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My sister and I inherited quite bit between us, she a tomboy type and I’m the nerdy type. She was more like the son our father wanted and I wasn’t. Our father (widower) had inherited a farm from his uncle, and it had a no sale condition attached and a pass down the male line condition also. That was 2009, my father had no interest in farm at all, but it also came with a sizeable amount of money. My father liked money and to keep the money he had to keep the farm. In 2020 our father got ill and would pass away early 2021 (heart condition not Covid). As such I 33 got the farm, and I wasn’t interested in it at all. My sister was very interested, but due our great uncle’s will, she couldn’t have it. Like I’ve said my sister 30 is like the son my father wanted and was willing to do whatever needed to what she wanted like he was. I’m easy going and go with the flow mostly and I’d a good career and could work from anywhere via internet. But if I let her live on and run the farm, she would’ve no ownership of it. But my sister decided she wanted it so much she would do anything to have it. As the farm was in the next state to where we were, she could move there run the farm with me living there and doing my work from there. Everyone would think she was my wife, and we wouldn’t have to tell them she was or wasn’t. We weren’t seen there before, and it was leased while our father was alive. The lease was up shortly, and the person didn’t want to renew it. So, my sister wanted to take it on, she had always run roughshod over me growing up getting to agree was easy for her. But for some reason she decided it wasn’t enough, I had gotten ill and had rough time but got over it after a couple of weeks. She needed a plan B and the plan turned out to be having a child especially a boy and me being the father. Her son could inherit if I got sick again and died. She joined me in my bed and had her way with me, meaning we fucked. Sex became regular for us and arriving at the farm she shares my bed, and she got pregnant rather quickly after we arrived. Her plan was to raise animals not to grow crops. But soon changed to growing feed crops to help feed her animals. I thought she would do whatever she wanted, and I wouldn’t need to help. Well, that’s not how it is, I have to assist her anytime she wants me too. But I was getting regular sex from her, I learnt what was required and when she had our son I looked after farm while she was recovering which wasn’t long. On average I spend 6 to 7 hours helping her with the farm. As our son is now weened, she told me she wants a spare. At first, I wasn’t sure what was on about. But now knows she wants another son, and she will keep trying until gets him. Even if has 5 girls trying to get boy, my career is going well, and the farm is also going well. I wasn’t virgin when my sister started our sexual relationship, but I hadn’t a very high success rate lower one in ten.

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