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tagIncest/TabooThe Hypnotist – A Fucked-Up Sequel

The Usual Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy. All characters featured in sexual situations are over 18. The characters in these stories are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. Do not try this at home.
Right after I posted The Hypnotist, the very first comment I got was, "Excellent story, would love to have the parents involved sexually…in some fucked up way." I chuckled, as I often do when I get a comment like that. As an author, I always consider it the highest possible compliment when readers want more of the characters in a story I've written. The thing is, I generally suck at writing sequels.
Oh, I've tried. I couldn't tell you how many frustrating hours I spent trying to write sequels to Keep It Down in There! Ease of Access, and Anger Mismanagement, among others. Even the sequel I did publish for It Had to Be Done was a struggle.
Still, I thought of a story that would work for this, as long as I changed the ending to the standalone story I already wrote and posted. I just have to warn you up front, this story gets really dark and twisted by the end. So, this sequel picks up the evening Gwynne moves back into the apartment with her brother, Mitch…
* * * * *
We were still terribly nervous and uncomfortable as a family. It was clear from my parents' concerned expressions and the way they watched me and Gwynne so closely that they wanted to say something. My tension mounted as we got my sister's room set up once again. I could feel my shoulders tighten up when my mother finally cleared her throat to speak.
"I don't want you to think we don't trust you," she sighed.
Of course, that made it clear that they didn't trust us. Gwynne looked afraid and I could tell she was holding her breath.
"I just think it would be best if I stay with you two for a few days, after everything you've been through," Mom finished.
I immediately wanted to find a flaw with that plan, and shook my head. It just felt like having Mom there with us would make it even more awkward. Mom saw me shaking my head, but she jumped to the wrong conclusion.
"Oh, I won't smoke inside your apartment," she assured us, nodding toward the balcony. "I'll just smoke out there, and I'll make sure I leave the door closed."
I looked over at our dad, and he was nodding. I understood then that it was something they'd discussed and agreed upon before Mom sprung the idea on us this evening. When I saw that, I nodded. Gwynne's eyes went wide when she saw me do it, and I felt like I had to say something.
"That's probably a good idea," I murmured weakly, looking at my sister.
She licked her lips and nodded.
"We should probably get started on your laundry now," I added. When our parents looked at me questioningly, I felt the need to explain. "Everything Gwynne owns smells like cigarettes, after living at home the past few months. It helps reduce her desire to smoke if we wash all her clothes and bed linens so that smell doesn't remind her of smoking."
"Ah," Dad replied, nodding. "Yeah, that makes sense. Sorry…well, you know. We're all sorry you kids had to go through this. Hopefully this will be temporary and we can all get back to our normal lives."
All four of us nodded after he said that. We were all desperate for that return to normalcy and sick of being so tense around each other all the time.
"I should go pack up some clothes and wash them with yours," Mom suddenly added. "I'll be right back!"
She took off with her car, while Dad and I went down to the minivan and got the last few things out of the back. That included Gwynne's full laundry hamper and another laundry basket filled with her bed linens. Those we set just inside the front door of the apartment. It took all of ten minutes, at most, but Mom was back before Dad was ready to leave. It was clear she had simply grabbed a hamper full of her dirty laundry from the past week.
We all gave Dad big hugs, and Mom kissed him and murmured quietly to him before he got in the minivan and drove home. Then she turned to us and gave us a big smile.
"Shall we start on this laundry?" she asked.
Gwynne and I both smiled, and the three of us headed down to the laundromat to start washing those clothes. It was still awkward for us to hold a normal conversation. When we arrived at the little laundromat, one of our neighbors was there, sitting and reading a book while his laundry was spinning in one of the dryers. He nodded at us briefly before going back to his book.
Mom reached the washers first, and dumped her clothes into one of them. Gwynne and I smiled at each other uncomfortably as we divided up her clothes and filled the other three washers with them. Afterward we both let out a big sigh at the same time and had to smile again.
"I'm glad you're back," I said softly.
"Me too," she replied. After a long pause she asked, "How have things been at work?"
"It's actually been kind of slow lately," I chuckled. "I mean, we're still making money—the company is making money—but I haven't had to work any kind of crazy hours since you moved out."
"Have you been seeing anybody?" she asked.
I shook my head.
"No," I said softly. "It's just been too weird. I still have trouble accepting…what happened."
She nodded in understanding. Mom let out a soft sigh, but looked at me sympathetically.
"Yeah," Gwynne muttered. "I feel the same way. One guy asked me out, and I was almost scared to look at him. I feel like such a freak."
Mom gasped softly, and the guy with the book glanced up at that, but just for a second. We knew he was listening to us, though, so we chose our words carefully. It made for a painfully slow conversation until his clothes were dry and he left. Gwynne and I both laughed softly after he had gone.
"We are a couple of freaks, aren't we?" I chuckled bitterly.
"Don't say that!" Mom admonished. "We're all going to be fine, Mitch. It's just going to take time."
I let out another sigh. "Yeah, I sure hope so," I managed to reply, along with a little smile.
She gave me a lovely smile and hugged me to her. After Mom released me, Gwynne slid into my arms and we held each other softly. It felt good to wrap my arms around her once again, and we stood there and held each other until the washers started to ding. Then we sighed and released each other, and got to work moving the clothes and bed linens into dryers.
After that, we were both too self-conscious to hug again.
"So, you started a new semester," I prompted. "Are you taking anything interesting this time?"
"Actually, yes," she said. She smiled and shook her head. "Can you believe I'm actually taking a course in hypnosis therapy?"
I couldn't help but laugh at the irony.
"I know, right?" she said, chuckling along with me. "If only I'd taken it a year earlier! I would have known…" She trailed off, shaking her head ruefully.
I reached out and gave her hand a squeeze. When she looked at me I gave her a sincere look and a grim smile.
"If we hadn't gone through it, none of those other women would ever have gotten the help they needed," I reminded her. "And that…guy…would still be doing the same thing to other women. Really, it was just fortunate you didn't fall into the same trap."
Mom nodded as I spoke, and she had the same grim expression on her face as I probably had on mine.
"I know," my sister sighed, pulling her hand from mine. "That doesn't make this any easier."
"Does your experience help you with that class?" Mom asked.
Gwynne wrinkled her nose. "I doubt it," she said. "I mean, maybe I ask some better questions, but I have a tough time reading through all the books for that class. The theory is all over the place, too."
She went on to explain a lot about the class, the instructor, and some of what she had learned that might apply to our own experience. It was interesting and informative, but it was tough to look at her and not recall some of what we had done together while we had been "under that spell" as I had come to think of it. I wondered if she felt the same way, but didn't dare ask. With Mom standing there, I was afraid to admit how much I still thought about what had happened, and I couldn't tell anyone how much those thoughts still turned me on.
Eventually the clothes were dry and we folded everything before heading back upstairs to our apartment. Again, it was a little uncomfortable for me when we made her bed. Seeing her bent over the side of her bed like that was just a little too reminiscent of all the times I had taken her right there, and how much we had both enjoyed it. I swallowed heavily and forced my eyes away from her.
Mom was looking right at me, shaking her head slightly. I gulped, and wondered if my lustful thoughts had been apparent to her. She handed me a pillow she had just put the pillow case onto and I set it at the top of the bed. When Gwynne put the last pillow in place, she stood upright and turned to smile at us.
"There we go!" she said happily. "I'm all moved in again. Let's have some dinner and celebrate."
I smiled back at her—a genuinely happy smile for once—and nodded.
"Sounds great," I replied. Then I chuckled and added, "What are you cooking for me?"
She laughed and gave my arm a playful swat.
"Let's see what we've got," she said. "We may need to go grocery shopping if you stopped stocking my favorites."
Mom chuckled and smiled at us, and I think all three of us were relieved to have such a nice, normal evening together. I had gone shopping the afternoon before, so we had plenty of food. Fortunately, that included all of Gwynne's favorites. She gave me a brief hug as I started cooking some of the veggie noodles she loved so much.
Mom had taught both of us to cook while we were growing up, and she was pleased to see how well we had learned from her. I realized as we prepared dinner that Mom almost always cooked when we visited them at the house. This was the first time we had cooked for her.
Once we sat down and started eating and chatting over our food, it was amazing how quickly we all relaxed. None of that conversation was forced, and we joked and laughed and enjoyed each other's company. As soon as we finished eating, Mom fished a cigarette out of her purse. She damned near lit it up at the dinner table, but quickly caught herself and shook her head.
"Oh, shit," she muttered. "I'm so sorry!"
Gwynne and I both smiled at her and nodded in understanding, and she abruptly got up from the table and retreated toward the balcony.
"That was close," Gwynne chuckled, shaking her head again. Then she sighed. "I know she means well, but it's going to be tougher for me to quit smoking again if she's doing that all the time."
I chewed and nodded
* * *
After dinner, we sat and watched a movie on television. Mom excused herself twice to go out to the balcony, and Gwynne sighed in frustration both times once Mom was outside. I reached over and gave her thigh a squeeze the second time. It was supposed to be a reassuring gesture, but she flinched and sucked in a shocked breath when my hand touched her thigh.
"Oh, I'm sorry," I muttered, immediately withdrawing my hand. "I was just trying to be supportive." I shook my head and chuckled bitterly. "This sucks. You know I felt bad before, Gwynne, but now I feel like I can't even give you a hug. It makes me feel even more helpless."
She reached over and squeezed my thigh, smiling at me sadly.
"It's okay, Mitch," she assured me. "I just wasn't expecting it. Really, if you weren't here I'm sure I would be out there smoking with her. It means a lot to me just to be back here, with you."
We looked into each other's eyes a little too long. I know I wanted to kiss her in that moment, and it looked like she was thinking the same thing. Fortunately, Mom came back in from the balcony and returned to sit between us on the couch. That moment stuck in my mind, though. I hadn't dared to say anything or to ask my sister how she felt, but after the way we had stared hungrily into each other's eyes I felt like Gwynne still wanted me.
I knew I still wanted her.
Oh, it had nothing to do with the hypnotist at that point. I understood that sex with my sister was wrong. It was just that I couldn't forget all the incredible sex we'd had and I still loved my sister. As I sat on the couch with my sister and my mom, it was impossible for me not to picture my sister's face as she had writhed naked beneath me in one of our beds, covered with sweat after we'd been fucking our brains out, and moaning as she felt me coming inside her.
My dick stiffened as I thought about my sister's sexy, naked body, and I involuntarily glanced to my right. I think I had expected to steal a glance at my sister's breasts; it's tough to recall now, and I probably wasn't consciously aware what I was doing. She was wearing a comfortable t-shirt and had a bra beneath it. I'd noticed that while we were still moving her things back into the apartment.
Unfortunately, Mom was sitting between us on the couch. She was still wearing the same short, lightweight summer dress she had worn since I showed up at the house, only I realized she had removed her bra at some point. Her thick nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric. I only realized I was staring at our mother's heavy breasts when my mouth started watering, and I quickly returned my focus to the television screen.
It was totally fucked up how that had happened, and completely unintentional. I felt my dick swelling, but I had gone from picturing my sister naked and moaning beneath me to picturing my mother's huge tits. I knew how much I had enjoyed sucking my sister's impressive breasts and hard nipples, and I found myself wondering what it would be like to do that with Mom.
In my head, I could clearly picture my mother's lust-clouded face and her huge, sexy breasts beneath me as she moaned and encouraged me to fuck her. I could almost feel her wet, welcoming pussy as it took every inch of my dick.
I shook my head and was angry with myself for even imagining such a thing. However, that thought wouldn't go away. Again and again I would glance to my right and lick my lips as Mom's breasts rose and fell with her breath. It was a struggle for me not to get a full-blown erection, and I felt guiltier for checking out our mother that way than I did about those lustful thoughts I'd had about my sister.
As the movie wound down, Gwynne got up and stretched. Once again, my eyes were drawn to her body.
"I think I'll start my shower now," she informed us.
We nodded and she headed into the bathroom. As soon as I heard the water running in the shower, I couldn't help it. I was picturing Gwynne's fabulous body naked beneath the spray of water, and I was completely hard.
Much to my embarrassment, Mom noticed.
Her eyes went wide, and she swallowed heavily when she looked from my pulsing boner in my shorts up to my face. I shook my head and struggled to pull my t-shirt down to cover my obvious arousal.
"Sorry," I murmured.
Mom licked her lips and looked at my face for a long moment. Then she sighed and lightly patted my right thigh.
"I guess it is a good thing I'm here," she said, sounding a little sad about it.
It was easy for me to follow her train of thought, and I nodded glumly. We didn't say anything else about it, and we were both uncomfortable as we watched the next few minutes until the movie ended. As soon as Gwynne emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel and heading for her bedroom, I stood and smiled down at my mother.
"I guess I'll take my shower now," I murmured. I felt the need to add a quick, "Sorry," when I realized my bulging erection was right in front of her face.
Mom's eyes were wide as she stared at it. It was just a brief moment before I turned away, but that image would stick with me. She had licked her lips as she stared at my hard dick, and it looked like she wanted it in her mouth.
I quickly retreated to the bathroom and took my shower. I scrubbed my body quickly, leaving me enough time to jack off and shoot a substantial load into the drain. My dick was still mostly erect after that, though, even after a burst of cold water to end my shower.
Mom was out on the balcony, and Gwynne emerged from her bedroom when I stepped out of the bathroom. She was wearing one of her long night shirts and I knew she hadn't worn anything else when we'd lived together before. My dick lurched beneath my towel as I recalled lifting that shirt up out of the way so I could slide my cock into her wet and waiting pussy. Gwynne seemed tentative as she stepped closer and spread her arms.
"Hug?" she murmured softly.
I nodded and stepped up to wrap my arms around her. We kept it brief, not trusting ourselves any more than that.
"Sweet dreams," I murmured.
"You too," she replied.
We parted before the temptation to kiss became too strong, and then we heard the sliding door open behind me. Mom smiled and came over to give Gwynne a much firmer, longer hug than I had dared to.
"Sweet dreams, baby," Mom murmured.
"Sweet dreams, Mom," Gwynne replied.
They both smiled and Gwynne headed into her bedroom. I turned and walked into my bedroom as Mom went into the bathroom for her shower.
* * *
Mom was quicker than I expected. I was still turned on after hugging Gwynne, and I sat on my towel on my bed and started stroking my hard dick. The thing was, I had masturbated in the shower, and still felt guilty about having those thoughts about my mom and sister, so I took several minutes before I gave in and started jacking off. I'd barely started when I heard a door open, so I stopped playing with myself and wrapped my towel around my waist again. I peeked out my bedroom door and saw Mom wrapped in a towel and going through her basket of clean laundry.
It was all I could do not to gasp out loud when she peeled the towel from her body so she could slide that nightgown over her head. She was facing toward my left, so I didn't see her pussy, but the side view of her left breast was impressive. Also, her legs and butt were in much better shape than I expected. Mom was far sexier naked than I ever would have imagined. My hand shook as I carefully pushed my bedroom door closed and staggered back to my bed.
I blew out a big breath and shook my head, trying like hell to get that picture out of my mind. Just a moment later, there was a soft tapping on my bedroom door.
"Come in?" I murmured.
I figured Mom wanted to hug me before she went to sleep, so I stood up as she pushed the door open. She looked down at my towel and cocked her head.
"I thought you'd be dressed for bed?" she asked.
I shook my head slowly. "Um…I normally sleep nude," I replied.
"Oh! Um…well, I—" Mom shook her head and pursed her lips.
Because I had been expecting to hug her, I walked up and opened my arms. Mom looked confused, but then sighed and wrapped her arms around my lower back as I gave her a soft squeeze. She looked up at me and gave me a weak smile.
"I thought you would wear something, at least," she murmured.
"I guess I could throw on some shorts," I replied. I smiled at her weakly. "Sorry, Mom, I just got used to being alone again the past few months."
"I understand," she said quickly, releasing me and stepping away. "I'll give you some privacy while you do that."
She stepped out of my room and pulled the door closed. I shuddered as I pulled the towel from my waist, and stared down at my bulging hard-on. It had been impossible to miss that Mom wasn't wearing anything under her skimpy nightgown. Her thick, hard nipples had been pressed against my chest, and the bottom hem barely covered her ass cheeks.
I tossed my towel atop my laundry hamper and started stroking my hard dick once again. Just a moment later, Mom tapped on my bedroom door again.

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