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By Toto Sharna and Tara are both staying at mine and now I have decided to breed Tara first with her being older by a few months

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The next morning I woke to laughter coming from the lounge and I got up put on my boxers and went in Sharna and Tara were playing on the playstation both laughing ,they were sitting in just panties , they were both roughly the same body size except Tara had larger tits and was a few inches taller they were both bent over on their knees and both their bums in panties one pair had little mermaids on and the other power puff girls ,I just loved girls in them type of panties makes them look younger.
Sharna saw me come in and turned and said we have cleaned up and was waiting for you to get up Tara wanted to thank you for letting her stay as she said that Tara turned around her tits had a little bounce on them ,I couldn’t help look she said thank you Sharna’s daddy for letting me stay,I’m like Sharna I will do anything you want me to as she crawled towards me do you want a morning bj or a wank, I wanted everything with her it’s always nice with someone new I looked at her face she was smiling her teeth were perfect her lips perfect and her blonde hair short framed her face as I said Tara suck my cock as I dropped my boxers she moved in her mouth opened and I felt the warmth of her mouth take my cock she was good at sucking cock her tounge licking inside as she sucked I was thinking of both of them dressed as younger girls flashing men while out and me watching that was my plan for today as the thoughts went in my head I felt a tingle in my balls her hand was massaging them and I knew it wasn’t going to be long tilk i shot in her as i did she swallowed every last bit ,she opened her mouth to show me i bent down amd kissed her and told her today we can all go to the mall and get her some clothes ,Sharna smiled and said see Tara hes so nice as they went back to the game i knelt behing them rubbing both pussys through their panties and moved them to one side slipping a finger in both right in they just continued playing as i finger fucked them both ,i can do anything to them i was thinking .
After enjoying their pussys I told them to go get dressed ,Sharna I said you can wear the school uniform and Tara can wear your denim dress with the buttons up the front ,off they went I noticed that Tara followed what ever Sharna did and I was going see if she was honest like Sharna is so I took out £100 and rolled it up and dropped it on the sofa down the gap ,I wanted to see if she found it she would keep or tell me or Sharna .
I was dressed up today I had a suit on as we were going posh shopping as I call it but I wanted them to flirt with men as it turned me on as I sat in the chair in the lounge they came out and I was instantly turned on Sharna had her short school skirt on and black tights her blazer and the straw hat ,Tara had the dress on and black tights if I didn’t know them I would be turned on .
I told them to sit for a while as I sorted some paperwork out after about 30 minutes Sharna shouted dad ,dad Tara found some money it must be yours i came in a d she handed it to me it was here where I was sitting it’s a lot of money you must of dropped it , I thanked her and thought she could of kept it and I gave her a £20 note that’s for finding that , she was all smiles and kissed me and cuddled me thank you daddy ,she was now calling me daddy I kissed her back and gave her tit a squeeze, then kissed Sharna too ,.
We set of to go to the mall they both sat in the back the view was great up both of their skirts I told them when we get to the shops we are going to buy some nice clothes for both of them and some nice panties with pictures on as I like them .As we pulled into the parking lot Sharna smiled and said daddy did you like the view in the mirror,I smiled back it was lovely as usual Tara looked confused till Sharna told her I was looking up their skirts in the mirror she went red and laughed .
When we entered the shopping mall I watched as Sharna walked first and looked at window displays then Tara followed her actions as if she didn’t know how to behave probably because she been in a hostel for so long not used to this easy life the same as Sharna was , we entered the large clothes shop Primark and the Sharna picked up a basket and told Tara to do the same and headed off around the clothes I wandered behind them looking at the other young girls in the store , Sharna told me to come over to the underwear part and it was the ones for the younger girls I was excited looking at these little panties and bras with cartoons and pictures on I told them both get some about 5 sets each and now my cock was twitching watching them picking some out and showing me against their bodies, then we went to the tights and stocking part i told them the same different colours and get 5 packets, Sharna walked over and gave my cfotch a quick stroke and said dont worry daddy you will be pleased looking later .
I was so horny watching them and I wanted a wank , we went to pay for these items as I had a shop I wanted them to buy the clothes from as they are really nice and expensive and look lovely so we went buy a few out fits and I said we need get some food I knew this restaurant that had booths and it was quite dark and I knew I could get Sharna to wank me in there so we went in got the corner booth I sat in first then Tara sat opposite and Sharna was going sit near to Tara but I asked her to sit next to me she smiled do you need a hand Yes I said to her ,Tara looked confused what’s a hand she asked and Sharna just made a wanking movement with her hand Tara went red and said in here ,Sharna replied we’ve done it in many public places it so sexy .
The waiter came we orders and as we waited Sharna had her hand under the table playing with my cock , when the food arrived she still held it under the table as it was dished out and as soon as he was gone she upped her speed I was close to cumming and put my hand under holding the napkin so I could shoot into it as Sharna finnished me off ,it felt so good I told Sharna she could sit other side if she wanted with Tara so she went around,Tara said to Sharna you are mad but I bet it was sexy she laughed and said I let him finger me once in the back of a taxi and he left my panties on the seat when we got out .
Sharna looks so happy with Tara I was beginning to think about letting her stay,we headed home and had a quiet night I told them they could have the bed as I was going to watch some sports on TV late ,so as I watched it and about 1 am Tara came in and sat next to me she was wearing just her panties she said to me she had heard me and Sharna decussing her and she asked if I was making her leave ,I told her no she looked and said I know that Sharna is your favourite girl but I want to be second and she reached for my cock and said fuck me now do anything to me I’ve only been with you for a short time but I’ve never been so happy and I want to be like Sharna your girl as she pulled her panties off and sat on my lap making my cock enter her pussy , i had already made my mind up I was letting her stay and i was going to fill her till she gets pregnant, i felt her pussy gripping my cock as she rides me she pits her arms around my neck slowly lifting herself shes doing all the work as her lite body gets into a rhythm,it feel so good as i look her head tilted back as she goes faster and i hear the squelching noise of my cock in her wet pussy its to much i can’t hokd back as my cock floods her womb as stream after stream enters hervand she collapsed onto me ,this life is great as I kiss her cuddling her she lifts off and my surplace cun drips out off her small pussy ,she sits next to me and bends over shes cleaning my cock with her mouth her eyes looking up at me i tell her Tara im sure we will be having a nice time together the 3 off us .

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By Toto #Exhibitionist #Mature #Pregnancy #Teen