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Valentine's Day weekend marked the third year that Greg and Viola were living together. To celebrate, Greg arranged for them to drive up for a long weekend at a cozy in in New Hampshire.
As soon as they got sprung from their respective jobs, they piled into Greg's car along with snacks, hot cocoa, blankets and music, undaunted by the five-hour journey ahead of them.
They'd known as soon as they met that they were meant to be together. They were compatible on every level in spite of the fact that they came from decidedly different worlds. Greg was stocky but well-built and grew up on the streets of the Bronx, the middle child of a Puerto Rican family and Viola, tall, blonde and slim was the only child of a Connecticut politician and his stay-at-home wife. He went to public schools, she went to private schools. He was owned his own plumbing business and she was a dancer in Broadway shows. Yet together they were yin and yang. They simply belonged together and nowhere was that more true than in the bedroom.
Halfway through the trip, it began to snow. First fat, thick snowflakes that plopped onto the windshield then, the farther north they got, the finer the snow got and the harder it was blowing. Viola was driving and had to pull over at a rest stop to remove her contact lenses and change to her glasses. Greg took over the driving and the five hour journey took seven. They arrived at the inn at midnight.
The innkeeper at The Nor'Easter Inn had stayed awake reading as she awaited the arrival of her guests who had courteously called from the road to let her know that because of the storm they'd be late.
"You must be starved," she told them and went to the kitchen to fetch leftovers from the evening meal. With the winter storm warning, all of her other weekend guests had swallowed the loss of their deposit and left before the storm hit its peak or didn't show up at all, so there were plenty of leftovers for Greg and Viola.
Caroline Hawthorne, a distant relative of the famous New England writer of the same last name owned the inn. She was a young widow who lost her husband and partner in the inn when both were 38 years old. To her it seemed like only yesterday that he was killed by a mine in Afghanistan, but it was five years ago this coming April. She still missed him terribly.
A fine cook, she inherited her grandparent's huge Victorian home right at the edge of a state park. She and Steve had made a go of it almost immediately and it seemed to be a slam dunk for them until his National Guard unit was called up. Even then, for several months she managed the place on her own, cooked for guests, kept the books, managed the three helpers she had who cared for the property and changed linen and did small repairs when needed. And then the phone call came.
Caroline helped Greg and Viola get settled in the honeymoon suite (an upgrade made available by the cancellation of a newlywed couple) and laid out a dinner of beef pot pies for the couple.
"Wine?" she asked. And then poured glasses of merlot for all three of them. They sat at the long, family-style table and chatted with the couple as they chowed down hungrily on the dinner.
Caroline told them the history of the inn along with the sad story of her and her late husband. Viola, seeing Caroline's eyes begin to tear up, reached out her hand and took Caroline's hand in her own, stroking it gently with her thumb.
Dinner finished, Caroline offered coffee and apple pie but the guests were exhausted. By then it was one-thirty in the morning and it was time to go to bed. Caroline asked them if there was anything they needed, made sure there was sufficient firewood and kindling for a fire in the wood stove and went off to her quarters, leaving the couple alone in the suite.
They undressed, showered together and put on the white terrycloth bathrobes the inn supplied. Greg had never put up a fire in a wood stove but Viola's family had one in their family room and got a blazing fire going in no time.
The picture window in the bedroom was open to the forestland revealing a winter wonderland as they basked in the heat of the fire. Once the room was warmed up, Greg removed his robe and removed Viola's. Standing behind her, he encircled her waist with his arms and nuzzled her neck.
"You know that makes me crazy," Viola groaned, half from fatigue and half from passion. "Aren't you tired?"
"Nah! You know me, babe. Besides, here we are in a romantic inn, probably snowed in for the weekend. We can always sleep."
Now his hands were on her small breasts as her hips began to gyrate. His fingertips gliding over her hard, pink nipples. She ground her ass against his hardening cock as his hands wandered down to her belly as she sighed, "Ooh," knowing full well where his hands were headed.
He loved that she kept her pussy; he could feel her heat and her wetness as soon as his fingertips encountered her opening pussy lips. Greg used his thumb to tease Viola's now-swollen clit as first one and then a second finger entered her canal. Removing his fingers from inside her, he put them in his mouth to taste her goodness. Then he shared the treat with her and the action of her gently sucking and tonguing his fingers made him even harder as he groaned, "Oh honey." Then back inside her pussy they went.
They didn't last much longer in front of the wintry landscape because they literally fell into bed and went at each other like the two hungry creatures they were. In no time, she was on her back and he was sliding in and out of her. Slowly at first but then frantically as though his life depended upon it. She arched her dancer's body up at him, swallowing his cock inside her. She was the first to cum, her body trembling out of control and it was her orgasm that triggered his, seconds later as he spurted his cum into her. Lying atop her strong and sweat-soaked body, he kissed her deeply, told her he loved her and immediately fell asleep with her.
But Caroline the innkeeper was not asleep. She had watched the attractive couple making love and, masturbating, timed her own orgasm to theirs.
"Oh Steve, I miss you so much," she whispered in the dark.
2. Snowy Saturday
When they awoke the next day, the storm had passed and the sun was out. Great mounds of snow covered most everything outside and the bright azure blue of the sky made it all the more brilliant to the eyes.
Viola and Greg awoke to the smell of brewed coffee and bacon. After a quick shower, the hungry couple fled to the dining room/kitchen for breakfast. When they arrived, there were hot pancakes piled on a platter along with hot scrambled eggs, biscuits and bacon warming in the serving area. Caroline was nowhere to be seen until Viola, going to the urn to fetch coffee for the two of them, saw the innkeeper half under the sink where she was wrestling with a wrench to repair something.
"Help yourselves. We have a bit of a leak that I'm trying to fix. I'll be with you in a few minutes." Ordinarily, and old codger named Otis, who lived in town, would do the plumbing repairs to the old house for her, but Otis never went out in the snow anymore.
"Greg's a plumber. He'll take a look at it for you. I'm sure he can fix it. If it's not a big leak, just leave a few towels to soak it up and come have breakfast with us."
"Sure. No problem's too big or too small for Greg the Plumber," Greg laughed. Come and eat with us." Which is just what she did.
As they ate, they talked about themselves, about the inn and the things that normally were available to do when they weren't snowbound. Greg would have to shovel his way to his truck to get to his tools and the women agreed that, after the leak was fixed, maybe they could all go outside and have a snowball fight or build a snowman.
Once they finished eating, Greg examined the leak with Caroline. As they both lay on their backs beneath the commercial-sized sink, their faces were merely inches apart and a moment passed where, in spite of the best wisdom of each of them, it would have been so easy to have exchanged a kiss or more. Greg snapped himself out of it and addressed the problem of the leak. All the tools he'd need to fix the leaking pipe was the wrench that Caroline had been using earlier. Some Teflon tape would help but it wasn't necessary. Otis could do that later.
So, without it being necessary to get to the truck, the three of them cleaned up the kitchen and headed out into the snow with the joy of three innocent children.
They estimated that there were two feet of snow on the ground. Perfect for making snow angels. Viola hurled the first snowball at Greg and Greg returned the favor, hurling one at Caroline. When they tired of the snowball fighting, Caroline went into the house and fetched a carrot from the kitchen. As he helped Viola scrape the snow from her coat, Greg's hand brushed her breast and they stood there in the snow, which is where Caroline found them when she returned. The couple had red faces, whether from the cold, the embarrassment of being caught or from the passion of the moment, Caroline couldn't tell, but the sight caused her to replay all she'd seen the night before.
Both Caroline and the couple shared an awkward moment as Greg and Viola both thought it was making her flash back to better times when her husband was alive.
It was Viola who called out, "Hey everyone! Group hug!" So they got together and shared a tight group hug that wasn't altogether very intimate given how bundled up they all were. Though it wasn't very intimate, it was heartfelt and it was Viola who broke the moment asking Caroline, "Is that a carrot in your hand or are you just happy to see me?" They laughed, but for Caroline, who had seen Greg's sizable "carrot" on her laptop, it had a mixed meaning.
Greg was the first one to get cold and he went back inside to take a nap. Caroline and Viola shoveled their way to the truck while he slept, then, tired out by the cold and the exertion, they walked back inside holding hands.
3. Saturday Night
The lasagna was perfect. The wine kept flowing and so did the conversation at the dinner table that ran the gamut from challenging plumbing problems to difficult choreographers and temperamental actors to "interesting" guests and townspeople. There was much laughter and much introspection until Caroline made the suggestion that they leave the dishes and go into the lounge and watch some movies.
Viola looked at Greg to see if that was okay with him because she knew what he'd want to be doing that evening, but truth be told neither of them wanted to just leave Caroline alone on Valentine's day Saturday night. "Fine with me," said Greg and that settled it, for it was actually what Viola wanted also.
The three of them sat on the huge, L-shaped leather sofa and piled blankets over them as they huddled close together. The first film was a romantic comedy and they laughed and thoroughly enjoyed it. The second was a straight out romantic movie that began with an erotic scene between the main characters. Viola was seated beside Greg, who had his arm around her and Caroline was inches away on the other side. What Greg could not see was that now Viola and her hostess were holding hands beneath the heavy wool blankets. Their hands were entwined on Caroline's thigh and she drew closer to Viola, who then wrapped her right arm over Caroline's shoulder. Slowly, Greg nodded off to sleep, unaware of the passion play that was going on next to them.
If you were to have asked them who had started it, neither one would be able to tell which woman kissed the other first.
"I never…" Viola began with a foggy voice and a flushed face.
"Me either, but it felt so good." So they did it again … and again, their passion building. Viola worried about Greg waking up and about what he'd say or do, so as they kissed, as tongue wrestled with tongue and body pressed into body, she'd glance sideways at her sleeping husband before pouring herself into it.
Now Viola felt Caroline's hand on her breast, unbuttoning her shirt, cupping her small breast and squeezing her nipple and she let out a sigh that she was sure would wake Greg up. It didn't. Not wanting to be left out, she opened Caroline's shirt and cupped her larger breast over a silky bra. Her already large nipple grew further at this touch and it was Caroline's time to sigh. She removed her breasts from her bra so that now her hot flesh was in Viola's soft hand. Viola's other hand was now between her jeans covered thighs as she squeezed that hand tighter and tighter. Under the covers, Caroline did the same until she suddenly felt the crotch of Viola's jeans soak. It didn't stop her and she continued as did her newfound friend. Then it was Caroline's turn to tense, groan and whisper the one word, "Cumming."
Neither woman was expecting it. Neither one knew what to say. They simply looked at one another, kissed again and sat there, panting, sweating, not knowing how the hell to handle this novel and unexpected turn of events.
"I'm sorry. I was so excited. When I get that way, I …"
"I squirt also," Caroline reassured her.
Greg woke up as the credits were rolling. "That was a pretty good movie. Know what I could use? I could go for some popcorn."
"Guess what? We've got popcorn. Stay right there while I make some," Caroline offered.
"Have a good nap?"
"I guess I was pooped. What I saw of the movie was pretty good though. What did I miss?"
Viola wasn't sure what to tell him. Finally she just blurted out, "You missed the best part. Where the main characters have a threesome with the woman's best friend." She knew there was no threesome in the movie. She'd seen it before, but she knew he was amenable to such a thing. They'd often discussed it in bed but she'd said she was chicken about making love to another woman and unsure she'd want to take the risk of losing the love of her life to her.
"Damn. Of all the times to fall asleep," he groaned. "Leave it to me. Want to watch another movie? It's still early."
Fortified with a big bowl of popcorn, a few bottles of wine and Lon Chaney, Jr.'s classic, "The Wolf Man," They tackled the third film.
In the back of Caroline's mind was the knowledge that sometime tomorrow, her new friends would be leaving and she was certain that not only would she miss them, she'd want them. Steve had always told her that a threesome was his secret fantasy and that one day they'd have one. She'd told him that it was hers also and that, with the right woman it could be fun. The only problem was that, living in a tiny New Hampshire town with tiny town minds, it could wreck their reputation and their business if it got out. Now her fantasy was so close she could taste it and she knew in her heart that Viola loved her husband and trusted him and so wouldn't think it a risk to lose him.
One and a half bottles of wine later and just at the scene where the wolf man, Larry Talbott, cautions against opening the door on the night of a full moon, Caroline blurted out, "So, who wants to have a threesome?" Both Viola and Greg sat there open-mouthed.
She immediately flushed in embarrassment at her own brazen suggestion but when she looked, both Greg and Viola's hands were raised.
"I say, 'Fuck the werewolves, fuck me! Both of you," Viola offered.
4. Threesome
They undressed awkwardly and tumbled into the king-sized bed in the honeymoon suite. Greg was the last to undress and plop onto the bed where Viola and Caroline were already making out. No sooner did he get into the bed than Caroline left Viola's embrace and kissed Greg — the first man she'd kissed in a sexual way since she married Steve. She threw herself into it as Viola embraced her from the rear, nuzzling the innkeeper's neck as she pressed her warm, naked body against her.
His eyes closed at first, Greg opened his eyes at mid-kiss to see if Viola really was okay with this, but her attention was also being lavished on Caroline. Seeing that she was as into this as he was, he reached out and grabbed the innkeeper's ass and drew her tightly to his body as she gently sucked his tongue into her hungry mouth.
Lying on their sides, Caroline clutched his hard cock and stroked it as Viola thrust her pussy into her host's ass; reaching around Caroline she, too grabbed Greg's hard cocks and guided it into Caroline's soaked pussy.
"It's okay, baby. Fuck her. I want you to."
And that was what he did. Slowly at first, then deeper and faster. His new lover's eyes were wide opened in pleasured amazement at how good it felt. Viola reached from behind and rubbed her new lover's hard clit with one hand as she toyed with her own with her other. She was already close to cumming and she worked hard at edging her orgasm away from the brink.
"Uh! Uh! Uh! Fuck me hard. Fuck … mmmee … hard, Steve," Caroline grunted at Greg, who thought about correcting her and then let her have her fantasy. He rammed into her tight, wet pussy not caring that she was thinking of him so much as her late husband.
Suddenly, his orgasm was upon him, overtaking him as it was the two women in bed with him. Viola knew the sounds he made when he was about to cum an sprang into action, removing his cock from the pussy he was enjoying and thrusting the spurting cock into her mouth as she thrust two fingers into Caroline's pulsing pussy, getting her off as well.
Caroline's mouth quickly found Viola's cum-filled one and they kissed deeply, their excited pussies thrusting urgently against each others until, both at once and without any communication switched into a 69 position, finally getting each other off orally ending with a surprising gush of fluid from Viola's overexcited body.
Exhausted, the three lovers napped, one woman on either side of Greg. When he awoke, Greg tried not to stir when he went to the bathroom to pee, but Viola, who was used to Greg's movements in bed when they slept at home, was awakened. She joined him in the bathroom and, drowsily, held his cock for him as he peed. When they returned to bed in the rosy half-light of dawn, she whispered, "I love you so fucking much, Greg."
Relieved that there would be no jealousy arising from the activities that night, he simply whispered back, "I love you just as much." They kissed with increasing intensity, Greg became hard, Viola, fearing that the motion of fucking would wake Caroline, went down on Greg, sucking and licking him frantically. At some point, the couple became aware that Caroline had awoken and was watching them while she fondled her pussy and her long, thick nipples. Now that Greg's cock was soaked with her saliva and Caroline was awake, Viola mounted Greg with her back to him and motioned for Caroline to come around to face her.
They made out for a while as she slid up and down on Greg's dick and, before long, Caroline was standing in front of Viola as Viola went crazy on her wet pussy.
There is an old weather adage that goes, "red sky at night, sailor's delight; red sky at morning, sailor take warning." A red morning sky that morning meant that another storm was headed their way. Sadly, once they all had cum, Caroline informed the couple in her bed with her that, sadly, they'd better head back to New York for safety's sake.
After a hearty breakfast and equally hearty and tearful hugs and kisses, Viola and Greg prepared to leave, but not until all had taken an oath to keep in touch and to return at the same time next year.

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