The House Maid

Sixteen year old Tina was a well respected girl from a small town, she had a very good education was well dressed and had many friends, Tina was waiting at the local bus stop for the bus into the city where she had a part time job as a house maid, as Tina waited for the bus the local vicar walked by wishing Tina a good evening as he did, Tina thought if you only knew what I do vicar you would not talk to me. Tina arrived at the city and went to the house maid agency offices she worked for where she was told she would be working at Mr. Jones house, when Tina arrived she saw Mr Jones was just going out at the gate Mr Jones told Tina that his two nephews were in the house but they knew the rules, Tina went to the house and after gaining entrance saw Mark who she knew was a friend of her brothers and was two years younger than what she was, she also saw Colin who was Mark’s brother and two years younger that what Mark was, Tina made the two boys a drink, Mark was watching telly and when Tina bent down in front of him to put the drink on the table the top of her jumper fell forward slightly, Mark smiled as he saw down the top and had a good view on Tina’s naked boobs, Tina then gave Colin his drink when Colin saw down Tina’s jumpers jumper his eyes went wide at the sight of Tina’s boobs, Tina returned to the kitchen and did the washing up she then returned to the lounge where Mark told her he needed a bath and to go and prepare it, Tina did as Mark requested and just after leaving the bath room Tina saw Mark walking towards the bath room naked and to her surprise saw that he had a five inch soft dick which she knew was big for a boy his age, Mark said ” I need you to wash me” Tina went back into the bathroom Mark said to her ” don’t get your clothes wet, Tina lifted her jumper over her head and off, Mark looked at her naked boobs and when Tina took her jeans off and stood naked Mark looked at her smooth love tube thinking nice, Tina saw that Mark now had a seven inch erection. Mark stepped into the bath and sat there as Tina gently washed his body as she did Mark felt his dick get thicker and when Tina washed his dick he felt it twitch after Tina had washed him Mark got out of the bath and stood still while Tina dried him, after Tina had dried him she bent over the edge of the bath to clean it and felt Mark’s hands run over her bare bum and up her back then round to her front and cup her boobs then start to massage them Tina also felt Mark’s dick on her bum cheeks Tina stood still and let him, after five minutes Mark said Colin needs his body oiling” Tina went to Colin’s room and saw him laying naked on his bed with a five inch erection, Tina started to rub the body oil into Colin’s body and it was not long before she felt Colin rubbing her love tube and when he slid his fingers inside she gasped realising he had four fingers in her, Colin said ” suck me off ” Tina bent forward and took Colin’s dick in her mouth and started sucking while he pushed his fingers in and out of her love tube, after five minutes Tina felt Colin’s dick twitch like mad and realised he had dry cum, Colin removed his fingers from Tina’s love tube, Tina stood back from the bed, Colin got dressed and left the room, not long after Tina heard the door bang shut and went out of the bedroom and saw Mark waiting by the door to his room, Mark said my turn for relieve and went in his room, Tina followed Mark told her on the bed legs open, as he did he saw Tina had erect nipples and thought trust my brother to warm things up for me , Mark climbed on the bed and knelt between Tina’s parted legs bent forward and slid his dick into her love tube then started to thrust in and out and after five minutes pulled his dick out of Tina’s love tube and squirted his cum over her stomach, two hours later Tina was on the bus going home thinking fucked by my younger brothers best mate and fingered by his younger brother while I sucked his dick and I will get paid five hundred pound for doing so that is known as mixing business with pleasure.

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