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I 30 worked for wealthy family and am the only outside employee, they have 4 indoor staff that work 7am to 5pm Mondy thru Friday and Saturdays if there is a party or something else on. I live on the property and was being used by the mother of the family 52 and I liked getting my balls drain regularly. But then the father 63 decided it would be better to hire a firm to do my job and other things that cropped up from time to time at the start of the new year. The mother who liked me fucking her, decided to get me to marry her daughter 23 the youngest and only girl of their 3 children. The daughter is a quiet person by nature and was under her mother’s thumb. So, I found I had 2 women to fuck, and the daughter was fucked by me with help of her mother. No precaution taken for either of them. It wasn’t necessary for me while fucking the mother, but the mother wanted the daughter pregnant. Main reason was to keep me working on the property, the father liked me as I was a hard worker and reliable. Anyway, I managed to get the daughter pregnant, and the mother broke the news to her husband. At first, he wasn’t happy, and the mother told him their daughter was very happy to be pregnant and suggested we marry. So, you could call it a shotgun wedding as I was told I had to marry his daughter. But I was quite willing to marry as I liked her a great deal and we were friends before her mother had made her plan. After I was married my now wife lived in a small cottage not far away from the main house. It was always my living quarters but was renovated before the wedding. My now mother-in-law still visits me for sex and my wife who is more assertive now than before has no problems with her getting fucked by me. Between the 2 I get plenty of sex.

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