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I was out of work and looking for job and living my car to save on rent so my money would last longer. I go to the library and read the newspaper for free, also check online for job vacancies on their computers. I found a strange listing, young man between 20 t0 30 wanted for work on rural property good wages. Nothing more, I’m 24 so fitted the profile for the job and so I applied via the library computer and got a response instantly. With direction and the pay rate which was good, but I had to be interviewed first. So, I drove out to the property it took 40 minutes. I arrived a large house no other building in sight, I went to door and was met by a woman about 50 or so, I was invited in and there were 2 younger women 27 and 24. The three of them looked me all over and then one said he’ll do. I was hired and would living with them at the property until the job was done. The job was to get the 2 younger women pregnant, possible short-term job or longer depending on how quick they got pregnant. They weren’t interested in marriage and having man around fulltime. Just get themselves pregnant and that their only interest. But I accepted the job short-term or not, as it turned out, I was quick getting the younger one pregnant, but older one took longer, and their mother also decided to have some sex while I was there. I arrived in February and my job was finished in August 2022. But I was put on call you could say, as they might want more children in the future. I left found job and still locally, no sex from the family as yet. But I’m quite willing to return if required.

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