‘The Journey’ – (the seed had been planted) – (Part 1)

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By Carrie An accurate description of my own path into the world of pleasure, starting at the age of eleven.

Everyone has a story about how and when they were introduced to sex. I thought I would volunteer to share my own path of discovery, and how it came to be.

For myself, my journey began at the age of eleven years old, it was the year 1989. I was playing with a girl who lived nearby. Her name was Jennifer. We were riding our bikes and doing what eleven-year-old girls do. When she walked into her house, I recall riding my bike into their garage. While riding in circles, I saw a stack of magazines among the other clutter that people store in their garage. While turning I accidentally knocked them over. When I first saw them scattered on the floor, I was puzzled. When I got off my bike and saw them closer, I was shocked!

I leafed through one and couldn’t believe what I was seeing! That was the first time I had ever seen a penis. I was stunned! I looked around for intruders, then I continued to explore my find. ‘Real sexual acts’! I recognized their obvious pleasurable expressions so I knew that whatever they were doing, must have felt good. When I saw two women having sex, I was puzzled. ‘How could two women have sex? I asked myself.

I quickly picked them up and stacked them once again,… yet my entire world suddenly changed. I tried to forget what I saw, but the seed had been planted. I instantly began observing adults from a different perspective. I felt like I knew their secret.

I had an overwhelming desire to see one cover to cover, alone. One evening I waited until it was dark, then I snuck over to their garage and stole two of them and ran away. I immediately snuck them up to my room and hid them. I certainly didn’t argue when my parents said it was time to go to bed.

I spent many evenings under those covers with a flashlight. I was shocked by what I saw, and also experienced by first sense of arousal. Not only did I gaze at the photographs, but I examined how they posed themselves so sexually. Their bodies were mature, beautiful, and handsome. I was captivated by the site of their sexual contact, Captivated*

I stared at people fucking, sucking, lesbians too. It gave me goosebumps. I gazed at the penises, but the ladies really drew my eyes. I read them both, cover to cover. I began to question my own sexuality. I began to take notice of women who wore dresses and skirts more often. To be honest, I developed a fetish for a woman’s legs, overnight.

One afternoon my mother had a friend stop by for a visit. Whoever she was, had great legs. After being introduced, I quietly sat near them. I noticed that she was wearing pantyhose, my weakness. They made her legs appear flawless. I tried not to stare, but I did. She took notice of my attention, yet my mother was unaware. I had a HUGE desire to touch them. I was spellbound by the arousal I felt. The suspicious tingle between my legs was foreign to me.

I began paying more attention when in public too. I would survey a crowd for sexy legs, it was a rush I couldn’t fully understand. I began evaluating my own body in comparison to the ladies in the magazine. I was greatly disappointed. I was still developing.

One afternoon I snuck into my parents’ room and stole a pair of used hose from my mothers drawer. I loved how they made my legs look more mature. The texture aroused me too. I caressed my legs for hours, hours! It wasn’t long till I was posing in the mirror. I was on my way,…

I began analyzing other girls my age and noticed that some of them had legs that were ‘fuller’ than mine. To me they looked more appealing and sexual. I continued my quest into the unknown. Sex had begun to occupy my thoughts more often than not. ‘The seed had been planted.’

I noticed Jennifer had those full legs too. I instantly envisioned her in stockings or pantyhose. I grew very aroused by that image, very aroused. I began introducing games and ideas that would allow me to touch them without questioning my intentions. Girls our age would often play imaginary roles, in a playful way. ‘Wrestling’ was on the rise, so I orchestrated a match between her and I. She was enthused about it too. ‘Let’s dress up like they do,’ I said to her, and tossed her a pair of tights.

It was very exciting to be able to handle her that way. I was able to not only touch them, but to squeeze them and trap them between my own. She was unaware of my real objective. Allowing her to pin me brought her pussy so close to my face. I quickly learned it was better to lose.

Then one day it occurred to me that she must be aware of those magazines in their garage too. I began to brainstorm a way to further my agenda. ‘Boom, a sleepover,’ I said to myself. We’re best friends and neighbors, why not? Our mothers approved so we set it up for the following Friday night. I was so excited, so excited.

I rested two sleeping bags on the floor and some pillows. ‘I’ll make some popcorn, pizza, soda, we’ll have a party,’ I said to myself. I also grabbed some candles to create an ambiance for the later hours. I didn’t know what else to try at that age.

We had fun watching the scary movie, yet I was waiting for the evening to mature. By midnight my parents were in their bedroom for the evening. I lit the candles, all four of them. It did provide the glow I was hoping for. I quietly closed and locked the door.

We rested on top of the sleeping bags on our sides, facing each other. What a wonderful view I had of her thighs. At some point I allowed her to catch me in a stare. She followed my trajectory and raised her eyebrows, then looked away. My young heart was racing. We chatted about boys of course.

It was about 12:30am at this point. ‘Whew, these candles have made this room too hot’, I yelped as I peeled off my shirt. She was surprised. A few minutes later she took hers off too. I was so excited. Her training bra was more filled than mine as well. I could see her sprouting buds quite clearly. She caught me gazing at them too.

About twenty minutes later, ‘Okay, it’s too hot in here,’ I said, as I slid my shorts off. ‘Holy Mackerel’, she said,…lol… I’ll never forget that phrase. Now she was the one staring. She was quiet. A few minutes later she took her shorts off too.

I was trembling with anticipation, trembling. I just stared at her full thighs in awe. They were so gorgeous, smooth and soft looking. I was,…horny?,…I was horny!

I believe today that we were both captivated by the view before us. I think she was having the same lustful thoughts. About fifteen minutes later I tossed my bra to the side, ‘I’m burning up.’ ‘Oh wow,’ she said. Now she was observing some buds of my own. It was quiet, really quiet. ‘You’re gonna be naked soon,’ she said, and we laughed. ‘Probably so,’ I added and giggled. ‘Oh, what the heck,’ she said, and took her bra off too. I couldn’t believe she was following my lead so willingly. I was far beyond horny now.

We rested on our backs and quietly observed each other in the candlelight. It was stunning, I recall that moment well. The silence was deafening though.

‘Wanna see something naughty? I asked. ‘Sure’, she replied. I stood and retrieved those magazines and tossed them down to the floor. ‘Look at that!’ I whispered. ‘Oh my,’ she said as she stared at the cover. ‘This stuff turns me on,’ she said. I was rattling with excitement now. ‘Let’s look at them,’ I said. We rested on our sides, leaning on our elbows.

Her budding tits were in full view, so were mine. ‘Look at this,’ she said, as she showed me a picture of two girls going at it. ‘I know, that’s wild,’ I said to her. I noticed her buds were hard, so were mine. Her eyes were dreamy. ‘Would you ever try that?’ I asked so delicately. ‘I don’t know,… maybe’, she said.

I leaned her way and said, ‘has anyone taught you how to kiss?’ I asked.
‘No, has anyone taught you???’ she replied. I shook my head, ‘yes.’
‘My babysitter’ I whispered. She yelped. ‘She’s twenty-eight,’ I said.
‘Are you being serious?’ she asked. ‘I was at her house on New Years Eve, just her and I,’ I added.
‘Oh wow,’ she said, her eyes were so wide.
‘How long did she kiss you?’ she asked.
‘One hour,’ I replied.
‘Ohhh wowwww,’ she replied.
‘Did she put her tongue in your mouth?’ she asked. ‘Yes,’ I replied, blushing.
‘Wowwwww,’ she whispered.
‘Did she touch you?’ she asked.
‘She rubbed my legs like this’, then I caressed her leg to show her.
‘That’s so wild,’ she said. She was stunned, she stared off into space in wonder.
‘It felt so amazing,’ I said to her. I sensed she was very aroused by my confession.

‘My dad has a bunch of theses in the garage,’ she said shyly. ‘He does?’ I asked. ‘Tons of them,’ she said. ‘Ever look at them?’ I asked. ‘Yes,’ she replied. She kept staring at the two women in the magazine engaged in sex. Then she looked up at my nervously, ‘wanna make out?’ she asked so delicately. ‘Are you serious?’ I asked. She glanced at my body then looked at the magazine, ‘yeah, let’s try it,’ she said. She looked at my panties, it was the only thing we had on, ‘wanna?’ she asked. ‘Okay,’ I replied.

She slid the magazine to the side. My heart was pounding thru my chest. My first kiss was about to happen. She nudged herself closer as we rested on our sides. ‘I won’t tell if you don’t,’ she whispered. ‘I won’t tell anyone,’ I whispered back. ‘You go first,’ she whispered. ‘Come closer,’ I said to her. Now our bodies were touching. Her soft flesh felt so good against my own.

I leaned in and kissed her mouth with two pecks. ‘Not like that,’ she said. ‘Show me how she kissed you,’ she whispered nervously. ‘You sure?’ I asked. ‘Show me,’ she said. I reached up and placed my hand on the back of her head, then I planted one on her mouth. A soft lippy kiss, then I slipped my tongue in her mouth. She was reciprocating! She pushed her tongue in my mouth too. Her fresh mouth was exciting. I slid my hand down her side and pulled her into the kiss. She placed her hand on my hip. That kiss was becoming more heated now. A few seconds later we were passionately making out.

My pussy was soaking wet. That was a new sensation as well. All one could hear was heavy panting. I slid my hand down and cupped the cheek of her ass, seconds later she did the same to me. We were off to the races!

We began rolling over onto each other, thrashing each other with tongue. We were feeding off of each others courage. Her tits consisted of a small mound and a budding nipple. During the next roll I sucked her nipple into my mouth. I sucked it aggressively. She was panting. A few minutes later she was sucking on mine.

Our hands didn’t wait for permission. I was groping her body. Her more developed ass felt sensational in my hands. I kept squeezing her cheeks. ‘Can I lick your legs?’ I asked. ‘Okay,’ she replied. Licking her smooth legs drove me insane with lust. I licked them all over. I rolled her slightly and licked her cheeks as well. I was panting like crazy, she was too. Her ass was divine. Her skin was so delicious. I was eyeing her pussy too. She had that same pubescent fuzz, just like me.

‘My plan worked,’ I thought to myself. It was beyond my expectations. We didn’t stop until around 5am.
We woke up to a knock at the door, ‘Carrie, why is this door locked? I heard my mother say.
‘I’m coming, hold on’, I added as we scrambled to get dressed.
‘Why was this door locked?’ my mother asked, again.
‘We were watching a scary movie, and we got scared’ I replied.
‘Oh, okay,’ she said as she gazed at Jennifer and I.
‘Come eat your breakfast ladies,’ she said, as she strolled away.

We giggled nervously and went downstairs. I knew that I had found someone to explore with, and I was thrilled. A few days later we were sneaking more magazines into her treehouse. We were making out in there, every day.

We did everything yet she didn’t have the courage to go down on each other. That became the line she struggled to cross. ‘Sleepovers became routine, yet I knew I had to find someone perhaps older than myself to achieve my ultimate desire.
I began my quest for another prospect. The search was on,… /to be continued,…

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By Carrie #Bisexual #Exhibitionist #Lesbian #Voyeur