The four sex addicts squad

I’m just copy and pasting this story cuz I posted it on a Different site I’m posting it here so I could post the other stories and people could know it’s me.
Ok so this happens 3 days ago and is our most recent “experience” me and my boys are big deal sex addicts. Four of us are bi (including me) and our newest bro is fully straight.
I’m only putting similar names and a small description of our appearance. My name is Omar or “O” (it’s just a nickname) I have black hair that’s mad curly and I’m Kinda dark tan. I’m usually mistaken for Indian because of how dark I am (I’m not) I guess I look “exotic” or something. I have dark hazel eyes and I’m short compared to the rest of the squad
Next is my boy Michael, he’s really tall like 6’6 he was MAD short before but puberty hit him dumb hard he’s got dirty blonde hair and dark green eyes (that got him a lot of attention) and he’s really pale and easily gets sunburned he got a chiseled face too his hair is always a mess he got a mop head. Next is Jeremy. He got dark black hair like me but he got some kind of Spanish boy swag about him. He’s just so smooth with how he talks. He’s lighter in skin than me but darker than Micheal it’s kinda cool though. His hairs is so curly, way curlier than mine had he usually has waves in his hair. (We usually makes fun of him when he had his durag on when we visited his house) Jeremy also got freckles but you can’t really tell unless he been outside all day and they darken. Every fall we call him a pumpkin spice latte LOL. and last but not least is the last boy of the “original” squad Seth. He’s Japanese and he never shuts up about it. He is kinda tall, not taller than Micheal but taller than me and Jeremy and he’s got pitch black hair that’s super spikey we used to call him anime boy but some teachers at our high school got on us cuz they thought we were being racist. But Seth came up with the name yo! Anyway we all are kinda built like Tom Holland except Micheal he’s tall and toned.
We all met in middle school health class and we just bonded over our love of sex, porn, masterbating, and sex toys. We hung out all the time till one day Jeremy was having a sexuality crisis. (We already had been friends for like 2 years we also played on the soccer team. And hung out pretty much all day till 6 pm) Jeremy was bi and wanted to come out to us. Long story short he did come out and none of us cared but we also realized we all were bi. Things between us got a lot more interesting after that. And that’s where all our stories started
Now Zack is the newest member I was talking about Our newest member isn’t really officially part of the squad because he wasn’t there when we met and he’s no where near being as close as we are with each other, he kinda just wants to be cool by hanging out with us (we aren’t super popular but everyone at our school knows us you know?) He kinda short and is like 1-2 months younger than us but looks like he’s 2 whole years younger (Micheal is a year older than me Seth and Jeremy)
Now that the background info is done let’s focus on what happened 3 days ago. I’m still in shock this happened because it’s kinda like “damn… y’all really finna do your boy zack like that?”
To start zack wanted to chill with us and we just had our semester switch so we are all kinda tired from the change in our schedule and we been bugging our counselors to keep us in classes with all four of us. Zack felt left out so he decided to show up to My house when all of us are supposed to be hanging out ALONE! All of our parents (except Seth) are divorced and live alone and have jobs. Depending on the day of the week we chill at one of our friends house that day. My day was Wednesday. So us four come to my house on Wednesdays to hang out my mama works till 7:30 and by 7 o’clock everyone leaves and I finish up cooking dinner. (I cook)
The reason it’s a big deal that zack is coming to my house is
1: nobody invited him so why you finna come to my house
2: he’s not really part of the squad. (Why is that important?) because each of us are MAD close. We hang out at the house with no adults for a reason, so we can blast music, smoke, watch porn, and yes we fuck. I could literally grab Jeremys dick through his shorts and start jerking him and he’ll just sit there and enjoy it. If one of us starts getting too horny we all pitch in the “help out”. Now last Wednesday we were chilling at the house music blasting and 3 of us are almost nude. I’m wearing sweat pants and a shirt cuz Its my house. but the rest of them wore winter cloths and don’t have anything to wear so they just started stripping. Micheal is in his boxers on the couch smoking with Jeremy while I’m on the floor Whoopin seths ass in super smash on switch. Seth is completely nude except for socks (I have no clue why) and Jeremy is nude too. The next battle is about to start and we hear kissing and me and Seth turn to see Jeremy and Micheal kissing with boners. Me and Seth get boners and we get up to join and then who comes knocking on my door. So we all panic and get dressed and I go to check who it is, it’s zacks bitch ass and some girl he brought. Everyone else gets dressed and “acts natural” and I open the door and he just walks past me into MY house and makes his ass right at home. Micheal saw my face when he walked past me and starts laughing his ass off. I turn around and say
Jeremy: “tell em omar tell em”
Micheal in a deeper voice “let em Have it”
Me: “zack how the fuck you gon come to my house without telling me huh. That’s one and two how in the fuck are you finna just walts your white ass into MY HOUSE when the door was open for like 3 seconds and three how in the actual fuck are you finna do all that and bring a random ass girl with you we dont know her!”
Zack gave us some damn excuse that he texted Seth about him coming. Like that’s some bull already. Then he finna try and tell us about how this random girl is his girlfriend and she wanted to invite us to her apartment place for the indoor pool. Now when we Heard about the pool our bad mood kinda went out the window but we were still iffy about this random girl cuz she might snitch on the fact my house don’t smell like curry but smells like the devils lettuce LOL. Jeremy was still mad because he was mad Horny and we couldn’t do anything woth these two around. About 30 minutes later we all went to each others houses and got our swim stuff and went to her place. Now mind you Zack and Mariah have only been “talking” for about 2 weeks (high school romance shit you know) so we are in the changing room of the pool it’s technically supposed to be part of the gym but we can play around on one side of it. The squad have seen each other naked more times than we can count so when we get into the locker room we just started stripping as if nothings wrong. Zack however is starring and is in the corner with his back turned to us. We all have our backs to the lockers and we are mid conversation when we hear.
Zack: you guys are so gay.
That’s sets all of us off like bro first off. (You low key right but that’s not the point) second you don’t even know how far we went before and you call this gay. Like haven’t you ever been on a sports team before (he told us he played on a football team before. We kinda didn’t believe him cuz he’s kinda short but now we definitely don’t believe him cuz he’s so uncomfortable around OTHER MEN)
Micheal: why are we gay?
Zack: you guys just got your dicks out and you
Right there Jeremy interrupted
Jeremy: my eyes are up here sweetie
We all started laughing as Zack seemed pissed off and embarrassed. He got a crew cut hairstyle and a sorta bulky build to him and he has pasty skin and brown hair. We started talking again and we leave to play in the pool. We spend a while there and when we done we gotta go shower cuz we smell like chlorine. Mariah was at the sort for the girls locker room and she is staring at Zack as he sort of climbs out the pool like a model and is OBVIOUSLY trying to show off. I swam to the squad and I tell them about it and Seth says
Seth: “we short get semi hard and get out the pool and show her what real men look like”
I was going say “no that’s messed up”but I turned and looked at him and he was flexing his “muscles” and that shit pissed me off cuz he’s not strong he has kind of a bit of arm fat that makes him look like he lifts. (Does he lift bro? NO NO HE DONT) so we procrastinate a bit to sort of “puff up” Seth gets out first. Crack all the little Asian dick jokes you want but Seth is the same size as the rest of us. We not HUGE but we got enough to be proud we all are kinda average size or maybe just a bit more depending on who you talking bout. Me Seth and Jeremy the same size and Micheal is bigger than us all obviously. Anyway
Seth gets out and we in the pool almost sort of signal each other when we get out so two of us don’t get out at the same time. Jeremy gets out next and his trunks are soaked and sticking to him. If any of us were where Mariah was standing we’d get a boner immediately. I get out next and I’m extra so I swing my hair back like the female swim commercials and then Micheal gets out. We all climbed out but Micheal came out like a MAN he had both hands on the edge and pushed himself up out of the pool he looked like a water god or some shit. We all started talking as if nothing happened and walked to the boys room and Zack was pissed we all saw how Mariah was starring and we all loved it. If it wasn’t for the fact that Zach was going to come into the locker room with us we probably would’ve just “nerded out” on how hot we looked and how badass we felt. We started the showers and started listening to Seth sing. (Homeboy can sing Rihanna out of a job) we are all washing our hair with the off brand shampoo and here come Zack with a full on Boner into the showers. We were only semi hard he was full on make a baby mode. Jeremy saw him and started to look around to see if we saw this bullshit too. Jeremy was so childish he started getting semi hard and when he was done he walked up to zack and asked for his tiny bottle of shampoo cuz Jeremy’s was “out”
Also small note Zack still has his swim trunks on we don’t Jeremy literally has his dick out and it’s just hanging there. Zack gives him the bottle and looks pissed off and Jeremy walks over and motions for Seth to try. We give the bottle back to Zack and then someone would walk up and ask him for the bottle. It was hilarious to watch his face. Also I just remembered we all are 18 Zack’s bitch ass wouldn’t shut up about it. “I’m legal I’m legal I can fuck who ever I want!” Micheal is 19 though. So after that we go home. Thursday morning we are all chilling in the library in the back at our spot and we are dying yo. We kept talking about how Zack was mad as a bitch that he spent the whole day with us being “gay” Jeremy was still mad about being interrupted and didn’t even have time to masterbate when he got home cuz he was so tired he just passed out once he hit his bed. It was Thursday so we’d be going to Jeremy house but we didn’t want Zack showing up, he came to my house cuz he knows our ”schedule” so Micheal in his genius said that he was finna ask to chill at Mariah place without Zack. We were like what he’s finna be there but Micheal said Zack has to stay after school for chess club (Don’t disrespect chess club yo) we all agreed to go to Mariah place and Jeremy was mad again cuz he was outvoted. We go to Mariah during lunch and before Micheal can even say anything Jeremy swoops in and is mad smooth with her. He’s like
Jeremy who’s kinda close to her: me and the boys had a lot of fun yesterday thanks for inviting us.
Mariah I think she said something around. “Twas nothing on my part” or something.
Jeremy: “just know next time you need some swim buddies you can call on us or just one of us”
He voice got MAD SMOOTH me and Micheal were kinda mad because he normally does that shit with us. (It’s a turn on)
She then says “well you guys can come tonight. I mean the pool is only open for tonight and tomorrow night”
Jeremy: “why, is it closing or something?”
Mariah: “no they just want to build a jacuzzi and a kiddie pool so they have to close it off for a while”
Jeremy: “we’ll be there tonight!”
And just like that we were set for yet again another day at the pool but this time Zack wasn’t finna be there. School let out and we all got in Jeremy car and we drove to get our stuff, and we go to the pool we spent a good while playing and Jeremy and Mariah spent most of the time talking and then some big dude cam in and was like “excuse me, I’m sorry y’all but y’all gotta get out.”
We all kinda were kinda bummed out but I thought our new plans was to go to Jeremy’s and chill. But when we were showering Jeremy was like
Jeremy: “yo guys don’t put on your clothes put your trunks on and dry them with the towels”
We mad confused but we do what he says and he takes out shirts and pants and throws them into the shower and all our clothes are sopping wet. We started yelling cuz we were pissed and he just tells us to be quiet and leads us into the hallway while he’s holding our clothes.
Mariah is there in her school clothes and we are all sorta dry in our trunks and Jeremy says
“Hey Riah can I ask you for a favor?”
She looks us up and down giggles
Jeremy “I accidentally left out our clothes and they are all soaking wet can we borrow your dryer?”
She giggles: “yeah you guys can come up stairs and I’ll dry your stuff off for you”
Immediately we understand what Jeremy was trying to do. And we go along oh yeah she has brown hair with blonde hair on the bottom almost like it starts brown and turns blonde I don’t know the word. She got an average pair of titties and a ass like a literal peach. (Jeremy losses his mind for peach ass girls)
So we go upstairs into her apartment. Jeremy asked about her parents being ok with four boys with her and she says mom works for the apartment complex and dad is deployed. We are walking behind her as she talking and Jeremy turns to us after hearing that last bit and MAN I SWEAR IF YOU COULDVE SEEN JEREMY FACE. THIS DUDE LOOKING LIKE THE GRINCH WITH HIS BIG ASS SMILE YO. We all started laughing quietly and we get to her apartment.
We chill in the living room and we watch tv and our clothes are drying. Mariah is constantly looking at us. (We were sex addicts we fucked a lot and we worked out together because we thought it would get us all girlfriends but eventually we kind of gave up and I honestly don’t know if anyone of us would stop to get a girlfriend?) suddenly she groans like something happened and we all look to her and she’s like
Mariah: “Ugh Zack wants to come here!”
Seth: “whats wrong with that? Aren’t you dating?”
Mariah: “yeah but he’s super clingy and I can tell he only wants one thing”
Micheal’s slow ass: “wait what does he want?”
We all look to him like wut
Micheal: “Oh shit I’m slooow!”
We laugh at him and I say
“It takes a minute for the blood to get to his brain”
Micheal flips me off and Mariah says quietly
“I wish I knew where it was before” and instantly we all are dead silent. She’s blushing like crazy
Jeremy: “Mariah have you and Zack fucked yet?”
Mariah: “we were supposed to yesterday”
Now all four of us lean in cuz we nosy as hell
Me: “what you mean”
Mariah: I was going to let him “bust it open” (Zack says that a lot) but he wanted to hang out with you guys in the pool so I invited you all. Then later that night I was mad!
Micheal: why were you mad?
Mariah: I can’t tell y’all that’s your boy.
Jeremy does that sucking your teeth sound and he goes
“Man Zack is not our boy he’s just some virgin punk that wants to hang out with us so he can get some leftover pussy”
Me Seth and Micheal Gasp and die laughing yo that was just so damn unexpected from Jeremy. He was tight that she thought he was part of the squad. Mariah was laughing too, we started roasting this dude Seth said Zack was a mouse trying to get our leftovers
Micheal added on and said Zack was a roach Jeremy said
“We gotta hit him with the ‘swiper no swiping swiper no swiping“. I couldn’t breath man. She them tells us that she change her mind because when he got out the pool he was kinda small.
We all were like “wut da fuk?” Mainly cuz Zack was just a little bit smaller than us so what does this bitch consider big?
That’s when Jeremy got dumb loud and said
“I knew it you were starring at our dicks when we got out the pool!” She got real quite. Jeremy in all his infinite wisdom came up and said
Jeremy: so do you think we are small too?
We all turned to her and she said shook her head and said “especially not Micheal” we all started hitting Micheal shoulder and
Jeremy: then why dont you let us “bust it open”?
She looks at all of us and says “ALL FOUR OF YOU” and we all start looking at her and showing off.
That’s when our clothes were done and we had to go. But before we left she talked to us at the door.
Mariah: if you guys can bring enough condoms I’ll let each of you have a turn
Jeremy: are you sure you can handle 5 guys?
Mariah: there’s only 4 of you?
Jeremy laughed and reminded her about zack and she says. “I saw all of your stuff through those trunks. Zack isn’t as big and he’s not invited.”
With that we went home to Jeremy house and we All spent the whole day readying our self’s for tomorrow night. Me and Jeremy shaved our chest and trimmed our beards Micheal washed his hair and shaved his pits and Seth shaved his pubes and chest and I trimmed my pubes with him. Then we went to Seths neighborhood gas station and Micheal went in and bought hella condoms. Then we went to my neighborhood and did the same we had 34 packs of Trojan condoms 12 in each one and we went home and went to school the next day and we were really excited for that night but of course Zack was still kinda completely unaware. He kept talking about busting it open and Seth and Micheal has a bet that Zack would not be interested in sex with non virgins which is kinda fucked up to us I don’t know we never talked about it. When we got off we went to Mariah’s place. She made us wait outside for a bit and when she was ready she let us in. She sat on the couch as we all stood around her she started undressing Jeremy first and it was kinda obvious that Jeremy was her favorite. Then Seth tapped my shoulder and said
Seth: Omar help, you know what gets me going.
I remembered that Seth like having his nipples played with and I usually do it for Seth, the question was (is Mariah ok with guy on guy action) by the time I turned around Mariah was going down on Jeremy who was completely nude on the couch while Micheal had only his shirt off and me and Seth were completely clothed. I tapped Mariah and asked her
Me: yo there’s 3 other guys that’s got no action.
She looked confused as shit Seth said
“We could entertain each other in the mean time?”
She looked even more confused as Jeremy stood and we all gathered up together.
Jeremy: Mariah were all bi
Mariah: so y’all fuck each other
We all nodded and She got a smirk
Mariah: “you 3 finish stripping” she pointed to me Seth and Micheal. While we striped she said
Mariah: ok now I want you 2 to suck him off.”
Me and Seth were told to suck Micheal off. I said
“Bet!” And get down and Seth started explaining his problem. She said Micheal would lick Seth’s nipples and when he was ready Seth joins me. We went down on Micheal while he sat on the couch next to Jeremy while Mariah picked up where she left off. (I don’t know if people care but we are all uncircumcised I honestly have no clue if zack was circumcised or not) after a while she was ready for Jeremy and he went to our backpack and poured out the condoms we brought and lube we brought. YOOOO HER FACE this bitch was like
“Mistakes were made” I honestly think she expected us to only have like 6 condoms or something. (We usually have LOTS OF LUBE but we already had a small stack of condoms. Sometimes we use them but we are all clean. Plus we don’t get much action outside of us four.) Jeremy slipped it on and we all moved to the floor in front of the tv. He puts just the tip in and we see her squirming as if it hurts and we ask if she’s good you know what she said. “Your bigger than my pocket bottle” we all knew what she was talking about. They these little plastic bottles for sneak drinking. It’s almost the perfect size and shape for a dildo. I don’t know what got into Jeremy but somehow being compared to a damn plastic bottle got him going. He grabbed her hips and started going crazy she was moaning so laid and Jeremy was pounding faster and faster. Micheal wanted some fun so he put his dick to her mouth and she started sucking on him. Seth stayed back and started jerking and I started licking Jeremy nipples and he started kissing me after when felt like forever but was probably just a few minutes Jeremy was finna cum. He rammed her dumb hard and gave the most manly moan ever we all except for Mariah looked down and we could see his dick pumping out cum. And he was really sweaty he pulled out and was like
He pulled off the condom and tied it up and put it next to his backpack. (We liked to compare who made the most cum that’s a different story) then she pointed to Seth and said it was his turn and Seth turned her on her side. He held on to one of her legs and went at it while me and Micheal went to follow Jeremy who left for the bathroom
Micheal: hey jay you ok why’d you leave?
Jeremy: I’m pissed off yo
Me: dude what happened? You literally just fucked her”
Jeremy: zacks little dick was going to feel that pussy man”
Me and Micheal: so?
Jeremy: dude it makes me mad that a baddie like her was gonna let his little dick smash first!”
Micheal: fuck that shit man. You the one who’s feeling that pussy
Me: yeah man forget Zack
Jeremy: I want him to know
Me and Micheal are really confused.
Me: what do you mean dude
Jeremy: I want his bitch ass to know he getting leftovers
Micheal: jay you’re not making sense
Jeremy: turn off your phones
We both watch as Jeremy leaves to the living room and we see Seth still going and he’s getting close. Jeremy stand right in front of him like his dick is inches from Seths face.
Jeremy: turn off your phones all of you
Mariah flew up off the ground
Jeremy explained his whole thing about the phones. Jeremy wanted us all to turn off our phones except him. When Zack wants to chill he’ll figure out that Jeremy is the only one who will reply. He said he’ll tell us the rest later. We turn off our phones except for Seth who said he will after he cums, since Jeremy high key ruined his nut. After a while of me sucking on Jeremy and him sucking Micheal and playing with Micheals ass we saw Mariah cum and it looked like an exorcism. We all kinda got jealous and instantly Seth came. Apparently girls get dumb right when cumming. I was kinda mad because that meant we had to give her a break and I was fucking horny and Micheal wasn’t a blowjob guy so we could suck him for hours. It would feel good but not enough to make him cum. We settled for eating her out in the mean time and Micheal got impatient and bent Jeremy over to fuck Mariah was getting WAY wetter watching Jeremy moan and take it form Micheal’s tall ass. Jeremy looked like a professional pornstar yo. Micheal had on hand on Jeremy hip and the other around his mouth to muffle the moans. I swear like the instant Mariah saw Micheal cover Jeremy’s mouth she was like “fuck me” also I forgot to mention that Seth was getting a blowjob from Mariah we were doing a “H” or a “London bridge” or whatever the fuck the name is. But she was sucking Seth and I was eating her out.
After she said fuck me I slipped on my condom finally and I pushed in OH MY FUCK I haven’t fucked a girl in a while and I’m honestly surprised me how much I missed it. Guys were great but I was remembering how bi I really was. Especially when I turned to look at Micheal fuck Jeremy’s tight ass
I could feel her ridges. I know damn well if I would’ve slowed down I could’ve felt every ridge as I went deeper but honestly I DIDNT GIVE A FUCK I just wanted to keep the sensation going man I just knew if we could’ve fucked her raw OH MY FUCK WED LOOSE OUR SANITY I tried to last as long as I could but I lost the battle with the pussy. To try and last longer I heard you should slow down and just do power thrust we all did this when we were close except Micheal because he’d destroy all of our insides. (Dude is tall and kinda big. His dick is proportionate with his body but homeboy is TALL so that makes his meat LONG and thick) Seth likes the pawed thrust because everytime I thrusted in Mariah would take a sharp breath and make Seth’s knees buckle. I came and holy shit I just wanted to keep going even though it would be too much for me. Micheal stoped on Jeremy. And walked over and almost knocked my shirt ass over. Mariah wanted to be on her back for Micheal and she seemed kinda worried. We were all thinking it (would Micheal be too big) the condom fit him just like it did for us and that kinda calmed her down (she low-key stupid though cuz a condom can fit our arms) Micheal slid have of it in and she was moaning like crazy and grabbing his shoulders. We always liked seeing how much of Micheals dick can fit in someone. He was fucking her kinda slow and slowly he got the whole thing in.
Jeremy was mad silly and started clapping for her. Micheal started picking up the pace and Seth for behind Micheal to fuck him I was still drained and Jeremy was kinda recharging from Micheal so we just frotted and kissed then just as Seth came again Jeremys phone went off we both sat on the couch.
Jeremy: oop it’s Zack
(Micheal has this joke that if you try to talk to him or interrupt him mid sex he will just continue as if nothing happened. I always thought it was hilarious how calm he was and Jeremy would try but you can tell he wasn’t as good as Micheal)
Micheal: what did he say?
I started laughing and Seth sat next to me after tying his condom and outing it next to his bag Mariah tried to be quiet but Micheal didn’t slow his pace at all
Jeremy: zack said “hey you guys wanna hang out?”
Micheal: hmmm I’m kinda busy at the moment can we reschedule?
I’m losing my shit laughing
Jeremy said: ima text him back “nah dude we chilling with Mariah”
We waited and Micheal stopped it he’s still in her
(I don’t know what he said. It’s Spanish for something and I know I didn’t spell it right)
We all are dead silent as he picks up
Jeremy puts him on speaker.
Zack: hey man are you guys in the pool?
Jeremy: nah man we in her apartment chilling
Zack: where is she I tried texting
Jeremy: yeah man she’s in the shower
Zack: can I talk to her
Jeremy: You want me to walk into her bathroom and see her nude. I’m down
Zack:WAIT NO, dude you aren’t worthy to gave upon the fair maiden (IM NOT MAKING THIS SHIT UP HE CALLED HER A FAIR MAIDEN LIKE WTF)
Mariah cringed and whispered that she’s not going to talk to him anymore.
Zack: alright man ima just go then. Maybe you guys could hang out with her after I’m done with her. If she can still walk afterwards.
Jeremy made a shoot me motion to his head with the phone and hung up. Somehow that just started us up all over again and we went at it by the time we were done Jeremy had 10 condoms Micheal had 8 and Seth and I had 7 condoms after that we got dressed and said goodbye Jeremy came out of Mariah’s room and and we left. Now yesterday at around 4:40 or something. Seth and Micheal we’re playing PlayStation at their houses or something and Jeremy was at home chilling and I was home cooking dinner and we all got a text from Mariah that Zack knew.
Jeremy so damn childish he took a his boxers off and wrote his name on them and hid them in Mariahs room. He never told Mariah and Mariah TOO THIS DAY has no clue how Zack found out. Jeremy texted us what he did and he low key forgot he did that and was losing his mine laughing. Zack apparently blocked us all including Mariah and called her a whore and us faggots. He is now apparently going to chill with his old friends and doesn’t want to hang with us anymore. Jeremy kinda likes two birds with one stone. Tomorrow is Monday and we gotta go get Jeremy underwear back. Whether we keep visiting Mariah is completely up to her. (Our pack is. She can’t just fuck one of us. We are a package deal.) it’s been like that since the first day Micheal got and iPhone with incognito mode. We share and we help each other. Bro’s forever yo

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