The Gym Trainer

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By Vikram Vikram was a 20 year old boy who regularly went to the gym. Amurta was his personal trainer there, she was quite strict and a bit muscular and she was in her late 30s, with a great body. She was very passionate when it came to her clients and she couldn’t bear them missing the gym for even a single day for no good reason. Vikarm was her newest client and missed the gym for 3 straight days just because he was too lazy to go. When he went back to the gym on the 4th day Amuruta was furious with him. She told him to come to her house on Saturday morning for an extra session. Vikram went to her place and rang the doorbell, Amruta opened the door almost instantly, she was wearing untied black satin robes and black leggings, a bra and a panty.

I was a little shocked by her appearance but she looked hot so I didn’t say anything.
We stepped into her drawing room and we sat on the couch and she said, “This is not an extra training session. You are going to be my slave for the day.” “Excuse me? Why would I accept this?” I asked. To which she replied, “I’ve seen you masturebate in the gym’s broom closet, there’s a CCTV camera in there. If you don’t want that tape to be leaked… ” I trembled to find the words, “What would I have to do?” “Anything I say. Don’t worry it will be in limit but I will humiliate you.” she replied “Then let’s begin” she said “Get naked now.” I obliged and started to undress, Amruta came near me gently moving her hands over my body. “Look at that unhealthy fat body, those manboobs and that tiny dick. Haha ” said Amruta, I was already regretting the decision and was humiliated more than ever and it was just the beginning. “Get down on all fours. You will only speak when I allow you to speak, you’ll address me as mistress the whole time and you are to do everything I say.” saying that Amruta brought a collar with a chain attached to it and put it on my neck, she also struck a pair of chained clamps on my nipples. Then Amruta sat on the couch and pulled the chain of my collar indicating me to crawl near her. As I was at Amruta’s feet she said, “Lick my feet” and I half-heartedly started to lick Amruta’s feet. I could taste the sweat on her legs, it seemed like Amruta had purposefully turned up the heat in the room and the satin robe did no good in the heat, they made Amruta sweat more in her underarms and underboobs. Amruta angrily said, “Lick them properly!” and she pushed her right foot in my mouth and rested her other foot on the chain of my nipple clamps. This was so uncomfortable for me, I sat on my folded legs licking Amruta’s each foot turn by turn while the other foot was pulling the clamps and stretching his nipples. She had me lick her feet for about 15 minutes when she took off her panty and spread her legs. “Now my pussy,” she said. I was fairly enthusiastic about this, but the sweat and something else made her pussy stink. “Like the smell? I had just peed. Hahaha” she said. As I struck my tongue on her pussy, Amruta pushed my head between her legs. I did my best with the tongue but the smell made me nauseous, “I am not liking your work down there you’ll be punished but not now.” saying this Amruta took off her robe and bra. Her breasts were just perfect and those pink nipples were extremely provoking, then she raised her arms and pulled my head by my hair and shoved it in her armpits. Her armpits were also very sweaty and blackish. I licked both her armpits for 10 minutes and then she said, “Now time for the punishment and had me lean over her knees with my back towards her. My breasts were pressed on her knees which were hurting my nipples because of the clamps. She then shoved her panty in my mouth and picked a wooden paddle that was on the table and started to spank on my ass hard. She spanked me for around 5 minutes when she asked me to stand up. She saw that I was aroused, she pulled out a thin rope and tied my balls and dick together and pulled down my foreskin and started to poke the tip of my dick with her long nails. It was a little uncomfortable and painful but also somewhat pleasurable for me. She then pulled my collar chain and had me crawl into her bedroom and told me to sit on my folded legs. Her panty was still stuffed in my mouth when she strapped on a 7 inch vibrating dildo and asked, “Do you want me to lube it?” I silently nodded my head ‘Yes’ “Haha, you wish don’t you? I am not using any lube” Amruta said. Saying this she came in front of me and said, “The amount of pain you experience when I penetrate this in your ass will depend on your blowjob skills.” She took out the panty from my mouth and I instantly started to blow her, my mouth was dry and there was very little saliva and some of it was dripping on his clamped breasts. “Go harder and deeper.” Amruta screamed, pulling the chain of the clamps. Despite trying very hard I could no longer go deeper than 5 inches and the dildo wasn’t even wet enough to ease into my asshole. “You can’t go deeper than 5 inches with your mouth, I wonder how much it would hurt when all the 7 inches go in your ass. Haha ” Amruta said. She then got me on the bed on my knees in doggy position and tied my hands to the headboard. She then put a ball gag in my mouth and went behind my back and slowly tapped the dildo on my ass. “You know what, I will show some mercy.” saying this Amruta put 2 fingers in her mouth and wet my asshole and turned on the dildo’s vibration. I could only listen to the buzzing and slowly feel it penetrate my asshole. Amruta first only inserted the tip and kept on fucking, going in little deeper everytime. After 7-8 strokes she finally penetrated me fully all 7 inches and fucked me for 15 minutes until she was tired. I had never experienced such pain in my life sexually. By now I had lost all of my self respect but it also turned me on a little. Then Amruta gave me a small container and said, “I want you to cum in this every hour.” She started to jerk me off and after 2 minutes I came in the container and shut the lid.

“Now a little break, I want you to go in the kitchen and make instant noodles for us.” saying this Amruta unchained my collar. As Vikram advanced towards the kitchen she said, “Wait, there’s something remaining. Bend over” she then penetrated a butt plug in my ass, guessing by the pain I assumed that it was around 4 inches. “There, now you can go.” saying this Amruta slapped my ass and I started to walk humiliated more than ever. Amruta’s house was already humid and cooking in the kitchen made me sweat much more. I immediately made instant noodles for both of us and served 2 plates and went out. Amruta was already sitting on the wooden dining table; I kept the plate in front of her and my plate in the adjacent seat. Seeing this Amruta asked me to lean towards her, pulled the chain of the clamps and slapped me right across his face and said, “You are my slave, your place is in my feet not beside me.” Saying this she took my plate and placed it near her right foot and pulled his collar chain and had him sit down on the floor. Amruta did not allow me to eat immediately though, she finished her plate and separated half of my noodles in her plate and placed it in front of her other foot and said, “You cannot use your hands to eat these.” She then placed both her feet in each plate and had me eat the noodles without using my hands at all. I was totally disgusted and humiliated by this but I was very tired and hungry to resist, so I bent down and started eating, my sweat was dripping on my plate, but Amruta kept pushing my head down. After I was done eating, Amruta had me crawl to the bathroom and took me in the shower and we bathed together wiping off all the sweat and remains of the food. She then pulled me out of the shower wet, strapped on the dildo and started to deepthroat me and kept on pulling the chain on of the clamps. I was now habituated to the clamps pinching the nipples, she kept on deepthroating me until my saliva was all over the dildo and my body. At last she stopped and tied me up flat on the wooden table with my hands and legs spread open and a ball gag in my mouth. She then climbed up on the table and started to play with my nipples and clamps. She pulled them one last time very hard before she took them off. Then she bent down and started to lick and suck my right nipple and pinched the other, she made my right nipple all wet before she went on to my left nipple. After sucking my nipples, Amruta climbed down the table and went into her room and brought out a broad red candle. She also had brought a ball gag and gagged him.

She lit the candle and lingered in front of him. She could see the horror in my eyes. She then came near me and tilted the candle on my stomach to pour the hot accumulated wax on my body. I twitched and screamed in pain but words couldn’t exit my mouth because of the gag. She kept pouring the wax on my stomach, chest, breasts and underarms. She had totally covered my nipples with wax. After melting half of the candle on my bare body she put it out and pulled out a flogger and started to hit me. As she kept flogging me the wax started to chip off my body. She flogged me until all the wax was off and my body was all red. After all the dry wax was chipped off my body, she untied me and told him to clean it. As I was cleaning it, Amruta strapped on the dildo again. I kneeled in front of her after cleaning everything, sweaty and tired. She then again started to deepthroat Me for around 10 minutes when she finally stopped. She then had me on all fours and she herself got on her knees to fuck my ass. She pulled my hair from from the back and started to fuck me with the dildo vibrating. After fucking me for so long she again had me sit on my knees and brought the container in which she had collected my cum. There was an opening in the dildo where she poured all the cum and closed it. I had came 4 times so there was a good amount of my semen. She then again started to deep throat me but this time not for long, she pressed a green button on the remote that controlled the dildo and I felt the warm substance ejaculating in my mouth and some of it spilt on my face and chest. Amruta forced me to swallow my own cum, I almost threw up but somehow swallowed it. Amruta then got down on her knees and licked the cum off my face and body and said, “Yum!!”

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By Vikram #Abuse #BDSM #Blackmail #Rape