The great escape | straight story from Lockdown hater

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I 32 lived alone and when the lockdown started, I was alone unable to go anywhere. But I liked war movies and watching the great escape, I liked the idea of escaping the lockdown confinement. But where to go, nowhere was allowed and anyone you saw would be in just as much trouble as I would be. That was until I realized I did have to go far; just next door and my thoughts were only of meeting and talking to someone face to face. I had a widowed neighbor 51 and she like me live alone and I made my plans. Using a white board, I sent her a message saying I wanted to talk and giving her my cell phone number. She duly rang me, and we spoke, and I told her of my plan to escape my yard just to be able to leave it if only for a short time. The fence between us was of concrete blocks and asked her if she was willing for me to visit, she was. I chose a spot on our fence out of sight of everyone and started removing mortar to remove the blocks. It took some time, and I got out 8 blocks and was able to get thru and we started meeting regularly. Once we were on very good terms, she asked me to stay the night and I stayed and as the lockdown progressed the more blocks were removed, till there was a gateway from one yard to the other. Regular sex was part of our relationship and still is today, the gateway after the lockdown was made permanent, no gate installed, just made to look like it was always a gateway. The major change wase marrying her daughter who returned home after lockdown and joined her mother and me in having sex. I managed to bed her with her mother’s help. The mother prefers her own home, and she is only a short walk away.

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