The Jacuzzi Ch. 02

tagIncest/TabooThe Jacuzzi Ch. 02

The last thing Jason wanted to do right now was get out of the hot tub, but now that his sexual arousal had dissipated he realized that he was getting incredibly hot. He knew Megan had to feel the same. They must have been in here well over an hour. He glanced at her and noticed for the first time how red her face was getting. She just smiled back at him, and it warmed his heart.
He gave a little start when he felt his sister touch his thigh, but what she actually wanted to grab was his hand, and he gave it to her. She intertwined his fingers with his and rested their joined hands on her thigh, which pleased him immensely. It was an intimate connection, but Megan didn't make any further moves.
With their fingers intertwined, they started unconsciously playing with each other's thumbs. Megan took a breath and said, "So…are we cool?"
Jason wanted to give a snarky reply about them being quite the opposite of cool in a tub full of very, very hot water, but he knew by her tone and the way her grip on his hand had tightened that she was actually concerned. They had to talk this out.
"Yeah, we're cool," he simply replied. He returned her hand squeeze as an acknowledgement.
They turned their heads toward each other again. They were now sharing a truly intimate moment, and they maintained eye contact.
Megan smiled and said, "I really, really want to talk more about this, but…it's just so fucking hot in here. I'm being boiled alive!"
Jason laughed. "Yeah, we should really get out."
Megan glanced around the hot tub. It finally occurred to her that when she got out she would either have to give her brother a full view of her nude body, or ask him to turn away. After the what they had shared so far, it would be silly to abruptly become modest and ask him to turn away. And, she admitted to herself, she kind of wanted to show off her body to him. She quickly determined a fun compromise.
Jason watched as Megan flashed that deliciously devilish grin again. She said, "Last one in's a rotten egg!" With that, she jerked her hand from his and launched herself toward the steps of the Jacuzzi. He was stunned by the striking image of his sister's completely naked body, from the back anyway, in all its glory, hot steamy water pouring from her as she raced out and toward the pool. He turned and followed her motion, taking in as much of her bare skin as he could, until she jumped into the pool, splashing and shrieking in shock and pleasure at the sudden coolness of this other body of water.
Megan felt her heart racing as she came up for air and slicked her long wet hair back. She knew she had given her brother quite a show, even if it had just been her ass and legs. He had already had a good look at her breasts too—had even ejaculated all over them! Her pussy tingled when she pondered whether she'd be willing to give him a good look at that part of her as well.
Her thoughts of incestuous exhibitionism were immediately set aside when she caught the site of Jason getting out of the Jacuzzi. To her utter amazement, he did not race out of the tub like her. Instead, he took his sweet time going up the steps, giving Megan a glorious view of his muscular butt, broad shoulders and toned legs. Then he turned and started walking toward the pool as if he had all the time in the world. When he got to the edge he stopped, put his hands on his hips, and struck a pose as if to be a superhero, basking in the limelight. Megan was transfixed by what she saw. With the combined illumination of the Jacuzzi, pool and landscaping lights, she could clearly make out the fine features of her brother's nude form. Still glisteningly wet, his muscular chest and flat stomach were simply superb. But what she really wanted to study was well further down his torso, down toward his groin, to the object that hung from a dark patch of neicely man-scaped pubic hair: her brother's cock.
It was flaccid but still slightly swelled and imposing in his post-orgasmic state. Megan literally licked her lips as she looked at it. Had she not been treading water, she knew her pussy would still be sopping wet. She was officially lusting after her own brother, and although she felt no shame about it, she knew the two them would have to address what was going on here.
Megan's attempt at serious thought was destroyed instantly when Jason suddenly launched himself from the edge of the pool and tucked himself into the classic cannonball position. For a brief second before impact, Megan was awarded the sight of her brother's sizable balls and taint. Then, at point-blank range, she was blasted by a shockwave of water.
They both resurfaced sputtering water and laughing hysterically. They were goofing off in the pool as they had done since childhood, and for a few brief moments, as they started a splash fight, the fact that they were now adults and naked was forgotten, but not for long. When they settled down a bit, Megan saw Jason's expression grow a bit more serious. He stared intently into her eyes. Yes, they definitely had to talk, but first she wanted to take advantage of his distraction.
Jason didn't know where this night was going, but he didn't want it to end, and he was desperate to know if Megan felt the same. He gave her an intense look, trying to convey his feelings. Her response was quite a surprise. While she at first mirrored his serious look, and even treaded water closer to him, she suddenly kicked hard to come out of the water enough to plant her hands on the top of his head and push him under. In her effort to do this, she provided a new and extremely up-close glimpse at her huge wet wobbling tits, and Jason was grinning as he went under the water.
Even better, while his sister momentarily held him under, his face was within inches of her crotch. The image was of course blurred, Jason could see well enough to confirm that she kept her pubic hair neatly trimmed into an adorable patch on her mons.
Laughing at her victory in dunking a person much larger and heavier than her, Megan finally let go of his head and waited. To her surprise, although there was no longer anything to keep Jason under, he lingered down there for several more seconds. Then it occurred to her: her little stunt had pushed her brother's head into a nice close-up view of her pussy. She blushed at the realization, but it also made her clit throb. Christ, they needed to talk.
No doubt to Jason's disappointment, Megan shifted in the water and swam slowly over to a shallower point in the pool where she could stand with her head and shoulders out of the water. She strategically picked a point where her breasts, though still quite visible, would at least have an inch or two of water obscuring them. She waited as Jason finally came up for air, looked over at her for a moment, then swam to join her. When he stood in front of her, being much taller, the water came to about the middle of his chest.
They starred at each other. They mostly maintained eye contact, but it was obvious when Jason would glance down to look at her breasts. Megan didn't mind, because she too was stealing glances at his private area. She admired how his dick floated softly but thickly in the water.
Glancing back up into his eyes, Megan allowed a little smirk.
"Well?" Jason asked, nervously.
She said matter-of-factly: "We're skinny dipping."
Jason nodded. "Yep."
"And we just…you know."
Megan asked, "How long have we wanted to do this together?"
"I don't know," Jason answered honestly. Growing up, he'd always considered his sister cute, and then eventually beautiful. And as an adult he had no problem considering her to even be sexy. But she was his sister. It really hadn't occurred to him until this evening the he could go beyond thinking of her as sexy and straight into sexual.
"What about you?" he questioned back.
Megan tilted her head in contemplation. "Pretty much the same answer. I mean, I always knew you were a good looking guy, and quite a catch for the ladies. But you're my brother."
Jason grinned. Their thoughts were so similar.
She went on, "Not to get all Freudian, but it makes me wonder if there has always been an underlying level of curiosity." She glanced down at his nudity, and then her own. "There's also the fact that we're still here, naked together."
Jason nodded, then cleared this throat. "So…so what are we going to do about it?"
"That is the question, isn't it?"
Megan closed her eyes for a moment, and a pained expression hit her face. Jason instinctively wanted to reach out and touch her face, to provide some form of support, but he was afraid of what that physical connection might lead to.
Megan sighed and opened her eyes. She said, "Now that we're sobering up, we need to consider what we've done and what we're now doing."
"In what way?"
"We're married, Jason," Megan said emphatically. "Setting aside that we're…related, we have to consider what we're currently doing to George and Theresa."
Jason soberly knew the word that she was heading toward: cheating.
"I know," he said, not saying the word.
"Do you think we are?" Her eyes were pleading.
He knew it wasn't going to be the answer she wanted to hear, but they had to at least be intellectually honest with each other: "Yes."
Megan closed her eyes again. Despite the seriousness of the current conversation, Jason allowed his gaze to lower again, and he drank in the sight of his sisters amazing breasts. He wanted to memorize this moment, as everything about what they were doing might be ending at any next moment.
When Megan opened her eyes again and looked into Jason's face, she saw him looking down at her nudity. He hadn't noticed yet, and she didn't mind. She actually smiled. What was the harm of giving him what might be one last look? If they went to the moral high ground shortly, they would have to get out and get covered up. Being naked together for a few minutes more wouldn't do any further damage.
She asked, "Jason, have you ever…cheated on Theresa before?"
That got his attention, and he matched her gaze.
He said directly: "No." It was the truth, and Megan instinctively believed him.
"Same here," she said soberly. Being a woman, she had been the subject of pick-up lines and being hit-on since puberty, but she had never so much as entertained the thought of stepping out on George. Yet here she was now, naked with her brother. Maybe that was it, she suddenly pondered. It wasn't like Jason was some random dude she'd picked up at a bar. She had known Jason literally her entire life, far longer than her husband. As siblings they loved each other, had always been close, even intimate—though never in a sexual way until this evening. Maybe this was why…well, she realized she need to verbally articulate this to Jason.
"Here's the thing," she began. She tried to work it out in her head while saying it at the same time. "This is going to sound weird, but because it's you and me, us, it doesn't really feel like cheating." She grimaced at him. "Does that make any sense?"
Jason swallowed and nodded. "I think I know what you mean. As two married adults, we can both acknowledge that what we did in the Jacuzzi, and being, well…" He gestured back and forth between their naked bodies. "What we're doing behind our spouses' backs is of course inappropriate. And I would probably be horrified with myself if I did this with anyone else except you."
In the seriousness of the moment, Jason reached out under the water and took one of Megan's hands. They maintained eye contact. He said, "I know it sounds completely hypocritical, but…emotionally, I just don't have a sense of guilt with you."
Megan squeezed his hand. "I feel the same, Jason."
An awkward silence fell. They had basically admitted that, while they knew what they were doing was wrong, neither necessarily felt guilty enough to stop it. So the unasked question was, what now?
With her free hand, Megan reached up and touched her brother's cheek. He formed an erection at just this simple gesture, that's how electrical her touch was. Were she to look down into the water, she would easily see how he felt about the situation. But her eyes stayed on his.
She said, "Jason, I want much more than what we shared in the Jacuzzi." His erection throbbed even harder. "But…I'm also terrified as to where this could lead."
Jason's heart sank, but he could only admire her honesty and fortitude. He was disappointed but also somewhat relieved at not having to make the decision himself.
"I understand," he said softly, giving her hand another gentle squeeze.
"I don't regret what we've done," she continued. "But I think the best thing now is for us to get out, get showered and cool our jets."
He reluctantly nodded, and his erection began to subside.
Megan brought her hand from his cheek to behind his head, and she very gently pulled him down toward her as she leaned up on her tip-toes, causing her nipples to rise out of the water. Jason willingly bent down, ready to match any kiss she gave him. It was an intimate one, directly on the lips, but she made no move to open her mouth, and he didn't press the issue. He did get hard again, but he also knew that this was more or less a first-and-last kiss to end the intimacy.
They kept their lips pressed together as they tilted further and touched foreheads. Jason heard his sister let out a slight sigh, and one of her warm tears managed to fall on his cheek.
When they parted, Megan's eyes were closed. She turned her back to him, and wiped the tears from her cheeks. "You go first," she said. "I'll give you a few moments."
He looked at her back for a long moment. All he had to do was step over and wrap his long arms around her petite body. He felt that if he pushed the issue, she would succumb. But after…how would she feel? Would she resent him for preying on her during a moment of weakness?
With his penis softening again, Jason finally turned and made his way out of the pool. A couple of times he glanced back at Megan, part of him hoping she'd be watching him, maybe even inviting him back into the pool with her. But she remained turned around. Their game was indeed over, he realized. Before gathering his own clothes, he took Megan's and quickly folded them, setting them neatly down on a nearby lounge chair. He took her wet bra and panties and hung them on the arms of the chair. He then gathered his clothes and made his way into the house.
Only when Megan heard the patio door open and close did she finally turn. He was gone, of course. She sighed and climbed out of the pool. She smiled when she saw how he had arranged her clothes. Her brother had always been a gentleman, no matter the situation. She didn't bother putting on any clothes but instead walked back into the house naked, still dripping pool water due to the lack of towels. She instinctively knew that he would give her privacy to make her way to her own bedroom and bathroom. Sure enough, as she approached Jason's bedroom—it was directly across the hall from hers—she could hear him showering in his own bathroom.
His bedroom door was also closed. And she closed her door behind her as well.
After drinking a couple of cups of tap water from the bathroom sink—she hadn't realized how incredibly thirsty she'd been—she stepped into the shower and enjoyed the warm spray of fresh clean water after spending so much time in the chlorinated hot tub and pool. She dried off after the shower and put on a simple nightgown, skipping any layer of underwear. She didn't bother looking at the clock but knew it was very late by now. She had drunk so much, she hoped that sleep would come quickly and easily, and as she settled between the sheets, she also hoped that by the morning the tension and craziness of what they had done this evening would be dissipated.
After tossing and turning or almost an hour, Megan was still fully awake.
Jason had finished his shower before Megan, and has he toweled himself off he crossed over to his bedroom door and listened. Hearing Megan's shower going, he was happy that she'd gotten back inside okay. It had been tempting to peek through the windows to get another glimpse of her beautiful naked body, but some silly code of honor hit him, and he knew that she probably wouldn't have liked that. Once dry, he didn't bother putting anything on and slipped naked into his bed. Having been so drunk for half the evening, and having had one of the best orgasms of his life, he figured sleep would come easy.
It didn't. His mind continued to dwell on the more sensual moments of the night: Megan's large round breasts, her hard nipples, his cum splashing on her chest and neck… Despite the fatiguing drain from soaking in a hot tub and jerking off, he kept getting aroused, and it became increasingly tempting to masturbate again. He reasoned that if he made himself cum again, he could settle down. He gripped his erection and gave it a few testing strokes.
Megan stared straight up at the ceiling. The room was virtually pitch-black, and every several seconds a little light from the smoke detector in the ceiling gave a dim blink. Megan knew that something had been triggered in her, some kind of latent desire to experiment more with her brother. It was the most taboo of things to consider, but now that she had seen him naked, now that they had openly masturbated in front of each other, the desire to do more kept her heart racing, and her vagina throbbing.
This would not do, she thought.
Jason stroked his cock, but just slightly, just enough to maintain his hardness. He was torn about whether to get himself off again tonight. He started to imagine what it would have felt like to have placed his dick between his sister's breasts, instead of just stroking himself over them. What if she had leaned forward and taken him into her mouth…
In the dead silence of the night, the subtle sound of a door opening caught his attention, and he immediately took his hands off his dick. Since it was just the two of them in this huge house, he knew it must be Megan. She was still awake? Maybe she needed something from the linen closet, perhaps she was sneaking down to the kitchen for a midnight snack, maybe—
Then the slightly louder sound of his door being slowly opened.
It had been long enough for his eyes to adjust well to the dark, and in the dim blue glow of a hallway nightlight, Jason saw the silhouette of his sister. She stood there in the doorway, her hand still on the knob. He could barely make out that she was wearing some sort of short nightgown. She remained frozen in place, and he realized that she was probably checking to see if he was asleep. He wanted to let her know that he wasn't, so he sat up a little and twisted to face her way, resting on an elbow, only a thin sheet covering his nakedness.
Nothing was said for several moments, the two siblings just staring at each other's dimly lit forms across the room. Jason was about to ask if she was okay, but he stopped when he noticed that Megan had removed her hand from the door knob. She lifted it to her shoulder.
He watched her take the little spaghetti strap of her nightie and pull it from her shoulder.
She said nothing. He said nothing.
He then watched as Megan turned her back to him while starting to slip the other strap from her shoulder. She started walking away, back to her bedroom across the hall, as her nightgown began to slide from her body. She went into her room.
She left his door open. She left her door open.
Jason got out of bed.
With a powerful mixture of fear an desire, Jason padded quickly to his door. He paused before crossing to her open doorway, and then he paused again. Megan had returned to her bed and was sitting up against some pillows. Her nightgown was now a small puddle of satin at the foot of her bed, and he could make out that she'd covered herself in a sheet.

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