming from the darkness around Janine.

“No? I’m suppose to be sedated, and..this isn’t the doctor’s office…”

A tall man in a lab coat, short red hair, and glasses stepped out of the shadows.

“…and you’re not my doctor!” Janine cried.

“No, i’m not,” the tall redhead replied,”I’m your doctor’s son and intern. She’s leaving you…to me.”

A wicked smile spread across his face with that.

Janine continued to stammer incoherently, as the intern turned his back to her.

“You just hush now. I need to perform on you as best as possible.” He turned around with gloves on his hands and a tube of lube in his right.

With the way Janine’s hands were bound, it left her ass sticking up in the air – the intern went straight to it, and rubbed her tight hole with the lube.

“What are you doing?!” Janine shouted.

“You need to be well lubricated for today.” the intern stated.

He greased her ass up and proceeded to stick his index finger inside. Janine jumped and shuddered at his touch, she never had anything in her ass before.

The intern started with the tip, then slowly slid his whole finger in. Janine dry heaved, she was sickened by this act to her body, and her body enjoying it.

Wen the intern was down to the knuckle, he continued to stroke her asshole, in and out, then stuck in two fingers. Janine gasped, but held her self steady. After two fingers, he put in 4 fingers – two from each hand. He stroked hard and stretched her anus open.

Janine cried out loud and in pain!

Intern snapped “i need you to shut up now. i can’t examine you properly when your body tenses up!” he snapped her greasy ass hard, and Janine started to sob.

“We’ll start easy…and if you can’t take easy, then we’ll dive right into the hard stuff.” Mr. Intern explained.

He pulled a cart out from the shadows, covered with instruments.

The first instrument was a small bottle of saline solution with a thin nozzle at the top.

The intern took the bottle, and inserted the tip into Janine’s asshole.

“Here’s the deal..”the Intern said,”I fill you with this bottle of saline solution, you hold it for 10 minutes while i examine your tight asshole. if ANY of the solution leaks from your ass…we will get more drastic. if you hold it, like a good girl, then you can leave.”

“Here we go.”

The intern squeezed the bottle of solution, emptying it into Janine’s ass.

Janine groaned and moaned as she felt the solution coat her rectum. She just wanted to get out of here…

“Alright, its empty now. I will test your asshole’s tightness, and you will have to do your best to hold in the liquid.NOT A DROP OF IT MUST LEAVE YOUR ASS.” the intern was firm and serious.

Janine agreed and leaned her head on her bound hands.

The intern went to her puckered asshole and poked around it. He stroked her clit, tickled her pussy, and applied pressure to her tight hole, but Janine was good.

Then, the intern stuck a finger into her asshole. His one finger in her was fine for awhile…but once his second finger entered, several drops of saline came out.

“What is this?!” the intern snapped.

Janine trembled, and sobbed. “I’m trying!” she cried.

“Trying is not enough, Janine! Now you will pay!!”

“Please, no! it hurts already!”

“You don’t even know what pain is yet.” the intern disappeared behind her.

He returned with a large red bag, holding a gallon of water, attached to a long hose.

“I warned you.” was all the intern said before he shoved the hose nozzle into her tight ass.

He pumped the water into her, adding to the solution already inside.

Janine sobbed as the warm water filled her insides, collecting in her lower tummy.

The intern pumped and pumped as much water as the bag had…when it was empty, he removed the nozzle from her asshole.

“Now HOLD IT.” the intern snapped as he put the enema bag away.

“i CANT! ” janine cried.

“Then I’ll just have to make you wish you did…” the intern grabbed her neck from behind, his other hand unbuckled his pants and guided his cock to her greased up ass.

“NO! i promise i’ll hold it, please don’t..” Janine sobbed

“Too late, you said you can’t hold it.” with that, the intern drove his cock all the way into her tight ass. He fucked her furiously, and the water from the enema slipped out with every thrust.

Janine’s asshole was being torn apart by the intern’s angry fucking and large cock.

The intern suddenly stopped and ripped his cock out of her asshole without any warning.

He pointed his fingers together, and aimed them all at her asshole. He inserted them, and spread his fingers out once inside.

Janines cries continued to go on deaf ears.

The intern shoved his hand in past the knuckle…then past the wrist…and getting further up his arm.

“PLEASE! just STOP IT!” janine sobbed and screamed, she was too weak from the enema to fight him though.

“I’m sorry!!!” she screamed.

at that, the intern pulled his hand out of her ass. He went to her ear, and whispered, “I told you you would be.”