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The House — Part 1
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This is a work of fiction. All characters depicted are 18 years and over.
How do I get myself into these situations? I am just a normal 18 year old. I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs. I am passable in the looks department. I don't do sports on a regular basis but I am in fit shape, and although I make good grades, I am not a nerd in any sense of the word.
Somehow I just fall into these situations. I guess I should start at the beginning.
It all started with Greg. He moved into my neighborhood, just up the street, when I was in the eighth grade. We immediately hit it off and became good friends. During his first few days of school he met the Richardson twins, Ann and Pam, and fell for both of them. They lived about four blocks away and I had known them since the fifth grade. And yes, I eventually had a secret crush on them as well. I mean, who wouldn't? At that 11 years of age they were cute as two little kittens. With fair skin and blond hair, no male of any age could resist them.
They were identical twins but if you knew what to look for you could tell them apart. Ann had a very small mole just ahead of her left ear which was absent on Pam. Also, as they had gotten older, their voices differed slightly as Ann's seemed a little deeper. But for most people they were as identical as twins could be. It got to be second nature for me to tell them apart.
While I was kind of shy at that age, Greg was anything but. He got to know them and started hanging around them like a little puppy dog. Of course, since he was hanging around them, so was I. Eventually we all became good friends. In the ninth grade the twins made a new friend named Sandy and she and her boyfriend Sam, became a part of our group. The six of us always hung out together during the school year and sometimes during the summers. This lasted until the summer between our junior and senior years when Greg's dad got a new job and he and his family moved to a new city. At first all of us missed him because he was kind of the glue that held us together. Sam kind of inherited that job during our senior year.
In our senior year I turned eighteen in November of the school year and we began to think about college. The twins and myself wanted to go to the state college which was in the next town over from us. But Sandy and Sam announced to us they planned to get married right after we graduated and neither of them wanted to attend college. We tried to tell them this was a big mistake, but their minds were made up. I personally thought that Sandy was holding out having sex with Sam until they were married, but I had no proof. Oh well, young love can sometimes make you make bad decisions. In any case, it caused a small rift within our group and I ended up getting a lot closer to the twins.
At this point I had never had sex with anyone, you know, a virgin. But at least I was hanging around two of the sexiest girls in school. And in fact, I suspected that the twins were also virgins. We hung around each other so much I knew they did not date very much, and when they did it was only one or two dates with the same boys. And no one I knew was bragging that he had sex with either of them.
The twins were both aiming for careers as law clerks. They told me that if they got married that was about all the career they wanted. I wanted to be a civil engineer. My dad was in the building trade and I got my hands dirty for two summers working for him. I got to be pretty handy with construction tools.
All this leads up to a Friday night in March of my senior year when the twins invited me over to talk about college. They asked me to come early and their mom would fix dinner for all of us. Of course I agreed. I drove over to their house in my car, such as it was, and got there right on time.
The twins met me at the front door.
"Come on in, Stewart." Ann said.
They opened the screen door for me and I got the surprise of my life when they both hugged me. This was a rare occurrence, it did happen when our team at school won or other similar circumstances, but this was the first time that just being there got me a hug.
I said hello to their mom and dad.
"Come sit on the couch with us." Pam said. They each grabbed one of my hands and led me to the couch in the living room where they seated me between them.
"So what did you want to talk about?"
Ann answered. "Well, we know you are going to attend state and so are we. We have been discussing this with our parents and we have come up with a plan that can save us a lot of money in housing expenses. But it is going to require a strong back to make it work. We know you have construction skills and that is just what we need."
Pam continued. "You see, our aunt has a house that is close to the state campus. Within walking distance as a matter of fact. She has been renting it out every year to students at state. But the house is in pretty sad shape. It has not been repaired in a few years and you know how most college students are with housing, they just about trash anything they rent."
Ann picked it up again. "Our aunt says she will let us live there with only a small monthly charge if we can repair the house and get it back into shape. She will supply all the materials and all we have to do is make the repairs. If we can make all the repairs in the first year of living there she will extend the low rental rate until we graduate."
They paused to let it all sink into me. After a few seconds a big question came to mind.
"Are you saying that we would all live in the house during all that time?"
"Yes, absolutely. There is no way that Ann and I can do all the work and we don't really have the experience for accomplishing it by ourselves. Some of it needs a strong back and some construction savvy. That by itself will earn you four years residence."
"Are you sure? I mean, one guy and two girls could spell trouble. And what about your parents?"
"Oh we already took care of that." Pam said. "That is mostly why you are here tonight. Think of it as an interview for a job."
"I don't know. Are you two okay with this?"
"Of course." Ann said. "We have known you for years. You have always been a gentleman and a good friend. We trust you."
"What about dating and other stuff. It might get kind of awkward being in such close quarters."
"We have discussed that." Pam said. "We can handle it if you can."
Their mom called us to dinner. One thing I liked about going to their house was their mom's cooking. She really knew how to put out a spread. The talk around the table was lite and easy, but when dinner was over was when the real conversation began. Their dad started it out.
"So, I guess the girls laid out their plans. What do you think, Stewart?"
"Well, it almost sounds too good to be true. But at this point I am much more interested in what you think."
Their dad considered that for a moment. "Well, to tell the truth, I was not exactly thrilled with this idea in the beginning. The whole idea of the girls living with a boy was not exactly how I pictured their college time. But the girls and the financial deal swayed me in the end. That, and I have known you for a few years now. You have always been respectful to the twins and I respect that. So I guess I can take a chance on you."
Their mom spoke up. "I also had a few problems with this in the beginning. But when they said they wanted you as their third I just could not come up with a good reason to object. So there it is."
"If I agree to this, I want you both to know that I will continue to respect your daughters. They are my best friends and I won't do anything to hurt them."
"That's all I need to know." their dad said.
"Don't worry, mom, dad. We can keep him in line." Ann said.
The dinner broke up and the twins escorted me back to the sofa.
"So what are you doing tomorrow?" Pam asked.
"Nothing in particular."
"Are you up for a trip to see the house tomorrow?"
"Sure, what time?"
"Pick us up at nine in the morning." Ann said.
"Uh, before I go, just what kind of rent payment is your aunt expecting?"
"Three hundred a month total from all of us."
Oh my God. Suddenly all my doubts about this venture melted away. My part of the rent would only be one hundred dollars! And for the next four years! Plus I would be living with the twins! How could one guy get so lucky?
We spoke about a few more details and I left to tell my parents about this. I was not sure what to expect from them but they took it very well, especially when I told them about the rent. It was going to save them a lot of money.
I didn't sleep all that well that night. There was just too much on my mind. I finally dropped off and then the alarm seemed to ring a minute later. It was the next morning already.
I did my usual morning routine and grabbed a danish as I went out the door. I drove over to the twins house and they were waiting for me outside. Ann grabbed the front seat with Pam in the back.
"Good morning, ladies."
"Uh, Stewart, drive a few blocks and then stop for a minute." Ann said.
I did as she asked. "What's up?"
"This." And she leaned in and kissed me on the lips! When I was able to come up for air Pam leaned over the seat and kissed me. When she leaned back I looked at both of them and they both had a big smile on their face.
"What was that all about?" I asked.
Ann said, "That is just a taste of what you can expect from now on."
"Not that I am complaining, but why?"
"Because we both like you a lot. And we are so happy that you accepted our deal." Pam said.
"You see, our parents have kind of kept a lock on our dating." Ann said. "They didn't trust any boy to be with us for very long. Which is why we never called anything we did with you a date. When we found out that you were going to state, we got with our aunt and worked a deal with her. But the whole point of this is to keep you as close to us as we can. We really like you and we think that once we get away from our parents we can begin to have some real fun with you."
"Are you talking about what I think you are?"
"Of course, silly." Pam said. "Sex, and plenty of it."
"But you could have any boy you want. Why me?"
Ann looked at Pam. "Shall we tell him?"
"Might as well. Maybe it will settle him down."
Ann looked back at me. "It's because we are all virgins."
I was so stunned I was speechless.
"Let me explain. But first, you can continue our trip if you want."
I put the car in gear and headed for the highway.
Ann continued. "Pam and I have wanted to lose our virginity since we turned eighteen. But could not figure out how to do it with our parents looking over our shoulders. We knew that when we went to college it would happen but neither of us wants to wait that long. Then, when you told us about your college plans, we cooked up one of our own. Our aunt was more than helpful when we explained what we really wanted. She has been sympathetic towards us ever since we can remember."
Pam picked it up. "Ever since Greg left last summer we have gotten a lot closer to you. We both like you a lot and it seemed like a good thing to keep you around since we would be attending the same college. When we hit eighteen we realized that you were the one we wanted to take our virginity. So when our aunt told us about her house we cooked up this plan to make sure you would be close to us when the time came. We hope you are not mad at us."
I had to think for a little while. Here I was being offered ANOTHER good deal. When was the other shoe going to drop? I had a thousand thoughts going through my head. But in the end, I just could not look the gift horse in the mouth.
"So let me get this perfectly straight. You invited me into this deal just so you could have sex with me?"
Ann smiled. "In a word, yes. And we want to take your virginity as much as we want to give you ours."
"And there's nothing more to the deal?"
Pam spoke up. "Nope, except that once the deed is done we may want repeat performances. That is, if you can keep up with us."
"You see, Pam and I are two really horny girls. We both know that once we get started with sex, we will want it all the time. We've tried sex with each other, and while it was good, it left us wanting more."
"Wait! You two are having sex together? What other secrets are you hiding?"
"You will just have to wait and see." Ann said with a big smile.
"So are you in or out, Stewart?"
I decided right then. "Oh I'm in for sure. I just hope I can live up to your expectations."
Ann leaned in again and kissed me on the cheek. Then Pam followed her with the same.
How did I get so lucky? I must be living right.
"So when are you expecting me to take what you are offering?"
Ann said, "Oh, not right away. We may have to wait until after graduation and when we have moved into the house. I hope that isn't too long for you."
"No, no. Not at all."
"Unless an opportunity presents itself sooner." Pam said.
It was about an hour drive to state. I turned on the radio while I drove. I kept glancing at Ann and she was doing the same to me.
When we got to state the girls directed me to the house. From the outside it did not look too bad except that it needed a new roof and some paint. The twins had a key so we went inside. And that's when the other shoe dropped. Man was it a mess. There was trash everywhere, holes in the walls, the kitchen was just awful, and I was afraid to look at the bathrooms. The house was a two story with a living, dining, kitchen, den, and one bathroom downstairs. Upstairs there were three small bedrooms and one bathroom. I estimated the house had originally been built in the 1950's and had seen rough use since then. This was going to take a lot of work.
"So what do you think, Stewart?"
"Well, it's a lot of work. The only part I see a problem with is the roof and what ever plumbing issues we run into."
"Our aunt already thought of that. The roofers will be here in two weeks to replace the roof. She told us that any plumbing or major electrical issues that come up just let her know and she will take care of those since they are specialty trades." Pam said.
"Well that's a relief. Unless something else comes up I think I can handle the rest with the help from you two."
Ann said, "Just tell us what to do and we will pitch in."
"Good, there will be enough work to go around for all of us. I think the first things we should tackle are the kitchen and downstairs bathroom. That way we can have a nice place to potty and clean up as well as fix food as we need it."
"Good idea." Ann said.
"There is one new item we need to consider which is really not all that expensive and will pay dividends in the future. We should wire the house with Cat10 network cable to every room so we can add internet access when we get to that."
"Oh that's a great idea." Pam said. "That should make the house more valuable in the end."
"I'm sure more ideas will come to me but I can't think of any at the moment. I need to take some pictures and make some notes. I suggest both of you should make notes as well and then we can combine them."
"Great idea."
I started to take pictures with my phone of everything I could think of. One thing I noticed was that the floors seemed to be in good shape as far as I could tell. But oh man, the bathrooms were a total rebuild situation because the fixtures and everything else in there was in really bad shape.
I made notes on a lot of things. I needed a laser measuring device, a level, a claw hammer, a sledge hammer, some wire cutters, and a few other tools. I also made notes concerning the outlets (which led to the wiring or lack thereof), I looked inside cabinets for moisture, and generally looked inside anything that opened. At least we didn't find any dead animals or huge holes in the floor.
We spent about an hour looking over the house. The last thing I did was to take a look in the attic. There were no real surprises but man was it dusty. Sixty years of dust is a lot. But that would be taken care of when we blew in more insulation because there sure as hell was not enough up there now.
One area that had potential was the back yard. Sometime in the past someone had poured a very large concrete patio. It ran the whole length of the back of the house and about twenty feet out. All it needed was a nice trellis over some of it and would be a great place to spend time.
I had also noticed that the power was off but the water was on.
All of us met back up in the kitchen.
"First question. What's up with the electricity?"
"It's off at the breaker box but we can turn it on any time we need it."
"Good. Next question. Can we start demolition before summer? That will mean working on weekends."
Ann and Pam looked at each other. "I don't see why not." Ann said.
"Good. Can you get in touch with your aunt and have a big debris bin moved onto the lot for our refuse?"
"Sure, she asked us about that already but we did not have an answer for her when she asked."
"Okay, so I suggest we start demolition two weeks from today. The next question is do you want to stay overnight on Friday and/or Saturday so we do not have to drive back and forth?"
The twins looked at each other and I could see the wheels turning.
Ann spoke first. "I think that is a good idea. We could get more work done that way."
"And maybe have a little fun, too?" Pam said.
"You two are both little minxes." I said.
"We know." Ann said.
"So how about some lunch and then maybe a walk around the campus?" I asked.
"Lead the way." Pam said.
We found a burger place and ate there inside.
"I hope you don't mind me sort of taking over this project. I certainly don't want to step on any toes, especially yours."
They both smiled at me.
Pam said, "Thanks for asking about it, but neither of us have the experience to take on a job like this. While we do not have the experience, we are eager to learn if you are willing to teach us. We need your expertise. So feel free to lead and ask us to do anything you think we can do."
"I thought of a few things to bring on our next trip. We need to bring food if we want to save by not eating out. And toilet paper for our needs."
"Oh God, I didn't even think about that." Ann said.
"And if we are going to sleep there on weekends, you will need sleeping bags and a pillow. I am not sure about the tubs so bathing may be out until the bathroom is finished. I hope you two are up to roughing it for a few days a week."
"No problem. For a deal like this we can handle it." Pam said.
When we finished eating we drove to the campus and walked for a while. We had all been there before, but it was nice to walk around with the twins. They looked really good in the afternoon March sun. We got a lot of looks as we walked and it made me feel on top of the world to be accompanied by two beautiful girls.
When we left to go back home the girls exchanged places in my car, this time with Pam in front. We talked about the house and the ideas we had. When that topic ran out we drove in silence for a few minutes. Then Pam spoke up.
"Stewart, thank you for doing this for us. We know it's asking a lot of you, but we will do our best to make sure you are rewarded. We do like you a lot and promise to be good house mates and workers for you."
"That will be good enough. I like you two a lot as well. It is still hard to believe that you are asking me to do all this for you. I'm just a regular guy and for the life of me I don't know why you want me to do some of these things, but I will do my best for you."
Ann said "Well, we do have strong feelings for you. The word 'love' comes to mind but I think it's a little early to use that word. Right now we just want to have a little fun with you and we will see how it all turns out."

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