The killing and rebuilding of mankind part seven

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By olddreamer Joe and his daughters sail westward in the company of the yacht, Tribal Research.

I shook my head and chuckled at the eagerness of my two young daughters. This tea, made from the dried root of a plant, sounded much too good to be true. Ashley had said that in the jungles of the South Pacific, among native tribes, it was used by women to prevent ovulation. Of course, that would make it a fantastic birth control medicine! No ovulation meant that no mature egg would travel to a woman’s womb, thus no fertilization. It also meant there wouldn’t be a menstrual cycle, thus no bleeding.

Another rather amazing aspect of men using the tea is that it would somehow stimulate the gland responsible for semen production. Apparently, it would cause the man to produce copious amounts of semen and have very prolonged orgasms. Which also meant that men should only use a highly diluted mixture of the tea.

I had actually witnessed one of those long orgasms as young Jenny had sucked her brother, Rodger, to orgasm and spent at least a full minute swallowing the cum he had produced for her. Rodger had needed a minute to recover from the intense orgasm, and Jenny had been thrilled with the amount of cum her brother had given her.

The last benefit, or detriment, depending on your preferences, was that it caused a person’s body hair to fall out and not regrow. All of Ashley’s family that I had seen had no body hair whatsoever, though all of them had very full heads of hair. I hoped that was true for us as well. I had been very hairy all over for my entire adult life. I also thought that everyone looked much better without body hair, especially females.

As we sailed away from the Tribal Research, I got busy making the boat ready. The sun would soon set, and we would be on the sea anchor for the night. The Tribal Research would move closer to us and also use their sea anchor. We had entered a mutual defense pact of a sort.

“Your tea, Daddy!” Kristen happily sang as she and Amy both walked up to where I was getting the sea anchor and its line ready to use.

I took the cup, but before drinking it, I gave both of my daughters soft kisses on their lips. They watched in anticipation as I tentatively took a sip. “Ugh! Nasty stuff!” I complained.

Amy giggled. “It’s even worse full strength! Me and Kristen already had ours, so you have to take yours!”

I managed to chug the last of it down and hoped that it didn’t come right back up. The tea was very bitter, seemed acidic, and smelled awful. Still, my daughters wanted us to try it, so down the hatch it went.

Kristen had a huge smile. “We’re gonna get supper ready. It’ll be about an hour.”

Trying to stay somewhat jovial, I smiled. “Hopefully, I’ll get to enjoy your cooking if this stuff stays down and doesn’t sour my stomach!” I finished with a chuckle.

Kristen giggled while Amy simply smiled. “Oh, Daddy! It’s just gonna let you give us gallons more love!”
An image of Kristen nursing contentedly on my cock while swallowing a steady stream of my cum made my heart swell. Equating giving them as much cum s possible to giving them my love struck me as more than a little true.

Gathering Kristen into my arms, I hugged her almost twelve-year-old body tightly while kissing her deeply. My hands roamed her little body, front and back, while she eagerly returned my kiss. I broke -our kiss and moved back just enough to lean over and give both of her tiny nipples gentle suckles.

When I let go of Kristen, I wasted no time in taking thirteen-year-old Amy into my arms also. After all, she was just as much my daughter as Kristen and needed my love just as much. A real father never treats one child differently than another. Amy was a year older than Kristen but an inch shorter. I bent my knees to be face-to-face with her and to ensure that my stiff cock could slide into her smooth crotch while we caressed, kissed, and fondled each other. While kissing and suckling her little nipples after breaking our kiss, I used my hard cock to caress her vulva by sliding it back and forth. Amy slowly moved her own hips back and forth, too, telling me that she enjoyed the sexual contact.

As my young daughters scampered back to the hatch to the cabin, giggling happily, my own happiness overflowed. While I got the sea anchor out for the night, I felt like the most blessed father in the world. Everything I thought concerning fatherhood was being played out perfectly with the two girls who had decided to be my loving daughters.

Soon, hopefully, my daughters would be able to go to sleep with bellies and vaginas full of my love in the form of cum. Every daughter should enjoy her father making love to her as much as possible, and that lovemaking should almost always have a very sexual component. If there was any regret at all, it’s that I hadn’t been a father to Kristen and Amy their entire lives, with their mothers there to support us.

“Explorer, Research,” I barely heard come from the speaker of the radio Ashley had given us. I had set it down on the console at the pilot station. I walked quickly to get into the hatch and down the ladder.
“Research, Explorer,” I responded.

“Joe, we all just wanted to tell you how lovely it was to meet the three of you today.” Ashley sounded cheerful.

“The same goes for us! I never thought I would meet a family that lives the way I think all families should live. The girls are excited to see the results of the tea, too. Nasty tasting stuff, though.”

Ashley giggled over the air. “You can add honey or sugar, Joe. Anyway, after an hour or so, it should start taking effect, and that will last about a week. I’m sure both girls will love having full bellies. All of us girls over here certainly enjoy it. Just don’t wear yourself out, OK?”

“Um, is that an issue?” I asked a little worriedly.

“Well, it could be. Your semen production will ramp up quite a lot and get even more productive when you’re sexually aroused. You’ll always have a supply ready, so you’ve got to remember to rest occasionally. When Dad first started using the tea, he overexerted himself often! His cock and back would get so sore that we would have to refrain from sex for a day or two so he could recover.”

“Oh, yeah, I’ll do my best to moderate the sex. I just want to be the best father I can be for my daughters. They deserve as much love as I can give them.”

“Of course, Joe! Don’t you worry, though. Your girls love you, too, and they’ll understand the need for you to rest. Now, about tonight, we’re moving into position and figure that staying pretty close is good. One of us will always be awake and on watch.”

That last statement sobered me a bit: “I should help with keeping watch. Let’s figure out a schedule so I can take at least one shift.”

Ashley chuckled again. “We will, but not just yet. You’re new to fatherhood and just got something to help in making love to your girls! They’ll be excited to experience it, and so will you. We’ll keep watch, and you and your girls enjoy each other.”

“Supper’s ready, Daddy,” Amy said from right behind me, making me jump a little in surprise.

I spun around but couldn’t bring myself to admonish her too much. “Um, you surprised me, Honey.”

Amy grinned. “You jumped like two feet! Anyway, supper is ready whenever you’re done talking to Ashley.”

I got back on the radio. “OK, that all sounds good. Amy says supper is ready. I’ll call back in the morning.”

“Amy, you and Kristen enjoy your father! Until Morning, Joe! Research out.” Ashley said cheerfully.

I put the radio on the charger and followed Amy to the table where the girls had everything laid out. The plates and bowls were already filled. The girls had used the vegetarian beef mix to make patties that they covered with brown gravy. Fried potato shreds sat beside the fake beef. In the bowls was a tomato soup. Of course, we had water to drink.

Amy slid in first, as usual, and then I slid in beside her. As I got settled, Amy leaned over my lap to give my hardening cock a suckle, then kissed my nipples before letting me kiss her soft lips. Kristen took her place on my other side and went through the exact same routine Amy had just done.

I chuckled after kissing Kristen. “Did you girls plan that all out?”

As we began to enjoy our meal, Kristen replied, “Of course, Daddy! We’re sisters!”

Their free hands slipped to my crotch. While one would slowly stroke my cock, the other would gently fondle my balls. “We decided that it’s really important for you to know when we want to make love, Daddy,” Amy added.

“Sort of doing what we did says that, and if you’re not ready or just don’t want to, that’s a good time to tell us.” Kristen clarified.

“Girls, there will never, ever be a time when I don’t want to make love to both of you. There will be times when doing so won’t be the best idea, but I’ll still want it.” I assured my daughters.

Both of them leaned in to kiss my cheeks. For the next several minutes, we simply ate in silence. All three of us were looking forward to lovemaking, and we diligently polished off the meal.

Amy set her fork down and kissed my cock before turning so she could lay back along the bench seat, one foot on the floor and one propped onto the back of the seat. Her thighs were spread invitingly.

As I set my spoon down and leaned over to kiss and lick Amy’s smooth vulva, I felt Kristen slide her soft lips over the head of my cock while she used her hands to stroke my cock.

I pressed my mouth against Amy’s warm, wet pussy and began gently licking my almost thirteen-year-old daughter. Amy caressed my head, and Kristen sucked, licked, and stroked my cock. I was in fatherhood heaven.

My arousal ramped up rapidly, taking me by surprise. I licked Amy more vigorously, and she moaned in pleasure. I started working toward bringing her to orgasm. My hands went to Amy’s small breasts, teasing her little nipples.

Kristen stroked me faster, and I felt the telltale symptoms of an orgasm. I plastered my mouth harder on Amy’s pussy and pushed my tongue into her just as the first wave of a powerful orgasm hit me.
I had never felt an orgasm so powerful. All I was capable of doing was to keep my mouth plastered to Amy’s pussy and my hands on her little breasts as I felt Kristen swallowing stream after stream of my cum.

Eventually, my orgasm eased, and I was able to relax into licking Amy. I could still feel weak pulses in my groin as more of my cum still emptied into Kristen’s waiting mouth. After another few seconds, the pulsations stopped, and Kristen used her hand to milk the last of my cum out of my cock.

When Kristen slid her lips off of me, I straightened up and gathered my eleven-year-old daughter in my arms for a passionate, though cum flavored, kiss. “Are you OK, Honey?” I asked. I was concerned that maybe it had been too much cum for her.

“I’m wonderful, Daddy! You gave me so much!” she said. At the same time, I felt Amy slide her lips over the head of my cock.

Kristen had her arms around my neck and laid back, pulling me down with her and positioning my face at her bald crotch. No words were said or needed. I began licking Kristen while Amy sucked, licked, and stroked me.

I had just had the most powerful orgasm of my life, pumping what felt like a gallon of cum for Kristen to swallow, but as I licked Kristen’s preteen pussy and Amy lovingly sucked me, I felt my arousal growing at lightning speed. In less than a minute, another, possibly more powerful, orgasm took over. Kristen moaned in pleasure as I plastered my face into her small crotch and began filling Amy’s mouth with cum over and over again.

I lost awareness of my surroundings. Pumping cum for Amy and licking Kristen became my entire world until my orgasm began a slow fade. I panted against Kristen’s sopping wet pussy while gentle spasms still pushed cum through my cock for Amy to swallow.

Kristen gently caressed my head until I gave her vulva a kiss and straightened up. Amy was still nursing on my cock. I ran my fingers through her long hair until she slid her lips off of me and came into my arms for a love-filled, cum flavored kiss.

“Let’s go to bed, girls,” I suggested after kissing Amy.

Kristen looked a little worried. “We need to clean up the kitchen and table, Daddy.”
I cupped her cheek. “It’s OK to tell me you’re not ready, Honey.”

“But, Daddy! We’re ready! It’s just that there’s a mess from supper!” She told me in a bit of a panic.

I was confused. “Um, which one would you girls rather do? Go to bed or clean?”

“Bed!” both of them loudly exclaimed at the same time.

I chuckled. “OK, this can wait till morning. So, if you girls really want to continue our lovemaking in bed, let’s go. But, if cleaning is really more important,” I didn’t get to finish the sentence. Kristen grabbed my arm and began pulling me out from the bench seat while Amy pushed against my back.

In seconds, the girls had me on my back on the bed while they both laid on me, using their soft little bodies to rub all over me. I did my best to touch and kiss every inch of each of them. After a couple of minutes, my daughters slowed down, and while Amy pressed her little nipple to my lips, Kristen straddled my pelvis.

Kristen held my stiff cock and rubbed the head back and forth between the sopping-wet lips of her vulva. I held her hips even while gently suckling Amy’s nipples. It wasn’t long before I felt warm, wet pressure on the head of my cock.

Amy let go of my head so that I could watch Kristen. My youngest daughter settled more weight onto my cock, and I felt the tight ring of her vaginal opening start to spread. I kept a firm grip on Kristen’s bottom just in case I needed to stop her.

Ever so slowly, the opening of Kristen’s vagina spread, and it felt like the head of my cock was pushing through the softest, hottest, and tightest vice. Kristen had a very determined look on her face, and I almost stopped her, fearing she might feel pain. However, she gave me a look, and I let her keep going.
It wasn’t too long before I felt the head of my cock pop into Kristen’s preteen vagina, and she let out a soft sigh while just getting used to the feel again. I slid my hands from her bottom to her chest to gently caress her budding breasts.

Kristen leaned into my hands, and I let her lay on me while making damned sure the head of my cock stayed inside of her. After resting on my chest for a bit, Kristen started slowly pushing backward, and very slowly, more of my cock slid into her. The ring of Kristen’s vaginal opening squeezed the shaft of my cock as I filled her.

When I felt Kristen’s cervix on the tip of my cock, Kristen kissed my nipple and pushed even harder onto me, increasing that pressure. “Mmmmmm, so good,” Kristen breathed before starting to slowly slide back up so my cock moved outward. Just when I felt the head of my cock at her vaginal opening, Kristen reversed again to push herself back onto me fully.

It had only been two very slow strokes, but Kristen was so very tight and so very hot that I felt an orgasm building rapidly. I did my best to keep control as my daughter slid back up my cock and then back down. This time, Kristen moved a little faster, putting even more pressure on her cervix.

My orgasm slammed into me as my daughter’s vaginal muscles rippled from her own orgasm. My eyes rolled back, and I began panting heavily as my body spasmed, sending vast streams of cum into my daughter’s womb.

I couldn’t help it. I began humping into my daughter, and she responded by matching my humping with her own. Amy again pressed her nipple to my lips, and I sucked harder than I should.

Long before my orgasm even began to fade, I felt cum mixed with Kristen’s juices running down my crotch. The bed under us was soon soaked, but I didn’t care. All I cared about was properly filling my daughter with the cum she needed from me, her father.

My orgasm eventually slowed so that I could roll us over. I was still spasming and pushing cum into my daughter as I got on top of her and began long, slow strokes in and out of her. Loud squishing sounds came from where we were joined. My spasms slowed more, and I felt Kristen relax under me.

“Oh, Daddy. You filled me up so much I could feel my insides stretching.” Kristen said dreamily while I kept moving my cock in those slow, long strokes.

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Amy giggled. “Overfilled for sure! The bed is soaked!” I looked to see her rubbing the giant wet area with her hand.

My cock hadn’t given me any indication that it would deflate. I kept moving in and out of Kristen as I asked Amy, “Do you still want this, Honey?”

Amy’s eyes shot wide, and she nodded vigorously. “More than ever, Daddy!”

Gently, still moving in and out of Kristen in slow, comforting strokes, I rolled us back over so that she was again on top of me. Kristen planted kisses on my nipples before she sat up. She started slowly rocking her pelvis to match my gentle motions. I could feel even more of our mixed fluids running down my crotch.

“I never want to stop, Daddy, but I’m kinda getting a little sore.” She smiled while I caressed her budding breasts.

Her words worried me. “Oh, Honey, I hurt you?”

“Oh! No, Daddy! It’s just that my pussy still isn’t big! Everything felt so good! It still feels good, but just a little bit sore, too.” She exclaimed as she very carefully pulled up and off of my cock.

I pulled my daughter up so I could hold and kiss her lips. She still tasted of my cum, but I didn’t care.

More of our juices leaked out of her onto my lower belly. “I hoped that moving my penis the way I did would sort of soothe you, Honey.”

“Mmm, it did, Daddy, but your penis is still larger than my pussy.” She replied while I felt Amy straddling me.

“Hmmm, you need kisses and licks, Honey. Why don’t you put your sweet pussy on my lips while you help Amy get on me?” I asked.

Kristen knitted her brow. “But, I’m still leaking semen, daddy. You’ll be licking it and swallowing it.”

I gave her a big smile. “It’s coming out of you, and nothing that comes from my daughters can possibly be bad. I’ll tell you what. If I don’t like it, I’ll stop, and you can get off of me.”

Amy had been rubbing the head of my cock through the lips of her vulva and said, “Daddy kisses us right after we swallow his semen, Kristen. He already knows what it tastes like. Daddy, can I start?”

Kristen moved so that she faced Amy and lowered her vulva toward my face. A thick stream of cum dripped out of her and coated my cheek and then my lips as I answered Amy. “Of course, Honey. Just go slow so it won’t hurt you.” I swallowed the cum that had dribbled into my mouth and didn’t hate it.

Kristen settled onto my face and put her hands on her sister’s shoulders while Amy put weight onto the end of my cock. Kristen’s pussy was absolutely sloppy, and I slowly began licking her. Amy was almost as tight as her younger sister, but she soon had my cock far enough into her that I could feel her cervix.

Unlike Kristen, Amy began moving up and down on me more quickly. She made sure that the head of my cock hit her cervix very firmly each time she dank back down. I started caressing the bare bodies of both of my daughters and relished licking Kristen’s very sloppy pussy.

Amy sped up, and I did my best to hump my hips to match while maintaining the gentle licking I was doing for Kristen. Both Amy and I were soon panting, and when I felt her vaginal opening clamp harder on the shaft of my cock, and her vagina ripple along the length, my orgasm slammed into me.

I have no idea how Kristen could judge things, but she remained on my face until my orgasm began to fade. She moved off to the side so, while still having cum producing spasms, I could turn Amy and myself over. I kept filling her even as I began the long slow strokes in and out of her meant to soothe her pussy.

Amy sighed contentedly, leaning up to kiss my nipples while I kept moving in and out of her. “I agree with Kristen, Daddy. I wish you could keep doing that forever.”

I pushed all the way into Amy. “I wish we could too, Honey, but we’re making the bed so wet with my semen already. If I have more orgasms in both of you, we’ll be swimming in it.”

Kristen giggled. “I don’t mind that at all, Daddy!”

I stowed our sea anchor as Tribal Research maneuvered to sail east with us about a mile off of our starboard side. Their boat was shat I would call a super yacht, and we had made an agreement to sail together for better security.

My daughters were both in the cabin cleaning dishes. The previous night had been our first night of lovemaking after I had taken a dose of the tea Ashley had given us. That tea had increased my semen production to a ridiculous degree. After both girls had brought me to orgasm a few times each, they had started timing my orgasms. I was averaging almost 90 seconds in each orgasm, with the most intense phase lasting a minute and then another thirty seconds of gently pumping out more cum for them. I’m not sure just how many times I had sex with each daughter, but there were multiple sessions of oral and vaginal sex. The entire bed was completely soaked through with cum. The girls and I passed out on the cum soaked bed. When we awoke, all three of us squeezed into the shower together. The girls were both a little sore, but both of them still wanted to swallow more of my semen. As one of them sucked me, the other helped me stay on my feet.

As I got the sail ready to be raised, I laughed as AC-DC’s “Dirty Deeds” blared through the speakers mounted in the cabin and on the antenna mast on the cabin deck. Both of my naked daughters came dancing out from the cabin hatch, skipping, bouncing, and twirling their way up to me. Kristen reached me first and lifted her beautiful face up for a kiss, which I gladly provided. Amy took Kristen’s place when Kristen danced away, and we kissed, too.

“We found the sound settings on the navigation system, Daddy!” Amy yelled happily before dancing off to join Kristen, dancing away near the bow.

“We’re getting underway, girls!” I called out as I reluctantly went in toward the pilot station.

Inside, the music was really deafening. I tapped the display to bring up the entertainment settings and lowered the volume of the interior speakers by 90% so it wouldn’t blow out my ears before getting back to basic controls for our boat. I raised the sail and studied the radar returns. The Tribal Research was just over a mile to our north, tracking a steady 270 degrees. I set a waypoint accordingly and engaged the autopilot. The boom swung, so the sail caught the wind, and our boat picked up speed. When we approached the ten knots I had specified, the autopilot adjusted the boom, sail height, and rudder to maintain that speed.

“Explorer, Research.” I heard come over the encrypted radio.

I unplugged the handheld radio from the charger and brought it up. “Research, Explorer. Good morning.” I answered.

“Good morning, Joe. It looks like you have two very happy girls. We see them dancing on the bow.” Ashley came back.

“You’re over a mile off. You must be using some good binoculars.’ I observed.

I heard Ashley’s chuckle come through. “Yeah, we use the Navy term, big eyes. You’ve got some good ones yourself, right?” Ashley sounded a bit concerned as she asked the question.

“I do! I’ve got mounts for them on the port and starboard rails, or they can be handheld.” I replied.

“Well, then you can keep an eye on us just as much as we watch you. We’re going to try and stay about a mile out until this evening when we stop. Joe, we are wondering if you would be open to tying our boats together during the night?” Ashley asked.

That sort of set me back a bit. “Why?”

“Joe, we all seem to agree that the three of you have the same ideas about life and family that we have. Your visit here really was very good and, well, it’s not often that we encounter people who think a lot like we do. We could all visit and mingle more if we tied up together in the evenings.” Ashley reasoned.

“Let me discuss it with the girls,” I replied.

I heard Ashley chuckle over the air. “Of course! But let them play for a while! They’re having so much fun dancing. Our kids are blasting music and dancing too now, well, except for Cindy. She’s working on her second womb full of cum from Dad right now.”

I smiled. “Don’t wear your father out. He’s wounded!”

“His cock still works just fine, Joe! We’re very careful not to jostle his leg, though. I need to let you get back to your own tasks. Besides, I wanna dance too! Tribal Research out.” Ashley ended the session.

After studying the navigation display, I was pretty well assured that we were set for the day’s sailing. As the playlist kept going with energetic rock music from the 70’s and 80’s, I went back up the ladder and onto the foredeck. Both girls were still very happily dancing as if the world was perfect. I just watched for several minutes, taking joy in their carefree, totally unclothed, and unrestricted play.

The day was another beautiful one. A few small fluffy clouds hung in the brilliant sky. I walked up the next ladder to stand by the antenna mast on the cabin deck so that I could get a better look all around us. Other than the Tribal Research yacht slightly ahead and about a mile off our starboard, I couldn’t see any other vessels.

Ahead of us, I saw a few patches of flotsam where seabirds were occasionally diving in to catch fish. Of course, that sparked my interest in fishing. I walked to a locker on the stern deck and pulled out two trolling rigs.

My trolling rigs consisted of one hundred feet of nylon rope, a heavy-duty rubber shock cord, a carabiner to attach the cord and line to the deck cleats, and 20 feet of steel leader. Attached to the leader were large lures with sparkly streamers. At our current speed, trolling for predatory fish such as tuna and Mahi-Mahi should be pretty good if those fish were around.

I liked to troll from my boat by attaching the lines to an aft deck cleat on the center hull and then stretching the line to an outboard hull. There, I would attach the line to that aft deck cleat using a heavy rubber band. If a fish or trash got hooked, the rubber band would break, and I could haul in the catch from the stern of the center hull.

Once the lines were out, I pulled a couple of common workout mats from another deck locker and laid those on the deck to relax on. I sat there watching our wake and just letting my mind wander. I again considered the fact that I had decided to be a father for two young women, girls. That heavy decision had actually filled in a part of my life that I hadn’t really considered.

Starting from the time I first met Kristen, sex had been a major topic. She had started that by continually insisting on using sex to repay me for saving her. Of course, I had rejected the idea. Not because I felt that us having sex was wrong but because I felt very strongly that sex should not be used as a bargaining tool. However, it had planted the idea of being sexual with her firmly in my mind.

When she had asked me to be her father, and I agreed, that put everything in a completely new light. My personal feelings about how families should live, especially how parents should treat their kids, blasted to the surface. It had long been my belief that very frequent intimate, loving contact between a parent and their opposite-sex child was probably the most vital aspect of parenting. And, yes, much of that intimate contact would be sexual in nature.

“What ya doin’, Daddy?” Kristen asked cheerfully as she and Amy sat on either side of me.

I put my arms around them and caressed their bare thighs while kissing their cheeks. Sitting here waiting to catch a fish while I think about how much God has blessed me with two perfect daughters.”

Amy giggled. “We’re not perfect, Daddy! If we were, one of us would always have your penis in us.”

“While the other one was making sure you had everything you could want,” Kristen added as she rubbed my thigh and crotch.

I leaned over and gave Kristen’s tiny nipple a short suckle, then leaned over and did the same for Amy. Each of them pressed their chests against my lips in encouragement. “Girls, we should probably discuss our little family and how we need to act with each other.”

“What do you mean? You’re Daddy, and we’re your daughters.” Kristen stated the simple facts.

“That’s true, Honey. But neither of you grew up with me, and we didn’t have an opportunity to establish things like other families do. Really, we just met each other!” I started to explain.

“And then you let us be your daughters, and now you’re teaching us about lovemaking,” Amy observed while I kept caressing their soft thighs up to their crotches.

“Which parents should do for their children. Both of you are well aware that a lot of our relationship has centered around sex, showing our love for each other with sex and sexual touches.” I emphasized that by dipping my hands into their crotches to massage their smooth vulvas.

Amy kissed my nipple. “I never felt so much love in my life, Daddy!”

“I desperately want both of you to feel my love for you! I love you both more than life. I try to make sure that you feel that as much as possible. Intimate touches, kissing, and hugging, especially during sex. Of course, it all makes me feel very good, but I do my best to let my love for you flow while we do those things.”

Kristen leaned over and slurped the head of my cock into her mouth for some suckling. I caressed her hair until she straightened up so that Amy could do the same. Both girls had suckled me so lovingly. My heart swelled, knowing that my girls loved me so very much.

“There’s much more to life than sex, girls.’ I caressed Amy’s hair while she kept suckling my cock.

“Of course, Daddy! There’s food to think about, things to clean and straighten, music to dance to, finding a place to live, all sorts of stuff! But, right now, everything but finding a place to live is all done! Me and Amy know the tea makes you have lots more semen, and we don’t want you to get hurt, so we figure helping you orgasm a lot is the best thing we can do for our Daddy.” Kristen leaned in for a kiss, which I gladly gave.

“Thank you, Honey, but I won’t get hurt from making semen.” I chuckled.

“But, it has to be put someplace in you, doesn’t it? Isn’t it kinda like a pee bladder, and if you don’t empty it, it starts to hurt?” Amy had slid her lips off of my cock and looked up at me in confusion.

“Not really, girls. I’m not sure exactly how it all works, but a man’s body doesn’t make so much that it hurts him. But, girls, unless I have a very good reason, I’ll never, ever ask you not to do sexual things with me! Part of my responsibility as a father is to ensure that both of you have sex as much as you desire!”

Kristen laughed. “Um, Daddy, if we did that, your poor penis would probably fall off!”

Amy straightened up so that Kristen could suckle me. “She’s right, Daddy. All we think and talk about is having sex with you! Really!”

I pulled Amy tighter to me before leaning down to kiss and suck her little nipples. “Being totally honest, girls, making love to both of you is always on my mind, too. It’s still very new to us! Our relationship is new, and all three of us want to just dive in and make love constantly. Oh! Kristen! That’s,” I started as I felt an orgasm about to explode, which it did.

I flopped backward onto the mat. Kristen sucked, licked, stroked, and swallowed while Amy pressed her small breast on my lips. For several seconds I lost all sense of being other than feeling my body convulse while pumping cum into my eleven-year-old daughter’s mouth.

After almost a minute of intense orgasm, my body began to relax while still gently spasming to push cum through my cock. I gave Amy’s little nipple a soft suckle before sitting up straight to caress Kristen’s entire body while she swallowed cum for another half minute or so. When Kristen slid her lips off of my cock, I hugged her tightly and passionately kissed her cum flavored mouth.

“Daddy, that was so nice! We really do think about making love to you all the time! The whole time you let me suck your penis and swallow your semen, I could feel how much you love me.” Kristen told me seriously after our kiss.

“We want to su” Amy started but stopped at the sound of a loud pop coming from the port hull. “What?”

I grinned. “Fish on!” I declared while gently moving the girls off of me so I could run to the stern and grab the line that now strained the shock cord.

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