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The Iron Lady my history teacher Sheela

Hi friends. I am a huge fan of this The stories here are just amazing. After reading so many stories I thought of posting my story. This story is about 4 years back. At that time I was in 10th standard. I use to attend a very famous coaching class from pune. There I fell in love wid my history teacher and the story reveals the same.
Let me introduce my teacher. Her name was Sheela( name changed). She must be around 30 to 31 years of age. Her figure was 36C-30-34. She was a very cute and good looking lady. Co-incidently I was her favourite student from our batch. She also use to teach well but I just use to look at her only during her lectures.
Even she use to notice that I am constantly staring at her and at times she also use to give me a smile. It so happened that, once I had a doubt in her subject and I asked her for that. She told me that she cannot teach me in the class separately and asked me to come to her home the following weekend.
That weekend I went to her place and noticed that she was all alone and that her husband had gone out of station. I also thought to try my luck that day. While she was teaching me, I was constantly staring at her breasts. She was wearing a cream coloured saree and her blouse was also transparent.
After a while she noticed that I was staring at her breasts and she asked me what I was looking at. I knew she had caught me so I said sorry and made a little sad face. But to my surprise she said that she liked me staring at her. Soon my attention diverted completely frm studies towards her and we started talking about our personal lives.
As I was talking to her she started crying and said that her husband does’nt satisfy her and he has an affair with a woman from his office. She kept her head on my shoulder and was weeping. I hesistantly kissed her on her forehead. She said she liked what I did.
Soon our faces turned towards each other and our lips locked. She gave me a french kiss. As our lips were locked I started with her breasts and was fondling with them. She helped me remove her saree. Now she was only in blouse and pettycoat in front of me. I unbuttoned her blouse and her 36C breasts sprung out. She was a wearing a white bra.
Soon a pulled the string of her pettycoat and saw her pink coloured panty. She also undressed me. I was sleeping fully nude besides her with my monster standing like a pole. I removed her Bra and panty. Her hairy pussy was just amazing. I started licking her pussy and she started moaning loudly. She was continously saying,”AHhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhh fuck me hard bacha….i am all yours today..fuck me like a whore.”
She said that she wanted to taste my cock and she took it in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. I told her that i’m cuming and sprayed all my cum in her mouth. She had given me the best blowjob. Soon I started caressing her nipples which were completely dark in colour. She said that she wanted me to fuck her like anything.
As soon as she said this I started fucking her in missionary position. She was moaning like anything and that was making me more exited. She was continuously saying,” Fuck me bachaaaaaaa………………..aahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa…………aahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………tear my pussy today…ohoooooooooooo………….aahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………..i’m ready to be ur whore
aahaaaaaaaaa………………..”. She started shivering and had an orgasm and a river started flowing from her pussy. My cock was wet with her juices. After some time I told her that I’m cuming and she said that she wanted me to come inside her. I just came inside her and we both relaxed for some time.
Soon we started our sex session again and we both had orgasms 2 to 3 times. Afterwards we both went in for a bath and again I fucked her under shower. Then we washed ourselves and we both dressed each other. She made tea for us and told me that this was the best fuck she had and that her husband could not have done this. After sometime I left her place.
I fucked many times after this, almost 2 times a week and everytime we both enjoyed like hell. Till today we are in contact. Now she is a mother of a child and still some times I fuck her. Guys this is a real incident and as it is my first story if u find any mistakes in it please let me know. And guys plz comment on my story.