The Hanson Family Pt. 01

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tagIncest/TabooThe Hanson Family Pt. 01

The story is totally fictional.
My mother was a Nymph.
Her appetite for sex was insatiable. Men or women she didn't care as long as the fire raging within her was quenched for a bit.
One afternoon when my classes at the Community College were finished I come home to find the Church's Deacon car parked in the drive. Usually this ethical and upright man fucks mom at the end of the month. Collecting her tithe he calls it. So I was a bit puzzled as to why he was here.
When I got into the house I heard female voices moaning, and groaning and talking dirty. The sound was coming from mom's bedroom. Being curious I climb the stairs to see what was going on and when I look into the room I see mom in a threesome with Mrs. Thomas, the deacon's wife, and Mrs. Atwater, the preachers wife.
Mom had her face in Mrs. Atwater's pussy, Mrs. Thomas sitting on Mrs. Atwater's face getting licked by her. As I said the moaning and the groaning filled the room as did the scent of sex. Shortly they changed positions making a Daisey Chain with Mrs. Atwater eating mom, mom eating Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Thomas eating Mrs. Atwater. I took a video letting them have their fun until I announced, "Mom I am home."
They all looked up very startled. The two church women tried to hide their breast with their hands when mom spoke up, "Edward! For pity sake did you have to be so uncouth!"
"Sorry mom but I was startled seeing these two ladies engaging in such lustful activities."
"Edward, it is not any of your business what these ladies and I do for fun is it?"
"No mom it isn't."
"Edward, did you make a video?"
"Yes I did mother."
"Edward you disappoint me at times. I suppose you'll be holding it over their heads in return for sexual favors won't you."
"Yes that is my intent. I am thinking of fining them 2 hours of sex on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Mrs. Atwater on Tuesday and Mrs. Thomas on Thursday's for the next 26 weeks. At a minimum they will suck me and I will fuck them bareback filling their pussies with my cum.
"Today I will test them to see how much carnal knowledge they have by sucking my cock and taking my cock in their vagina's."
I had been stripping all this time. When the narrative was at this point the last thing I was wearing were briefs. and I was semi-erect. Hooking my thumbs in, I lowered them till they slid off landing on the floor. Both women looked shocked but very shortly their looks softened to an expression of curiosity.
"Mrs. Atwater care to begin?"
Nancy Atwater was a 35 y/o woman with brown hair and a medium build. Her tits naked were larger then her tits clothed which seemed odd because her C cup boobies were a work of art which at first sight I wanted to fondle. As ones sight went south, a ample hips held a cute trimmed muff and her ass was nice firm and round. Her legs were average in length but very well formed. In short I couldn't wait ti get me cock in her.
Her accomplice, Janice Thomas, was a tall woman and rather plain looking woman with small breast and a hawkish face, long gangly looking limbs with small hips.
Unattractive but not ugly either.
Mom was whispering into her ear "Have you ever sucked a cock?" She shook her head, "No." Mom then took my cock in her hand saying, "Let me show you dear. Janice you might want sit in on this as well."
Mom holds her head close to my cock's head letting her warm breath cover it, then she lightly uses a finger to trace down the top slide going down to the scrotum which she trace around as well before tracing up the back side.
"You try Nancy and then Janise."
Both women earned an A+.
"Now it is time to take him into our mouths. Pay attention."
By this time my cock is so hare it stands out straight.
"I usually take his manhood in my hand to pet it. Like thus," she lightly runs her fingers down the back side of my tool to the scrotum light tracing over it as well then lowers her head breathing on my cock's head. Then taking her tongue she circles it licking it across the top.
"You try Nancy then you Janice."
Both women are A+ students.
"Now girls, stroke his shaft with a firm but not tight grip. Like this then go back and forth. Janice then Nancy."
"How are they doing Edward."
"Great, it feels real good."
"Glad to hear you are enjoying it baby."
"Now ladies we take him in our mouth like this." Ma opens her mouth sucks on the head a bit the swallow's it inside then pulls back sucking my tool. "Nancy you try."
"I've never done this."
"That's okay. Give it a try."
She licks the head all around then plunges down sucks at the base the slowly pulls up with her tongue placed against the bottom side. At the top she suck the head again. "O god that was good."
"Janice it is your turn."
Janice suck on the head a good 5 minutes before working her was down the shaft stopping ever inch or so to suck me. At the base she pulls out keeping as suction going all the way to the top where a pop is hear when the head comes out.
"Mom we have a professional here mom."
Janice blushes then says, "In college I sucked cock and ate pussy, also on a couple
of times I let guys finger fuck me."
"Since Janice has all the experience, I take her first."
We get in the center of the bed where she spreads her legs waiting for me to claim her and I did getting between her legs putting my cock head against her vagina's opening. "Are you ready?" she nods yes so I push in.
She gasp when I penetrated her but groaned as I pushed it all the way in. she was very tight, almost like a virgin wet, warm and soft. I began fucking her and I didn't know she knew such language.
"YES! Fuck me. Fuck me."
"O damn that feel good. Pump my slut ass and fill me with cum."
"Let's do Doggy… all Ray wants to do is Missionary."
Okay, whatever the lady wants. After getting into position I slam into her.
"O yes, fuck me like your bitch-slut."
She grit here teeth, "You think you are punishing me Edward Hanson. No you are making a dream come true."
"Fuck me you horny bastard."
"Make me cum."
Moaning she says, "Cowgirl ow."
I am on my back she straddles me then impales herself on my cock after which I get the ride of my life. She is like a mad woman going up and down hard and fast even shaking her head and swinging her tits. I lost track of time till at last she stops groans and grunts till I began to worry about her, finally she screams then collapses on me. When her wits return, we French kiss.
"Thank you Edward Hanson, that was the first orgasm I've had since before I was married. MMMMMmmm. It felt wonderful.
"Now it is your turn."
It wasn't long in coming. The intensity of her orgasm brought me to the brink so that all it took was for her to re-insert my cock in her vagina. "He it comes, be ready to catch it." Her ass come down on me and my jizz flies into her.
"O god yes, hot spunk!"
"Fill my slut pussy."
"O Edward my lover."
We roll over hugging and kissing.
"Damn," say mom, "that was the best show I ever saw."
"Yes it felt so great that I am in love your your son.
"Next Thursday you are taking me in the ass. My sister's told me about it and ray won't even consider it but had sex in the light with all my clothes off you will do it."
"Dear I want you to rest a bit before tanking Nancy."
"I've never had sex in the light or with all my clothes off."
"Huh!" The three of us all said in independent unison.
"It's true. Martin says its wrong even for married people to see each other naked."
"Well its not dear," said mom.
"It's beautiful Nancy," said Janice.
"Edward are you ready to take Nancy?"
"Yes I am mom."
Nancy laid on her back opening her legs for me.
When I enter her we kiss as I push in deeper. She was very tight. Like she's never been opened. I could see the stress on her face to I stopped to kiss her. "Are you ready for more Nancy?"
She nodded so I pushed in more. I paused a minute before pushing in the last bit. I was in her up to the hilt. I come down to kiss her, whispering in her ear, "I am going to fuck you now. Ready?" She whispers back yes so I craw back then push it back into her.
Janice whispers to mom, "I doubt she's ever been fucked before." Mom whispers back, "I am sure you are correct."
We keep up out pace and Nancy begins to counter thrust getting in sync with one another.
"Nancy, I am going to increase the pace. Okay?" Gives okay.
"OOOO I like this better. Fuck me Edward. Keep fucking me."
After a few more frictions she says, "Something is happening."
"You are reaching orgasm dear," says mom, "Keep fucking her Edward."
"It's coming."
What was that she ask. Janice answers, "You've had your first orgasm Nancy. Congratulations."
She was smiling at that news.
"Ladies I am going to shot very soon. Where do you want it Nancy."
"Inside my womb."
"AAAAgggghhhh there it is."
"I can feel his seed in me! He's filling me up. O that feels so good."
"Nancy that was great. I loved fucking you."
Rolling off her I take the woman in my arms kissing the heck out of her.
"You really enjoyed me?"
"Positively. Cannot wait to get between your legs again on Tuesday."
"Ladies there is a bathroom and shower just over there so you can wash my son off you."
"Mom you were so "tongue-in-cheek" I almost thought you weren't kidding."
"Maybe I wasn't"
I grab her, push my knee between her legs, pin her to the bed and I am about to insert when I get a slap.
"Edward, get off me this second."
"I sometimes wonder where I went wrong." What she usually says when she wants to shame us.
"Sorry mom."
Our two guest come out of the bathroom then dress quickly smiling the whole time. "Molly the time with you was very good. But you son was like being in heaven."
"Thank you Nancy, I am glad Janice and you enjoyed it."
Both women headed up stairs and out the door.
"Now we shower baby boy."
We get the water adjusted just right when the door open again. There were a few foot steps when mom rang out with, "Andrew is that you?"
"Yes mom it is."
"Come down here."
"How did you know it was Andy?"
"Yes mom."
"Do you know where Joseph is?"
I pop up, "Jail." Which rates me a dirty look.
"I don't know but I've got a couple of good guesses."
"Find him and bring him home. There will be no excuses for non-attendance. We a important event coming up and all four of us will attend it. No excuse but death will be acceptable."
"Wow Ed, what happened here?"
"The orgy of a lifetime Andy. Too bad you missed it."
"Smells and looks like it. What…"
"Andrew, you find Joseph, Edward in the shower."
To be continued

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