The glory hole girls

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By Darrius1966 What do teenaged get up to with their friends.

As a single father you have to trust your daughter from time to time. I trust she will come home after school and do her homework. Before I get home. One night I got home before her
i had started calling the parents of her friends before she walked through the door.
She told me she had been at Tammy’s place studying together. I had called Tammy’s mother and she told me they had been at Clair’s place.
This got me curious. So, the next day I borrowed a work van and parked near the school’s main gate.
End of school Anne my daughter came out with Tammy, Clair and Sarah.
They walked away from the school and down the street. I moved the van a bit letting them stay ahead a fair bit. They turned a corner and when I got there, I could not see them. Then I spotted a group of teens outside an abandoned house. Just as I got there, I saw Tammy enter the back door of the house. I assumed the others had gone in first.
‘The boys soon lined up and went in the front door. I followed the boys. I saw a sign saying $20. Not sure what was going on I found $20 in my wallet.
We came to a room with a locked door leading into the kitchen. in the middle of the door was a glory hole. each boy walked up poked $20 through the hole and then put their cock through the hole.
I noticed another sign. “No talking” the girls did not want to know who’s cock they were sucking, and they did not want anybody to know who sucked their cock.
Next thing I am at the front of the line. Not knowing what to do I poked the $20 through and then put my cock in the hole. I felt a small hand take hold of my cock and lick the head before taking it in her mouth I felt the lips move up and down the shaft. Knowing there was 1 in 4 chance this was my own daughter sucking my cock.
No matter which girl was doing it I knew all four girls were 14 years old.
I held back as long as I could, and a few people kept looking at their watches. I shot my load pulled out and put my cock away. I had not gone very far before another cock took my place.
That night I got home before Anne again. I kissed her on the cheek and told her I trusted her.
The next day I was back there again. with a marked $20 note. The hand felt a little larger and this one used her tongue on the underside of my cock a lot more. Sarah was the smallest I think I had her the first time.
Just then you have a sudden thought how many boys were there you saw at least twelve, but others were coming and going. At the very least that is three cocks each and you have no idea how long this has been going on. How many cocks have these girls sucked how much sperm have they swallowed. How much money have they made.
The next door was Saturday. I went and bought six spy cameras with motion sensers and a laptop computer. I went to the house and set up four cameras on the girl’s side and two on the boy’s side and linked them to the laptop. The house was a mess with holes in the walls and finding hiding spots was easy. I made a couple of extra holes to get the right angles for two cameras, but the rest was easy.
Monday, I lined up again and I think I got Sarah again.
When I got home, I linked my home computer to the laptop and downloaded all the video.
All the girls stripped off before they began at first, I wondered why they did not keep their clothes on. Not that I was complaining the sight of four naked teens was getting me hard.
Anne had a nice set of tits and a small bush. Clair’s boobs looked larger, and her pubes were darker and more of them. Tammy’s tits were smaller, and she had no pubes, maybe she shaved them. Sarah’s boobs were a larger cup than Anne’s but not as large in inches she had very little in bush and her labia were poking out of her pussy.
Then the first guy cock appeared through the hole. They knew who’s turn it was by a card on the counter. Tammy went first. I had to wonder how many times she had sucked these cocks. It was most likely the same guys coming back over a period of time. Sarah was second, then Ane took her turn and finally Clair took a turn before it went back to Tammy. Then I saw they did not swallow all the cum. A lot ran out of their mouths and down their chest. Their tits were covered in the stuff.
I counted 32 cocks including my own. some were bigger than others and two looked massive. Each girl took her turn and sucked off 8 cocks. They had a wash at the kitchen sink before dressing and going home.
I looked in on Anne before going to bed. She was laying on her side facing away from the door. At first, I thought she was asleep then I noticed some movement I think she was fingering herself.
I left the room and listened just outside the door I could hear her breathing get heavy and a few faint moans from her.
I went had a shower and a wank in the shower thinking about Anne and her friends.
The next day I went back again. This time a new mouth was on my cock I felt her teeth against my cock. When I got home and downloaded the video it was Anne sucking my cock. My little girl took a mouthful of her daddies cum. 43 cocks that day. Clair only had 10 cocks the others had 11 each.
I started editing the video making copies of each girl sucking cocks. four video one just showing Anne sucking cocks, another showing Tammy and one each for the other two.
I had been so focused on the cock sucking I never watched what the others were doing while waiting their turns. They were kissing each other and licking cum off of each other’s face and boobs. They were even rubbing each other’s pussies that left one playing with herself. Even the one sucking cock had a hand on her own pussy.
I wonder how much longer before these girls start fucking themselves on the cocks poking through the walls. On the way to bed, I stopped at Anne’s room she was masturbating again. I turned the light on and asked if she was alright, I could hear moaning like she had a stomachache. She sat up I sat on her bed and took her hand it was wet from her pussy.
Which left my hand I sniffed it and then licked my hand I asked Anne if she had been touching herself. She nodded I went and got her mother’s vibrator put a fresh battery in it and told her you put the point against your clit, and it does the work.
I had hardly left the room and I could hear the vibrator. I looked back the blanket was off, and she was using it. I licked my hand thinking about getting her a dildo or a rabbit.

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By Darrius1966 #Bisexual #Teen #Virgin #Voyeur