The Freshman

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Mike had been a "player" in high school and, without a doubt in his mind, expected to be one as a freshman in college. It was a reasonable expectation. He had the looks that females wanted to know better; the shoulders of a competitive swimmer, 5 '11", dark hair and olive skin of his Cuban mom and light brown eyes of his Anglo dad, and an easy going self confident manner completed his babe magnet credentials. He expected that his freshman year of college to be no different than his senior year of high school.
In fact during his second class he had eyed Beth, a blonde, blue eyed, buxom beauty who immediately eyed him back. Big breasts and good looks were his only vital requirements in a girl friend, or at least any girl his was going to fuck once or twice. Beth fit both those requirements nicely, 5'5", long blonde hair, full lips, fair skinned, full figured with at least C cups, maybe D cups from what he could tell, certainly large enough to draw his lusty eye. From her fair complexion he guessed correctly a nordic ancestry but living in Florida required her to keep her two beauties well covered. He couldn't wait to lay his hands on the entire package.
But he had to wait, she wasn't going to let him into her pants without at least some wining and dining. Matthew could just tell that sort of thing right away about a girl. So he took her out a couple of times to a dinner, movie, and they spent time studying together in the library. They had kissed a few times before Beth invited him to her home where she lived with her mother about a 25 minute drive north from the college they both attended, in a more expensive town than where Mike lived. Beth's mom was going away for the weekend and Beth said she would cook him dinner and intimated that he could spend the night. Mike was relieved he was going to drop a load at last. Although he was a player, he was only comfortable with one girl at a time, it was just too much work to juggle two females at once.
He arrived at a large ranch style house on a large lot with a well manicured lawn. He realized that her family had more money than his, which didn't bother him but he noticed. Michelle, Beth's mother, answered the door, with a big smile and quickly looked him up and down, although Mike did notice, it only registered later that the mother of his girlfriend had just checked out his junk. Except for darker hair Michelle was a forty year old version of Beth, the apple didn't fall far and all that, the same large breasts and great figure, the woman kept in shape. She was gorgeous. Michelle had recently divorced Beth's father and Mike guessed she didn't have any trouble finding male company.
They made some small talk and Michelle soon left for the weekend. Mike and Beth had a lovely evening of food and afterward had sex for the first time. Mike could tell he was more sexually experienced than Beth but he enjoyed the sex and thought that Beth had as well, at least that's what she had told him afterward.
Mike and Beth fell into a routine of seeing each other twice a week spending a night at Mike's home, he also lived with his parents, or at Michelle's, both parents were relaxed about the sleeping arrangements. In fact, Beth's seemed very relaxed about her daughters sex life, even asking in front of Mike if she remembered to take her birth control.
By Thanksgiving break when Beth told him that she would be leaving for two weeks to visit her father on the other side of the country, Mike pretended to be disappointed but he really wasn't, he was starting to get sexually bored with Beth, he began to feel the itch to find some greener pasture to plow. The week before he had spied at the library a gorgeous Asian girl with unnaturally large breasts who had tweaked his cock antenna.
Before she left he promised Beth that they would talk every night. Around noon, only a few hours after Beth had gotten on the plane he got a phone call from Beth's mother, they had never spoken on the phone.
Michelle quickly, perhaps a little too quickly, said that she was having trouble with her pool filtration machine and that Beth had told her that he was good at fixing mechanical stuff, "Would you mind, coming over to have a look at it, whenever you had a chance, if it wasn't too much trouble."
He said sure he could come by in an hour.
She said, "Perfect, thanks. I'll leave the door unlocked just come on in."
He thought that Michelle sounded funny, somehow different. But not an unreasonable request in November, it's Florida, people have heated pools. Although it did cross his mind that she surely would have a maintenance contract for the pool. Well he didn't mind going over there, who knew what might happen.
An hour later he knocked on Michelle's front door, and out of courtesy announced himself.
He heard her voice from the backyard, "Come in I'm out back."
He stepped through the sliding door onto the patio and got his first good look at Michelle.
She was laying on outdoor lounge chair facing the sliding door, wearing a yellow bikini. It was barely a swimsuit, the top was just two triangles that barely covered her breasts, everything else was exposed to his view, side boob, top boob, and bottom boob. Although he had of course seen that she was big breasted while clothed this view left nothing to the imagination. He tried to look in her eyes but his eyes had a will of their own and quickly darted to take in those barely concealed beauties. A smirk on Michelle's face went unnoticed by Mike.
He had a fleeting thought, that isn't an appropriate way to dress in front of your daughter's boyfriend.
She got up, "Thanks for coming over Bob, I appreciate it," as she moved her large breasts swaying freely, she turned to walk toward a shed in the back of the property, "the equipment is back here."
He made some polite noises as he walked behind her drinking in the view of her ass. The bottom of the bikini was just a thong. She had a gorgeous ass, not too big, not too small, just right.
He didn't know what the fuck was going on, but it did cross his mind that his girlfriend's mom is hitting on to him.
She made some small talk as she walked, but he couldn't register what she was saying, her gorgeous ass cheeks jiggle enticingly.
When they reached the shed behind the pool next to the backyard fence in an area shielded from view by shrubbery, she stopped abruptly, Matthew almost collided with her. She stood close to him, too close. He felt his body temperature rise. Her body shined with suntan lotion and sweat.
She turned and looked him in the eyes and said, "You're staring at my body. You like it? Does it turn you on?"
He nervously stammered some gibberish, "Oh…your body…?"
She looked down at his crotch, "It looks like it turns you on."
Almost immediately her hand found the front of his shorts and rubbed the outline of his cock through the fabric. It was rock hard right away. Her hand closed around the outline of his cock and moved it up and down. She looked back up, put her arm around his neck, pulled him to her and kissed Mike on the mouth.
She broke off the kiss and purred, "That's a nice sized cock you got there mister. Mind if I have a look?"
He stood there slack jawed, all he was able to do was move his head in an indeterminate manner which she interpreted as a no I don't mind if you take a look at my cock that you are expertly handling through my pants.
Michelle quickly unbuckled his shorts, slipped her fingers under the waistband of both his shorts and underpants and forcefully pulled them both down to his ankles. Mike's hard cock popped out of its confines as she simultaneously bent down squatting in front of him, her face level with his crotch. Both her hands immediately began to rub and jerk the full length of his penis.
She inspected the cock in front of her face and said, "You've got a really beautiful cock, nice and hard and big."
His mind was a jumble of thoughts; Holy fuck this is wrong. This is my girlfriend's mother! I better get out of here. Can anyone see us?
He looked around. None of her neighbors could see them where they were standing.
All his mental objections were quickly replaced by the pleasurable feelings shooting from his cock straight to his brain. Michelle had placed her lips around his cock.
Holy shit that feels good. Jesus, my girlfriend's mom is sucking my cock outdoors in broad daylight.
It took only two trip's of Michelle's lips up and down his shaft for him to realize this was not an ordinary blowjob. It was the best blowjob of his young life. It was suddenly blatantly obvious that women his own age don't know how to suck dick. Not a clue. They were rookies, Michelle was a Jedi master. To begin with she had enthusiasm,she sucked cock with gusto, like a woman starving and his penis was a meal. On each "down" stroke she attempted to shove as much cock down her throat as she could. She tried her best to swallow his entire cock, shaking her head quickly back and forth to force more of his dick down her throat.
None of the girls his own age did that, they just meekly sucked the tip and half heartedly tried to shove a bit of cock into their mouths. Their licking and sucking was dainty, tentative sometimes just perfunctory.
On the "up" stroke Michelle created suction with her mouth to make sure his cock was under constant pressure. She handled it roughly but making sure it was well lubricated, spitting saliva on his penis and with a firm grip jerked it back and forth before placing it back into her mouth. She was conducting a master class in cocksucking with his cock.
All his thoughts now originated between his legs.
He forgot about any objections he had entertained and just enjoyed the expert attention his cock was receiving from his girlfriend's mother.
His hands had been at his side, with his cock still in her mouth, she took hold of one hand and placed it on her head. She did the same with his other hand. With both hands on her head he began to work his finger through her long hair. He began to pull her head onto his cock and buck his hips forcing more cock into her mouth. He was now throat fucking Michelle. It got her more excited, she moaned as he pushed the hard cock into her mouth. Face fucking was another first for Mike.
He prided myself on being able to hold off shooting a load for a good long while but that wasn't going to be possible with Michelle milking him, not that he wanted to hold off, he was more than ready to let the doves fly. Michelle could tell he was close. She stopped sucking his cock, stood up and kissed him on the mouth again while undoing the knot holding her bikini top, it fell to the ground. He felt her large breasts against his chest, then broke off the kiss and greedily grabbed hold of her tits with both hands. More than a handful, there were still firm and perky for a woman her age. She lowered her bikini bottom off and stood naked just wearing sandals.
A blow up pool chair was propped against the shack housing the pool equipment. She turned to grab it. Mike was still exploring her tits as she threw it on the ground. She backed up while pulling him by the arm and sat on it then lay on her back.
He was pulling his shorts off from around my ankles as she spread her legs wide, "Fuck me with that big cock."
He realized that he had never heard a woman talk dirty before. This was another first, Michelle was very verbal in her encouragement and compliments. It was another turn on and a stark contrast with girls his own age. They would just moan never talking of cock or wanting to be fucked.
With one leg still on the ground and the other kneeling on the blow up chair he eased himself down between her wide open legs. With both hands on his penis she guided it to the entrance of her cunt. She was wet and tight as he gently pushed the cock tip inside of her and began moving his hip forward and then back out, slipping more and more of his cock in and out of her.
Michelle encourageingly moaned, "Give me that big beautiful cock…fuck my pussy with that hard cock…Oh fuck you feel so good inside me…fuck me fast and hard."
Matherw found the dirty talk a turn on, it was so unexpected and hot. He had never realized a woman could talk dirty and show overt eagerness for sex. The girls his own age, like Beth, Michelles' daughter, seemed like prudes compared to Michelle. The contrast was so stark he couldn't help but think about it even while he was pumping his penis in and out of Beth's mother. Beth would make soft girly moans while he fucked her, her mother was a woman possessed, telling him to fuck her harder, moaning, grabbing handfuls of his chest muscles or ass cheeks.
He was soon slamming his full body weight against Michelle, his full length inside her on every stroke, he picked up speed wanting to cum. He didn't give a damn about giving Michelle an orgasm. He had always tried to make sure, if possible, that his girlfriend had an orgasm before he came. Now he didn't give a shit, he had a load to drop. He didn't think Michelle would care.
As he picked up speed she said, "Drop that load on my tits. I want to see your jizz all over my tits."
He grunted a 'yes mame' acknowledgement and went into hyper fuck mode until he could feel the point of no return and pulled out of her vagina and she expectly jerked it off with fast tugs as he unloaded a large volume of sperm on her. He only saw the first shot, the first is always the strongest, which reached her chin, she let out a squeal of delight. His eyes closed as he felt three subsequent squirts of seman leave his dick, it was such a large volume that it felt as if he was pissing. He always made a lot of noise when ejaculating and couldn't have prevented it even if he had cared about her neighbors.
After the fireworks in his brain subsided, he was able to open his eyes again and was treated to the lovely sight of this large breasted woman spreading his cum all over her breasts. He collapsed on her body and kissed her, he got his own cum on his face but didn't care. He lay on top of her kissing her and rubbing her jizz covered tits with his hands, another first for him.
After they both caught their breath and his heart rate was somewhat back to normal, he pushed himself up.
Michelle got to her feet, "Sit down I want to suck your cock some more."
What the fuck, another first, she wants to have another round? She wants to suck my dick some more, why not?
He did as he was told and sat down on the blow up pool chair and Michell positioned herself on her knees between his legs with both hands on his dick. Her blow job was now more leisurely but no less expertly executed.
Mike was sure that he had never gotten hard again as quickly after dropping a load, he guessed she had him rock hard within ten minutes. When she was satisfied with her handiwork, she got up and straddled him, lowered herself onto his member slowly, moving her hips around as she raised and lowered herself. She was going to pleasure herself and he was along for the ride
Facing him, he was able to leisurely fondle her big breasts with his hands and suck on her nipples throughout. Heaven for a tit man. After a while, he used his hand to rub her clit back and forth. She placed her own hand over his own to guide it to show him how she liked to be rubbed, the speed and pressure and direction. No girlfriend ever showed him how they liked to be pleasured. This was an education more useful than anything he had learned in his first semester.
She moved up and down on his cock and he rubbed her clit the way he had been instructed for a good long while when Michelled began to move faster up and down on his dick. Her orgasm came suddenly without warning. Her body convulsed, tightly all over, shaking with tremors, her mouth open, eyes closed, spasms moving up and down her body. It was the longest he had ever seen a woman orgasm in his admittedly limited experience. What a lovely sight. The skin around her chest and neck flushed red then finally low gutteral sounds emitted from her throat. He'd swear she had multiple orgasms.
When she calmed down, completely spent, she lay on top of him for a good long while before she pushed herself back up with her hands against his chest and looked down at him.
Still out of breath she said, "Oh man I needed that. Damn lover that was some mighty fine fucking."
He thought she was flattering him, she did most of the work he was mostly along for the ride.
"Come on let's get cleaned up. There's a shower over here."
He got up and she led him by the hand to the outdoor shower. He looked around.
"Nobody can see us," as she turned on the shower, grabbed some soap and lathered up both of them. They cleaned each other very well, with special attention to the sexy parts.
After they dried each other off Michelle asked him inside and offered him a drink.
"I'll take a beer," he said while looking over her naked body again, damn she is hot.
He had never given an "older women" a second thought but after the fucking and sucking he'd just experienced he was gave this particular older woman high marks.
They sat down on the couch and talked with a towel wrapped around Mike's waist and Michelle completely naked. It was perfectly normal, he had just had his cock sucked and fucked silly the mother of his girlfriend, sure, perfectly normal.
Michelle was very casual and easy to talk to, honest and direct. Again, unlike girls his own age who were perhaps more high strung about what you thought of them, their bodies, what they had to say and the like. With Michelle she just was who she was and didn't really seem to mind one way or the other about what you thought of her. She was comfortable in her own skin.
Michelle casually said, "Do me a favor don't tell my daughter that we fucked. I'll upset her. I don't want to get in between you two."
"I promise I'm going to keep this between you and me," he paused then said, " Honestly I don't know what is going to happen with Beth and me."
"You two are young. You have plenty of time to settle down with someone," she smiled, "I bet you play the field don't you?"
He admitted that he liked to keep his options open.
"Of course you do. You're a hot guy with lots of girls to choose from, you know you have every right to enjoy all the fish in the ocean. I'm lucky I got you to spear me a couple of times."
The honest talk of his sexual appetites was another turn on. The compliments of his sexual prowess was another aspect of sex with Michelle that was missing with girl's his own age, well, like her daughter.
They talked and drank for a couple of hours. She wanted to know more about him. Again he couldn't help compare her to her daughter and in all honesty he felt more comfortable talking to Michelle.
By four he guessed he should be heading home.
"Oh yeah of course. I'd like to suck your cock one more time before you go. You don't mind do you?" she said with a mischievous smile as she didn't wait for an answer and pulled the towel from his waist and got on her knees in front of him.
"I love that big dick of yours in my mouth. Stand up and fuck my mouth."
Jesus what a sexpot! This woman really loved sex and wasn't shy about saying so out loud. A guy could get really spoiled by her, the request to face fuck her mouth, the dirty talk, all of it made his head spin and his dick hard.
He just did what he was told and she gave a repeat master class on sucking dick. He finished with both hands on her head, pelvis bucking forward, forcing her to take his seman down her throat. She moaned with pleasure as he shot several, what must have been a much smaller load of hot jizz down her throat. She swallowed it all.
When Mike left he was light headed and when home went right to his bed and slept until late morning.

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